India announces "targeted strikes" against pakistan


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wtf i love indian kebab removers now

Not good lads, not good

You don't understand newfag, this is what we want. End it all.

damn, missed it - who won?
>nobody tells me nuffin.


>Pakistan, however, denied India’s claims, terming them an “illusion” and calling the firing “unprovoked” and an “existential phenomenon.”

>existential phenomenon


Fucking subhumans have access to nuclear weaponry.
Rather than sort out their differences, just fucking nuke each other.
Fuck this Gay Earth.



yeah I don't think India has working nuclear weapons m8

Huh, so that's why they bought the planes...

You guess.

>be pakistan
>nuke india
>millions dead
>still one billion or so left

Its gonna be a long ordeal

very good lads, very good

Man white people really fucked up. I blame capitalism tbqf&h

First, you take out the toilets
Then, you take out the streets

Interesting that they'd call the attacks both fake and unprovoked.
>they didn't get us!
>but if they did it was unprovoked
Is this just shitty translating or what?

crashing this planet


better be real this time
my body is ready praise KEK

It's always empty threats you stupid fuck they've been on the brink for decades
There been threads in India Paki about to do tact strikes since before Cred Forums
An hero faggot

>not good

Depopulating India and Pakistan will only lead to good things

There is serious disinfo going on about this. Apparently 150 soldiers attacked 7 terror camps, but only 30-40 people got killed? I think the Army is deliberately understating the casualties inflicted.

>ever believing anything Cred Forums says

Cred Forums is the false harbinger of happenings


they only need to be right once
and I want to be here for the epic bread

My body is ready for the imminent shitstorm

>This just in:
>40 soldiers dead from their INSAS rifles exploding

You mean your media is downplaying casualties? Very interesting.

How has Modi spun this whole thing?

>brown muds are killing brown muds
I support every possible outcome of this confrontation.

Fuck off dumb nog nog, you don't just threat nukes that's bassically telling someone you want to murder them.

who are we backing in all this?

This aint good lads

This. Post in every happening thread until it actually happens.


India of course, Pakistan is China's side


Time to go NUCLEAR

Not only that, but prevailing winds will carry fallout right over the Arabian Peninsula and central Africa

My body is ready

>tfw born in the right era to see Great Poo War One

but we constantly bully india and make fun of them and accuse them of being subhuman poo dwellers

You mean ulitmate destruction of the world?

I will never support a terrorist nation full of corruption and retardation, fuck Pakistan.

Indian here. We are strong allies of Russia. We need to fight the globalst Jews when they collapse USA and Europe in their new world order. Russia/India/Pakistan/Nk/Iran/China are the last stand. We need to stick together.

We make jokes here but when it comes to actual real world stuff India is our ally.

Wow this is great its going to be just like Fallout.




India, Pakistan is a Wahhabist hell hole that needs eradicating.

I'd rather not "stick" to anything poo colored.

>ids habbening!!~!
if you bothered to look at the thread that was already up, you'd know that it's already happened.

Pakistan is not Wahhabist. They may be sunnis but they like Iran more than Saudi Arabia. Pakistan does not recognize Israel.

>India supporting china

Have fun with that, I hate globalism as much as the other guy. But since china is going to make the world currency they are ones of the new world order, the Jews are the old world order. Your fighting the wrong enemy like ww1

That is great. Paki is islamic. The world is better off without them

oh fuck we gonna have radioative poop monsters now

That is fucking awesome. 3 birds with one (nuclear) stone.

They protected Bin Liner.

They are of Wahhab, they sold a nuclear missile to Saudi Arabia, they are a scum pit that needs to be eradicated. End of discussion.


Thread link

Today, they are no longer poo in loos, but brothers against the kebab menace.

WW3 Started in 1949


Only yourself you sad little fuck :-)

Post yfw it happens

>Cred Forums incarnate

It mentions nothing about nuclear, and those strikes were already made.

Not happening.

>le cold war was ww3 meme

That's like calling the heightened tensions and proxy wars before WW1 a world war.

could you imagine how fast this board would be going if some actual nuclear shit started going down

>proxy wars before ww1


KEK today gained a fuckload of godly companions

5 threads each 40 seconds .

