I need to know internet places where leftists, marxists, cucks, feminists, socialists, communists...

I need to know internet places where leftists, marxists, cucks, feminists, socialists, communists, pro refugee people and other human trash resides. Specific reddit boards, tumblrs, tumblr hashtags, tumblr groups, twitter hashtags, facebook groups, other websites and internet forums. Places which are youth indoctrination centers are a bonus. Give me as many as you know.



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Cred Forums and /sci/

on plebbit: /r/socialism /r/me_irl /r/communism


Reddit.com/r/unitedkingdom is sickeningly left wing.

I imagine other countries' respective subreddit are of a similar calibre.

place is a graveyard, made some comments there days ago shit is still on page 1, they must all be shilling for Hillary on here

It was gold just after election and brexit. They were in complete meltdown

I was at a party with a friend who is at uni, and met a load of students who were /r/unitedkingdom regulars.

they were drinking ale in their little circle and basically regurgitating all of the talking points on that subreddit to each other. it was really weird seeing an online circle jerk manifest itself in real life. they were even repeating memes on there about muh immigrants and muh experts.

fucking cringy. if seeing that sub ever gets you down, believe me you can rest assured that nobody on that subreddit has ever engaged in critical thinking or had a thought of their own.

There's a good number of both left tards and nat socs there, left tards are more vocal though.

have you ever studied?

also do you consider SLD leftists?

do you consider PZPR leftists?

besides, man, they are EVERYWHERE

don't you see?

/r/Portugal the comments are communist cancer, somebody once told me I was a facist pig there.

>have you ever studied?
My professor used to tell holocaust jokes in class and everyone was laughing. No joke.
>also do you consider SLD leftists?
>do you consider PZPR leftists?
I know very little about them. They are/were communists, right?
My interests are not about polish left but western europe left. Poland is ok for now, as long as KOD dont win.

they always win, this is sad realization

> holocaust jokes


I have a feeling you might be a JIDF, friend. You slightly diverted the thread, i know the methods. Now do you know any of the places i talk about?

why should I be helping you at all? you may be JIDF too


or G*d knows who else

use fucking Google, THAT Google, you know

in free market it does not pay to help people for free


bump, isnt there a list or something?
If not, then i am making one, help me with it you lazy neets.