So are Mexicans really hard workers or is it just a meme?

So are Mexicans really hard workers or is it just a meme?




They're willing to illegally work hard jobs for illegal wages to maintain their illegal presence in the country to illegally leech off programs and opportunities


Why can't white people do this shit? We manage to keep a highly respected blue collar worker culture in Australia. America could have done the same but instead it throws those jobs to the illegals and it makes you disrespect the profession.

That's what the farmers want though
And they're usually Republicans

The Mexicans where I work (McDonald's) are pretty alright. They work hard and focus.

Jewish accountants see employees as a cost and not an investment. Blame them.

>So are Mexicans really hard workers or is it just a meme?

Selection bias. The ones who are willing to travel hundereds of miles across the desert for a chance to work illegally and get those sweet US aid dollars are the motivated ones. The lazy mexicans would just stay at home.

SoCal here and I've worked with mexicans my whole life.

its a meme. doing shitty work in the least efficient way possible isn't hard work.

in twenty years of working, I've never seen a mexican drop the tailgate of a pickup when loading it. they lift it over the side.

i worked in the strawberry fields for two summers in high school. these dumb fucks literally bend over and pick the strawberries rather than squat or take a knee. then complain about their sore back and say "eeeyyyy white boy ju taking a sheet over there?" when i squat to pick fruit thats on the ground for 9 hours a day. "eyyy white boy ju made for thees work why you no sore? you muss be messican ese"

fucking idiots


meme, look at mexico. If they worked hard then mexico wouldn't be such a shithole

the illegals are cheaper and don't complain about the work or working too much. Australia doesn't have a third world shithole on it's border either


>So are Mexicans really hard workers or is it just a meme?

30 years ago this might have been true now they just come here and get gubmint free shit

We do. We have alot of American blue collar workers. The Americans usually take the skilled jobs like welding, air conditioning, electric, plumbing, and carpentry and the mexicans usually do the unskilled labor like picking fruit and mowing lawns.


whites and asians are hard workers too. Mexicans just are willing to work for peanuts.

In Spain it is real; Just say that in Spain we prefer Mexican immigrants to the English immigrants...

Where i live there are alot of Guatemalan illegals. They work hard as shit. They would work a roofing job all day long then come to my restaurant immediately after and wash dishes all night 6 days a week. They always worked hard and did a great job. There was one Mexican i had to work with in the kitchen. He was one of my fellow cooks and he would always clean up early and try to leave early. Often times i would have to re clean his station because he left too soon and we had more people come in afterwards.

>hard working

Just bc they work 12 hours/7 days a week doesn't mean they're hard workers, mexicans are good at hardly working and sending remittance checks to their mexican family.

My dad crossed a desert at 15 without knowing english and now i'm studying engineering in a white middle class suburb
Some people are lazy fucks, others are trying to contribute, it goes that way for most races (most blacks are lazy fucks that have been here forever while knowing english and still need handouts)

They work hard to make delicious soda like pic related.

Also I'm Mexican as well. But for some reason I don't know how to speak Spanish, my parents and whole family does but my two brothers and i are the only one who can't speak fluent Spanish, maybe I'm Mestizo?

An American

Ventura County?

How sad is poverty and stupidity.

How sad is poverty and stupidity.

You have english immigrants?
I heard of english tourists fucking everything up, but englishmen seeking a better life in Spain?? How's that??


Hahaha I guess your right, still going to vote for Trump.

>actually voting
It's rigged

As a project manager/superintendent on many construction sites, I can tell you that Mexicans produce much more work in a much shorter time than white laborers. At least in the southeast.

White/black workers are generally the ones who show up late, slack off, and have an "I'd rather be home drinking" attitude. But they make fewer mistakes because they have a brain.

The Mexicans are more specialized for the bullshit labor, but they don't complain and they are cheap. But they fuck shit up sometimes and think it will all work out, when in fact it has to be re-done.

I've had Mexican crews a absolutely kick ass at what they do, but that's because they do the same thing all day everyday. Anytime you through them a curveball in the scope of work, it usually spells disaster. White/black crews are more adaptable to unique jobs, but that could be due to the language barrier

Some are
Most in my area are just drunks

The ones I've seen actually working are pretty based. Unfortunately most of the Mexicans I've seen dont work and just collect, or something. I've never confirmed what they do. I just know they dont work

Of course it's rigged. Hilary will do anything by her whim to be president, but things are favoring for us and Donald Trump. I pray to God that Donald Trump wins this election (and he will, I do have faith and prayers)

Also I have a job as well and i live in San Diego so things might get interesting once Trump is elected.

Lol the Mexican women I see in Northwest Colorado are ALWAYS obese

The dudes seem to work a lot tho

Most Mexican people I came across are pretty westernized. So no, they're lazy bumfucks, just like us. I've never done a day of backbreaking work in my life, or a day over 12 hours for that matter, yet I consider myself a hard worker.

