Solution to low birthrates in developed countries, the retirement issue and immigration

So right now in developed countries we are having problems with low birth rates, parents no longer need four children to help them when they are older, why? Because there's this thing called Superannuation which basically allows a couple during their prime years to save money for their retirement, now that they have their retirement secure they no longer need to waste their time bringing up children to care for them when they are older. Unbeknownst to them, the aged care nurses who tend to them in their twilight years is Human too, so he/she requires a couple to procreate in the first place to even exist, so now you have a shortage of manpower and money too as retirement becomes an encompassing economic issue which we are starting to see as people also have to work to keep the elderly cared for, now as more people retire that amounts to less people in the work force until retirement becomes the sole reason for people to work which is in no way a productive society.

The government has been watching this situation develop, they decide to import working age immigrants to supplement the work force and keep it's numbers up, but as you probably know from what we've been seeing half of those migrants are welfare dependent and it is causing social unrest in those countries, it's obvious that immigration is a double-edged sword, so how do we solve this?

The answer is replace the superannuation fund with children to care for them when they get older, forcing couples to raise a family, despite the fact that couples won't be able to pursue their own career ambitions, what you will find is that when they will turn to less skilled jobs in industry instead of academic/corporate, now an entire demographic doesn't earn as much bread as they would of in a six figure job, so what you will find is that the cost of living will decrease when sectors such as housing are forced to lower prices of housing to tap into the general population. This will happen across the entire market, electronics, cars, general consumer items will be forced to reduce in price to remain competitive, now i can hear people saying that a fridge maker for example cannot stuff as much features as he used to into a fridge because he doesn't earn as much, but with more people in industry and as a result more resources behind them they can continue on their path, also what use is a cutting edge fridge when only a few can get one?


So now that couples are forced to have children the workforce is revitalized and can continue to be productive, nearly all of our problems right now can be attributed to an aging work force, it will only get worse now that baby boomers are starting to settle down so please critique me and spread it if it sounds good.

Or just bring back White Australia Policy.

No more Chinese buying all our housing. Now young people can afford to buy a house and have 4 kids plus a dog.


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Housing is multifaceted in it's causes, it's also in part due to baby boomers hoarding five bedroom houses

How about just letting birth rates decline, close the borders to non-westerners and keep on automating stuff which will result in a loss of jobs which won't be a big deal since the population declines anyway?

>"Would of"

don't worry, machines will replace doctors and nurses within your lifetime.

screenshot this

Robotic carers and workforce is wishful thinking on this timescale, Japan is doing this and they will try, but it's a pointless endeavor, this is a few decades were talking about.

It's likely Japan will simply open the doors to foreigners, were already starting to see that

this is a made up problem
there is literally nothing wrong with low birth rates other than the fact that minorities will replace us (which is bad for obvious reasons)

>oy vey there will be less people to buy iphones and watch mtv goy

Who gives a shit? They didn't do shit for me, so they can rot for all I care. If my genes really are that superior then I will carry on anyway.

But goy, what about the economic growth of your country
(Srsly, Japan chose this path and guess who is absent there)

>there is literally nothing wrong with low birth rates
elaborate please

they don't give a shit because in the grand scheme of things they don't need you, you have to make them need you, also you would be more likely to get some if people have to marry to secure a future

That would work if other white people wouldn't cry DAS RACIST, and for some reason white people have to support the other 3 billion useless poor pieces of shit on the planet

Then machines own you just as if immigrants would own you, i could imagine Japan in a hundred years becoming the first nation populated by robots if they pull it off


The solution is to stop pissing around and grow perfect Aryans using science, then advance to the stars. Traditional reproduction is obsolete and anyone who argues otherwise is a useless roastie mad that her meal ticket expired.

not really

Just because the birth rates decline it doesn't mean that the population will reach 0 and turn into machine land. If we allowed our population to naturally decline, it would eventually reach a point where it would rise again. Instead of having taxi drivers rioting over uber and eventually over self-driven cars, why don't we allow our population to slowly decline in numbers so that noone will become a taxi driver in the future and we can have a natural and gradual evolution of our society. Instead we force artificial population growth with a bunch of subhumans whose dream in life is to become a taxi driver technician.

In Romania, the number of retired people and people living on welfare is already bigger than the workforce.
The economy of Romania is still doing good, its even increasing.
So a low birth rate is not that bad for the economy as these bluepilled people think.

The issue isn't low birth rates, but low birth rates from contributing members of society. Between easy welfare for irreparably useless people (the majority of non-whites) and these onerous work expectations for moderately useful people (the majority of whites), we make it hard for working people to raise families but easy for nonworking people to do so. In doing this, we create SG evolutionary pressure for google-esque behavior.