>proxy wars before ww1

What fucking proxy wars.

Good goi

It would be glorious
We would be reaching post per minute levels never before seen before fading into nothing.

>mfw when you see a flag disappear from the thread and you just know some anons turned into radioactive ashes

Like southern africa, or youd rather forget about that one?

Nuclear war between these two poos would be bad for us all. The fallout would ruin crops round the world leading to possibly billions of starvation deaths.

It is very possible that if a nuke goes off in war that we could first hear about it first on HFGCS.

It would be a phrase, likely a PINNACLE code (not NUCFLASH) that we haven't heard before.

>what is the great game
>what is the first italo-ethipoian war
>what is the moroccan crisis
>what are the balkan wars
>what are the majority of colonial crises and conflict prior to WW1

>inb4 faggots come out and say they weren't proxy wars even though the great powers were heavily involved for the express purposes of getting advantages over the other great powers

>The fallout would ruin crops round the world leading to possibly billions of starvation deaths.

But not in North America and Europe Colonization 2: Electric Boogaloo

They weren't proxy wars even though the great powers were heavily involved for the express purpose of gaining advantages over the other great powers.

>This is what happens when you give nukes to curry niggers and sand monkeys.

>italo-ethipoian war
I kekled

>iberian peninsula

Great. Im gonna fucking die because of poo in loos

Pinned thread is a rolling sticky about it
>no creating no threads on topic
but peepz still do it
10 threads created every second
Threads dont reach bump limit at 10k+ posts

Desu I really wanna see a thread get 3k+ replies

>War between two far away no-name shithole countries
God this will be so comfy

any credible sources on this?

How could it possible be WW3 when no one else gives a shit? Just some more mud wars. Even if the two countries nuke each other, neither has enough nukes to actually cause that much damage outside of these countries... Sure the fallout will be a bitch for a while but even that won't reach Yuropoor, or will be very weak when it does.


We're allies to Pakistan so I guess we'll be invading the irradiated ruins of pooland in the near future.


There are allies, and then there are "allies"

>tfw nervous 40 year olds try to tell you why WWIII and the world ending are bad
>They try to convince you it's bad by telling you about they plan to survive
por que?

Aside for the thousand to millions of dead innocent Pajeets and Microsoft "Petes", it would be the best day ever.

>the world overpopulation problem solves itself






Kek Paki humor

Are you being dumb on purpose, we are allied with India and china is with Pakistan not mention a fact if a nuke flies and hits china it's fucking ogre.

Well why don't you fuck off home then Ahmed.

When white people are a minority in the U.S. then niggers and spics will be in charge of Americas nuclear arsenal.

Given their propensity for aggressive behavior, ww3 is almost inevitable.

Kek. You don't even have second strike capability.

if you say so, ahmed mustfa khan

smell ya later Poos
We'll be sure to post designated shitting streets in your memory


Here are the actual news:

india is claiming that they attacked 7 terrorist camps in pakistan with 150 soldiers. an killed 30-40 people and took some as well.
pakistan denies that ever happened.

pakistan is saying that india fired towards its border and killed 2 soldiers and injured 9.
pakistan is also claiming that they responded by killing 8 soliders and talking one indian solider as a hostage.


that's outdated.
its close to 120 now, in total.

Pajeet my son

Oh I'm sorry, please show me Pakistan's modern hygiene infrastructure.

Oh wait, you're too busy licking Al Qaeda's ass.

If India is kill, who will run my local 7-Eleven?

I mean, the Pajeet who owns it is maybe 5 feet tall, so I doubt he'll get drafted (plus his smell would give away his location on the battlefield) but what if he has to go back? Where will I buy my delicious Steel Reserve then?

dont think we'll need one buddy.

Pakis never answer this question, they just act offended and angry becuase you ask a common sense question when they bitch about how much they hate our countries.

At least the Rafael's we recently bought from France will be put to some noble, Muslim-killing goodness.

I'm too busy licking the slurpy your cousin just sold me

Wait if India gets nuked... Nuclear poo...

