Gorillaman arrested after handing out bananas to BLM at Tennessee college campus

Gorillaman arrested after handing out bananas to BLM at Tennessee college campus.

Praise gorillaman

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And what exactly was he arrested for?

Why the fuck did he get arrested for feeding the wildlife

He was arrested for being a degenerate edgy faggot

>for handing out essential vitamins and minerals during cold season
Unspeakable. I hope this goes to court and the judge just tosses it out for how unbelievably stupid and minuscule the offense is.


You not supposed to feed the animals, dumbass. They need to be on a strict diet of KFC and lard.

So I guess they all went bananas?

>carrying noose
Fucking kek

There were 3 anti BLM protesters 2 were black
Only the White kid got arrested hmmmmmm

Fuck him and fuck you


>not allowed to protest if your opponents are black because you violate their civil "rights"

I might add that the title begins
>White student...

whereas whenever a white student is mugged or raped by a nigger the article usually goes something like
>unknown male


>arrested for civil rights intimidation
the fuck


Congratulations on becoming 1990s Brazil

> > >

based gorillaman 2bh

what to expect in the next decades:
>hegemonic race mixing
>high crime/murder rates
>stabilization over the decades when everyone's mixed

That's it, could be worse.

>civil rights intimidation
What the quantum fuck is this?

U mad google?

>charged with civil rights intimidation
This has to be one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of. There has to be more to it than what it sounds like. Can someone please justify this for me?

But justify it for me in the form of a limerick poem, please.

Handing out potassium is a crime in Tennessee.

Look it up.

That answer wasn't a limerick.


Hes gonna get off scotch free, in order for the violation to stick he has to physically threaten or intimidate or destroy property. He did none of those things.

He better lawyer up.

With the addition of clean drinking water

That'll teach him to go against the grain!
Those dindus did well in exercising restraint and following the law! So surprising, the president(?) of the College was even shocked!

>cold season