Why were Asians able to develop the best martial arts in human history?

Why were Asians able to develop the best martial arts in human history?

Literally the most effective forms the world has ever known.

Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu are the most favored disciplines for modern UFC fighters.

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Little dicks = Dicklet syndrome = Always fighting = Get gud at it before we do

whites were too busy inventing better weapons, which is why we BTFO Japan in WW2.

Because they had shit weapons technology
>inb4 folded 9 gajillion times

They didn't know that powder can be used to kill from any distance.

farmers and commoners had to figure out how to defend themselves against rich douches that can afford to buy swords

also it's a form of exercise and even a philosophy and way of live
That been said other places have great self defence cultures like Greece and wrestling or Africa and capoeira


No real knockout power

>invented gun powder

Let's see someone who knows krav maga go in there and then we'll see who's the best marcial artist.

>still didn't manage to produce guns for shit

as stated elsewhere. /noguns/ for all of human history until the 1800s results in lots of time to practice the art of "hit guy with fist" and "kick guy in face"


>most effective

These are pretty subjective, Finnfriend. I tend to think killing a guy with a sword or gun is far more effective than wrestling with him.

Pankration (/pæn.ˈkreJti.ɒn/ or /pæŋˈkreJʃən/) (Greek: παγkράτιον) was a sporting event introduced into the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC and was an empty-hand submission sport with scarcely any rules. The athletes used techniques from boxing and wrestling but also other types, such as kicking and holds, locks and chokes on the ground. The only things not acceptable were biting and gouging out the opponent's eyes.[1] The term comes from the Greek παγkράτιον [paŋkrátion], literally meaning "all of might" from πᾶν (pan-) "all" and kράτος (kratos) "strength, might, power".[2]

Greek mythology, it was said that the heroes Heracles and Theseus invented pankration as a result of using both wrestling and boxing in their confrontations with opponents. Theseus was said to have utilized his extraordinary pankration skills to defeat the dreaded Minotaur in the Labyrinth. Heracles was said to have subdued the Nemean lion using pankration, and was often depicted in ancient artwork doing that.[1] In this context, pankration was also referred to as pammachon or pammachion (πάμμαχον or παμμάχιον), meaning "total combat", from πᾶν-, pān-, "all-" or "total", and μάχη, machē, "combat". The term pammachon was older,[3][page needed] and would later become used less than the term pankration.

>No real knockout power
Meaning when men get to a certain size, fights are very short... the only martial art to develop in these society is... boxing

When the men are smaller, it's like boy fighting, it just goes for ages and there's a lot more forms and counter-forms that develop

>stab people in the eye with a pen
>rip people's testes off

>martial art


Find me another MArtial art looking like MMA with better source than the Greek one, you will not find any, The Gooks just copied the greeks like everyone else. Chinese martial art older than Pankration have no good sources, for all we know the greeks are the first one to have created a real working martial art that is not about weapons..

Inb4 the krav maga guy get tired after 1 minutes because no physical condition.

Firearms developed faster
We didn't ban weapons

Agree with the fellow Aussie.

Best and most effective martial arts to learn are boxing, muai Thai and BJJ. Some judo is very good.

But basically most Asian martial arts is useless and just for show - espicially if it's from China

butthurt normies can't handle not being able to fight with knives

Buys guns to prove they're stronger because 2nd Amendment rights only apply to them

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>miss kick at balls
>other guy gets pissed and smashes his face in

>Ctrl+F - "HEMA" - 0 of 0
Disappointing really. Western martial arts were pretty advanced as well, desu.
Stop shilling your mongol ancestry, Pekka. ;^)

he will be too busy trying to rip his opponent's dick off with his teeth or looking around for a weapon



Muay thai isn't even in the top three for MMA... Try wrestling, as strange and useless as it might seem, it's a huge advantage. Jiu Jitsu, sure, kickboxing next to that.

Because asians have the best Fine motor skill. I suspect this has a lot to do with asians having highest encephalization quotient among races, aka small stature and big heads. More neurons controlling less nerves basically.

