So what the fuck do we do if Hillary wins? Will it change your life in any way? What will happen to Cred Forums?

So what the fuck do we do if Hillary wins? Will it change your life in any way? What will happen to Cred Forums?

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Don't worry. The shitposting will never end.

That copy paste. CTR are you even trying?

If Hillary wins it will probably be nuclear war. Time for you to visit Siberia, and me to visit Nunavut.

Found the CTR

It will. We will have to actually leave and start the fucking fight.

You are too autistic to realise the severity of our situation should Trumpmlose.

Apparently not.

Actually nothing will happend


If Trump loses I will be very disappointed, but at least all this meme magic/kek autism will forever be proven to be superstitious bullshit. Of course I would rather put up with such autists and have Trump win though.

>So what the fuck do we do if Hillary wins?
Find my medical waivers.

>Will it change your life in any way?
I might end up having to fight you on a battlefield.

>What will happen to Cred Forums?
We'll all be on the Eastern Front again.

This. Amazing a britcuck realizes this.

Answers Demanded on Why Immunity Granted For Destruction of Clinton Email Evidence!

Hillary failed as secretary of state — why would president be any different?

Hillary RIGGED Debate - Secretly Signals Moderator Lester Holt


See: Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.

The similarities are mind blowing

More of the same domestically. Not good, just a slow rot though. Internationally I'd be worried about her hawkish and shortsighted nature. She'll want to wave her Freudian dick in Putin's face somehow.

With Hillary, the race and gender war will become unavoidable. The hopeful relations with Russia will burn away, we will forever be at odds, conflict between our nations may even arise because of hill and her masters' pursuit of globalized power. Refugees will pool into the US, illegal immigrants from Mexico and beyond shall become rampant, there will be great terror and havoc without a single shred of doubt. And to top everything off, current tax trends shall continue, foreign competitors shall overtake us significantly more than they already do, and the middle class shall be erased. Big business will take advantage of this and leave the United States in the dust, the upper class may even go with them.

You might be asking why Hillary, her masters, why they would bring all this? What do they have to gain? Isn't it obvious? The United States is the global superpower, the top dog. It must be stripped of power for a new alpha to take its place in the pack. That has been the plan since WW2 saw us claim the top of the pyramid. At the core of our being we are animals, pack animals. The larger our communities grow, the more this becomes clear. Our "nations" represent this most of all.

Im going to become a Cop and basically be like Dexter.

But i will target Liberals with no personal connection with me.

I'm already more than half way to being there education wise. Just need to add some criminal justice to my Bachelors of science - biology and chem.

I can imagine it now, muzzies and Hillary ruin America. I walk through my forest glade of shallow graves, each one filled with the rotting corpse of a SJW liberal, that no one will miss. And no one will ever find.

I might actually consider draft dodging if Hillary wins. I'll fight for trump but not that big headed bitch.

race war + mgtow accelerated greatly

the alt-right would probably evolve into something more than shitposters

niggers will continue self-genociding through abortion while screaming about oppression and stuff

spics will have even more ability to continue becoming a majority

i guess not much would change over obama

No we will get more of the same, worst case ww3

Things will continue to go to shit


Trump is a controlled opposition anyway

80% of serial killers are Republicans so you fit the profile

WTF are you talking about draft dodging? What draft?

don't you mean when

Well, we would see violence spread. Take this for example

Hillary wins its gonna get really scary for white people.

Get those tactical spoons ready.

>80% of serial killers are Republicans so you fit the profile

Meanwhile BLM burns charolette and attacks people viciously for being white, regardless of who's side theyre on

Meanwhile Islamic goatfuckers bomb New York and stab people in malls

Meanwhile a California college is trying to bring back segregation, having already segregated dorms.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is a manipulative perpetual liar with health issues making her pretty much unfit for presidency; not to mention the e-mails.

Meanwhile leftists try their damn hardest to censor everyone and anyone who doesn't agree with them.

But hey, some shitposters and a cartoon frog are the real threat here, right?
(Don't even try to fight me Ya cunt I've got sources and I'm not afraid to whip them out like an Islamic fucknugget does his dick when he sees a goat)

I think its time I stop shit posting and get out. any idea how to get involved locally?