Mexicans are no harder working than any other nationality.
It is just a meme.
I have worked with them many times.
The only reason you see them working so hard in the fields is because they get paid by the pound.
The second they get into hourly roles that hard work turns into lazy.

theyre like every other human being including niggers. most work hard if there is no handout provided. illegals are known to be such hard workers because if they dont work hard they starve or become homeless. democrats use welfare to get votes from dumb ,lazy people.

>country with siesta time
>hard working

otherwise Mexico wouldn't be a shit hole and these locusts wouldn't bother crossing

They get shit done for cheap.

They also get paid under the table, don't pay taxes, and report no earnings when they apply for welfare for their numerous anchor babies, getting thousands of dollars every year in tax dollars.

Holy fuck this

Long hours, cutting corners the whole time. And then get pissy and racist when you make them do the right thing

Lets not forget that there are at least 11 million illegal mexicans with tens of millions of US born anchor babies. That's a minimum of 11 million undocumented parents paying no taxes and each receiving $6,000-$15,000 every year in government benefits.

11,000,000 x $6,000 = a bare minimum of 66 billion tax dollars being used for illegal mexicans every year.

I picked grapes for 2 months in Sonoma in the late 90s and got to work with a bunch of illegals.
Got to practice my high school spanish (they made fun of me for using "school" spanish, but were happy that I was trying).

They really are dumb workers. They work hard, but they put no effort into increasing efficiency or finding ways to make their job easier.

You're right about the no squatting thing, they just bend over with every vine, cut their fruit, and toss it into a basket. The destroy almost half of the grapes they harvest, but they don't give a fuck.

I brought kneepads, a cloth to drag my basket (instead of throwing bunches of grapes at it), a whetstone, and a sharp pruning knife, and "walked" down my row on my knees.

They were amazed as how fast I was working and how my back wasn't sore by the end of the week.

A few smart ones copied me, but they didn't bring a whetstone to sharpen the kitchen knives they brought (instead of a proper hooked pruning knife), so they had to go back to their dull shitty shears and slowed down when the knife dulled.


are mexicans a close cousin to the poo?

they always seem to have a strong shit smell coming from them.


Hispaanic is not a race

They have times specifically designated for naps in Mexico?

When I was in construction you would see one of the mini dumpsters on wheels that while loaded can be thousands of pounds moving on it's own. You'd look and see a 60yo little Mexican pushing it with all his might. While the niggers refused to do minor things they didn't want to. Hate Mexicans for a lot of other reasons but not being lazy. I also saw some Mexicans pick up the slack for an old white guy who had a hard time doing his job. They didn't even know the white guy

No to mention that they drive (unlicensed and usually uninsured) on roads which are funded by tax dollars and their anchor babies go to public schools, also funded by taxes.

how do you live in the U.S. and not know the answer to this?

the cleaners at my work aren't worth a damn. they smell funny and they just seem illiterate. no clue though they dont speak a lick of english

americans feel they're above these jobs now. FARMERS are different.... different than farm hands

it's the same reason everybody goes to college now; they all think they've progressed passed working by the sweat of their brow and should be wearing a tie in some fucking cubical somewhere. That's what I do, basically.. but it's a cockpit. I'm not sure if that's considered blue collar or white collar, honestly.

They're the same as anybody else. Some are hard working some are lazy as fuck. Have experienced both.

Must be nice not to pay taxes.

They lazy and inefficient. The fact that they work for low wages doesn't make them good or hard workers.

Just look at the latest cartel execution video. Stupid beaner is try to cut off a guy's head with a box cutter and can't get the job done within 2 fucking minutes.

Is he a hard worker because he keeps slicing away or is he an inept beaner who can't properly select the right tool for the job?

You can either work hard or work smart.

Mexicans work hard

It's kind of the same over here with the Polish, I've worked with quite a few and they're all hardworking, white christians who hate muslims. amazingly, the people who encounter the lazy dodgy Poles are almost always unemployed themselves, strange situation alright.

...well, they'll always be working. Whether the work they do is necessary or just busy - work is the question.

its just a meme. Most mexicans are welfare abusers. Look at California.

just lump the beans in with the whites to make whites look worse just like with crime statistics

It's a meme. Literally the worst workers ever, especially in construction.
No levels or anything, just eyeball everything at an extreme casual speed. The worst is when they fucking play tag and shit and piss everywhere.

>Siesta time
Lol dumb

>Working in the hot desert
>No AC
>Not taking a break during peak heat

Don't be an idiot.

This. They'll get it done, but it will be shit quality work. If you want them to do anything right you must supervise them.