There are may examples of HEMA that cover unarmed combat, grappling, striking, locks etc. but that's not the point. the human body being the same pretty much everywhere, led to the development of deeply similar styles of combat pretty much everywhere (cept africa because niggers)

Western military doctrine had essentially become dominated by firearms by the mid 16th century and with that change the tactical utility of unarmed or CQB fighting styles become steadily less necessary. Elements of those skills were nonetheless preserved in increasingly stylised sporting forms, slowly atrophying over 300 years or so into the sports that we now think of as fencing, boxing and wrestling.

A similar doctrinal shift simply did not occur in asia until the mid 19th century. But exactly the same process of atrophy has occurred, and continues to occur with the shift to increasingly sport based forms of judo, karate, taekwondo, wushu etc, They are just essentially 200 years behind the west, in the development of their sporting nature.

MMA is a sport whose rules favour certain martial arts styles, and whilst muay thai and jujitsu are clearly popular and effective no serious MMA fighter won't also cross train traditional western wrestling and boxing techniques as well.

because they never progressed to the point where knowing how to kill a man with your martial arts would become completely useless until the west showed up one day with their massive ships full of guns and artillery.

euro martial arts may have been really good, but we wouldn't know since they all are pretty much forgotten and all we have to get an idea of what they were like are some groups of random people trying to bring it back from the dead from surviving information they can find

Even Bruce Lee thought Western>Eastern in terms of martial arts.

Why do people do that shit where they put the untranslated Japanese shit in brackets? Or just use the word untranslated to begin with?

They even do this in project management because of that kaizen/kanban and other shit when these can be readily translated.

I swear hippies and yuppies just think everything is more intellectual and mind-blowing when it comes as an asian word

it inflames my autism

Their poor nutrition wouldn't let them BULK UP so they had to develop techniques to physically beat other people.

After all the swords were taken by the shogunate in Japan they practiced shit in dojos. Some dudes would meditate for so long they'd get hemorrhoids then they come out and be like hey check out this shit I just thought up.

Because it is very 「kakkoii」 and if you 「wakarimasen」 that then 「kisama」 are a 「bakayarou」。

High IQ + civilization and discipline.

Europe also had really good martial arts but by the 1700s mass manufacturing of guns, an increase in firepower and a demographic explosion made a well trained martial arts skilled warrior irrelevant and what was left of Euro martial arts degenerated into sport fencing, boxing and wrestling. The asians though got stuck with relatively ineffective guns around that time and maintained their martial traditions as they were still somehow useful. in the early 1900s untrained Euro conscripts were wrecking kung-fu fighters in china by the thousands with machine guns.

Then americna conscripts got stationed en masse in Japan and after ww2 and brought Karate jj and judo back with them. Add capitalism hollywood and US cultural hegemony and Asian martial arts are the most known now.

MT is literally the most complete and effective traditional striking art in the world. There is no other art that teaches you punching, kicking, infighting and clinch fighting as in detail or effectively as MT.

kickboxing is literally nothing more than watered down MT with some karate style kicks thrown in. Seriously, you know how kickboxing started? A bunch of jap karatekas came to Thailand and got their asses handed to them so thoroughly that they decided to study MT and then mix it with what they already knew from karate.

As far as I understand it, at least within Judo, no matter what country you are from any authentic Judo school is going to use the Japanese names for the moves. I imagine it's part heritage, part it being easier to train anywhere, since all use the same names.

People calling their products gay names like haiku for no reason other than it sounds cool and foreign annoy me as well

Neat, how about African martial arts?

can confirm

>great self defense
no faggot


>farmers and commoners had to figure out how to defend themselves against rich douches that can afford to buy swords

the peasants used these martial arts to fight each other/bandits. The idea that villagers would get to kill samurai with krotty is laughable, though that's what MA marketing says now


Kung fu takes it to the next level. Traditional tae kwon do is more like karate and unlike the sport version which is even more ineffective.

I've done Karate, TKD, Ninjutsu / budokan budo taijutsu.

But I've always wanted to do kung fu, specifically the shao lin styles. They take it to such a level.

