13 year-old Turkish girl saves domestic violence victim in Stockholm

>A 13 year-old Turkish girl who saved a domestic violence victim with her friends in Sweden has been hailed for her bravery.

>According to reports, Selin Fortacı, who is currently in sixth grade and was on her way back home from school, tried to stop a man who was beating a woman on a Stockholm street and called the police.

>"We were at a convenience store when we heard a woman scream. A man was yelling at a woman and trying to choke her, but none of the adults passing by interfered,'' Fortacı told Turkish media outlets.

>She continued by saying that she tried to warn the man with her friends but he continued to beat the woman. The teens then tried to physically stop the man and called police.

Sweden bls stop rapefugees

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I would love to see that girl BLACKED


amk kezbanı


Turks are white

>saw OP's flag
>Stopped reading

>domestic violence

That's incredibly funny

r9k pls

Honorary Aryan

That is a 13 year old??????

i wonder what kind of religion all involved have

I see no antennae

She's kind of cute.

I would eat her kebab if you know what I mean.



Turkish girls are based, but they are really crazy while in relationships so watch out.

This is strange.

Man trying to choke a woman and no white knights interfering, only the turkish?

I'll just assume he was a muslim foreigner and the whiteys got scared of being called racists for intervening. Then, when the foreigners came (the turkish), they felt in the need to do what their race have been doing for centuries: settling the pety disputes of middle-easterners.

a Balkanigger killed him
never forget

Swedes are so weak and cucked that foreigners have to save them from other foreigners lol

her i mean
fucking phone

13 year-old

Holy fuuuug. She's thirteen?

>he is so insecure in his masculinity that he is afraid of letting his wife have experiences with black men while he watches
you are the cuck here



Sounds like a propaganda piece to make this story so big. They will probably confirm that the attacker was a Swede just to able to paint the picture of helpful foreigners stopping violent natives.

its just make up.

>Sanel M.

He's one of your ilk, you roach.

Turks have always BTFO Arabs
Turks are like spiders, disgusting but useful

don't tell me pol is filled with basement rats.

just go outside.

Hmm.... I wonder who's behind this...........

I'd rather get beaten

this guy gets it

These women are not Turks, but the daughters of Byzantium.

That is why they are so beautiful.



1000 years ago an average turkish girl (anatolian turk/seljuk) used to look like this
i think it's vice versa


Burak pls. Never seen a 13 yr old like this.

she is ugly, only beautiful turks are those who have the heritage of the steppes

I sometimes feel like I'd actually like Turkey, or at least the Western part, if only they weren't so attached to that Arab religion of theirs.

well i have
i used to be a teacher. i am a kid pro.

Turks aren't Anatolian, you bastard.

Plus, those reconstructions are mostly all rubbish

No, they are niggers.

>i used to be a teacher. i am a kid pro.
FREAK!!!!!! GET OUT!!!!

No wonder why turks are a bunch of pedos.

>see crime
>call cops
>become the Queen of Sweden because you're an immigrant who did something expected by normal human beans

I'm assuming both the man and woman were turd worlders. There is absolutely no reason for a native to interfere or call the police in this situation. With a bit of luck, he kicks her in the stomach and she loses the shitlet (they are pregnant all the fucking time). With a lot of luck, he kills her outright.

i'd never fuck children. especially my former students. i find it disgusting. no matter how attractive they look.

such is life

no one cares

>Liking degenerate faggots that have contributed nothing to mankind

Go back to your convenience store, paki.

Kill yourself you fucking kurd

That's a turk? Looks nothing like the turks i have to see every day.

I'd have vaginal and anal sex with her, if you know what i mean.

says the roach

Swedes defended from rapefugees. by roaches, in their own country. Hit me up with another Jimmy boy, it's gonna be a long night!

Mohammad my prophet


I'm a Scottish Christian, m8. I don't think pakis are in the habit of criticising Islam like that so I'm not sure what gave you that idea.

