That there are no foreign leaders that he likes because there are none that are libertarian

That there are no foreign leaders that he likes because there are none that are libertarian.

Chris Matthews is a huge faggot anyway

>gary johnson

and what is Aleppo?


I don't like Johnson but I couldn't answer that question either. Every world leader now is either corrupt, fascist, or anti-free speech. Can't respect someone who falls under any of those.

>and what is Aleppo?
You've got to be kidding...

>implying a non existent implication

Because people won't actually read the article, he was the one who joked that he was having "an Aleppo moment" because he forgot Vicente Fox's name, and Weld said it right after.


Exactly. I couldn't name one either, that I like.


Vicente Fox? Really? The Mexican George W. Bush is the best answer he can develop?

Drugs are bad, M'kay.

He could have, at the very least, pointed to leaders that are trying to pursue liberal reforms (sorry, in Americanese, "free market-ize") their economies. Macri in Argentina, Temer in Brazil, Santos in Colombia, Solberg in Norway, Rutte in the Netherlands...

Problem is, he probably has no fucking clue who they are. Libertarians aren't "non-interventionists" for no reason. They're fucking retarded when it comes to anything outside their country.

What about based Nigel Farage, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Viktor Orban, etc etc?

only one of those can barely be considered a world leader and even thats a stretch because hungary never matters

I dunno, they all are heads of big political parties in major countries, user. Well Nigel stepped down after Brexit but that's because he won. Anyway, what do you consider a "world leader"?

But he is and is clearly displaying republican ideologies
While garry "hundreds of dollars on memes" johnson just calls himself a libertarian

Someone from Sweden. Because they lead in being progressive.

>gary "I love hillary" johnson
>naming any of those

that would instantly allinate his potheads voter base.

on the other side he can't say its merkel or something either because that wouldn't really work either.

there is no gary jonhson style government that I know of, the question was unanswerable from a political standpoint.

Oh yeah I forgot to list based Jimmie

>not saying Putin
he dun fucked up

That's a good indicator that you shouldn't be running for president then.

The problem with this retard, well one of the many problems, is that he doesn't say controversial things that other people can still agree with and create a heated debate. Instead he says something completely retarded like "what is aleppo" or he sticks he tongue and acts like an autist.

For instance, Trump has often called president Vladimir Putin a strong leader. He doesn't say he agrees with everything he does but he is objectively a strong leader. That is controversial but also true. People talked about it when it happened and we're still talking about it now obviously.

Johnson is a meme. He's the comic relief of a very tense political atmosphere. He's the 'protest vote' and he's really only siphoning away votes from Clinton. I don't know why someone would even get out of bed in the morning to wait in line and waste a vote on this faggot but it's a free country, or so the saying goes.