The only local types that are near where I've just moved to are all wing chun styles with a karate place near bye and another Taijutsu place.

Honestly thinking the hour and a half trip to the shaolin style down in sydney is worth it, but getting myself fit before that.

White people need to get back into martial arts so they stop being like skinny bitches or over weight basement bitches.

it annoys me precisely because I understand it and can see that what they say in brackets is basically exactly what was in english pretty much every time

They make great kitchen knives.

martial arts don't work in the real world

>forgetting about sambo

hint: UFC fighters=dumb as pigshit

Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu are intuitive, simplistic and repetitive. Wu Shu is far more advanced and ultimately more effective especially where weapons are involved.


Greeks and Romans had already figured out the most efficient forms of fighting while manlet slit eyes where still practicing their little dance moves. There are really just a handful of martial arts that have practical use. Karate, Judo, Thai Boxing Tae Kwon Do and Bruce Lee's revised Kung Fu. The rest is either for meditation or prancing around like a homo.

karate is good but it's far from the best, it's incredibly inefficient and far too stiff

it's midway between kungfu, which is absurdly inefficient and only succeeds because of overpractice (grandmasters of kung fu are scary as shit, I've seen eighty year old men throw 250lb+ guys across the room)
krav maga is the most efficient, merciless method of fighting
no honor, no hesitation, only swift attacks to the groin and facial orifices

there's a reason it's taught in the US military

As far as we can tell the optimal fighting strategy is what happens in the UFC because it is the most unrestricted and competitive environment for testing different skill sets.

The martial arts that make up modern mixed martial arts are:
1. BJJ
-developed by a white Brazilian family though a branch of Japanese jiu jitsu so 0.5 points each to asians and whites
2. Wrestling - whites, ancient Greeks and modern whites developed it
3. Boxing - Ancient Greeks and modern whites again
4. Kickboxing/muay thai - 0.5 points to each though i think Muay thai is more popular so may a full poi t for asians.

So whites have either been 3:1 better than asians at developing martial arts or 5:3.

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none of your inputs count.

asians are dumb niggers

>ninjutsu, tkd
do a real martial art you fat weeb

Most of the videos online showing kung fu vs other styles normally has the kung fu guy wrecking the opposition.

all you need is boxing and grappling

or you know, a gun

who has the best martial arts in the world, and why is it the kikes

What about a scenario where peasants needed to defend themselves against Samurai from rival clans

quality inbreeding sample right there

the testicles that man could grab with those hands

>to defend themselves against rich douches that can afford to buy swords
more like against regular highwayman
if you to fight back against a noble say goodbye to your village

>krav maga is the most efficient, merciless method of fighting

yea no shit, the karate was ok, the tkd was a traditional style that was the same as karate, refused instep kicks etc, ninjutsu was queer as shit cosplay roleplay with weapons. no sparring etc.
Learn't some kung fu from my father wing chun style as efficient as it is..I've always had a love for wu shu and shao lin animal styles.

Theres a white crane do jo near bye but I'd rather go to the shao lin place that teaches all the animal styles about an hour and a half from where I live.

>Best marital arts in history
>Still lose all wars against western civilizations

Perhaps they should've focused more on stuff that mattered.

Poking someone's eye is definitely one of the best fighting moves in all of history

Fuck out of here and twirl your fucking side hair

Please don't ever suggest anything this retarded even masters of any martial art will tell you how fucking bad of an idea is to face someone that even has just a knife.

Aside from the retarded way this is types out its basically the best counter to OP's claim. Pankration was pretty hardcore when it comes to what was allowed.

The shao lin has animal styles, works your way up through the sashes, weapons etc and after you've earn the black have a private wushu instructor you can organise private lessons with, also tai chi classes etc.

