James o'keefe claims to have video of Hillary "disparaging black people in the worst way possible"

James o'keefe claims to have video of Hillary "disparaging black people in the worst way possible".

Lets hope this is dog the bounty hunter tier, N bombs left and right.


How will the left attempt to dismiss this?

>Oh it uhh...uh was taken out of context!!
>Russian hackers attempting to influence election
>woman card
>Trumps tax returns show that....

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RIP James..your work was great.

I'll believe it when I see it

Until then this is wikileaks tier attention whoring

inb4 suicide by 3 shots to the back of the head

Why not just release it then? Stop falling for this shit, assange said the same thing. They don't have shit.

super predator

He probably sent it to Infowars and Breitbart. It will be in front of Drudge for two days.

>what is timing

Trump Is Right About ‘Stop and Frisk’


Trump Turns Away 12,000 at Tuesday’s Florida Rally – Same Amount as All of Hillary’s Rallies Since July


‘She Would Put the Oval Office Up for Sale’



Wow so he just signed his own death warrant.

Remember when Breitbart called pelosi a bitch and said he had a video that would neuter this president, i'll release it in one week.

he died walking home after a drink from the bar.
the autopsy man died as well
the autopsymans only friend is a bot on facebook that does personal training.

>this will be end of Hillaris campaign said increasingly nervous Drumpfkin for 1000th time this year
She is going to win and she is going to win big. gonna be clean sweep lads and u cant do shit about it but making up some conspiracy theories.

So when its revealed that its a total bombshell, and proves shes the real racist. Then what.

>he still think its real story
stop being in denial

Wen has o'keefe ever not provided

Such a shame James decided to take his own life at such a young age. He had so much more time to live.


Depending on the magnitude of the leaks, and the timing of Obama care hikes (1 week before the general) this could kill what little tangible support she has.

Pic related.

When did he provide? Did he leak some interesting stuff in the past? This is the first time I've heard of him.

>election is one month away
>We gotta wait for the right time!

Nothing to see here. She just doesn't like naggers.

Family suicide via sniper rounds to the back of the head..what a way to go..

Acorn signed up voters for Obama. Got federal money to do so.

James dresses like pimp with whore side kick. Goes to Acorn office and basicly says he wants a loan for a house because hes importing some underage girls. They actually help him.

Obama BTFO

People get buttmad he would trick some poor lady.

He releases 2 more videos of Acorn employees helping him get home loans for his pimpin business to show its not just one bad apple, multiple bad apples at multiple locations.

Obama analy BTFO

James OKeefe did more investigative journalsm of the left than all outlets combined for a decade.

Andrew gets killed. Democrats still buttmad Brietbart.com didnt die with Andrew.


Do your own fucking research m8

he literally walked in with a pimp suit and got Acorn shut down and got the head of the Planned parent hood to talk about getting a Ferrari by selling dead babies among other things.


he simply does not fuck around so I feel safe he has something for sure or would of not said anything at all as he has never lied before.

>Same Amount as All of Hillary’s Rallies Since July
I-I-It was on purpose though!

I hope he's as good of a hide and seek champion as Snowden.

Interesting. If he leaks that stuff and Assange leaks what he promised, it's gonna be a very comfy October.

Yes but it may be like the Paula Dean bullshit.

October surprise is not just a meme.

just release whatever you have faggot
I hate this kikery

We can only hope. Imagine she got locked up for some bullshit like this. It would be like getting Capone on tax evasion.

And another person who will tragically commit suicide by having 15 bullets shot in the back of their head.

Doctoring takes time. Just be glad they wrote a plan and deemed it appropriate to announce the WIP ahead of time.

He will probably release right before the debates so it is un damage controllable and she will be forced to address it on trumps terms live.

Now's the time, democrats are voting early in record numbers

I met James once, he was doing a lot of cocaine then so I don't know if he would remember me

I sure hope he has it but wikileaks promised 2 weeks ago that they will release election deciding emails last week and we got jack shit
meaning I'll take this with grain of salt until I actually see it. I hope I do.

No one will remember this shit in 2 weeks if he'd release it now, msm will bury it so hard.

lol doctoring literal words out of peoples mouth wearing a pimp suit and getting acorn shut down over it.
I smell your fear.

The same way the left dismisses everything.

>"I'm not believing it until I see it on The View"


the republicans have actually requested a record number of absentee ballots. As well Florida early voting is leaning republican

Hope he's got a dead man switch set up

Anyone calling him on it? Release it now you fucking faggot

Spliced words; this will not be video, but audio.
I'm not afraid of being amused by try-hard morons.
>muh ACORN
Do you know anything at all? Seriously: Do you read anything other than what's spoonfed to you? Because ACORN turned out to be an incredible shitload of nothing, beyond an editing hackjob. They were shut down for doing their jobs, which was enfranchising dumb, poor fuckers like yourself.