The closest to a literal, global, shit hitting the fan we'll ever encounter.

>south africa
>proxy war

You mean the boer wars? They were effectively independence wars. I have yet to see any evidence of outside assistance apart from foreign volunteers actively helping the boers.

You don't seem to understand the difference between a crisis, and a proxy war. A crisis is a diplomatic dispute. A proxy war is when a power instigates a war and supports them for distinct gains for themselves. The only proxy war you mentioned on that list is the first-italo ethiopian war, However nowhere i have read would list this as a direct cause, or even indirect cause for world war one. Considering when many of the powers on the opposing sides eventually signed alliances in the lead up to the first world war (The British supported the italians, meanwhile the french and russians supported the ethiopians for example).

You also forget that civilian populations wern't really against war as a concept during those days. Everybody knows that people were HAPPY when the first world war broke out. If countries had a bone to pick with one another, they just declared war. The only thing that stopped them was when alliances were built between countries so they could be overpowered. This caused the great alliances before the war and is known as the balance of power doctrine.


>the whole world always focused on the west, on the russians and americans and a few other whites to end the world
>the world is actually ended by the lower race degenerates with nukes

Neat. Leave it to the dumbfags to not understand what mutually assured destruction is. Fucking race realism of their IQ, and their capabilities to understand concepts, in action.


Assalamu alaykum brother, y'all make great tea.

good morning retard

>india and pakistan nuke each other
im not seeing the problem here

>im not seeing the problem here
More mud shits coming to our countries?

You are not allied with India. There are no "NATO"s in that region. At most it's a loose co-operation in regional matters. Neither is China w/ Pookistan.

At most it'll be a proxy war if these parties want to get involved. Not some immediate WW3 like with NATO article 5. You people are delusional

they wont be coming to america, we're full.

also they wont be going anywhere if they are dead.

fire up dem nukes boys
Thread theme

>also they wont be going anywhere if they are dead.
Touche. Radioactive street shitters prolly won't be vetted.

would other nuclear powers get involved in this exchange if shit went down between these two poo countries?

>also they wont be going anywhere if they are dead.
Immediate deaths from the blasts and radiation would probably only be in the low tens of millions. Each country only has ~100 nukes that are only as powerful as the one dropped on Hiroshima(~15kt).

If they were having a total war, they could both use their entire nuclear arsenals on each other and it wouldn't end it

It'll be interesting: they'd have to choose where to use them and what to use them on very carefully.

Israel may, just for the lulz

>Immediate deaths from the blasts and radiation would probably only be in the low tens of millions.
well theres like 12 million pooniggers just in mumbai alone, and if they did start nuking each other, theyd probably drop everything they had on each other.

population of india is like 1.2billion pooniggers, it wouldnt be unreasonable to expect 75% of them to die

It's better than fighting Assad. Fuck Pakistan. Let's go to India.

Post yfw servers crashe due to overload or emp

Due to their proximity to each other, neither side is likely to use a nuke in high atmo for an EMP.

Ground and low airbursts will not cause EMPs.


Nothing will happen, shut the fuck up. This is the same bullshit as always, they will threaten the other side, emergency peace talks will ensue, they calm down, the world moves on.

Nobody is ever getting nuked, no good happenings are ever going to happen again. Just face it, life is a drab, boring pit of black.

False. They just don't effect as an wide area. I was also assuming escalation to a global conflict.

This, nukes ruined there ever being an actual happening again.

>multiple serious happenings in the 20th century
>none in the 21st
I'm not buying it.

Pajet detected

Invade land of sinola when

Pookistani detected

Fuck indians. You guys try to show yourselves as a decent people in your movies but in reality when your "tourists" come to my country I see your real faces. Can't you faggots behave like human beings and smell well?

"In Moscow, an inventory of buildings of the city underground space," - Mishchenko said. He stressed that the event allows to plan cover 100% of the city population.

Not sure if rare.

That's why i'm stuck on Cred Forums.
I want to see you guys go apeshit while the nukes are on their way.