I just find it odd and kind of sad that Turkey is slowly transitioning to an Islamic state when its founder was a secularist who clearly would have been disgusted by the idea.

i don't care about a prison colony that BTFO by flightless birds
also not a roach

>A man was yelling at a woman and trying to choke her
>A man

Gee, I wonder what kind of man......

>Muh kurds

It's cute how roaches think only kurds despise them.

As far as I'm concerned, all sandniggers are worthless.


stopped reading there

k*rds are sandniggers but i know scandinavians have a fetish for sandnigger rape

only kurds and sandniggers despise ataturk

Poor Turkish girl having to live in an Islamic country.

only a roach would be in denial.

t. far west pakistan

hmmm is difficult to figure out which single case is the case that proves what they are like. the thousands of rapefugee horror stories which include people helping them being stabbed or raped or terrorist attacks ...

or is it this 1 time that 1 of them acted like a human...


>scandinavians have a fetish for sandnigger rape

They're not the only ones :^)

t. south china

oh ye, i forgot about germany

>but none of the adults passing by interfered
>but none of the adults passing by interfered
>but none of the adults passing by interfered
i actually did not read that part
Why are europeans so cucked?

did you even read the quote bruh? He was trying to BREAK the cycle of degeneracy! Fuckin eurotards man.

....Do you really wanna go there, Muhammed? Do you really? I don't think you want to.

You really need to read up on the history of the Roach Lord - While more sensible than your average pedophile worshipper, he was still very much a Sharia loving cunt who'd say anything if it gave him power.

>i forgot about germany

You also forgot to brush your teeth :^)

Another day in the ghettoes of Sweden.

it was probably a somali nigger and niggerwife. Only sub human filth will bother to intervene

Good meme ahahaha made me LOL (laugh out loud) thanks for always bringing us such high quality original posts my Australian friend.

I just can't help it.

I have a fetish for green eyed girls, i want to impregnate them with my superior italian seed and breed the green eyes out of them, have a light brown eyed kid.

You seem starved, have some delicious dog :^)

You sir have a scientists mind.

>Do you really wanna go there
where? the gloryhole where you suck your favourite BBC?
fucking kraut


i came here to shit post how great america is

I laugh when Turkroaches try to pass off the descendant of a European sex slave as "Turkish".

As bad as the JIDF with their attractive jew girl propaganda.


wtf i love turkey now

Do I really need an excuse to hate a dunecoon, Mehmet? No.

And you're a sandnigger, so don't talk shit about your own people.

He was a modern politician in a bygone era. He never meant anything he said, he just wanted roaches to stop being worthless cunts who fucked goats all day. Noble goal, but the man was still a nigger.

t. mi manca il senso dello humor

>You really need to read up on the history of the Roach Lord

I would actually be interested in learning more on the matter if you could recommend any sources.

I know quite a bit about the eternal paynim foe that was the Ottoman Empire over the centuries but next to nothing about its end to be honest.

That was weak and this is frankly getting embarrassing, Khan.

And aren't you the country that keeps importing Nigerans and Jamaicans en masse? To this very day?

You don't even deserve a viper response.

>German student
>Tuğçe Albayrak

What race was the violent man?

No sono solo annoiato e volevo provocarti

She looks rather white to be a Turk

What's a kebab? I know what a kebob is, but not a kebab.
Why do the British always change words into their own stupid lingo? And everything ends in 'o'.

So race is not okay to mention, but sex is? That's very convenient for the feminists.

She doesn't look white to me
Mediterraneans like Italians keep calling themselves white and its kind of broadened people's perception of what is white
But they're not white.

>Sanel M
>from Sandzak

You made him.
He's clearly a "Bosniak" muslim

he's still a balkanigger

I'd rather starve than live in the hellhole you currently reside in.

>I'd rather starve

You don't have to starve, you can still eat horse dick with impunity :^)


Funny how Ottoman sultans and lord and ladies found it insulting if you call them a turk or to be associated with Turks.

>remove kebob eh ya hoser

Beats sandnigger dick.