What are you going to call him on his record is spotless and anything he ever said he has he had and released. why not wait until right before the debate to force Hillary to deal with it in real time?


Wikileaks fucked the timing so why not O'Keefe?
Wikileaks could have put her in the fire for the first debate by releasing whatever they had on thursday, giving three full weekdaya for the media and five days for social media to tear her apart.
Whores gonna whore.

Oh, so corruption?

Yeah, that's fitting, coming from her and her campaign.

>this much damage control

wow o'keefe has some Hollywood level voice editing programs m8 lol

we all watched the videos m8 we all seen that your little excuse and protests amounted to nothing we all seen that the officials involved in the matter saw fit to disband it based on the evidence.

we do. any lots more.

You are done.


better start looking for a job.


Never known him to tout something he didnt have.

>believes he knows what O'Keefe has before he's even released it

O'keefe could of been sued for liable if any of those words were spliced especially with the head of planned parent hood but they all put their heads down and didn't say shit because it was all authentic.

Blame it on the voters

It's "would have", you dirty goog

Add another suicide to the Clinton Body Bags list.

>How will the left attempt to dismiss this?
"Trump is far more racist than Hillary could ever be. This proves nothing."

seeI never had anything of the sort about Hillary's nigger comments only that I am sure they are real due to his impeccable record of having everything and releasing everything he says he has.

If I was her I would be nervous its that simple/

Thank you for this

It's probably her doing her black people time joke and o'keefe is just retarded

After the other stuff hes pulled and how insane he is he maybe just said hes got that niggers better vote for me stuff so he can get his own murder on video.

Well I am just trying to fit in with my new nigger voters we will be getting after Hillary's comments are made public.



> Hyping it up with out releasing it.

Tired of this 2bh. It's never as good as they say. Still waiting on Wikileaks.

Too bad he was depressed and cut himself into 30 pieces and threw himself into the bottom of a river in a duffel bag after commiting suicide by 48 shots to the back of his head

>no trust fro a fellow aussie shit poster

Regardless O'Keefe dont fuck around by record

>Committing treason with a paper trail doesn't get someone tarred and feathered
>But a video of them saying "a group of people are bad. I don't like them because X Y and Z" is enough to destroy them
Is this truly the state of our culture? Pardon Benedict Arnold so we can lambast Thomas Jefferson?

(And comparing Hillary to Benedict is an insult to Benedict. At least he did well as a general BEFORE he committed treason)

I have a video of Ivanka Trump dropping a giant shit on Donald's face.

Will release when it's appropriate.

Wikileaks said, in the beginning, they would release in October.

Have you REALLY been waiting for them to release it "any day now" for months?

There are some MASSIVE October surprises coming and the only way to counter them is with a even bigger story...
And since HC is the most psychopathic presidential candidate ever to run, you guys need to prepare for war on Russias border or some shit.

She needs a big enough story to drown out a bunch of MASSIVE scandals for a month. She will do anything to get elected.

They are just nervous m8 they know October is going to be a slaughter for them.

You do realize that it's pretty much acceptable wisdom at this point to drop potentially damaging information in mid-late October, right?

Of course not, this is your first election. Go hang yourself, faggot.

At the end of the day, people need to hear Trump's policy in the debates andthisneeds to win them over. All the political mudslinging doesn't meam shit. People don't actually care about racism. All we care about is this:

What's in it for me?


This is actually so real, though.

I haven't seen that gif for almost 10 years.

No, 'still waiting' is bad phrasing, im just tired of this whoring, if its truly juicy it'll stand on its own, or at the very least dont publically announce it so they have time to prepare spin if they know what it is or time to prepare counter stories / get smear ready for trump when it drops.

What is the added benefit of warning people before you crack them over the head with a bat other than giving them the chance of avoiding it.

If you release news too early the democrats will have time too respond with a new candidate such as Bernie. So timing is smart.
As for the validity of his claim, even putting doubt in peoples mind is smart as Hillary did with Trump. I dont expect any tape from this man.

Wikileaks required reading. That cuta out many voters. A video can be posted by Trump amd people will watch it. The media won't even be able to resist the clickbait. It would be worse even tho it's not as big a deal.

I hope this is true. Judging by the butt hurt from the CTR fags, it sure seems there is something to this.

>I dont expect any tape from this man
You have no reason to not believe it since he has never bluffed yet produced literal organization disbanding videos

Is "them" hillary clinton?


How's her fiber? Does the dump stay solid and kinda just hit his face before rolling off? Or is it like a mud facial?

hes about to be killed

We don't fucking want it in October, we want it now you fucking cock teases.