If your art doesn't include sparring it's fucking useless. Krav Maga is bullshit and so are the vast majority of traditional arts and military arts out there. They're ok for use against untrained people but then again, so is shit like tkd. Even Aikido has some principles that can be effectively used against untrained people.

asian countries are ethnically homogenic. They don't have to compete


kung fu vs tkd


The actual answer is Europeans and Arabs had better smithing/crafting techniques

Fighting with sticks or your bare hands = peasants. It's really nothing to be proud of, a crossbow or musket would slaughter chop socky Bruce Leeaboos every time

oy vey

they mixed it with religion and philosophy. Yin and Yang, shaolin monks ect. They had whole cloisters with devoted fighting men.

they get killed lol what do you expect. Even if they survive and drive them back the revenge will level the village. Of course some propably did occasionaly kill a samurai in war and got away with it, most likely with a lucky desperate pitchfork stab not mad roundhouse krotty skills, but believe me, samurai were not the primnary target for peasants and their martial arts. You ranb awayy to the forest and came back to rebuild when they were done looting.

Angry bumpkins from neighbouring village starting brawls on the other hand...

or bandits

Fights 1x1 without weapons are super rare
Either the one who pulls out weapon first will win or those more numerous will win
Real shit is mass-fights like in warfare, coordinated effort does wonders in such situations and helps you win even undernumbered and underweaponed

If whites got into martial arts they'd be less inclined to cuckoldry and their women may take them seriously.

Shillolin style beats them all.

wtf gayest martial art ever lol is that real or comedy?

Culture of armless slave. Everyone else just grabbed a big stick with sharp piece of metal on it.

BJJ is just modified Judo if you're going to give credit to whites for it because of the gracies then I can just as easily give asians credit for Western boxing since filipinos had a tremendous impact on its modernization in regards to stance and footwork. Also kickboxing is of japanese origin, it did not develop in the West.

Actually they were never taking prisoners and while a white warrior would surrender to be eventually sold back to his people Asian warrior would only be beheaded if not boiled alive so they learned to fight with bare hands if they get disarmed

What do you mean by "if"? There are millions of white people who are into martial arts, you retard.

The only East Asian style worth anything is kyokashin

wrestling actually comes from the sumerians and persians long before greeks.

yea but as a majority for the basement elite. They'd lose weight, discipline, routine, stop shitting in marts, may gain respect from women and have the chance to take down niggers in combat if need be.
This new generation are cuckold, brony worshipping faggots who find cuckoldry as a practice of honour. Blacks walk all over whites today. Martial arts may reverse that.

Because their weapon technology always lagged behind the west or civilians flat out weren't allowed to have weapons or anything that could easily be made into one like in Japan.

It's a joke Mario.

Fycjing weeb

Fencing, pistol shooting, rifle shooting are olympic sport and martial arts, so is boxing.

Why are weebs such faggots and the kid who thinks hes a ninja the one that always gets beaten to a pulp?

russian systema style seems interesting also.

you mean weebs like this guy ?


once he shows his stance franky slows the fuck down and stalls as long as possible before getting btfo.

Brazilians get credit for taking jiu jitsu out of feudal Japan battlefields though

>If you opponent gets you in a titty twister hold just give him a sharp twist to the old knob and danglers.

For the same reason weak/small mechanics use cheater bars.

They were too weak and little to kill each other empty handed so they developed a system for it, where as nogs and whites can just beat themselves to death.

Why do some mt guys go into boxing? I heard a few even won some titles? How much does Mt focus on hands compared to feet?

In practical terms, Western Boxing is still up there.

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She's so hot but that is some terrible acting

I'm Asian and I think pic related is the best martial art

>not including Daoist Drunken Boxing one of the most primordial and pure martial arts
>focuses on training in impossible angles, breaking, throat locks, counters, and shifting internal fluids and spine health

This one is pretty underrated fampai, however the Daoist version is the real one without all the fancy jumps and shit.

does anyone remember mtv's the final fu that had jae phan competing? ( guy from emc's monkey ninjas )

or remember emc monkeys or team ryouko ?

team ryouko


>Drunken Boxing

tbqh I always thought that was the invention of a Chinese Martial Arts movie choreographer for the original Drunken Master movie with Jackie Chan.

Nah the movie draws from real inspiration and uses it for comedic effect because instead of a lifetime of training to mimic these unpredictable movements, he just actually gets drunk and it makes his normal kung fu unpredictable.