>Step Turks who came from central ASIA
>Are white anatolian

Those "turks" who are white today
Are literally descendend from raped greek anatolians.
Turkroaches literaly raped their culture and people to death.

White "turks" today who still speak their asian turkish and belive in islam and still follow turkish traditions.
Should start speaking greek of anatolian, convert back to christianity and abandon all that is step asianshit turkish.

Anatolians come home. Kill Turks.

>Beats sandnigger dick.

Fortunately for you, you get to enjoy both :^)



this to be honest.
At least a horse can't get you pregnant.

We warned them but they didn't listen

>Literally worshipin homo kike roach

Is this where we're at now? Does the fact that it's happening to your brothers too make you feel better about the fact that your women are being raped by sandniggers?

This kids are most random most non biased kids that i can find and you can clearly see most of them has slanted eyes we are kids of steppe warriors and you w*hites are our slaves

Yes :^)

Find the Greek

What's wrong with you, she looks like a normal 13 year old.

What is one boy doing with all those hookers?


> 2012
> Basel where all the etnic Germans live
Luckily it's only horse for me ;)
Notice how the girls in the vidoe aren't looking forward to get raped unlike whatever passes as native German these days.

Turks *are* sandnigs.

t. mouloud

>steppe warriors

Turks who are white arent even mostly turk but balkan rapebaby.

we have one type school dress thing like japan

i give you a 2/10

Seriously, turks are sandniggers/gypsies. No whites there.

they are all roach half breeds. Not a single pure blood

t.faggot that i fucked

Turks are raped gypsy-kurds who pretend to be turkic.

well if she's 13 then i'm 13 if you know what i'm saying.

t. sandnigger

Britbong can't handle the bants, doubles and trips.

It's the last non cuck-fantasy he can masturbate to without being reminded that achmed is raping his sister and mother simulaneously.

That's not what that means.

You are one sick fucking roach.

Stop speaking spaghetti, niggers! Here we only speak the language of our masters!

are you retarded?

She looks Mexican

Any more pics of her?

I love her porno

Name for research puroposes.

"Dodger" Leigh Lawson, dexteritybonus on YT.
No porn, far as I know. There's a playboyshoot though, with bikini.

>Let's nitpick some pro-Erdogan çomar photos
Kill urself


Thanks Switzerland^(-1)

>his only white part of the gene pool is actually an unholy slavshit admixture from the balkans with the khazar jews
Might as well kys

>holy fucking shit, someone called the police, quick give them a medal!

Turkish? Looks like some of my relatives (seriously) (seriously again because I am Sweden)

Are you running out of material? Let me help you.

Go eat some pizza you spaghetti nigger you are so wrong it is not even funny i hope your county gets divided by 2

Is it true they legalized sex with 14 year olds over there? I may have to go there on holidays again ...

You and me, we're gonna be goooooood friends :^)

Turk= Jew+Slavshit

It is just Romeo and Juliet laws you filthy mountain jew

I dont like my women who act like men.



I take it as a yes. Turkish lolis, here I come.

>Not having femdom fetish
Go kill yourself

how many levels of irony are you on right now

>i am sweden

Would impregnate and racemix, do come over if you need to flee the country.

Yes, I will bring you money... to your lolis to do some fun. Fuck American girls and laws.

A white Turk..... only a few of those around these days. Most white Turks have Russian blood.

They eat dogs and fuck horses? Where do I sign up?

This is common in Europe. When a mudshit is treating his woman rough no one intervenes. I witnessed an incident in Sweden and no one intervened. Made me rage though. I wanted to intervene but I assumed the cunt would side against me.

>inb4 white knight
It's a disrespect to us that they can act like savages on our streets in plain view with no fear of repercussions. Groups of guys should kick the shit out of the Muslims and if the women aren't appreciative kick the shit out of her too

How can I get a redpilled Erdogirl who hates the traitor Gülen as much as I do?

