Waifuitic National Socialism v8

Another thread for the dicussion, debate, and for suggestions to waifuitic national socialism

I want to give thanks for the cool guy who drew this party symbol for us in a previous thread.

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Humanity must be united to face the up and coming inevitable threats(both naturally occuring space phenomenon and the great contest for absolute superiority between space faring species. Our level readiness for extraterrestrial contact could be the difference between us sucessfully defending ourselves, or our complete specicide/subjugation.)

The biological human woman is obsolete, and will be replaced by much better alternatives, yet would still allow for a traditional family unit. Either robotic or genetically synthesized(or through extensive gene therapy which has been suggested previously, and other experimentation to create something viable from what we have, although my preference is synthesization from scratch) monstergirls/as close to 2d looking waifus will offer much more variety and fun, while still performing all the important maternal and biological functions of the old human female, without the negatives. Offsrping will strictly either be human male with only human genetic variations, or monster girl with only genetic variations of their specific type.

Before it begins we all await the Alpha Waifuist to lead us onto the journey of conquest of the multiverse to achieve waifu togetherness, the boundaries of parallel universes the only thing seperating man and his true waifu.

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Op here. This is the party flag/symbol made by another user I forgot to put in the op.

This word is so awkward.

Here's an idea on how we should find mates and possibly create new postive rituals for finding a mate in our monstergirl future

I personally propose later on when we are advanced enough with enough resources, to create whole worlds inhabited almost soley by the previously mentioned monster girls, which they govern and take care of themselves.

This is where humans and monstergirls meet to choose mates or possibly swap(human immortality may become a reality soon, and with time it will be perfected. Staying with the same mate for life might be for some[including myself], but for others, swapping mates and creating new offspring after your monster girl had raised your previous kin successfully to adult age might be acceptable.

There might be some kind of initiation for humans of age to come to these monster girl worlds, but that would be up for debate as to what, or even the ways a man should find his monster girl companion. Having many choices should be default(a lamia village/nation, other types of monster girls having their own places and rules, etc.

Just imagine, you are now at the age of being a man, and now you're on a ship on the way to one of these worlds.

You get to choose where you land, if you wish it to not be a total surprise which area you set foot on first, since you would alreadt know they are already seperated geographically into homogenous nations of different types of monster girls.

Depending on where you go and what you would want, you would either court a monster girl or be courted yourself.

You can choose to have as much "fun" as you'd like or if you would like to settle down with a monster girl and start a traditional family unit(the former being the goal if you feel you are ready.)

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Retia Adolf from Daiteikoku


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Naysayers, sally ho!

Seriously though, everything that has been based on an attainabke reality limited only by the speed of technological progression.


natsoc waifu will set you free


how can we influence culture to make 3D less PD?

Thank you for your support

You wake up and see this.

It will take time and be difficult but mostly it comes down to continuing to ignore and undermine that obsolete part of human kind.

Post your animes everywhere and explain to people new alternatives will be present in the future and educate them about the multiverse as part of your rationalization of having a waifu arguements

Blasphemic National Socialism v8*

This is not blasphemy. This is the next evolution of mankind and it will be brought to fruition



is there some kind of deviant art where an autist draw dozens of cute nazi girls ?

it has to be a thing somewhere

Possibly. I haven't seen anyone make it their main focus but there are plenty of artists who draw it occasionally on pixiv and deviantart

>tfw Daiteikoku was shit
>tfw the translators gave up ¼ of the way in

Drawing this atm, what are your thoughts?


cute i wish i knew how to draw i would draw nazi shit all day

I liked it a lot. It was more interesting than the Rance games.

I thought they were continuing the translation though, either on hongfire or the tlwiki


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Pretty cool. I like it.

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Here's a post from a previous thread

It's an ideology based upon attainable realities.

If a man has an attraction to a deity/woman/2d/whatever that isn't preaent within the confines of this physical universe we observe, then it is hypothesized that some type of active or passive inter-universal attraction exists somehow within the multiverse.

We strive to acquire the technology to be able to detect and move through to specific parts of the multiverse so that man can be with the goddess of his destiny.



She's the taco loli from Saki




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I have a file full of nazi waifus for reasons, but I can't get to my laptop right now.

Any add-ons or suggestions for this?

We're definitely open to ideas here. But just remwmber that we still do keep to the core virtues and principles of national socialism.






Do any pictures like this exist where the cuties are getting bathed by one of their men?

Something like, the girl is tired and laying back in the tub with her man starting to wash her feet and she has a "I'm about to fuck his brains out" look on her face?

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I'd like to see this with some futa characters.













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face literally is spurdo tier also why is she so wide in the upper body? Deformed AF senpai

heavy coat on small girl, also she is smug and this is the first drawing I did on the new tablet I used.

I wouldn't blame a tablet, I got used to mine in like the first 10 minutes.

Not blaming anything. I'm content with how it turned out.

Don't worry over proportions in 2d art. It's 2d and doesn't have to abode by our human proportions.

It should be down to the individual observer to appreciate or not, based on their preferences and more solely on whether the observer himself finds it to be pleasing.

Despite not being human biological perfection(which means nothing in art other than greek statues and reliefs and maybe some other forms of art), I find it pleasing to my eye.

I say this as a guy who has been appreciating 2d art and hentai for over a decade. I'm sure many of us here have the same experience level though.

Have to abide*





My personal taste is something like this a best. I prefer somewhat realistic proportions, especialy for the head size.