Can the aryan people wake up please?

Can the aryan people wake up please?
Will we ever wake up?

And im not talking about these untermenschen to the right on the pic, But true disciplined aryan men and women!

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The jews won.

What you get now is the slow death of western/white civilization.

Enjoy the ride cuck.

They might have won the battle , but not the war.

Well said.

What are you talking about ? WW2 was the fucking war.

The good guys lost and now you get to enjoy watching the western civilization slowly eat itself up from the inside, with all the degeneracy and humiliation that comes with it.

"Only thing worse than evil, is good men standing by and watching"

Ok buddy, heres one for you.

Yes and if that is a true quote it is quite accurate, but the war was lost for one nation, not for an entire race

You called?

Praise Kek!

Ultimately the neo-nazi shock troops are just very suggestible, but it's precisely the Jewish propaganda that has created this stereotype of the ultra aggressive and mostly stupid skinhead. The vast majority of the movement is made up of genial, smart and educated people.

You obviously don't seem to grasp what is going around you.

There won't be any race war.

We won't kick any jews out of Europe.

We will accept more immigrants however.

We are slowly dying out, just like any other empire that was foolish enough to allow jews into their realm.

>The vast majority of the movement is made up of genial, smart and educated people.
Alright, what are they doing? Just watching? Genius.

>To determine the true rulers of any society, all you must do is ask yourself this question: Who is it that I am not permitted to criticize?

The Alt-right is full of neocon jews and you faggots fell for it.

Think about it, Evalion had her new youtube channel deleted in two days just because she named the jews. But "people" like Milo Yiannopoulos, Lauren Southern and Alex Jones (all jews, by the way) are free to say anything about blacks, arabs, whites, asians, muslims, christians, mexicans, europeans, women, men, feminists, etc. I'm not defending censorship, but how can you be free to offend everybody except the members of a specific religion/tribe who happens to actually control the media, the financial system and the government?

The alt-right is using a lot of half truths and a few big lies (like saying Hollywood is owned by the Arabs) to repeat the same old narrative, protect the real owners of power and keep things the same.

Watch the first minute of the video.

Currently I'd say they're trying to subvert the mainstream, i.e. beat the Jew at his own game, in the hope of getting a voice again and reviving the ancient national spirit that lingers deep within each and every European soul. If they are roused I believe the folk of Europe will answer. And who knows, then? Maybe we have a chance to save our civilisation before it's too late.

They died 70 years ago

Get fit and vote for right wing in all possible elections. Talk with your peers and family and do not give a fuck if they start calling you a racist. Simply blow them the fuck out with facts and reason.

Keep fighting my friend.

Kek loves true Aryans confirmed

What a defeatist faggot you are, holy Christ.

Goebbels said that so people could take the war even more seriously. Losing the war was out of the question, that's what he meant.

If it were up to """""""""man""""""""" like you, winning this war would be as impossible as you're saying. Luckily there are millions of people who know the truth, and a lot of people planning to do something among them.

If the white race is doomed to extinction do your part and accelerate the process; pic related.

>The Alt-right is full of neocon jews and you faggots fell for it.

Finally someone who gets it.

Controlled opposition, all so you think you have any say in whats going on.

The infiltrated something that had no name or guidelines, but was nationalist, xenophobic (not in a bad way), pro-freedom and anti-war.
They reshaped the nationalism to statism while accepting the police state (Trump wants the no fly, no buy and but Cred Forums is ok with it).
Used the xenophobia to push the anti-muslim and the pro-war bullshit. I doubt anyone here understand the context of this pic, but I remember when the chans were the only place against the intervention in Syria while everybody else was asking for Assad's head on a plate.