Americans - why are you all such cowards who flaunt your founder fathers' warnings and wishes?

It's plain that what has happened to the United States is exactly what the founding fathers expected; the inevitable decline of the nation due to human greed and infiltration by (((interests))).

You were all supposedly raised in a culture of fighting for freedom; of democracy being held by the people through force of arms and courage. Your history is full of lauded examples of brave men who were willing to sacrifice everything for the ideals of liberty, sound government and the prosperity of the American people.

But look at the modern day reality. None of you dare lift a finger. You all talk a good game, especially around July 4, but your actions speak louder. Or rather, your lack of actions.

Too much to lose! You'll say. Too much High-Fructose Corn Syrup, too much American Cheese, too many burgers. Muh kids. Muh Truck. Muh Freedom. Can't risk it.

Your nation was literally made by people who risked their lives and livelihoods. You enjoy the life you lead today because men fought, bled and died to provide it. You shame them with your inaction, your cowardice.

Why haven't you - you reading this right now - done something. Done anything?

Flout. We Flout their warnings. We don't flaunt them.

I'm not sure they were warnings as much as they were predictions. What can I say, they were right.

And by that, I mean that I'm not sure they didn't know this outcome was inevitable.

They don't believe anyone will help them if they begin to do anything.

Why fight back if some lazy faggot will just cuck out on this shitty website.

leave it to the leaf

>its a "FBI tries to goad pol into becoming violent so as to throw the election"

Nice try Comey

And the reason we haven't done anything is that our demographic solidarity has been shattered. We have no connection with our communities anymore.

They've made sure that life for most people is 'good enough', and the risks of doing anything outside of the prescribed behavior patterns are far too high. If you lift a finger against authority in this country, they can put you up for 30 years or more.

Most people, myself included, are baited with the promise of a decent enough life. Why buck the system when it's so hard to live outside of it? If you work pretty hard, pay 50% of your money to the jews, and don't piss anyone off, you can own a house, a car, and have enough free time in your life to maybe not be so depressed. Then you can have kids and start working for their futures. When you die, the government will come in and take 50% of what you leave them, and the cost of living will have gone up so high that your life's savings will only cover your funeral expenses and maybe the cost of a decent vacation.

What, you think it's any better in Canada? It's exactly the same the world over. Everyone's looking out for themselves because we're no longer connected to our people, our race, or our communities.

I'd help my neighbors out, work on community projects, build a better local life for everyone - except there's 40% niggers in my community and they litter everywhere and don't pick it up. The park is trashed because they throw picnics there and don't even use the garbage can 10ft away from them. They terrorize the women in the neighborhood and shoplift from all the local stores. Now the stores are leaving and crime is going up.

Why would I fight for these animals? Why would I fight for people who aren't like me?


because we're still trying to repair it without a civil war that will kill millions and destroy our way of life?

Wasn't Canada born out of Americans that we're too pussy to fight in the war?

i hate these useless eaters

im more interested in partaking in their brutal oppression than freeing them

they are unworthy

>Why would I fight for these animals? Why would I fight for people who aren't like me?

Exactly how I feel. I want to have a community and know my neighbors. but most of them are just loud mouth niggers that are always drinking outside and being loud as fuck.
Not worth it at all.

What the actual fuck are you talking about? Not a single founding father had anything good to say about democracy. The U.S. was always envisioned as a republic.

When will this democracy meme die.

Hah Canada was a French colony until the Brits showed and France ditched us to focus on some sugar cane producing islands instead.

wew lad

Capitalist democracy = bought out, outnumbered and hopelessly corrupted

You even have the CIA and State Department ruthlessly pushing cultural marxism around the world as if they're the USSR, they have no direction or perspective, hopelessly subverted

Because we realized what was happening too late, the seeds of distrust have long since been sown and now anyone who rebels against the status quo and speaks out about the fact that what is happening is wrong is labeled a terrorist, racist, nazi, and so on.

I'm an actual practicing jew and even that isn't enough to shield me from accusations anymore when I talk about our freedoms being eroded. I don't believe it's over though, something has to give eventually and when it happens I believe the people will be more willing to strive for what's right, everyone is too complacent now but once that complacency is shattered by the harsh realities they are facing they will no longer have a reason not to fight.

foreign interests are free to lobby the US to do whatever it wants, they can lobby the government to get their people appointed, look at the Clinton foundation, look at the banks

the US isn't really even a sovereign nation anymore in the traditional sense and has no will of it's own, it's head has been chopped off, it was up for grabs for anyone in the world

International jewry have seized power and are trying to close people out of course, but as far as the 'US' goes, what is it even anymore, the people? Well that's what FEMA camps are for

I want the whole system to collapse so we can go full nat soc.