>13 years of age
I wonder if anyone picked the flower.


turks are dirty creatures, i am from lazica (roaches call it lazistan)
we are ancient descendents of colchi empire but they kill our language and try to race mix us to death
laz women are white by the way, unlike gook-sandgoogle mixture that turks are

Kys do us all a favor


fuck you fucking subhuman k*rdroach zenci yarak, we will meet in laz istikal savas kid

lmao it's a roach-off!

That's because with the guest worker program you got the worst group of Turks.

Sorry about that senpai.

i am not a roach, you fucking turkish donkey
i am laz, we are white people and we have pretty women and we are brothers of georgians because we are kartvelian masterrace

WTF, that's racist.

So basically a Kebab was beating his Kebab wife, this other Kebab called the police because no other Kebabs could be bothered.

When does Turkey join the EU? That top tier troll by Britain to encourage their membership after they vote to leave. Millions of Kebabs in Sweden beating their waifu

Can she save my dick?

this is average laz female, she is 100x better looking than k*rds and t*rks, also köksal baba is from lazica

lmao you consider THAT white?

well i sure as hell don't consider germans white

Sorry you got triggered because I don't consider that gypo looking whore white :^)

close enough

she is not a whore, i will whack you with back of my shoe
hitler considered laz white, we fought for jewmans (because you are jews now) in georgian legion of WW2

>sixth grade
i started high school at that age

>implying there will ever be a laz again

Nigga pls I can even convert smart laz people to nationalists.

laz, more like spaz amirite


well i have been de-converted, i was proud nationalist believing in turan and i have fetish for turanic girls but then i read that laz language is dying and that turks support abkhaz independence and want the destruction of the kartvelian masterrace so we must be enemies

That face when i can't find a good looking nationalist (all of them Turkish nationalist anyway) laz gf
Just fuck my shit up

i live in angloland now and i hope they bomb dresden again

Dead East Germans would be much appreciated indeed :^)

>normal human beans

Mexico BTFO ???

Roach fighting Roach on who is considered White.
Hating german while praising Hitler.

You can't make this shit up.

fucking irrelevant shithole, you should be kicked out of NATO
why would we risk WW3 for you

That is disgusting.

>hot chicks for trump

Yeah I'm also a laz in denial but being Turkish is always more profitable and fun.

Latvian is retarded, disengage.

>implying you wouldn't

Low test faggots

There we go, so to the hundreds of thousands of Swedish rape victims, we can just tell them this story and pretend that refugees aren't raping people in record numbers! Sweet!


Looks like a Finn with a Mediterranean complexion.

>i am not a roach, you fucking turkish donkey
>i am laz, we are white people and we have pretty women and we are brothers of georgians because we are kartvelian masterrace

do you live in trabzon?
also to all roaches and (((white))) nationalists, here is proof laz are white

Fuck those are giant titties

>from trabzon
>is laz

Trabzon nationalism is nothing near laz or laz affiliated I'm sorry. We moved to Istanbul long ago.

>sixth grade

Is this normal in other countries? Over here in burgerland, I was in eighth grade by 13

The first Turks were literal flat faced Gooks, more extreme Asian features than folk from Hong Kong

They picked up all kinds of influences on the journey to Anatolia

Turks and Iranians are not especially dark

this is beauty of turanic people, most turks are k*rds, armenians or greek rape baby but if you find turkmen girl they are very pretty, i hope in lazica war of independence that we take many turkic sex slaves just like how they took our ancestors as sex slaves
is that your average turk?


>Laz roaches
>More relevant than latvia
At least i have my country
I never even hear about wtf is Lazshit until now

Feels good to irrelevant
No Terror attack , no crime , no shitskin roaches.

>is that your average turk?
It's average laz

why are googles such fucking disgrace to humanity

>move to germoney
>attending german language (((integration))) course
>20 people in group
>4 turks, 10 google of various nationalities
>mfw googles make even the turks look civilized and above average intelligent

out of those 4 turks only 1 is roach mode, and his name is literally dönner, so go figure lol

all 10 googles are subhuman trash, they spent 3 months in the course so far and still cant even pronounce basic words

you should support us ex-soviet brother, soviet union was going to annex laz regions but NATO stopped USSR from invading turkroaches
also we are like georgians, they are our brothers and we can work against russians

All non indigenous-europeans are niggers. Only pure europeans are white (french, spaniards, italians, russians, germans, british, greeks,...).