Needless to say this does not actually work.

we had our own martial arts aswell, it's just that we forgot them

>The best martial arts
>Implying a judo master will survive taking any bombshell to the face

White man will always be the best at war

lol, we never needed unarmed martial arts
but we have great armed systems

wrestling is the best base for MMA. Japan BTFO

D1 college wrestler will fuck up a bjj blackbelt with no wrestling experience.

yes we did, grappling and shit were essential back then

Shut the fuck up, teeth-sucking gook lover.

Show me a Wu Shu fighter take on a bjj & Muay Thai fighter and win. Faggot.

Muay THAI.

THAI, you fucking Ignoramus, not kickboxing. Totally different. Muay Thai was literally developed as a military style of combat, for war.


You do realise their is a difference between martial arts and modern warfare? you can't be that stupid can you?

People are discussing various forms of martial arts and you're bringing up modern military equipment.

I bet you were that faggot who's father hated hand to hand combat and was the first to bring up the 'hur dur kung fu, but I'll just pull out my gun ( despite not owning a gun ) and blow his face off.
I knew one like you, a stupid eye tie who would berate all forms of martial arts, praised guns and boxing, when he tried to do a kick he'd lean so far back he'd fall on his ass and couldn't stand on a skateboard planted on the grass his balance was so shit. So naturally martial arts he made fun of, skating he made fun of, surfing he made fun of but praised body boarding. Because you could lie down.


Here's a real reply OP. Comparing Asia to Europe, Asia tended to have more repressive societies with less individual liberty, in particular the freedom to bear arms. They had to work out ways of fighting and defending themselves unarmed. In Europe until relatively recently people would often have a weapon on them for protection day to day, and certainly when travelling.

The English medieval martial arts were as sophisticated as oriental martial arts and trained people in the use of things like staves, bills, swords, bows and daggers. There were unarmed combat techniques as well (e.g. what turned into boxing) but these were less important because it's stupid to bring your fists to a swordfight. I mean, look at those two retards in pajamas in your clip. It is extremely artificial and anyone with a weapon would own them.

Starting around 200 years ago, some of the English martial arts began evolving to make them LESS dangerous and therefore more suited to prizefighting for entertainment, e.g. half-staffing evolved from quarterstaffing. They had to be made less dangerous to make it less likely that competitors would be killed.

You mean like Cain and Werdum?

>w-we came up with it wa wa wa


Because martial arts became irrelevent when man first picked up a hefty stick.

Thats why europeans perfected the art of swordplay

Thats why the US perfected the art of mass production.

Its ninjitsu aka sneak up behind them and shove a kukri between the chinks in the samurais shit tier armor you fucking retard.

Mexican judo, imho, can't be topped.
>ju don't know if I have a knife
>ju don't know if I have a gun

White people had pankration but then got real weapons instead


boxing+wrestling>muay Thai and jiu jitsu

It's proven in MMA and Bruce lee admitted that boxing+wrestling defeats any Asian art

That's a southern mantis KF stance I guess

American Folkstyle Wrestling>

swordplay is martial art

>Jiu Jitsu
Brazilian Kiu jitsu maybe

>self defense system based almost exclusively on things that would be banned under the unified rules
yeah no way that could go wrong

The roman had gladiators fighting with cestus too.
The gooks just marketed that with spirituality and other pseudo-metaphysic concepts but europeans already developped it during antiquity, and they understood that fight on the ground was the most important aspect and not making tricks with your feets.

Same for knights who would have shit on every aspect on samurais.

Lmao i remember this

Asian martial arts are literally laffo tier.

JJ is only good in its Brazilian form. Muay Thai is kickboxing.

Now look at tkd, karate, kung fu, wing tsun, etc. All literally "you're going to get severely hurt in an actual fight" tier.

ignorance, karate produces a simple style but strong man approach. Take hits but dish out twice as hard. Kung fu has so many various styles many of which have been simplified to cut out it's artistic approach.

