Antisemites And White Supremacists Declare ‘Holy Crusade’ Against MILO

>One of the most well-known white supremacist hubs on the web has declared that Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos is the “single greatest threat” that they have faced, and have declared a “holy crusade” in an attempt to take him down.

>Andrew Anglin, editor of the Daily Stormer, published an article on the website this Tuesday that declares Milo is taking their “brand [and] symbols, and turning them against us for a neocon-Jew conservative agenda. He is rewriting our narrative, while taking everything that we have created” to supposedly use for his own ends.

>Throughout the piece, Anglin brands Milo a “kike” due to his part-Jewish ancestry. According to Anglin, this is supposedly proof that the “the Jews” are trying to control the narrative of the right, an idea that has been pushed for centuries by anti-semites and white supremacists alike.

>His plan involves encouraging followers of his site to attend events on Milo’s Dangerous Faggot tour list, and “publicly confront” Milo about how is he apparently twisting their movement. “We are going to show his people that the real alt-right exists and that we despise him, that the hoax alt-right he’s created doesn’t exist.”

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>Anglin is a well-known “1488er” and an avowed white supremacist.

>In his latest call to arms against Milo, Anglin highlighted multiple Facebook users who defended Milo against the 1488ers, one of whom accused Anglin of being a “plant by the Clinton campaign.”

>Another argued that “targeting gays like Milo only divides our movement! We need… to stick together, [because] they want us to infight!”

>One other attacked Anglin personally, saying that “anyone who fixates on Jews as much as he does is… crazy.”

>Anglin dismissed these criticisms as made by “kikebots.”

grandpa lampshade explains it very nicely in the first half of this link, a few minutes in. But listen to the whole piece. Excellent. It's fair to Milo but also clear and concise. In summary the big mistake of Milo which will lead to criminal investigation is his comingling of funds he raised for charity scholarship and then allegedly took the money for himself by dumping it into his own account to spend. If this is true, it is such a huge error in judgement that in addition to his dressing in drag recently, his history of liking niggers in the bedroom, and pride in being a jew -- it just all becomes too much baggage.

I told the milo idiots he was a piece of shit attention whore, but they just don't listen
It seems like few people though he was bad news once he started pandering to the so called alt right (that's another thing that idiots recognize)

Seems kinda fake, considering most Alt-Right people seem to want to ignore Milo and considering how desperate for attention Milo is these days, i wouldn't be surprised.

Both of them are faggots trying to hijack what Cred Forums started

Only 5% of people on this board like the block head and they're the ones shilling 24/7.

Half want to beat his ass because everything he represents is debauchery and ill contempt for a modest society.

Then the other half like me just don't give a fuck Just crossing our fingers that some google will rob and murder his ass like pic related.

Cheers for the link user, never listened to Grandpa but I'm enjoying it.

I'm not even a Milofag, but for Anglin of all people to do this is ridiculous.

Anyone in, or sympathetic to, the alt-right should drop Anglin fast.

The guy worried about Milo taking the brand and symbols of the alt-right literally spent a decent chunk of time shilling against it, until it cemented itself as a term and movement, then made a banner for the Dailystormer proclaiming it to be the "world's top alt-right website."

Anglin needs to shoot himself.

It's like the words "sarcasm" and "irony" don't exist in the brains of these idiotic wannabe blogshits.

People have always seemed to hate him but he's never really received any major pushback. We're told not to punch right, but it would seem peoples patience has run thin.

Milo is a kike, out to to kike for shekels

this andrew?

>mfw national SOCIALISTS think they can be part of the alt-RIGHT

this is just what milo needs to clean up his public image, a bunch of socially inept nazis screaming about how they hate the gay jew. they're going to get him a show on fox by this time next year.



milo pls go

Literally who now that his account was executed.

Snowniggers like him will out themselves very soon. We won't have to do anything. I'm not particularly fond of Milo either, but he wittily destroys the Left and I have no problem letting him continue doing so.

Swear to god the amateur self-promotion of Daily Stormer is huge fucking cringe.

All of a sudden they are the alt-right headquarters, its like they are intentionally trying to ruin a conservative movement.