>all 10 googles are subhuman trash, they spent 3 months in the course so far and still cant even pronounce basic words

Have you tried conversing them in their mother tongue, something like "Goni goko maka lika"?

>white (french


>Jewing intensifies
Kek i love Lazs please stop this i don't want to harm your feelings

lol ye sure, an indo-european calling a kartvelian non indigenous
give basque there land back kid

nobody cares. NATO should be dissolved.

Only Sami are considered Indigenous by the UN

french, spaniards, italians, russians, germans, british, greeks,... BTFO

but were not in africa

you guys have a different grading system that's why.

muh kartvelia. Youre not European anyway.

i like turkey but modern turks have k*rd fetish just like europeans and americans have google fetish
googles chimp out but you treaty them like they are amazing cultured people, k*rds do same in turkey and get a TV channel, minority rights, protection of our languages
laz are loyal but we are rejected

The UN is a disasterous organization. Why follow their standards?

watch some Rocco

It'd be a hate crime if a white guy saved the woman.

Dude, you speak English worse than an American. How long have you been living in England?

This is disgraceful.

Even better
You are roach and a churka

Holy fuck my sidies

I would be happy to be annexed by commie slavshit any day than being friend with roachistan

>open thread
>scroll all the way through
>no Anzu

>implying turkroaches aren't the same mudshit as rapefugees.

Fuck off. this is just another ''look le pisslam is le friendly'' farce.


>google from somalia

You are now.


This my swedish bro
Get uncucked by the way Sven

i shouldn't take shit from irrelevant prussian-slav rape babies

not as triggered as you get when you see a BBC

Or at least kick out turkroachistan.

>unironically supporting NATO

Working on it.Latvians are amazing people except for the anti-russian butthurt which can be quite annyoing, desu senpai.

>you have a newschannel literally called that though.

Get that article 50 through, achmed.
We might be pisslamfree before you at this rate.

Honour killing when?

>irrelevant rape baby
t. irrelevant Laz fellow who run to britain....

What the fuck is a kebabo?

>little muslim girl is doing more to stand up to rapefugees than the entire adult population of sweden

b-but muh deus vult


Slavs and prussians are the greatest people in the world, literaly a million times more worth than some turkish province with a fancy kartvelli name.

Most anti-russian butthurt comes because of vatniks.
Most people are actually very ok with norman Russians.

But thanks svenbro

beta faggot

That's literally what it means you stupid faggot.

This is not true.

stop projecting.

t. Paki rapebaby

>that flag
i almost took your post seriously for a second there, somali

Average Turkish 13 year old girl has more test than your average Swedish adult male

you wouldn't even exist without anglos
hitler was going to kill all poles

Poles won the battle of britain and Russians killed the nazi war machine. Anglos were irrelevant.

>hitler was going to kill all poles

A man can dream, can't he? :^)

it must be hard to never be taken seriously because of your unibrow.


fuck you, fucking jewman
i don't speak somali

Not realy
Anglos betrayed Poland
Why didn't they protect Polan from soviets???

damage controll.

i don't know, i wish anglos didn't protect any east europe
maybe lazica would exist if soviets conquered t*rkroaches

She has to go back


No mutt is my brother, like I said last time, we genocide you and replace you with pure Georgians.

Here's that Group of Schoolgirls that stepped in and Saved that poor domestic abuse victim....so diverse, so vibrant, so Swedish !

Who even gives a shit about Laz or something
Half of people on this thread didn't even know what the fuck Laz was.

You are even more irrelevant than entire baltic.

One paki dead one in cells

And nothing of value was lost

fake kartvelian cuck
laz has existed since roman times, we are historic

how can any one consider sweden white?