I'll move to America fuck some yank girl get her pregnant and live from the government.

it's about the same either way just with a different clown dancing on a string

>start the fight

Lmao. Every fucking election

I was just thinking that the goatfucker meme is a bit ironic since middle easterners are the least cucked by woman of all you and much more likely to just rape some slut than fuck an animal. much to chagrin of european countries where most beastiality porn originates from.


That's a funny way to say "when". See Ivan, we use "if" when things could happen but after the debate and recent polling, its pretty clear that "when" is the more appropriate choice of words.

Also, Americans will never hear the last of it. It will be a witch hunt for every single American until they are driven off the board and Cred Forums becomes libertarian like it once was.

Tick-tock drumpfkins. Every day is a day closer to when your "god emperor" disappoints 30% of American (cause you guys are just a minority)

I'll have to move. I fell for the lie that STEM, particularly computer programming was a good career choice. Salaries just keep getting lower and job prospects just get worse. This is all with the 65,000 cap on the Pajeets who can only stay a few years. If Clinton gets what she (or the various sleazy Indian staffing firms that own her) wants, we will be totally finished.

I'm a Trump supporter but this nigga deserved to be assaulted. Dumbass




>european countries where most beastiality porn originates from
>aware of beastiality porn statistics
I dont even

Opposed to all recent spree shooters and mass shooters being democrats and Hillary supporters.

Removing Traitors isn't killing.

Removing liberals from this world is an act of Justice. Because you are not real liberals.

You people are a memetic virus, meant to weaken the immune system of the US for conquering, I am just an immunoglobulin serving my purpose.

>I was just thinking that the goatfucker meme is a bit ironic since middle easterners are the least cucked by woman of all you

Muslims have simply cemented women to their status as property. More specifically a luxury good.

Which means that unless Mr. Muzzo can afford to get married he will NEVER get laid with anything other than a farm animal. Which coincidentally is why Muslim men are so rape happy. There's a reason they make analogies comparing women to meat and candy, it's because they are a society of starving dogs.

In short Muslim men are cucked on a level you cannot even comprehend.


I mean it's not like a simple google search takes more than a moment, right? not that i bothered to fact-check, it's just pretty obvious what with all the horsefucking apparently going on.
Western countries have the same issue though, but aren't as rapetastic. Starving dogs still make for a better time than all the monkeys, donkeys, and pigs in the west.

fuck off CTR shill, hillary will never win

It will be time for Peoples Republic of Texas( and half the west coast joining it).

>two non-americans fighting over shit that doesn't concern them in the least

Every time someone will inevitably post this

Every time they think they sound smart

>this edge

nothing will change either way, you'll all continue living the way you've lived for years and will continue to do so till you die

by how much would trump win if only white men were allowed to vote?

Of Hillary wins, it will be confirmed that women can do whatever they want with no repercussions.

>muh chekz n belancz
But can even America's anti-progress system stump the trump? Give it like 20 years for people who aren't senile old jew cunts to get into the system and start changing things.

as if people who could actually change things would be allowed in

that actually occurred to me, but I'm feeling optimistic, especially with how technology is going to change humans.

Become a vigilante that hunts niggers, spics, and mudslimes in the night.

The Byelorussian knows.

why do they not bring light to pol? They clearly know about us, and talk about our memes and such, but only reddit gets directly called out. Are they afraid that people coming here will be converted? Or that it may trigger a big responce from us in which case they could easily shut us down. I dont get the avoidance.

Just hope for gridlock in congress as they try to hold the line. We're straining the checks & balances as it is, and the new judge she appoints could get some more freedoms taken away for a long time.

If hillary wins I'm going to convert to Islam.

>What will happen to Cred Forums
Tears. First a trickle, then a stream, then an ocean.

Hillary will die in presidency anyway, if not during campaign

everyone will be posting 'trump btfo' and pretending they never supported trump

posters here only care about memes so look forward to the hillary victory and trump loss memes