>That rare flag


>this joke has a decent chance of coming true

praise kek

who even comes to your country lmao

also, that episode assumed Trump was president before Lisa

so if Simpsons fortune telling comes to pass.. Trump will win, and perhaps sometime during his presidency we shall see a happening.

>india has nukes
>pakistan has nukes too

how indeed

but I guess if you have neighbors/rivals you really REALLY hate you want to get an upper hand.

Instead of plumbing infrastructure I guess India invested in Nukes

as for Pakistan, same thing.. except of plumbing they (insert comical national problem I am not aware of here)

India got nukes in the 60s then the pakis started developing them to combat Indias nukes and got them around 70, 73.

Chaps, will we in the UK be affected by this?

Lol radioactive pajeet poo fallout

Africa is still there, user.

they basically stole the nuclear technology from the US

Aнoн, двaч зaкpыли?

>talking shit about any other country


Then what's the fucking point of nuclear deterrence? Goddamn Pakis don't even understand the point of nukes

Like China, but China get it from USSR and USA, the anglobros worked with India.

Even on the wiki page they couldnt escape the poo fields for a photo op, theres a human shit right under the LMG version of INSAS

No. Try .pm

oh we don't need it
once we go nuke attack on india we go all out firing all of our nukes at their cities so that if we go down then we will take them with us


Oh nevermind someone changed the pics from outdoor to indoors at a weapons expo or something

>pakis nuking each other out of existence for free
>being upset about this

>clouds of vaporized irradiated poo now drifting across Asia

Please let this finally be the one.

I want to watch the world burn away.

How come there are so many poos on Cred Forums but so few Pakis?

>if we go down then we will take them with us
i hope you do.

1.2billion pooniggers on earth is way too many. india is basically a genetic weapon that will destroy humanity if allowed to exist.

to be honest pol would be celebrating if they' hear that india conquered pakistan with the death counts for muslims in the 100 millions



Holy shit, his eyes a look like vaginas.

A nuclear war would solve our major problems for India.
> No more Pakistan left to screw around and keep stabbing regularly
>reduced population
>all the poorfags die out so no need for them to uplift
>Northern underperforming states will probably completely nuked.
>no one will be invading from the north again for centuries as north west and northern plain itself will be radioactive wasteland

Because the poos can actually read

no it would destroy india,those that survive the nukes will have a fate worse than death
also remember china has said it would respond to any foreign aggression against pakistan so if war breaks out it would give an excuse to the chinese to capture arunchal pradesh from you lot

thank god I'm in the south lmao :D

holdy shiet, him eyes liek pussi, vantu stik mi dik in dat faas, fooook mon


well then, id never expect ww4 will start in PIL countries

>nuclear war imminent

actually we would target nukes in every part of india so that as a whole the entire country becomes a radioactive wasteland

this user has it right but if we have to choose, INDIA #2!! pakis#rekt

Yeah, we would invade somewhere for the sake of the country that harbored bin laden..

i hope they nuke themselves to death

let's see if you can even lift up those warheads for launch without killing yourselves lol

No one is going to support the muslims poos, it won't result in a global thermonuclear war
At best they obliterate each other

They're finally removing kebab

well if indians keep war mongering you might eventually have that wish granted

I hope England will not declare war on India since half of the pakistan lives in London.

Being bullied on Cred Forums is a sign of grudging respect, you fucking leaf

O shit, paki indi bros, whos going to win?

dude most of our population is armed and if we join our army in a war against you we would outnumber the indian army and also the indians are not allowed to own heavy weaponry but we are
it would be like an army armed with automatic rifles vs an army fighting with swords

>No one is going to support the muslims poos
Except whole Europe in it's faggy glory. As usuail -_-

>most of our population is armed

we know, we call them terrorists

fuck that. indians are worse than pakis, and theres over a fucking billion of them.

we arent going to back up anybody and just let them nuke each other. india's population needs to be culled, hard.

t. fence up his ass

no one
difference between us and them is that we have nothing to lose and are willing to take india down even if it costs us our lives(we won't start the war,indians will and that will also get china into the mix)
the indians will have everything to lose
there economy would be utterly destroyed and the remaining surviving indians will live in a radioactive wasteland