HA! I'd never heard of the guy before you posted that but, damn, you made my day. It's difficult to find anything about it. Got the article from American Thinker and a rebuttle op ed from SPLC. It's so ironic that it's almost unreal. Do you think he explained to them that he understood their plight and forgave them for doing it? Was he so cucked that even in his final moments he couldn't stop being an apologist? Did he die like a little bitch, begging and pleading or did he not even expect to be killed? Oh, to be a "fly on the wall" at that moment.

>needs to use the far right boogeyman to be accepted as a ""moderate""
>the left and the cuckservatives will never accept him and will always see him as a self-hating gay neonazi anyway

A crack-down on one Jewish, coal-burning faggot isn't mach of a crusade.
Where the fuck do they even get this info from? Do they literally just stop by Cred Forums and read a single thread?

stormwheenies are so pathetic. why cant they just die?

the funniest part is that they think they're the majority too

Nice one. Milo is a cancer that taints this movement; buddying up with actual racists while simultaneously trying to undermine them. Typical kike.

>andrew bleached some pinoy therefore he is a hypocritical monster who's basically as bad as milo who takes black dicks 24/7, brags about it and then tries to say all legitimate criticism of jews are "le edgy jokes xd".
fuck outta here spaghetti.

(((Who cares)))

>milo is gay
>milo is a Jew

Who gives a fuck he is a proponany for free speech and is a great lightinging rod for feminist idiocy.

Get some fucking perspective stormfags



"The Faggot File" will replace Megyn Kelly

Daily Stormer. Not even the nigger-loving faggot jew thinks Cred Forums is one person.

Is it bad that I'm surprised Breitbart took the bait here? From the fucking daily stormer? I suppose it helps with the narrative Milo wants to create, that he isn't a horrible racist since all the nazis are out to get him, but still.

if they had perspective they wouldn't be stormfags

>ITT shills respond to each other.

milo pls go

Huh, so bunch of inbred, half coherent retards decided to torpedoe themselves? Wow, I would be almost shocked if I didn't saw them implode fourth times in the past year and drag nationalists and their momentum down with them.

i am not even surprised.
\pol\ should be fucking ashamed.

I think the alt-right could be divided into several branches.
You have the Miloan alt-right, the Spencerian alt-right, and the unorganized alt-right.

Media sure is obsessed with the alt right and Milo. I had no idea we wuz holy crusade n shiet.

>Anglin dividing the movement yet again
what a shock

The Miloan Alt-Right is more libertarian and focuses mainly on social issues, such as feminism and stuff like that, while the Spencerian Alt-Right is more traditionalist and focuses on racial issues as the root of social issues.

Ever since the Hillary speech the whole alt-light vs alt-right thing has been done to death. It's coming to a head with people getting sick of Milos bullshit.

The problem will always be edgy stormtards.
They're loud and stupid and totally without tact or insight.

Just like David Duke trying to latch on to Trump post ebin maymays and refuse to stop running his fucking mouth.

Also the Neo-Nationalists.

whoever made that pic is fucking idiot

Well, to be honest Milo went too far. He derseves it for being a prima donna instead of playing cool with us.

yet across the board, they are all a bunch of mouthbreathing, unemployable faggots.

the world will barely remember you beyond being the butt of jokes.

That is why, in my opinion, we should look to pre-August sources to define the alt-right, if that is the route you want to take.

Personally, it is a flawed label to begin with. It is too broad. That is why I identify as a traditionalist as opposed to alt right. Alt-Right implies a whole basket of ideas, whereas traditionalist represents a cohesive ideology.

It's real, even TRS is turning against him. lol at the alt-right imploding already, I told you fucks it would happen. So much for "we don't punch to the right" eh?

Stormcucks from TRS are so tickled by the little bit of success they've had due to the Trump campaign that they think they're actually a political force to be reckoned with.

This'll be a good lesson for them in the end.

Like European Identitarianism?

>it's coming to a head with a bunch of whiny nazis who think they're important in the scheme of things and not loathed by everyone universally


>ad hominem

>implying the guy in the image didn't believe the niggas proved him right

Anglin is FBI and Milo is a Jew.

Dylan Roof was a falseflag patsy and he was a contributor to the Daily Stormer. Weev is literally Jewish so Idk how anyone could support either Anglin or Milo at the point

(((He))) needs to be thrown in a dumpster and set on fire

Reactionism is growing across the board in all Western nations.

