Give me O N E reason why you should have the freedom of speech to be racist

Give me O N E reason why you should have the freedom of speech to be racist

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If he were white he'd still be a fucking socialist.

If he were white his dad would still be from fucking Kenya

Freedom of speech is an inalienable human right, you triple nigger

go move to China or Sauid Arabia if you have a fucking problem with that

sorry if your poor baby fee fees got hurt by a big bad image board ;(

If Obama were white, he'd still be a shit president.

Because if you don't, you end up like my country.

Because blacks still get the benefit of the doubt in society even though black males make up 6% of the nation's population and commit 50% of the nation's violent crime/murders.

If he was white he wouldn't have won the presidency

Because if people can't say they hate niggers, well, eventually they will show they hate niggers, censoring everything and fearmongering tactics will get you so far before the population explodes. Literally.

And for the record, even if whites were a minority, hispanics and asians would still hate niggers. No one likes them, not even themselves.

Because freedom of speech that censors any kind of speech, no matter what, is NOT freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech means the right to say anything you want, ever, without being censored over it. It's why Westboro Baptist Church and non-physically-hostile feminazis still exist.

We don't agree with them, but as long as they keep it vocal, they can say as much shit as they want. Should they get violent, they will be dealt with as the law demands; although a proper trial is probably too much to ask for these days considering how cucked the system is.

The answer is in the question, genius.

If Obama were white, he wouldn't have gotten a second term and he would've been criticized a lot more without any dissent being shut down by "YOU RACISS"

if he were white he wouldn't have gotten the black vote and Romney would have won

because if there was no freedom of speech you couldnt post this faglord pathetic post quadruple nigger

you cant thought police people

If obama was white romney would have won

>guy excercising free speech gets pissed off by someone else excercising free speech
> tells user to leave country


Because someone would have to decide what is and is not racist. Everything could potentially be considered racist. First it's just slurs that are banned. Next thing you know "micro-aggressions" are illegal. What are micro-aggressions? Who the hells knows, but you're going to jail for it you fucking bigot.

The slippery slope argument is not a fallacy. You libtards just say it is so you can justify your degeneracy.

Your picture is also shitty race-bait. Consider yourself BLOWN THE FUCK OUT.

Actually iirc when you account for the children and elderly it's like 3% of the black population making up those ridiculous crime statistics

they actually cannot be trusted, cunts are fucked

If Obama were white then Hillary would've won the nomination.

The white race is being annihilated. If I am not racist I am an accessory to the genocide of my own people.

There is no authority that deems what is or isn't racist. It's all subjective.

I completely agree with you, although I can't believe you fell for such obvious bait. 0/10

If Obama were a white Republican the democrats would be endlessly screeching over the shit he has done in the middle East and the Snowden leak controversy would've been ten times as big. Obama has gotten away with all sorts of shit because he's a black democrat.

Because we have that thing called the constitution that expressly gives you said freedom of speech.

If that is a problem, there are approximately 195 other countries worth checking out where that freedom may or may not exist. Perhaps try one of them?

>Give me O N E reason why you should have the freedom of speech to be racist

Ok, lets start by you first defining what is racism

also doesn't matter how white obama is he is still a neocon war criminal like bush and cheney

If Obama were white, he'd get praised for being married to a beautiful, powerful, brave and inspiring trans-woman of color.

The government shouldn't be allowed to imprison anyone for simply saying something.
And this means I'm absolutely opposed for imprisoning imams or muslims who speak against the west.
>inb4 statist scum

If Obama was white, Hillary would have been President.

Trotsky invented the idea of "racism" as a method to undermine the evil borgoise. Clever bloke, Trotsky, that shit works.

Why do people always point at his skin color whenever he receives criticism? Changing his color from black to white won't make his political views any different since all extreme leftists think a like and are cucks. Enough of this shit.

What part of shall not be infringed don't you understand you commie scum?

If he were white, he wouldn't have attempted to seem "multicultural" in college and claim he was born in Kenya, probably.




infographs like this is the exact reason my liberal wife isn't voting democrate this year.

keep up the good work nigger, bring more normies to the darkside

Did you miss the part of this election cycle where people were calling Ted Cruz canadian?

if he were white he probably would've lost since the black vote carried him

Hahaha muricans now also lose their freedom of speech.

>you posting on Cred Forums making racist assumptions about white people

Does that mean hillary wins this election? 4% black vote and all

>speaking in hypotheticals
look at me i'm the queen of england

If he was white he wouldn't have gotten away with half the shit he pulled off.

We do not have the freedom of speech to be racist. We go to jail.
Nothing's changed though, the Country did not fell apart nor the Jews have killed us all.

Ehhhh doubtful. After the mess that was Dubya's presidency the political pendulum would've swung in favor of Democrats regardless

god i hate fallacious reasoning like this.
>His place of birth,[...] would never have come into question

why do you think this? the answer is either (a)because people are racist or (b)for some non-racist reason
if it is b then this is not an example of racism.
if it is (a) then why do you think people are racist? if it is (1) because obama would have been treated differently were he white, then your argument is circular, or if it is (2) because of some other examples of racism you have experienced then the strength of the "obama argument" hinges completely on that other example and has no argumentative weight on its own.

