Where were you during the Columbine Massacre?

Where were you during the Columbine Massacre?

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Ban guns.

Ban Germans.

Under a desk...

Probably sitting in a high chair drinking milk while watching Teletubbies or some shit.

Playing DOOM.

I had a hunch that trumpkins are 16-19, I think you confirmed

people always make fun of me, and i dont like it

Really? I had a friend that was there and transferred to our school after it happened, too.

I was home eat cereal when mom call

In my college dorm watching it live.

I saw that bloody fella flop out of the window.

Hard core.

It happened because of bullying, bullying is an epidemic.

>he watched teletubbies

Idk I was like 4

18-19 can vote and that's all that matters grandma

Waiting to see how fast they blame it on someone instead of their irresponsibility. Oh wait

>South Park

he's a brit, i don't think he'll be voting. i'm 34.

i was prone in my mom's flowerbed shooting at used 2-liter soda bottles full of water, 50 yards across the backyard. no wait. i was on Cred Forums sliding other threads about how hillary is totally fucked now hhaha

I was in school trying to avoid being shot by other classmates walking back home

In the library

Do not do this, if you ban guns then the only criminals have guns, the citizens can not have defence.

Since we're talking about columbine, here's some photos and a transcript of what happened.


I was at home doing math homework when josh ring

'children is die'


and you???

Carefully defusing all of the propane bombs

Just starting high school. Couldn't wear my comfy warm trench coat for years

That actually was the reason I even found out about DOOM.
Thanks, CNN.

i was waiting for DBZ to start but instead we got news and it ruined my day

>says nothing about trump
>thread unrelated to american election

yes phampai confirmed