Underrated post


Well they might give them moral support, like one like on facebook or a beautiful march with candles

It would be a great game of natural selection. I want all the illiterate plebs to die.
North Easterners can fend off to themselves. They are away and I guess there is not much strategic points for paki nukes there so they could thrive.
If it escalated to nuclear war I think China would want to stay away. If they become your allies and you nuke us then nothing stops us from nuking them. Who knows it might even drag US in.

doesn't matter what you call us we still have 50 to 70 million armed civilians who are all willing to fight you to the death

Cred Forums is haram

there is no point for China to involve herself in the conflict, she would just wait and pick up the pieces without getting fucked by an international coalition


But UK posts here all the time

if you actually support india, you are probably a poonigger.

they are subhumans, and theres fucking 1.2billion of them.

they are over 1/7th of the earths population. like 80-90% of indias population needs to die, for the sake of humanity

>street battles in LONDON soon
>a storm of kebab and curry
dis gon b' gud

china already said they would take our side incase of foreign aggression on pakistan

can you stop posting this picture you retard what the fuck

Pakistan has already pussed-out, denying the incursions even happened.

Thus, there shan't be any war over these Indian actions.


You really think China will risk getting nuked for you?

I'm glad you know not to call yourself an American.

When the nukes are flying, but you can't resist to continue posting until the very last second. Likely the internet would switch off, but many of us would still survive of course (although their fate would not be something to be envied).

>china already said
Ping pong will surely hurl into battle once a single hair falls from your collective hairy ass)
You are a trade partner. Maximum they'll shill for you in the UN or block India's shit there.

Yes the diaspora will burn our cities down killing each other here too

you know you dont have to pick a subhuman country to support, right?

you can just let them kill each other for our benefit.

stupid globalist.

POOPulear explosions when?

actually nukes are a final option
we would wage a conventional war first if that fails then strategic nuke on our territory then if that fails we go full nuke mode
china might use it as an opportunity to take back south tibet from the indians

>will risk getting nuked for you
May be India will not risk getting nuked by both.

ITT: people who dont understand nuclear fallout

protip: if the fallout series was based on real life, the earth would have fixed itself in about 1 years not 300+

nuclear fallout is only a big deal if you live within like 50km of the blast, and even then its not a big deal.

>Lol its le end of le world xDD its le habbeding guise... am I cool yet?

>you don't threaten nukes

>our benefit.
>stupid globalist.
Does not compute

how confident are you on conventional war against India?

Make it happen!

>ITT: A guy who thinks he understands nuclear fallout when in reality he does not

probably because you are retarded

>its to our benefit as a nation and race to let them kill each other
>b-but muh brotier pooniggers
yeah. ur a globalist

>ITT: people buying into 60s propaganda that we don't use nuclear ordnance every single day

You have no fucking clue what the fuck you are talking about.

Sikh bros please annihilate this faggot

Scenario of China becoming your nuclear shield is not possible because no first use policy. They already have another crazy dog NK on the other hand. Your country or army does not want to fight war they want to press the nuke button as quickly as possible. That is the only way they can stop invasion. which in turn will coz you utter destruction.

100% their munitions are outdated their planes are mostly outdated and we have 50 to 70 million armed civilians who are ready to fight to the death
the indians,not so much

>steel reserve


Isn't fallout only an issue for ground burst weapons? I thought Air burst weapons (of which most nukes are) don't produce fallout at all, or if they do not enough to even care about.

we gonna beat you conventionally
china will us the opportunity to take back south tibet from you
china might do something if india nukes pakistan for using tactical nukes on its own territory

Holy fuck, this leaf is truthful.

Oh rabbi!

yes goyim, keep encouraging subhumans to continue overpopulating the planet, good goyim.

This is wrong.

>Metro 2017

Fucking lel
Looks like goat poop though

B-But... we're an island???

What if Indian special forces has, in a clandestine operation, gathered all the poo along the beaches of India in order to combine the destructiveness of a nuclear weapon with the dread of a biological weapon?

