Hey, Ivanka, say, wanna sit on Daddy's lap again?

> Hey, Ivanka, say, wanna sit on Daddy's lap again?

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Trump has a... Very.. Close relationship with ivanka..

And more importantly, no one gives a single fuck.

Now fuck off cabron

How dare she have a healthy relationship with her father. Women are supposed to have daddy issues because their fathers are afraid to touch them out of fear a leftist might see them changing their daughters diaper and call the cops because dad did more than two wipes of her crotch.


Hmmmm interesting.

>ywn fuck huma in the ass while anthony weiner watches
Just end my life senpai

Answers Demanded on Why Immunity Granted For Destruction of Clinton Email Evidence!


Hillary failed as secretary of state — why would president be any different?


Hillary RIGGED Debate - Secretly Signals Moderator Lester Holt


Obama’s Conflict Tanked the Clinton E-mail Investigation — As Predicted


No Followup After Huma Abedin Caught in Falsehood


Clinton campaign in ‘panic mode’ over Florida black voters




That's a new one.

Why would he have such a hot brownie wife and throw it all away

Power people are not like us. Stop thinking of them that way.

Yeah it's weird. I think he must legitimately be a sex addict, or some kind of addict. Maybe their marriage wasn't even 'real'. Who knows.


Absolutely disgusting, I'm going to be sick

what's the relationship like between Mexican young people and their parents?

Look at Hillary and Bill.

Huma and Weiner are in the same arrangement. They are only a professional relationship. Having other sexual partners did not matter to them. The only reason she divorced him was because of the bad public image.

The fuck am I looking at?

>hillshills turning normal family relationship into pedophilia

You dudes have a fucking gross obsession with this.

Each time you post about Trump you are really just posting about you. Gross.


In america? its funny because the adults can't speak english and the kids get away with saying they are doing a great job and everything is going well


thats what you're spposed to do faggot

>normal family relationship

How mysoginist (however that is spelled) of you.

What's the point of having a hot daughter if you can't fuck her?
I thought that was the entire point.

Nice try donald

Every Latina I've met (in an intimate way) has been sexually abused by one of her relatives. No exaggeration, about 80%-90%. America has nothing on Mexico when it comes to pedophilia.

Like you wouldn't let her grind her ass on your dick if she wanted to.

She looks like lester holt's imaginary brother in drag.

>cameras here, time to kiss

Post more Ivanka


Who is the burn victim on Trump's left side?

Meh, who knows.



What's the relationship like between Irish young people and their parents?

Honst. Nah. It's a bit odd. Fathers should not be physical with their daughters after ouberty. Too fucking wierd.

Having said that she seems happy enough and their are no accusations or anything but I do find it strange. I'm just a conservative person I guess.


Say what you want about Hilldog, but she used to be A CUTE !

>You will never be her goytoy
>Trump will never say ''Kid, I like you. You have HIGH ENERGY and you've got spunk. I want you to marry my daughter, Ivanka. she's very beautiful, the love of my life and you're the man to take her hand in marriage while I run the Ameri-Euro Western Empire from Trump Tower. ''
>I will never sire half kike, half Irish master race kids for the Trump Dynasty.

Just fucking kill me.

Wow great thread about politics and news.

Options field, everyone.

It would be very wierd for an Irish dad to be physical with his daughter after puberty.

Irish girls tend to be fond of their dads and expect their BFs to show respect.

there is literally nothing wrong with sitting on your father's lap fuck off shitdick



is he trying to kiss Mein Fuhrer?

Too bad the devil destroyed her soul...

It's pretty disturbing that one of the presidential nominees of one of the two most important political parties has had sexual relationships with his daughter. Don't you think?

There is when your daughter is that age. Sorry.

I'm not saying trump has done anything wrong, I just find it distasteful. Like I say, I'm conservative.

No. I don't accept your false premise.

Fuck off kike.


Was diss?

she's not jewish, she's married to a jew, but she's not jewish.

Sorry can't hear you from across the wall

Now that is a different conclusion entirely.

kek the mexishit is talking shit about people fucking their daughters

imagin how many times Trump has wanked to this photo alone

To be fair kids do this shit all the time. They don't realize they're too big.

If you yell at them you risk traumatizing them and giving them daddy issues for life.

No I do - I'm so jelly I'd put smuckers out of business

I don't think it is weird desu. My cousins sit on my lap all the time.


I can't tell if the black guy is looking at that girl's ass or at THAT JUICY FRIED CHICKEN.


