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He's a log stamper anyways


how did he lose all his hair in less than 5 years?

Get it? Lol.

Royal genes

Royal genes keeps it in the family

bad genes due to incest

She's a pro at flirting, how do you think she became a princess?

Big Canadian Cock

poor will, he should just get a hair transplant like all obscenely wealthy men do.


This. Its probably all an act

Who would have thought harry would be the one to end up as the hot brother with a huge dick and full head of hair.

Lol nice one Sweden, you are great man. Love ya

>Sleeping with women

Harry is a bro.

Do you mean big Canadian cuck?

literally everyone

Harry was off being an alpha while Will was fucking building houses for the homeless and other gay ass shit

Shit. Harry actually looks like a King


That's a man I could call King.

Fuck Charles and his goofy looking son will, we all know Harry ain't his.


meanwhile the King

Looks likes she's trying to act impressed while meeting a literal nobody.

keep dreaming canadians.

PS: Make sure to send BILLIONS of dollars to them since they are Royalty and you're just a tax slave.

I don't care if he's James Hewitt's love child. He'd make the best King.



What's with people being unable to discern emotions based on facial expressions? She's literally just smiling. Why do so many men think that a woman smiling at a man means "I want to fuck you".

>being a monarchist cuck


>Uhhhh omg, ya're important or something???

>What's with people being unable to discern emotions based on facial expressions?

Where the fuck do you think you are m8?

Looks like she is now a CANADIAN COCK CONCUBINE

Oh I bet Dianna and Maj. James Hewitt might have had an inkling.

well at least he knows his place


I swear down if our next in line is half fucking Leaf...

I get Cred Forums being retarded about it, but I get the impression Robert Pictou isn't exactly a lurker.

cana-fag under USA proxy
GTFO try hard assblaster cana-faggot


>The face you make when you try not laughing in the face of a beta cuck mega faggot while all cameras are on you.

Once again this proves that Canada is superior in many ways, as mentioned before - we are both morally and geographically on top of the world as the true Crown of the world and North America. You WERE kangs and shit, but we ARE kangs and shit.

lowly feminist trash trudeu...or the soon to be king of the uk


Corbyn (pbuh) will gulag your disgusting queen inshallah in the name of Marx

I'll hand my wife divorce papers if she disrespects me like that.

Justin looks like a complete faggot. I do not get it

hes actually gunned wogs down in the desert also

a king should lead his troops into battle...he is the better option desu

the look in her eye, you just KNOW they banged

Do it
She'll get rid of you.


Harry is a lad.

Too much testosterone

lol just because turkish women tend to be loose compared to other muslim women doesn't mean i'm going to end up in your situation. sorry turkish women are foot loose and don't respect their husbands to not flirt with other guys.

That kid is not too happy about the vibe his mum is giving Emperor Moonbeam. Kids can't hide that jealously shit.


cana-faggots are such self-absorbed morons with huge egos of importance for no reason.

my older brother could be PM. He has the exact same resume except our dad wasn't PM at one time.
my brother teaches part time acting/drama clases
Never had a real job that wasn't subsidized by the government (aka grants for arts and crap)

Not much diff between my older bro and Trudeau.

canadians are fucking jokes.

>Duuurrr on guard for a mans asshole!!!

It baffles me

My initial disappointment with Emperor Moonbeam has faded in the light of the enormous butthurt he engenders. This triggers Cred Forums.

>Thinking they let the princes anywhere near an active battlespace

You're an idiot

lol look at that faggot inbred cuckold. First that American nigger basketball player and now this.

he really was

they told him they would show him no leniency...he said ok

they then tried to go soft on him and he refused

its why he is so loved

Shes laughing and thinking "what a faggot"

Was this before or after he groped Emma?

its hewitt's son and everyone knows it.

>lil basket shirt for lil' white dicks

>when that tall negro makes your pussy drip so hard you need to hide the mess with your hand

>full head of hair

Yeah. That's why they had Harry fill a milk jug with jizz and have in frozen all over the world before they had him get a vasectomy. They knew a passel of "Royal" bastards would be on the way otherwise.

trudeaus girlfriend

thats not the only british thing blowing leafs right now LMAO


her son will be your head of state one day m8

trudeu is a peasant...a inept rustic lol



Well that is technically the point. Our government is referred to as "the house of commons" in reference to being still connected to the crown and in authority on behest of said crown.

Figures the one colony that is still the most loyal to England happens to be the country that gets shitposted by the most by England in this day and age.

Lmao Québécois still fucking salty that they get orphaned by France. Keep crying in your fleur pillow you blue cuck

You'd have a half lumber jack king? I'd say you owe us a debt if gratitude

Québécois still being Raging flaming pussies that they share our wonderful flag

Generations of cousin marriage.

Why don't Harry and Will get fucking hair transplants. Their dad has a full head of hair, seriously you look like shit. Either start lifting and be a juicy fucking bald king or get hair transplants.