Well now

If you've been following this worldwide poll, it start out strong as pic related at 100,000 total unique votes, 88% worldwide voters for Trump, 81% US voters for Trump. Then the poll allowed voters to vote once daily.

Now look at the CURRENT results this morning.


Isn't this a convenient way to help set up the story that Russia has hacked the election? (thereby causing an investigation that keeps Obama in office longer) Or would possibly hack it, and so the DHS has to take over the election?


DHS has two sharia advisers appointed by Obama.


Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Mohammed Elibiary, Islamic Cleric
– Homeland Security Adviser

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>germany voting for trump


Not even memeing wtf happened

Come on, hues!! Trump is a Bolsonaro showered with pesticides, show him your support.

Pure blood Germans sit at home and post online for reform.
Mudslimes are the ones rioting on the streets for Shariah law.

How the fuck you think they won?

wow over 100k votes from usa, this must be a prety good indicator now. And also sweden ranked as 3 in total votes casted, swedes realy are addicted to the internet.

I thought the same thing OP. What I find amazing is that somehow 33% of Sweden voted Trump.

It surprises me to see my country is uncucked, red in both total and daily votes.

Do not forget pol's raid. Real % for Trump could be 10% or less.

Not surprised at all tbqh

Where do you get this idea that somehow Cred Forums can rig votes, when half the people here are arguing for Hillary at any time AND tons of other internet comminuties with their own political leanings exist? Why the boogeyman? Why do liberals always need to be victimized by something? Things can't just happen, someone has to be oppressing them on your worldview in order for it to fit your narrative.


>voting along with Russia's interests.

How dumb are you guys for even trying to get Trump elected. He would fucking lead to your collapse pressured by Putin.

That makes him smart. That makes you guys retards.

>La Raza
>Black Lives Matter
>Globalist loyalists
>Antifa useful idiots

There's an army invading the US, people are just ignoring it until it is too late

I'm Russian

Hillary shill communities probably used bots for this. No Cred Forums raid can get 100,000 people. I'm certain Trump will win.

>You can vote once per day!
>You can vote once per day!
>You can vote once per day!

Whoops. Forgot about that.

Trump had 80% on hueland before they allowed the poll to be rigged.

That kind of ruins any chance this poll has at being interesting statistically. It's just about who is willing to show up everyday.

>66% clinton
It seems you are also addicted to BIC (big immigrant cock)

No this can't be true. Looked at the Netherlands. I kekked.

For that reason, online polls are usually good to check how very motivated voters will vote. Besides that, it's useless.

They have decided

>They have decided
Israeli jews

WE need to vote daily!


So when Trump was way ahead in total unique votes they default pushed the "last 24 hours" results. Now that the race is close they default back to total. It's obvious bias

>69% Trump

We have Kek on our side mind you gents! Yeah we need to vote every day!

I think the faggot that made the poll is a killary enthusiast. When he saw that she was getting trounced,
he started changing things, like the vote once per day shit. I would bet he's fucking with the actual results
as well.

Fuck him and his faggy poll.