SA Happening
south african habbening
nigs want free university fees
" #FeesMustFall "
police ain't having it

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Niggs chimp out in Africa. What's the deal?

nigs want free shit as always

Isn't university pretty fucking cheap for niggers there? Don't they all qualify for the Cecil Rhodes Grant or some shit?

>niggers protesting Cecil Rhodes and wanted his statue removed from that one university in SA
They're so fucking stupid. They can't see what that man did for blacks. He was so fucking based, even if you don't like that he did all that for blacks. He assumed the best in all people and just wanted to help the blacks. Too bad they all remained niggers despite his self less efforts.

the statue got removed after time, then based rhodes fund pulled all the grants
yeah it's cheap for blacks here but these animals want for free too, so they block roads and burn shit just like BLM

>You do not understand our pain

Do you understand anyone else's pain?

Do you understand the damn law?

>Rhodes fund pulled all the grants
lel really? That's awesome if so. Fucking nogs.

It's so hard not to be blanket racist but God damn look at blacks worldwide. Places like Rhodesia, South Africa, Haiti, wherever. Ruled by whites then the empires given to blacks and they not only don't keep improving on them, but straight up destroy everything. Fucking shit man.

Empire of Dust is true everywhere.

By the way, some SA guys come to my town every year when they travel here to harvest some crops seasonally. They've never done anything personally to me and we're cool every time I interacted with them but I hear stories man. They get ultra drunk and want to start fights and shit. One of them stabbed someone a year or two back. Are they violent because they live around all those violent niggers in SA? My town is like 98% white so I don't know why they want to start fights and shit. Stop bullying us SA :(

most of us are chilled but some cunts have chips on their shoulders, hate to break it to you man but the farmers dudes (boertjies) can be super bros of colossal cunts, just keep the whisky and brandy away from them

Just this past year I met a dude from SA who was really cool. We and a buddy were playing Pokemon Go sitting at one of those spinning stops or whatever just shooting the shit waiting for time to go to the bars. Anyway these two guys roll up and come sit on the steps with us and start talking. Turns out they were bored as fuck and drove an hour to my town because there weren't any pokestops in their town of like 100 people (mine has 13,000). Dude seemed pretty cool. We talked and he kind of told us his story, how he's living here for a few months farming then going back to SA. Must pay pretty well. Why do they come all the way from South Africa? Are you guys really good at farming or some shit? Why don't the local farmers hire people from here? Also: what's with your accents? I can't describe it. It's almost non existent but I can sense just a hint of some accent. You speak English in SA right, outside the 20 clickity clack nigger languages of all the different tribes? It's a pretty cool accent, I just can't place what sort of accent it is.

dude I shit you not we go to the US and work there to get money to start our life back home, just no work for whites
BEE even though 80% of the fucking country are blacks
when i finished HS i worked at a carnival for a few months michigan indiana mississippi then alabama

lol yeah we are pretty good farmers, when our forefathers came to this God forsaken continent they worked the land
hell even our slur is boer which means farmer afrikaans
as for our accent well fuck we are the basterd kids of europe, a mixture of dutch french german and english
but the closest other language or accent to us is belgian flanders or a drunk dutch man

I don't really understand what I just watched. But I enjoyed it.

>but the closest other language or accent to us is belgian flanders or a drunk dutch man
Hah. Anyway, yeah the affirmative action in your country is fucked. As you said blacks are a majority there what the fuck do they need affirmative action for? Plus all the land grabs from the white farmers, not to mention the niggers outright killing whites because "ay yo fuck whitey". The government there is fucked, and I don't mean that to talk shit. The president, Jacob?, didn't even graduate 3rd fucking grade. He's just a typical dumb nigger. Fuck it pisses me off what happened to South Africa after that terrorist Mandela took over after apartheid fell. Now some retarded corrupt nignog is president and steals taxpayer money to fund his personal mansion with soccer fields and tennis courts, then when asked what happened to millions of taxpayer dollars answers with shit like " I dunno I'm not the money guy". Then of course the HONORUBRU MEMBAH meme.

Here's a video I like to watch of SA. Some nigs break in and this dude's gf shoots at them.
Armed Robbery in my house Girlfriend shoots 12 Ma…:

He had an interesting q&a after:
Q&A: armed robbery in my house girlfriend shoots,…:

>niggers throw tantrum
>cops don't give a fuck
This has me thinking, why don't we just push SJWs to force all those ebbul raysists to migrate to SA so we can coordinate with the boers to set up a white nationalist state?

it rages me to no end these fucking animals
our houses are literal prisons to keep them out
what this guy says is true, SA is just a fucking mess
imagine the whole country as a downtown detroit
our nigs are dumber than the rest of the continent
burned a hospital wing under construction down because they wanted jobs

Are they shooting real weapons?

(same guy you've been talking to; went home for lunch)
Anyway, that article:
>“What these community members do not seem to realise is that they are shooting themselves in the foot,” Manana said.

>“This centre is being built to improve the health services provided to the community, but the more this project is delayed, the longer it will be until we can provide better services.

>“Their actions are only hurting themselves.”
At least they know and aren't defending the niggers.

Damn I just read a comment that guy posted in his Q&A video.

>Approximately 3.4 million (legal + illegal) gun owners in South Africa
>Approximately 53 million people
>Murder Rate 32.2 per 100k in 2013/2014 and rose from 2012/13
>About 8x that of the USA.
>270 ~ 320 Million gun owners in USA. (legal + illegal)
>About 320 Million people
>Murder Rate 4.5 per 100k in 2013/2014
>That throws the owning a gun / murder statistic and correlation right out the window. Almost everyone in the USA has a gun and about 1/8th of the murders per 100k?
>You know what causes murders?
>#1 Impotent and Corrupt Police and government
>#2 Impotent gun laws that favour the criminal rather than the victim. Bring the Castle law to South Africa. If they're in my house, in my yard at 3am, they relinquish all rights to life.

Fucking shit man. I don't know what to say. Good luck in the future I guess? I'd let you move here if you wanted, but only niggers and browns get priority ever since the Immigration Act of 1965. Fugg whide beable XDDDDD

was thinking of moving to the US when I worked there, fucking loved your country and the fact that things worked in a timely manner holy shit nothing works here
thanks man I appreciate it, good luck there and for the love of God keep your second amendment, what Id give for that

The weapons are real, the ammunition is most likely masses anti repellent. Like bean bags or whatever you call it.

sorry for bad engerlish

That's what I meant sorry.

>good luck there and for the love of God keep your second amendment, what Id give for that
Thanks. I do everything I can to preserve the Second Amendment. I have a few guns, both rifles and pistols, and if they want to try and take them from me they can have them when they pry them from my cold dead hands.

I believe everyone has the right to defend themselves, including you. Get your gun license if you can man. Good luck, and God speed, buddy.

did this guy sleep with a gun in his hand? lol

Why not?