The way the do home repairs/improvements is hilariously bad. I have Mexican neighbors on both sides, one built a patio cover that has beams tilting sideways within the connector plates. The other neighbor repaired sections of the wooden property fence by tying the boards together with twine,leaving giant 6 inch gaps between the boards. Oh, and they couldn't be bothered to trim the new boards to match the fence height either.

You're a pilot?

They say Mexicans are the American version of Poles in Europe and my subordinated Poles on construction sides work pretty hard, not comparable to Bulgarians and Romanians, plus they hate gypsies and keep them in check.

9/10 price-performance ratio.

I'll say, just ask Trump

can someone post the pic where the trump is in one side of the border and pepe in the other side, please. I want to add it as the profile pic


They half ass shit and claim superiority.

they keep the landscaping and roofing , construction jobs because the fuckers who have them on payroll know they can blackmail them to work like slaves because Using their cousins identity.

They do not assimilate nor desire to. They only want "monies" so they can drink after work and fuck their troll wives , enough to have gasoline to get to department of economic security for hand out. Meanwhile drive escalade with NIGGER rims

Basically NIGGER but product of native/Spanish rape

Very inbred people.
All manlet/over weight with ugly pig Latin language

It's Bs

They do work, but because their only credentials are building a hut by piling up old car parts back in beanerland, their quality of work sucks and it takes them 2-4 tries to do it right regardless of how simple the job is.

whats fucked up is that the owner can hand it over to a migrant promising him a good wage, but if the crops fail Pablo takes all the blame. Its totally fucked
Also my neighboring city is full of wetbacks and it is a shithole full of gangs, theft and violence , my city has a strict police presence to keep us safe.
I'm a spic and I am sick of their shit

Live in west Texas, this place is basically Mexico with a big military base.

It really just varies. If they're Americanized at all then they're absolutely nigger-tier, sometimes worse than actual niggers. Loud and obnoxious and lazy and usually pretty fucking slow.

If they're Mexicans from Mexico, then they're usually not too smart, but are willing to work like actual slaves for slave wages. Trouble is that they never progress past this, and pop out like 6 goddamn kids at a time, so their kids do the same shit forever. Naturally, the rural ones are a lot better than the urban ones, as there's much less unskilled shit in urban areas, and a whole lot more opportunity for getting into shit.

They are, but when presented with opportunities to take advantage of welfare, extended to everyone who needs it, regardless of legal status, they DO NOT decline...

I used to be a project manager, and at one point I worked beside mexicans, so I feel qualified to answer this question. The answer is yes and no.

Mexicans work hard in the same way that worker ants "work hard". Individually, they may not do much, but collectively they get a lot of shit done IN THE RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES. Their biggest strength is the ability to work long hours in harsh and hazardous conditions for little pay, with piss poor tools and resources, and little regard for their own safety or wellbeing.

The trick is to give them things to do that take 3 or less steps to complete. The more repetitive the better. The less thought it takes, the better. The less tools and machinery is used, the better. Under these ideal circumstances they will USUALLY get things done at least MARGINALLY well and on-time about 80% of the time without supervision, in any working conditions.

As soon as you give them something to do that takes more than 3 steps, requires critical thinking, or necessitates use of any kind of mechanical equipment, power tools, or construction vehicles, shit falls apart almost immediately. They use tools the wrong way, injure themselves and others, catastrophically break equipment, break equipment even more by dangerously jerry rigging them back into a semi-working state then trying to use it again, do tasks completely wrong and try to brute force solutions...for example, this guy wasn't technically part of my crew, but he was my grandmother's gardener. I caught him plugging a hole in the fuel tank of his backpack leaf blower with a ripped off piece of his shirt, soaking his hand in gasoline in the process...then he decided it would be a great idea to smoke a cigarette. I slapped the lighter out of his hand just before he lit his hand and half his body on fire and had to explain to him in Spanish that gasoline is "100x more flammable than wood and paper" because nobody ever taught him in 65 years of his life that "gasolina makes mucho fuego".

I work construction and I notice them in the other trades they work hard when their boss is around but they sit around 90% of the day when he isn't plus they usually do a shit job and if they fuck something up they'll just cover it up and keep going

They are, but they don't feel the need to look busy when they aren't. So if there is work to be done, they do it, and they do it well. After that they relax, because if you spend time pretending to work after that, so you look like your working harder, you have no energy to actually work hard anymore.

When people say they are lazy its just because the Mexicans did their shit faster and better than you did yours, because they have to or they starve to death.

i live in south texas and its pretty much the same here

t. wetback

I hope you have packed your bags.

Mexican roofers were chill and brought a radio while they worked

passed inspection, nice folks

I suppose everyone has their own experiences, I can certainly talk shit about some other kind of folks


Pick one...
because cheap is always involved. Now I know a lot of good, respectable, hard working mexicans here and even they don't want wet backs here because they do shitty work that makes em all look bad. Also wetbacks are not welcome for obvious reasons. Get your facts straight. Long time resident of little Mexico aka corpus christi.