I prefer the art high flying because it comes later after learning it's appropriate combat forms. If wing tsun is wing chun that is a boxing form that bruce lee did. Was about simplifying kung fu to where kicks were no higher than the waist, was a boxing form that focused on speed, punches and blocks.
Traditional tkd was much like karate with different patterns / kata.

Sport tkd is a joke but have appealing non practical high flying kicks that rely on as much luck as it did talent.

You sound like the typical head up the ass white guy who was deterred from martial arts because your old man could provide you better by watching boxing matches while talking shit on the arts while making jokes about hur dur if I had my non existent gun I'd just shoot his face off.

No they didn't you fucking mongoloid
Thats based on grecco roman wrestling and they took it because they got fucking rekt by alexander. Not even elephants could compete

>forgetting that they're colonised by big dick europeans

you do realise this is a conversation about martial arts and not warfare, colonisation etc?
OP is talking about martial arts.

Now if you were talking about asian nations going to war with other nations your comment would be appropriate.

Someone mentions hand to hand combat between individuals and your initial response is war and colonisation by a collective?

It seems like an insecure answer. Shit if you were going to act like such a queer atleast bring up kimbo slice street fighting vs martial arts or butterbeans boxing vs martial arts but your response is queer as shit hur dur martial arts I have guns / grenades hur dur doi.

Why be such a basement queer?

Europeans did not pass their martial arts down through tradition once it became obsolete, they definitely had effective martial arts though.

the vikings had glima and lausatok

Alright jamalicus, I know muh dick is all you got but you dont have to proclaim it everywhere

They didn't have the best. They just preserved it better after guns made it obsolete.

>D1 college wrestler will fuck up a bjj blackbelt with no wrestling experience.
Yeah you are talking shit. Im a black belt in BJJ´.

>they understood that fight on the ground was the most important aspect

Only for one on one. For one vs many you're better off boxing.

fuck off with your jewish shit

Europeans didn't seem to understand enough about ground fighting then. If they did then Royce Gracie BJJ (mediocre skill desu) shouldnt have went undefeated for so long. Even ncaa1 wrestler Dan had to tap out.

Bruce lee was shit at wing chun. He didn't train it that long. He was good at fighting though thanks to streetfights on building's rooftops and dedication.

You call that faggot kike shit a "marcial" art?

>Implying BJJ doesn't have european influence and physical training methods that made it so effective

Historically harsh weapons regulations, forced people to develop ways to defend themselves without weapons. Europe had less restrictions and firearms reduced the retention rate of martial styles.

>still didn't manage to produce guns for shit
>Japan became so enthusiastic about the new weapons that it possibly overtook every European country in absolute numbers produced.[10] Japan also used the guns in the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592, in which about a quarter of the invasion force of 160,000 were gunners.[17] They were extremely successful at first and managed to capture Seoul just 18 days after their landing at Pusan.[18]

>Why were Asians able to develop the best martial arts in human history?
If the wuxia I read is any indication, it's because they were too dumb to invent firearms despire inventing gunpowder.

Jews can not into art. They get destroying things though, so they're halfway there.

Explains why anime fights go on forever

I'm starting asp on pol


TKD is numbuh 1


You fucking illiterate nigger, just google it.

na, turks just came and fucked the antique greece and roman empire, making all this knowledge forgotten but for oiled gay turks touching each other

By accident. They were looking for an immortality drug, they found a death maker. Good job Chinks.

>refused instep kicks etc
oh god, they do that in the south korean version?

Except they copied the idea for guns from the Portuguese after receiving some from them and then replicated the technology for themselves.

6/10 for making me reply

>Why were Asians able to develop the best martial arts in human history?
They literally had KNIFE control

ie their guns were shit and outdated compared to to europe

>martial """""""""""""""""""""""""art"""""""""""""""""""""""

one of the most beautiful counters for small dudes,

for reference sake-

the big dude tries an o goshi on the guy on the left, he jumps over and blasts his ass with an uchi mata

it was literally karate, just wish a few minor variations to the patterns. It was nothing like sport tkd. Most of the patterns were identical to the karate katas I did earlier just a few left out.

