sensationell deal about to happen, turkey wants to overtake the Deutsche Bank.
His advisor to media: ''Woulnt that be appealing to you as well?''

not sure what to think about that

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>turkey wants to overtake the Deutsche Bank
we don't even have money


Like those roaches have enough money to buy the fucking Deutsche Bank.

It's just bantz.

DB has assets worth 200 $bn. They'll sell some of them and pay for the fee of $6-15 bn.

Articles say they want to accomplish this with their State Fund

you don't need money to be a bank
it's all imaginary numbers hosted on some servers

Neither does Deutsche Bank.

>Loan sharks the whole fucking continent
>Writes checks its ass can't literally cash

D-does that mean that Turks will be in charge of Germany's shekels? I'm not to literate economically-wise

Deutsche Bank is completely fucked.

They're on the verge of collapse.

Turkey are welcome to it.

if turkey controls DB they will fuck is inside out

they CANNOT let this happen



How would they do that? Erdogan burned through all their savings to keep up that image of a strong Turkey and they are running on a massive deficit.
If we don't have the money to save the DB, Turkey definitely doesn't either.

You have arabs to donate.

Zionhedge reported on this yesterday:

You are both correct.
Some turkish politician wants to do it with the state fund.
Problem is: erdogan created the fund but didnt give it any money.
So they can't.

Apart from the fact that they simply don't have the money to buy DB, they would also have to be pants on heads retarded to buy a bank that is struggling and could drag the whole world economy down with them.

Turkey colonising german pussy and german banks

Would it even be possible for a foreign government to buy a bank at the size of DB?
I could imagine there would be several laws in place to avoid the situation where a foreign government are directly or indirectly owner of the largest bank. like anti-trust laws.

it was obviously just some turkish retard politicians who wanted turkey to look "big".

Doesn't matter when you have an Islamist dictator calling the shots

God, you have a pathetic country

Thought the whole point was their "assets" were overvalued shit? And looking at them would make shit worse?

>Deutsche Bank
I don't get it, isn't the Turkish Bank already Turkish?

But DB is crashing isn't it? I was watching it earlier on this link

It opened up high in the 11.075 (hasn't been higher since) and it immediately dropped down to 10.810 and has been an average of 10.900 with strong buys bringing it up a bit but then a period of strong sells

I am no /biz/ expert btw so idk what is happening, i just read some articles earlier today that DB was struggling

You'll be sucking Muslim dick for a long time Saupreuss. A very long time.

If this is the case, we all know what to do. As soon as Turkey manages to buy it, everyone draws out their money and moves to a different bank.

Thanks to Merkel paying them cash in spring, they do.

>not sure what to think about that

>papa roach wants to conquer germany for years now
>has us in his pockets thanks to Mutti's retarded fugee deal
>has us in his pockets thanks to VISA freedom
>aims to own our biggest bank now to take full control of germany

Gee, i wonder what to think about that!

You're either a Mehmet yourself or fucking retarded. Possibly both.

never going to get approved by the Aufsichtsrat

Where do the roaches get this sort of money?

What does Turkey actually produce? 61,000 barrels of oil a day is trickle tier (the pissy UK flow is only 900,000 barrels and we're considered small fry).

underrated desu

Turkey can just print Lira, as many as needed to buy the bank.

>They rename it Roach Bank

If turkey took over the bank wouldnt that mean they had to stop charging innterest on loans on account of muslims?

LUL wtf they want to be bailed out by foreign government kek


So can the ECB, with the difference that the ECB risks loosing credibility if it does so. Nope, the Euroepan Unions finances will be controlled by foreign powers.

>Wanting a proto-Fascist like Erdogan to take over your largest bank.

This can only end well...

>say you're muslim
>don't get charged interest



Muslims are all secret Joos. they find ways to make money around their stupid rules.

If that happens, lmao :D


halifax got into a shitstorm a couple of years ago for offering interest free mortages on muslim accounts. pretty fucking disgusting if you ask me, interest is bad enough but when all you have to do to get out of it is fuck somem goats and avoid bacon islamm kinda becomes attractive.

Capitalism totally works.
Nr. of Muslims ==> powerful sheiks who buy UK and Germany.
Nr. of goys ==> shill for many billionaires who hire many migrants to sell McDonald's all over the world.

They have $75 trillion of derivatives with only $60b equity, they have been doing terribly for the past few years losing billions. This isn't a meme.

they are soft bailing it right now trying to prolong it for god knows what reason, but it will crash, and it will need bailing out by the germans, no other way around this.

>Implying you'll be allowed to
Say it with me