It would be like nothing we've ever seen before.

>we gonna beat you conventionally
Tol keks. This entire thing is because your military can't. Your only survival is nukes. If you could beat us conventionally you would have had Kashmir and we would be the ones barking nuclear threats every other day.
>China might do something
We don't need our entire force for you. If you wage war our forces can defend while being wary of China. The Chinese entry will give this new dimension. It is definitely gonna drag US.

Or vice versa



dude don't embarrass yourself
our military will keep your military busy while our civilians armed with machine guns and automatic rifles infiltrate india(they number 50 to 70 million) and we fuck you up from the inside
so please get out of your bollywood delusions

1949, 1952, 1971, 1999...

You haven't won a single war against India.


uh yeah you only won 71 the rest we won
i mean how do you forget how your soldiers surrendered to us without us firing a single shot?
indian delusions i tell ya

Very good.
How do we meme all out nuclear war into reality?


Look at the flag, jackass.

Just go back to running your "Microsoft Tech Support" phone scam.

India will nuke Mecca as the biggest fuck you in history, check 'em!

>civilians armed with machine guns infiltrating india
Thats the shit you have already been doing and we call them terrorists here. That gives one more reason to massacre you. I was wondering how could we not end up in Iraq like situation where you tie your children with bombs and send them to fight. You have the potential to become a worse type if Islamic shithole after getting destabilized.

Pakistan will become the biggest Loo Hole ever.


sorry was watching south park and was in a hurry

nope that what was happening was childs play
when war breaks out we will execute each and every one of your goons who use sticks and knives only
your civilians are not armed
weapons or big weapons are not allowed to the public in india

>This level of delusion

Your military will be overun instantaneously. You don't have enough ammo for a conventional war against Indaloo. you went to war with the Indaloos, they'd put military to their top priority, and probably implement a draft. Even a 10% increase in military service would absolutely demolish you.

Your only hope is nukes or Chyna. And in the event of Chyna stepping up, Obongo might actually do something for once too, and then you're 200% fucked.

And as Indaloos have slapped you stupid every single time.

dude for cryin out loud if does happen we use tactical nukes and our civilians cross the border into india and wreck havoc there through gorilla warfare like the taliban screwed you in afghanistan

what are you smoking man . lmao

YAAAY, finally some great fucking news, burn them all Pajeet, burn them all!

>fucking pakis think they actually could wage war against india and not be instantly obliterated

my sides

Your civilians start slaughtering unarmed Indian civilians I hope your ready for a huge western backlash with potential military response, let's see how well you do then.


The Taliban got their pussies slapped so hard they changed their organization name.

even if there is a military response
their military numbers 1.2million
we will have 50 to 70 millions civilians armed to the brim

if there is anything thats true its that indians are gutless cowards
if i point an ak 47 at your face you would piss your pants


no they did not
they have been taking more territory now and there nothing you can do
but an american with burger education would obviously not know anything regarding the rest of the world


Quite literal considering your proximity poo land. May catch something on the wind.

I'm sure your armed insurgents will do very well against a couple strafing A-10s.

>what happens if you drink 10 Monster energy drinks at once

we also have a military and remember china will also help during a conventional war
india will be sandwiched between us and china



You must have seen fight club a couple of times :^D

>India can't contain their shit so they need to shit on their neighbors carpet too

Get your shit together

Why do you want to fight them anyway? It's like 6 to 1

It's.... beautiful

Kek wills it!

I support our pooing allies



That's implying your military still exists three days after we get involved and China risking war with two nuclear powers over your shithole country.

we dont want to but they war mongering and we will not just sit back and let them kill us without us retaliating

Listening ranjeed, if you remove Pakistan, we won't make poo jokes anymore. Deal?

India obviously.

say what you want burger but russia is screwing you in syria and europe and china is screwing you in east asia
you are utterly cucked

Just build a wall

That first sip of Monster Zero.

Are you seriously this delusional? I mean I guess keep thinking that because your country would be obliterated in 2 minutes. Gotta comfort yourself somehow I guess.

... We are the gods now.