>oh no somebody has an opinion I don't like what a retard

great post, leaf.

>that article title

Honestly, I think Milo is overall beneficial. He isn't 100% correct on many things, but does point in the general right direction.

praise be to Andrew Anglin

Every truly infuential figure in the USA is either a Jew or a shabbos goy. Just accept it. There is no future for whie nationalism.

who the fuck makes these retarded pictures

Thinking they can fracture and create their own communities within this one

Thinking you can define parts of pol as either alt right or natsoc or whatever

Showing that we are watched 24/7 on our board of peace and normies still don't understand

You can't cointelpro weaponized autism

Heil Mickey!

That doesn't mean anyone started to sudenly like the retards.

Most of them don't realize that the alt-right is merely a bunch of trolls and not at all serious. Meanwhile, actual Stormfags might be the most cringe people out there. Sure they might be fucking ripped and alpha as fuck but they aren't making the world any better by being the very image of their opposition in terms of ideology.


that doesn't mean nazism is

Alt-White and Alt-West.

What about the Cred Forumsony?

>then made a banner for the Dailystormer proclaiming it to be the "world's top alt-right website."
He's co-opting the term, faggot.

The amount of newfaggery and cuckery here is ridiculous. Milo is a threat, a Trojan Horse. He may be convenient now, but sooner or later he will have to go, but by then, it may be too late.

well no shit. Even back in the day people like David Duke and Metzger were known FBI informants so idk how anyone can trust them.

>Movement growing
>Doesn't mean support is growing

Cred Forums isn't anything. It's a place with different opinions. These people the other day claimed Cred Forums was an Odinist board with National Socialism as the main ideology. This has all but changed with the infusion of many Trump supporters who only want American nationalism and worldwide sovereignity and nothing more than that.

This is why I say: "Fuck the alt right and fuck attention whores named Milo"

Just fucking stop being useful idiots all of you

Stormfags and skinheads are in it for the aesthetics.


>‘Holy Crusade’ Against MILO
But why?

Well, according to the media, reactionism is nazism.

Cred Forums is a Christian board.

>Cred Forums isn't anything. It's a place with different opinions.
newfag detected

There are some differing opinion, but this amount of 'based Milo' and Trump shit needs to fucking stop. This is not Cred Forums

tbqh I don't even care, fullpol is my home now.

and you believe them?

To tell the truth, this is a good thing for Milo. He needs to shed the Alt-Right mantle and go back to the Cultural Libertarian of the beginning.

messing with the Alt-Right without understanding it was a nice provocative move, but a dumb one in the long run. Not entirely his fault though, as a couple of the weebs of gg and Twitter tried to make him think he was altright

Holy shit is the Daily Stormer just 2011 Cred Forums?

>nazis hate jew milo
>worship jew jesus

>Dylan Roof was a false flag
>Weev is Jewish
>Anglin is FBI
Never change Canada. This site wouldn't be the same without leafs continuous poop posting.




>not even trying to hide his newfaggotry

Id say the real alt-right hq is

>whites set up exclusively white movement, jews not welcome
>jew infiltrates, redefines it as jew friendly
>normies in the comments now counter-signalling our side


No, it just that the term has lost it's meaning. Everything is sexist, everything is racists, everybody is a Nazi. No one gives a shit about their labels anymore.

Daily reminder that Cred Forums and it's father /news/ are and always have been extreme-right boys, the alt-right faggot lovers (why do there seem to be so many fags and trannies who the alt-right adore) are just conservatives who want to be edgy.


Anyone with half a brain should have been able to see Milo was going to co-opt the "alt-right" for his own purposes. Pretty clear he is using as a way to feed his massive faggot ego and pretend like he is doing something. In the end he is just another useful idiot that can only trigger people and can't actually get things done.

why don't you go complain to /r/theredpill about it

so if I understand this right:
"neonazis" are going against "alt right" and thats going to legitimize it for your dad?

Cuckservatives are not the Alt-right, niggerhead.