You Just Know

Freeze frame any person initiating/finishing a normal hug and you get this image.

Stop making mountains out of molehills

If I had a daughter looking like that, I would also "tuck her into bed" every night ;)

God, Weiner's guilty face, the way he looks to Huma for reassurance, how did this dildo become an elected congressperson?

Also: fun note: Jon Stewart and Anthony Weiner are best friends!


oh my


You're sexualising her because she's not your daughter. Why would you stop any kind of physical contact with your own daughter? Unless you're a pedo/you're afraid of being labelled as a pedo, then there's no reason

Did not know that. It would stand to reason though.


Jesus Sweden.

Here we can see the Spanish rape baby attempting to grasp at anything he can use against the future fuhrer. Paco here can't even control his own country yet finds it weird people want to build a defense against the monsters. Sad, everyday people like Paco starve and spew uneducated remarks. For $2 a month you can help Paco get the education he needs to possibly become a contributer to society.

>writing this word salad

Are you having a stroke m8

Hillary could have been a simple qt who would have rough sexy with you in the summer, but alas, she had to be some old hagged ZOG globalist

>word salad
I see the age restrictions have gone down.



It's funny that a trumpkin would use that song for a pro trump video considering it could be argued that liberalism was the agent of change in the French Revolution

His face and stance remind me of the trumpet fight. Is this man Jewish?

>unironically using the word Trumpkin on Cred Forums

It's funny that CTR doesn't know what liberalism is

just drug my shit right up famalam

>classical liberalism is the same thing as modern American liberalism

That's obviously shopped.
Fuck off.

>"Hey hun, let's sneak away from this boring party and go to the lake to do you know what, *winkuu~~*"

>subtlety becomes a Huma thread

Will Huma go out with me, guys?

>all positive social interaction between men is gay
>all close father-daughrer interaction is pedophilic

Huma needs cheering up.

We live in increasingly restricted to the point of bizarre times. I still can't quite put together how future generations will look back at this time period.

>Huma thread

every father who is proud of their daughter being pretty and not being a coalburner generally has some attraction to his daughter.

this is like a pretty universal concept across most civilizations.

rarely it leads to taboo incest shit which ruins the fun for everyone else, but it's never going to stop a parent from adoring their children.

You wouldn't hear actual politicians say the same shit trump does cause they're fake fuckers with deep-seated issues. Like Joe Biden would never talk excessively about women when he's actually a pedophile.

Or Ted Cruz's daughter's questionable reaction to her father's 'adoration'.

Trump is a plain man with plan expressions and this is why people loved him in the first place. Speaking his mind and the collective anti-PC behaviour of muzzie blasting sent him ahead further than his money status or reality-show personality ever did. That despite being rich, he's not an insane aristocrat. The most deviancy he has imbibed in is Russian wives, which also is nothing too foreign in american society. It's rare, like you're bound to see fewer than 10 dudes in your life that are exceptionally white-english with russian wives, but it doesn't mean it's totally uncommon or weird.

Nothing wrong about a plain person saying he's got a beautiful daughter. (((Democrats))) would like you to believe otherwise while your 7 year old little girl gets groped by joe biden's leathery wrinkled fingers.

>people come out of a vaginq and suck on a mothers tit for food.

god forbid a clothed woman sits on her dads lap


Who /ay-papi/ here?

I don't think anyone in this thread took this as seriously as you seem to have. No-one's actually buying this horseshit. Thanks for clarifying though, not joking. And yeah, Biden is a creepy fucker.


>Huma thread

Ha hahaha!

Now that's a very elaborate picture, with evident aussie quality craftsmanship

>Honst. Nah. It's a bit odd. Fathers should not be physical with their daughters after ouberty. Too fucking wierd.
And that is exactly what makes them seek physical contact with strange men, out of desperation for male affection.

Mexico's sole purpose on this board is to ironicpost.

huma looks like my ex but even bitchier if thats even possible ill never date a half mexican again

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

>what is liberalism
>what is modern leftism

Even if he did do something sexual with his daughter, it appears she absolutely loves her father to this very day. You have to respect a man like that.

I guess she could pass for a Mexican.

>Damned if you do
Not really, there is nothing wrong with touching your daughter, the problem is sexualizing your own daughter!

You are supposed to treat her like a princess and protect from the evils of the world, you are not supposed to be trying to get sexual satisfaction out of your daughter.

Why is this such a hard concept for people from first world nations? It is kind of common sense here...