This meme exists because blacks are so lazy by comparison.

Siesta make sense in countries with blistering heat. It actually increases productivity. You try picking crops in 90 F.

Now throw being called "gringo" in your own country on top of that

Michigan explain yourself

The Leaf makes a compelling case.
Well said.

mexicants are hard workers but not that bright, then again theirs over 40 million know wtf, also niggers are fucking way worse

Yup. The 3rd generation should be the laziest and most violent, according to the regression of the mean.

True. First generation are hard workers. After that, it's about 10% hard workers. 90% lazy as fuck.

Not anymore. The Mexicans are getting the construction jobs for low wages and the Americas are unemployed.

A lot of them do work hard but of course there are lazy ones. I grew up in California where of course you know there is a shit load of Mexicans and honestly most of them are good people.

mexicans will take over USA soon.

And as usual, it's the white working class that suffers.

American middle class conservatives don't care about their volk. They only care about money.

When I worked fast food, I worked with 10 + hispanic immigrants .

Every single one was a harder worker than the average white employees.

Often, they work two jobs .

I had this one guy, named the flash for being so fast at work , worked 70 hours in one week . (Actual work, not sitting at a desk, on his feet all day ).

The Ottomans will takeover Deutschland soon Hans

>You can either work hard or work smart.
Mexicans aren't You

What is that special? I average 65 hours a week as a manager and I don't sit at a desk. I do a million things a day. My personal record was a month straight no days off. Work weeks were 107, 109, 90, and 93 hours.

That was a fucked month but my bonus was sweet. Bought a boat for myself and a dirtbike for my oldest.

Mexicans have no corner on the hard work market. Tons of middle class mid managers like myself out there. One of our guys in shipping does 80 hour weeks average and routinely beats me.


They work all day but there's no logic behind it.

if they really worked so hard, why is their fucking country shit?


>Hey son sorry i can't spend more time with you here's a dirtbike


desu I've got Mexicans do two construction jobs for me and they got it done pretty quickly, no complaints about it years later either

Good lord. I don't even work in fields but in a warehouse but I experience similar things. I try my best to always squat down when trying to pick cases up so I don't cause lower back damage. Some of those guys complain about their back every once in awhile even though they tend to bend at their back rather than squatting all the way before picking something up.

One of our fastest guys isn't even from Mexico, but from El Salvador, he actually made it a point when he talked to me to say he wasn't Mexican. I think some of the older guys do some decent quality work but I can't pay attention to them too much because of different buildings and my own work, but a lot of the younger guys do some of the most piss poor work I've seen.

It is like future planning and logic goes out the window for each task. We have to locate cases that we get from containers into the racks. I personally try my best to label the locations on the cases, fix the current bay so I am not displacing cases from their designated location, and to make sure the cases aren't overlapping one another since there are cases in the front and the back so you can easily take cases out of one location without having to empty another location out. That seems reasonable, fair, and helps with people trying to find those cases when they have to be pulled from the racks.

Then I go into other aisles and sometimes it looks like someone played Tetris with the cases with them jumbled up in various directions, and sometimes you need to empty multiple locations just to get a single case out from behind due to tons of overlapping cases. When people locate the cases onto the racks they only see opening rather than what cases could have been displaced from that location and put it back in before filling it up thus you get jumbled up bays that you have to tear the bay apart to find a case which is three to four locations over since it continually shifts.

Shit is aggravating and there is no pride in the work.

Hire day laborer at Home depot, wants $300 per day I say OK. He turns around and hires 5 guys to come with me in my truck he is now the supervisor of the 5 laborers. Get to my house show them a concrete wall I need removed. They have no tools no way to tranport rubble. I supply tools and get them started. Come back an hour later nothing done they are all sitting on the wall. I have to babysit them the rest of the day we get about a four foot section of wall removed. I decide to finish the rest myself on my next day off.

Laziest fuckers on the planet

working in a farm is extremely dangerous
modern whites are incapable of doing dangerous things

Depends on the mexicas, but they usually work pretty hard.

Puetro ricans, not so much.

Imo the hard workers are guatemalans

My dad's a laborer, 70 years old and clears fields like it ain't shit. All he does at home is lay around and watch TV and complain about how hot it is, so it's crazy when I get to see him whistle a tune while he does the day's work in an hour.

He's Salvadorian though. From personal experience, the younger guys who work with him are just dummies who drink too much and work mostly as a chance to hang out with friends. They have no attachment to the job or sense of responsibility as they get no respect or decent pay regardless. So what I think would work best is an Edward James Olmos at every work place to remind them they are alcoholics and how disappointed their parents would be in their dedication and the lack of visits to their graves.

Just for you fellow paco

What the fuck are you me?