>This content is not available in your country.
They shut it down.

So much damage controll.

yes, damage control after the great fesitval of stockholm

I'm not Kartvelian, karts are eastern Georgian mutt tribe, I'm pure colchian master race. Unlike you half roach mudslime faggot. Laz are irrelevant slaves of roaches and traitors.

Its video where Kemal actually says he's jewish and stuff all in Turkish language.

Didn't know they banned it.

pic is picture of most handsome poeple in goergia



>implying there are swedes in her neighbourhood.
Just look at the grouph photos in the article. She clearly hails from the ghetto.
Swedes are all secretly very racist.
Swedes would rather starve than go into a grocery store in the ghetto.


Ingorant dumbfuckistani lol kartvelians are asians you cunt.

Nice pic of Armenians, you have revealed yourself, good job.

they are laz, not slav rapebabie georgian

>painted eyebrow
This meme needs to die.


>Roach getting so mad

>stopping domestic violence
more like enforcing government-mandated cuckoldry


Btw noice Stone cold gif

you can't be laz and half turk, only pure Lazs can call themselves Laz, but they are still traitors and their heads belong on pikes. they are not Laz, can't you read dumbfuck? you have inherited Turkish IQ i see.

Tho I just learnt that an kingdom named Lazi-Cum existed in ancient times, I also realized they have morphed themselves into the present day Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, which isn't recognised by UN but selfruled with zero control of Georgia over them...

>What most Latvians don't realize, is that tourism is one of the small things that keeps their shitty economy afloat, together with whores, plywood and dairy products. Avoid this country at all costs.

this little weeaboo artefact is called 'uniform' irl you disgusting roach


Daily reminder that you can't spell "lazy" without "laz"

Georgia is messing around again...

So what race are Turks, REALLY?

No, it was called Lazica, it replaced Colchis, Abkhazia is different, Laz were a tribe that lived around whole western shores of Georgia.

That's not me. I'm not messing around, just calling out Turks trying to pretend they are Laz, who also live on Anglo lands. immigrants are degenerate and their heads belong on pikes too, anglos will take care of him.

%90 anatolian, %10 middle/west asian give or take.

Pick one

The only way we still are living is becouse of our smart gib me money from shity EU.
No body is arguing that Latvia is poor. We are irrelevant and are happy because of it.

>tourism is one of the small things that keeps their shitty economy afloat

Are you mistaken from yourself?
What would have happened to your tourism if Constantinople wasn't yourse?
Erdoroach got so much spooked when he realisem rysskis don't come to Constantinople any more and started rimming Putins Asshole.

Stay mad T*rkroach.

Anatolians are west asians, you inbred roach.

Yes, a large chunk of today's Georgia contains ancient Lazica, but they also have curved themselves that Abkhazia republic and some part of the semi-autonomous Adjara on your south

Balkan/anatolian/arab/iranian/kurdish/armenian rapebabies.

Bredy much descendants of pick related

why does sweden give asylum to turks? its not a war zone its just a muslim country

Any non-white is entitled to parasite white countries. Oy vey, you bigot.

Kingdom of Abkhazia was once whole Georgia

Phelps, doubt

Just googled laz people
Did you know most of these so called Laz pretenders converted to islam during Ottoman era.
They are basically equal to albanian/bosnia traitors to real georgians.

Why are all Turks çocuklar?

This. If some Asian country was offering to take the lazy retards off of your hands, wouldn't you send them away? Turks are just trying to improve their gene pool.

>German student
>Tuğçe Albayrak


That is exactly what I'm saying, but not because of Islam, I think christians are traitors too at some degree, but because they are Turkish slaves and happy with it. Paganism is the superior religion and traditions.

>vote for immigration
>get beaten

Women are cucks

I do kinda look like this, only paler with wavy hair and freckles on my nose.
>ofc I'm a Turkish migrant daughter

Can confirm, they give great head, but they'll chop off your head if you go against them in any way, while you're dating one.