Milo needs to get the piss beat out of him . Good thing he has a schedule easy to track him down and rough them up

>big boy

>national socialists
>right wing

pls tell me more

Pic is accurate


The reason why people don't take the alt-right seriously is because of thinkers like him. People who willingly want to go after globalism and worldwide regressive leftism only want a lessened presence so that free speech and global sovereignity are the reactions, not something that fringe almost reversibly set us backwards thinkers want. They are just as bad. This is not the "horseshoe theory" per se, rather it's a separation from the reasonable reaction against what is hurting Western civilization and the unreasonable.

Do you know why the people who work for Breitbart or Infowars seem like very likable people despite the content they push? It's not like people promoting Nazi ideologies are going to be taken seriously at all, if perhaps, much worse than those people.

Cred Forums isn't full of bright people however. Reason is looked down upon, as it so should be.

Jesus Christ the newfaggotry is real in this thread. They were right, the board has been infiltrated by a bunch of reddit faggots who ran from the censors.

this is the type of post the mainstream media will post after the next falseflag terror attack.

will show*

You faggots do realize that they're trying to get us to turn on each other right?


Explain that a little further?

This board in general tends to reject religion from my observations. "Cultural Christianity" is the norm, if you will. I am this myself.

It's not like Trump supporters and Milo fans don't have their dissidents.

Nazis are leftists at this point in time.

>Weaponized autism

Why defeat your enemy militarily when you can meme them into submission and slavery without them ever lifting a finger against you?

Everyone knows stormfaggots are kike plants. They're trying to establish themselves as the defacto enforcer arm of the """alt-right""" so they, and by extension the Jews, can control the movement.

>turn on eachother
Anglin is FBI, Drudge is Mossad and Breitbart literally has a jerusalem site.

It's shills turning on shills

>being a nationalist makes you a national socialist

The point was that both of these were supposed to be alt-right, for fuck's sake, but they have to exclude one side.

This, I can't believe how watered down new Cred Forums is. Their are actually people in this thread shilling for Western Liberalism and attacking White Nationalism.

Also, I've been here since 2007 and I can tell that people back then weren't at a stark desire to be edgy like many who claim they were here longer than me.

You're the newfag here.



Anyone that unironically identifies as aut-right should be gassed for letting the media make cucks of them.

Didn't Milo confirm at his UCF thing that they'd be handing out the scholarships live during his tour?

I heard they had to remove the heterosexual angle and that's what this delay has been about.

fuck Milo, fuck stormfags, there is no movement. All of these kikes are trying to turn this into a movement that they can market for shekels. Just vote Trump and vote against globalism. The end of globalism is the ONLY goal.

How dare Anglin be opposed to a race mixing Jew !!!

Fucking leaf eat a bullet

I prefer this alt right than the faggotry we see on Cred Forums.

I hate Anglin but he's right about this scam artist.

Can't you see it's near impossible for Cred Forums to classify itself because of posts like these?

The Cred Forums is one person meme is retarded, as it deserves to be.

how can it implode? Milo isn't even a part of whatever-the-fuck Alt-Right is, if anything it's the Infowars that use the term that is dragging it down.

That's Muslims.
That's niggers.
Move to Liberia, antifa retard.

Couldn't they fucking wait until after the election to bring this shit up? Now's not the time to divide ourselves.

Europe is not America.

I think this is just them trying to get attention. Nothing else to really gain on their end but that.

>the Miloan alt-right
isn't actually alt-right. I'm not alt-right but it's pretty stupid how he comes in and just starts going on about how the alt-right loves Jews, gays, and black people. He is just a troll in the end, but people do take him seriously, and I almost believe he's actually fooled himself into thinking that the alt-right is all about tolerance and love. Even if I disagree with them, trying to completely warp the definition of "alt-right" is dishonest.

So basically, you want to gas the people like Richard Spencer and the like? Well, I find him intelligent but I disagree with him. Your choice though.

If we just leave him alone the newfags and cucks will just keep fapping to Milo's latest faggotry. We have to take him down and expose him.

I know what this place used to be like, it wasn't exclusively anything, but it turned more NatSoc. Then came Cred Forums harbour and now we've got a newfag invasion. It's these newfags that keep saying 'well you have tolerate me because muh free speech' that annoy me, we have mods for a reason.