Stop teasing it, just release it already!

>thinking there's an actual video

You guys are so goddamn desperate. If there was to be a video, it would have been released immediately.

Why not release it in October when literally the "October surprise" meme exists?..is this your first election?

It's end of the week. Plus the train just happened.

>he'll drop this on the eve of the next debate

First question to Hillary will be about how she called niggers niggers on tape.

Infowars and Drudge have the video. :-)

Just help it go viral at the right time lads.

Do you have James o'keefe's record of dropping bombs on liberals?

My guess is he has a video of some low rank volunteers at some campaign office saying something dumb.

nothing to see here

sorry m8 it will be up to her to damage control live on trumps terms when its released lol

get nervous m8

James O'Keefe died this morning when he fell down a staircase, snapped his neck, and committed suicide by shooting himself 911 times in the back of the head with a .50 rifle.

The goy have the attention span of a caffeinated goldfish. The majority of voters decide who they're voting for on the drive to the polls.

If you release too early they'd have completely forgotten about it in a matter of days.

also MSM will bury it so fast nobody will remember it when they're voting, most likely only BLM members

Still voting for him, still better then the things Hillary has done.

What is his record? I remember the media trying to discredit him awhile back.


can you try to at least keep your schizophrenia in check when posting

I'm interested but I can't decipher this shit

Can these people just not release the shit already? Fucking hell.

Yea and failed to do so and lost Acorn. His record is he released everything he has ever said he had.



Pffft, I'll believe it when I see it. I don't buy this shit at face value.

that could be adrenaline/nerves.

Being in a debate like that, listening to your opponent, and just waiting so you can start hitting back, you feel like you're a lion stuck in a cage.

Is this your first election, retard? Things need to be timed correctly.

sick or scared

make your choice

It will be nothing. It's always nothing. I'm so depressed.

Hopefully James has it in safe keeping, because he probably won't last through the week.

Dead man's switch. He doesn't usually work alone, as far as I can tell.

There's already stuff out there that shows Hillary's complete lack of respect for basically everybody, but it's always nice to have even more proof of what a terrible person she is outside of the public eye.

>on my way to fuck yo bitch

Hillary will bribe him.

Why spill the beans about this at all?


You're probably right. Maybe not war, but some other kind of happening.

>2006 was 10 years ago

It's probably not as bad as you think. Like I expect to be rather disappointed.

I feel like this is fake. Why would anyone even record Hillary if they're on her side?

>tfw scat fetish

I would cum buckets.

I imagine the dog saying that. And I find that very cute.

this is an underrated comeback. 10/10

Are you a moron or are you literally Donald trump?

During the most fucked up joke of an election in the history of a world which 'voted' for gadaffi, a man says he has a video of his favourite candidates rival, who's campaign is focused primarily on not being racist, being racist. He offers no proof and claims he'll release it next month rather than now.

You're already assuming a liberal response, imagining what their excuse would be for whatever it is they're supposed to have said. Retard.

I ain't even from your shit country, just saying you know less about your own politics than most Europeans, and a combination of retarded millennials and stubborn old people in the retirement home you call Florida are acting as if this whole election is an episode of Dallas or whatever you idiots watch this century.

You guys are so deluded you don't realise the world is laughing at you, and I come from england where the prime minister fucked a pig, committed economic suicide then handed the keys to a woman

It's probably some low level staffer/intern at one of the local campaign offices

Only Cred Forums would think they have Hillary on tape saying nigger.

Screencap this and stay mad fags

Finally someone making some fucking sense

Seriously, shit is annoying, just release it.

Look at your ID bro, you WOULD defend Clinton...

You guys should dig a trench on your side of the wall, when the builders die they'll just fall right into their shallow graves

someone warn him that he might kill himself

University of Toronto professor getting heat for daring to speak out against PC.


OK faggot

>20 years ago was 30 years ago

Both are mine went to wifi

Trump fags won't change their minds based on facts, so why should I? Still voting for Hillary, Trump shills.

This. It's probably just a video with some dumbass HRC volunteers who say something slightly un-PC. Even if it's paid staffers they will just fire them and disavow.

Unless it's HRC herself saying "Niggers are trash, but at least they always vote for us, ha ha," no one will give a shit.

No one with information worth sharing saves it for a set release date.

Acorn didn't do anything wrong though. Neither did planned parenthood. Conservatives are a huge band of liars. Even Bush shit in McCain because he adopted a little black girl.

o'keefe is a blowhard at best and outright liar at worst.
Chances are pretty much 100% that this is some campaign volunteer saying something rude, meaning it's fucking nothing.
He cares more about publicity than about uncovering anything anyhow and you fucking nerds should know better.