No instep kicks allowed, all kicks were to be done with the ball of the foot.

Nips do this with English words all the time

Boxing, wrestling, kick fighting, and fencing are all formal indigenous martial arts to the west. They fell out of favor and became sports sooner than in the east due to more mechanized warfare.

It wasn't a proper TKD school then probably some shit fake

Boxing and wrestling are white man (Greek/Roman) and with some leg work and kicks and youre just as effective. Jiu jitsu is not the be all end all of ground work.


Wtf for all its flaws is better then its

And god help us


pretty sure i responded to a post talking about dick competition, ya fagget

They also invented the shittiest; Akido and Kung Fu.

yea no shit in comparison to sport taekwondo. I obviously new the difference between legit tkd. I was always getting in trouble for instep kicks and having my ass handed to me from the instructor. It was basically leg orientated just a simplified form that was identical to karate.
It was one of the rhee brothers.


Truthfully, the West allowed itself to get rusty in non-ranged combat skills.

What martial art did you develop, finnbro?

The first discipline of Aikido is to learn how to spell it.

Kung Fu was developed by A WOMAN; to PROTECT HERSELF

(true story; look it up)

the crane style definately was. It's yogic past came from india along with animal styles from kalaripayatu but it also developed from ex military seeking inner peace at the temples post war and it was developed across the ages with many influences.

Journey to the west, the story of sun wookong / sun goku what gave inspiration to db / dbz was about the monkey king journeying west to ancient india for ancient knowledge.

Kung fu has so many influences boldly claiming it was developed by a women is like saying kung fu was originated by the hand of bruce lee.

Sounds like your talking about Wing Chun specifically.

Most japanese martial arts comes from battlefield combat.
Also Ninjutsu was developed for spying + assassination + combating samurai. Most modern Japanese stuff is taken from Ninjutsu.

>Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu are the most favored disciplines for modern UFC fighters.
True, but there's a lot of western boxing n there too.
Plus western styles of wrestling can be useful in a grapple.
And India had a number of martial arts, though perhaps less popular worldwide (and some Chinese martial arts seem to have been based off of earlier Indian arts)

And, as others have pointed out, they were developing martial arts during the time when the West was developing weapons that essentially made martial arts nearly pointless in most encounters.

Those were Chinese. Though I've heard they were trying to make gold.

They invented powder, not gunpowder. That's a huge difference.
American education.

ur gehy.


You know we had martial arts too. Then we invented guns and made them obsolete.
Knights are a pretty big cultural icon

Firstly it's BJJ they use in modern MMA, an offshoot of JJ, secondly wrestling is as good if not better for success rates in MMA, thirdly Aoki is a bad boy.

>>why were asians

you're asian, shouldn't you know?

Indeed, many of the eastern martial arts hand to hand was developed in times that common man was not allowed to own weapons. Before that they were mainly weapon techniques. Don't know if there were such times in europe really when not counting recent times.

Oh yeah, forgot boxing too.

whats with white boys and feeling so offended by hand to hand combat martial arts? my entire life every white boy response has been that of taking offence then referencing swords or firearms?

Does it really make you feel that uneasy about yourself? every white person I've ever heard when martial arts are brought up they feel the need to reference firearms or nukes..I don't understand this insecurity.

Judo is more developed wrestling. Once again, the greeks invented it first.

That's the history of martial arts in Japan though. A lot of the movements were used for evasion, and dealing with weapons. A lot of the breakfalls in Judo, for example, can be used to create distance, or close distance while evading a sword.

Does that mean you'll be successful against a knife attack if you practice Judo? No.

That being said, if you go and decide to do Judo/BJJ/whatever prepare to be hurt. I don't care how much stretching and yoga and mobility stuff you do you will be injured. There is a term in Judo called "Judo body" and it basically means the development of a strong physique in spite of injuries. It also affects your style.

Some people just think it's really funny to reference this:

Knights were trained from childhood. Just because they used weapons doesn't make it not a martial art.
I was mentioning that european martial arts were lost to time due to guns not
>b buh guns r betta

You mean you're a man licker?