Alright buddy you keep telling yourself that your shit country can take on India and that China will risk it all for you.

they keep firing mortars thereby making it pointless to build one
but forget that they fire on our workers if we do
heck those guys are so paranoid that their news channels made headlines when the indian army captured a supposed pakistani spy pigeon

Do it already cunt.

Whoever triggers a nuclear exchange, of course.

>thinks retaliating won't end with every paki dead in 2 minutes

blah blah blah burger and burger that
nobody gives a fuck what you think
you guys don't even have the guts to tell your women to know their place
nothing but a country of cucks

Poocular Warfare

fuck off paki faggot go back to swinging your micropenis

meh,burgers are illiterate so your reply is worthless

no no
india is full swing on war mongering so if they start the war we china to attack them aswell

you literally live in a third world shithole fucking kek.

I hope the loos burn every last one of you filthy kebabs

1947 war was started by Pakistan and it lost, 1965 war was started by pakistan and it lost, 1971 war was started by pakistan and it lost half of its country, 1999 war was started by pakistan and it lost,

These facts are denied by pakistan for decades, why are they going to accept this shot in the face. Pakistan army(which controls the media and the government) are and have been pathological liars and backstabbers.

>Release energy of a pesky,measly comet.
>Call yourself god.

Pls neger

no point arguing with a burger

delusional burger with a side of wrong information

I hope one day we liberate your women as well and you can watch your daughters take my superior white cock.

Hold onto your butts.

Paki tears are delicious

ITT: Cred Forums brings bitter rivals together in shitposting harmony

and then you accidentally swallow your 5 Gum in the process...

Nuclear fire at least would be enough to cleanse said pooparticles. You'd just have carbonized ashes drifting down, couldn't tell the poo from the poo-in-looers once they're all charcoaled.

No point in arguing because you're delusional and wrong.

But what can you expect from your average mudslime, not very smart.

Go ahead and attack India already so I can get my happenings and irradiated kebabs. Do it faggots.

Dubs or trips call for Nuclear War.

Meanwhile, neocons applaud as not only is Pakistan vapoorized, but millions of customer service jobs return to the US as they're simultaneously opened up via WMD-firings.


SSBN going for a dive now

ashes to ashes , poo to poo.


India and Pakistan get early access to Fallout 5

Stay mad rest of the world

>The future is so bright, I can't even look towards it.


>China will help us
>Our civvies will fight u

Fuck,this is legit 12 year old tier delusion

I'm ready

If I have repeating numbers, I cancel the nuclear war.

Let me go ahead and finish this thread nao:

1. Pakistani terrorist infiltrated and killed 18 Indian soldiers

2. India Paratrooper Special Forces Battalion 9 & 4 entered Pakistan

3. The operation lasted from 12.30 am to 4.30 am, with the location being 500 metres to 2 km from the LoC on the Pakistani side, sources in the Indian Army said.

4. Seven terror launch pads were destroyed by the commandos of the Army Special Forces, who were paradropped into the Pakistani territory by ALH Dhruv choppers. 38 Pakistani terrorist killed with 9 soldiers in the operation

5. The surgical strikes were recorded on cameras with drones also recording footage.

6. 2 Indian soldiers were injured from landmines during the surgical strikes, the Army said.

7. Attached statement by DGMO Indian Army

9. Pakistan Defense Minister claiming they will act tough if India attacks again (meaning they are not going to overtly retaliate)

10. Pakistan claiming they captured a Indian soldier, Indian Army claiming the soldier was a border patrol officer and walked across LOC - already informed Pakistan.

Nothing is happening, no nuclear attacks. Pakistan bluff was called out after their minister threatened to attack India with nuclear weapon if Indians ever attack them. Most they are going to do is activate their terrorist sleeper agent or send their terrorist across the border to conduct some activity and die like dogs.

I'm going to sleep now and will have a good one knowing 38 pakistani terrorist are sent to their 72 male virgins. Now fuck off rest of you back to your Trump threads and let the Pakistani rage how China will help him attack USA & India, It's fun to read delusions from quran.

that picture is missing the Shart system :^)