Not what I mean by that.

Damned if you do because assholes will pick it up and make a bunch of unwarrented tabloid-tier shit out of it like fucking bored gossipping teenagers.

I got what you meant and am in agreement with you.

>Damned if you do because assholes will pick it up and make a bunch of unwarrented tabloid-tier shit out of it like fucking bored gossipping teenagers.
I would call them sick degenerate assholes and sue them for defamation of my image if they were you.

You got a working legal system, use it!


Is this why he named her after his first wife?

>I know your job description says you have to hate me, but if you want I could give you a private tour of the Oval Office some time ;)

So says the tabloid-tier gossip/rumor machine.


>He wouldn't claim dominance over all females in his family until the day when a suitable male comes along

I'm not saying you should fuck them, just be the MAN, fucking NuMale cucks.


Is this what Trump is gonna do to ISIS?

Based Donald.

>people no longer understand why the father of the bride dances with her until the groom steps in and finishes the dance
>people no longer understand why the father of the bride walks her down the aisle
I pity them in moments like these.

They don't understand the role and purpose of a strong father figure. They get that it might be "missing" in their lives, but the purpose and strength is incomprehensible for them.

Peh! ....Obviously.

>Civilization is crumbling

It's fine let them be cucks and leave the real men to be fathers while they sip lattes and push the stroller of their husbands adopted son while he gets POZZED at a swingers party.

2008 was HER time. 2004 could have been a possibility if Bush tanked. But 2008 at the latest. Perfect time, perfect age...then this nigga comes out of nowhere. Much more charming and eloquent, black, hip...and untainted by an Iraq war vote (lucky bastard wasn't even in Congress).

He took it from her. Her dreams, her life, her destiny. "I promise in 8 years, I'll support you ;)". But 8 years would be too long - she'd be burdened with an incumbent's legacy, plus she would start aging hard and fast...and so it's proven. It's too late now, she's an even worse (much worse) candidate this time around, and she's about to be schlonged by Trump. It's ogre for her.

If you don't think for a second that she loathes Obama a million times more than anyone else (Trump, Bill, Gore, congressional Republicans, the media, Putin, Assange) then you are delusional.

ivana looks different today, has she had plastic surgery? maybe a nose job and breast implants

>It's trump so it's ok!
Do you realize the amount of hatred that would be perpetuating this board if that was hilary and her son?

Is this real?

Of course, Trump is a badass

Oh no, we know all that. What a toxic fucking environment Washington is. I thought you were refering to the ridiculous rumor that Huma and Obama had had an affair.

Politics is a strange beast. Yes, that is real.


This is the answer.
It is... for once... what it appear to be.
Simply a power/access/business arrangement.

Face it, it was the right wing of France that held onto the monarchy

The reason I believe this is because Bill is one charasmatic motherfucker. His charisma is legendary.., and Hillary is a bumbling fool.

There is no way Based Bill ' I had sex with that woman and she loved it' Clinton' would go for such a low tier charisma woman unless it was needed.


I haven't seen any such rumours. brb gonna search for it lel.

Before I begin, I wouldn't even rule it out completely. Shillary would send Huma as a spy to get dirt on Obama. But dat nigga is smart enough. He'd just fuck her and kick her out of the White House without giving her diddly squat.

But then again other rumours say Obama is gay, so...

But young Hillary was hot. A hot, awkward subversive waifu could be appealing, esp if you're a big confident alpha....

Obama is a moderately Handsome man but his wife and the daughters are ugly as fuck, man.

Surely a good looking lad like Obama could have went for a better looking woman.

She really is this weird detached automatonic sociopathic... so not what you want in a politician, people who make a living by bullshitting, because they're good at it... it's baffling really.

Ah Don Believ'eh

Bill should know better. Look up the anecdotes of those who have met him: Everyone says the same thing: He could look at you with such intensity that you felt like he knew you and you were the only one in the room. I have read that time and time again.

He would have fucked and chucked Hillary if she wasn't useful.

Who knows.

Yeah we get that. But useful in what way? That's the baffling part.

Trump probably wiped ivankas butt for her when she was 5


fairly good bro, fairly civilized. did you get on with your parents?

Granny Grunt

>You'll never wipe Ivanka's ass after she takes a huge and watery shit.

Feels bad man.

Is that a turtle?


>Congenital melanocytic nevus causes moles to grow throughout the whole body


>I only go for people based on their looks


why are mexicans such sick fucks?