Because its my guaranteed right, given to me by providence and with my government's contract saying they will protect my rights.

You know, being racist is just being RUDE. It isn't a crime to be rude, stop trying to make it one. If I want to be rude, its my #1 right to do so. At the top of the list. Freedom of speech and of expression. Guaranteed.

So that's the reason, Its GUARANTEED to me.

Also, Every president has to validate their birth. SINCE ITS A REQUIREMENT FOR THE JOB. Most are easy. Most don't have a problem or take a couple of years producing their birth certificates. Most produced birth certificates are flat pieces of paper, not curved digital images.

triggered pseudo-reactionary tweens on deck

>Years of financial sector deregulation brought about by the paid "conservative" actors of the banking elite cause a financial crisis
>Those same politicians then try to subvert Democrats' recovery efforts with austerity measures during a recession
>While advocating that more deregulation will bring about a recovery and a new age of economic prosperity
>Despite that the stock market and the mega-rich are doing better than ever - at everyone else's expense

Don't forget to vote for the billionaire who thinks not paying any federal taxes makes him smart. He's the one looking out for your best interests.

acutally he wouldnt have been elected, because everyone knows but just dont feel like saying it, the only reason he got elected was because he was black

There is no cognitive dissonance here.

It is literally
>I hate
> isn't going anywhere. If you don't like feel free to leave.

Burden of argument is on you nog


See: Ted Cruz

Also, being black is a huge asset to Obama, it shields him from criticism. Same with Hillary being female, people often accuse her critics of sexism.

He's as white as he is black. 50%.

But since "we president now", he's of course black.

>plebbit user

Please leave

>Financial deregulation is bad
>Spending yourself out of a recession is viable
>Austerity measures are bad

Wew, lad.

Actually, it's because he presented himself as an anti-war candidate and presented McCain as a pro-war one after 8 years of Dubya.

He lied, of course, but people believed him at first.

If Obama was white he would have lost.

This and only this.

If he was white he would have been laughed out of the election due to his utter lack of experience.

If Obama was white, he'd have lost the primaries to Hilary.

Prove me wrong.

>tfw leftist feminists can walk around naked with stjpid sayings on thier body but if a man walked around with his dick out down the street would be arrested.

liberal logic everybody

If Obama had been white, he wouldn't have been elected president.

What the fuck sort of logical leaps did you to do strip that out of what that dude said?

>being this retarded
"I hate this nigger going against muh freedums of speech!!!11111"
"So he should stop talking about it!!!!"

never been on reddit, sorry to disappoint

Because who gets to decide what is racist or not?

I could say that tomorrow criticising Obama is racist. Now you don't have freedom of speech to criticize the government anymore.

Are you too stupid to see how bad your post is?

Nobody cared about the young senator for Illinois that never showed up for work, until he was black.

If he was white, he wouldn't have gotten 99.97% of the black vote and had the highest black voter turnout in the history of the nation.

The first amendment of the United States Constitution, part of a group of 10 famously, known as "The Bill of Rights".

Freedom of speech doesn't exist. Every civilization has its taboos. Every time in history some groups asked for freedom of speech was caused by a paradigm shift in the making. And once the dying paradigm cease to exist, no one is given free speech, until the new paradigm shows its shortcomings and some new groups ask for freedom of speech.

Whether it's a good thing that modern western societies turned racism in a taboo doesn't matter. In at most a couple of decades, it will be over.

>inb4 muh 1st amendment
People get bullied into accepting public humiliation for using the wrong word or having problematic opinions in the US. The only people that have the right to free speech are those that are not listened to.

If Obama was white, the Democrats wouldn't have anointed him as God.

Using free speech to take down free speech is one hell of a dilemma, but if any speech should be banned, it's speech that tries to limit others right to free speech. Of course even as I say this, I'm trying to limit someones right to free speech.

>bureaucracy is a good thing
kys literally

Ackhmed, get back to raping white women and stop spreading your eurofilth to the children on this board,


Ted Cruz is white and he still got questioned about his citizenship. OD are dumb and need to be gassed.

>Because who gets to decide what is racist or not?

Because race is fact

he doesnt look white there.

If he were white he would be hated more than Bush over the NSA and Libya incidents.


... Because he was born in canada user...

Like the whitest place in the world

Because it's completely covered by the first amendment. Hate speech isn't, but I can still say Obama is a dumb nigger with no legal consequences.


>Free speech is an inalienable right
>You should leave the country if this offends you

How the fuck did you even get that from that post? Did you forget your leaf somewhere?

Speech IS free. It has been endowed by our creator. As such, it is inalienable.

>b-but muh social contract
The Bill of Rights is a declaration, not a contract.

sauce of gif? im on mobile and dont watch anime but that looks cool as shit.

>insults are all that the trump campaign has left

dear god, another nigger on Cred Forums
post hand

Alright lad, have a seat

>Financial deregulation is bad

>Spending yourself out of a recession is viable

>Austerity measures are bad - during a recession (you conveniently left this out from my original point) Special Issue.pdf

I added some non-political scholarly papers for your benefit. I also added a meeme to appeal to your true sensibilities, because I doubt you have more than an ankle-deep understanding about what you're claiming.

No user, the bill of rights are amendmendments, and after we get the constitutional ban on Citizens United, we're coming after hate-speech

>obama is black
Nah, he's a halfie so he's already part white.

My rights > your feelings.

Just because it is mean or hurtful doesn't mean it ought to be illegal. If we were arrested for saying something rude, I'd never be able to finish a re

Amendments are the Constitution by definition

It's called gynocyber
I suggest watching the first and second episode then throwing the rest in the trash.
Hope you like biblical imagery.

perhaps you should give us a reason why saving niggers from getting their feelings hurt is more important than freedom of speech?

Black People > Hate Spewing Faggots on Cred Forums

If Obama was white he never would have been nominated. The candidates the democrats use are token anything-but-white-males so they can call any criticism racist/sexist/xenophobic/etc.

hah, a nigger, i knew it.
kill yourself and make earth a better place please

I would be questioning how someone as white as that could've been born in Hawaii

But they can be changed*

Can't wait for that racist Washington team to be legally forced to change names

pol is a board of peace and satire

There needs to be more memes in your post.

If Obama were white, 99% of the niggers wouldn't have voted for him.
Funny how racism goes both ways.

Do you realize how difficult it is to change the Constitution?



Imagine being so polish all you can do is being full of impotent rage at no one in particular.

It's very impressive you even know english, desu.

Because its also the freedom for you to call Trump an asshat, and put up signs about "white ppl do sumthin".

Either everyone has freedom of speech, or no one does. Useful idiots love to throw their own rights in the toilet.

and he would not have gotten the nobel peace price.

another butthurt nig detected

Because I will kill people if they try to take away my freedoms.

apply yourself

Do you realize how easy it'll be once Hillary wins?

Trump has destroyed the validity of the Republicans holding onto the House and Senate, which means we pnly have to bully the states with highway funding like the fed does with everything else

The more you resist, the more we take from your shithole fly-over states.

We'll bring you to heel.

"Racist" is a meaningless word.

Let's pretend like the Democrats passing legislation to allow Googles who had no business getting home loans had nothing to do with the housing bubble.

Sounds like fascism m8

I thought you guys were the anti fascists

Your ignorance is heartbreaking

>deregulation was a conservative effort

You are blinding yourself with party affiliation

What in the fuck made you think that?

We're just doing it the right way, strategically and morally

>supreme court is 1 pick away from throwing the constitution out of the window
made my neurons fire.

wow thanks for the brain damage asshole jesus

Shut up, failed states shouldn't be allowed to post here

>Overarching tyrannical federal government bullying the little people

Textbook definition of fascism

That being said, suck my micropenis

go on then lad, show me where I'm wrong without nitpicking anecdotally

white Obama looks like a dyke

CTR is taking our memes,Make up your own memes

If speech can be silenced with "das racist", you don't fucking have free fucking speech you stupid lobotonigger-faggotranny kike-dick-sucking redditor.
I hope that clears up the confusion you have.

>Obama Recovery

kek. Citation needed you fucking liberal faggot.

Nice trips

Still haven't said anything bad except "ur a bad ebul fascist"

Why is fascism bad?

Why don't you want a strong nation built on the backs of low-skilled minorities?

Give be one reason why leftism shouldn't be classified as mental disorder?

Because I'm white and white is right.

>the democrats
try again - here's a republican effort from just last year

>Why is fascism bad?
GTFO of my country

it's ok my melanin enriched brethren

let it out. let it all out

lol Chadbama

Kikes and niggers

One post by this ID

really makes u think

And there it is, the argument that eternally BTFO me forever

Sure, but would he have been the Dem nominee?
The entire scenario supposes that his skin colour has only ever did harm to him, and that zero factors would change for the worse if he were whiter (sounds pretty racist to be honest, but that's the left for you).
Fact is, OP's image is just race baity garbage and plays the role of "What If?" alternate reality garbage that's about as well thought out as a cable sci-fi plot.
Might as well make one that asked the question
>What would George Dubya's presidency have been like if he had been born a woman?

It always ends in revolution if you take it away.

I have those same boxers.

>Obama recovery
Nice bait.

here's me and my bitch
I just finished motorboating her, shit was so cash

Because you have the right not to like someone for any reason. Or no reason.

You're not entitled to being appreciated. You have to earn it.

>1 post by this ID

Because freedom of speech and racist language aren't mutually exclusive. You cannot have freedom of speech if you cannot use racist language.

That is a succinct argument that fucking ruins yours, because there's nothing to discuss here. Fuck, I didn't believe CTR made sliding threads, but I guess every rumour has a kernel of truth to it.


You must be too young to remember how hard the Republicans were trying to get Clinton removed from office for lying about getting his dick sucked.

good one OP

If Obama were white, he would probably be making an honest living.

Hello Mr. Orwellian_dystopia I'm glad you could make it by to convict us of wrongthink

post by this ID
And yet you still took the bait