The only public figures I'm willing to call remotely alt-right are Vox Day and maybe Stefan Molyneux. Yes, he's ancap, but he doesn't shy away from expressing white identity and traditional ideals.

Also, Ann Coulter is getting there but she's still has too much cuckservative in her.

Milo, PJW, Lauren Southern, Gavin McGinnis, etc. are just faggot "le edgy meme"-ers with no true principles or values.

Leafs should be killed in the streets for retarded posts like this


Andrew anglin is a self important faggot. All his followers should kill themselves. Making us look bad

Reminder that Europe doesn't understand what globalization really is and this is exactly why they are cucked.

>La raza faggot
>Boring libertarian

No you fuck off

This is gonna be bad

My mom has the same handbag. What a faggot. Why do you guys worship the ground he walks on?


I've found posting gore and very detailed, uncomfortable provocations to suicide helps though.

Really sad how true that is. Really, really sad.

Then the newfags and cucks were meant to die

They have a choice, if they choose faggotry and jewey after being shown the truth, then they will get what they deserve

You only make Milo stronger by attacking him. HE IS AN ATTENTION WHORE IN THE MOST LITERAL SENSE

>la raza
Who started this meme? Because he uses redskin shit against Leftists?

>turned more NatSoc

And that doesn't count as a newfag invasion?

>implying Cred Forums was never moderated

They don't delete any NatSoc thread because it's NatSoc, they delete threads that are spam.

>being this retarded
There is no hope for you.

Dicky Spencer is a kike-lover who's trying to co-opt the movement to push his own agenda. This pretty much applies to all the so-called 'leaders' of the alt-right.

I'm the nationalist you muslim nigger, and I see 'it's da j00z' crowd sabotaging every effort me and other people like me started to keep my country safe.

Ann Coulter isn't fucking alt right.

She isn't even far right.

She's a professional propagandist and openly admits as such.

Don't insult her by saying she drank the Kool-Aid, she's like one of the few right wing figures I respect.

He admitted it

God, I love Milo.

How can one nigger-loving faggot piss off so very many of all the right people?

Yes, he steals our jokes and makes a living out of them, but really he's the first of that sort of hawker to bother to try to understand what he's appropriating.

The shitstorm that follows him everywhere is beautiful. And he changes shit on these goddawful American campuses.

Could he have done it if he was straight? Probably not. This is what gays used to be like, bitchy, creatively subversive and funny, whilst simultaneously being disgusting. A worthy successor to Waters and Divine.

We must do an effective pro-Trump and anti-Clinton propaganda without racism or sexism. It will be easy, because Trump never said or did anything racist.
Debunk liberal lies, demonstrate the utility of the wall and not allowing Muslims in western countries. post videos of minorities supporting Trump if they got smart arguments (not your shield), create music videos pro-trump in a edgy style without racism and sexism (just pick a song like Hero's Return by Hammerfall), they will go viral as many did.

Daily reminder the average *working* (aka white) person is not concerned with esoteric buzzwords and just wants to live a continent away from niggers and pay less taxes that feed illegal immigrants.
You have to go back, Paki scum.

>the alt-right doesn't exist
>someone is trying to co-op it
top kek, who's retarded?

ugh please tell me these aren't maga hats.

Yeah, just spray all his white stuff all over your ass and cock... All over it.

Milo has repeatedly stated he is not part of the alt-right. It's just reporters who presume he is (can't blame them really)

alt-right isn't real, there is no fucking headquarters you massive faggot.

You're a retarded faggot. Go shill somewhere else

Your post wasn't clear, knedlik.

He memed it as much as I meme poopoo peepee nazi frogs. The problem with you actual stormniggers are that you are serious about being natsoc.

White Protestants claiming for a Holy Crusade, the irony.

We Are Catholics and Sheeeiit.

From Anglin himself.

Fuck both of those cucks

>alt-right isn't real
Thanks for correcting the record. Did CNN bring you here?

>we are le ebin alt-rite guise xD


The problem isn't whether or not he is alt-right. The problem is that he incorrectly defines it and misrepresents it as some sort of bigtent movement. He has also said that he wants to turn the alt-right into a "cultural libertarian" movement.

>Jew getting kicked out of movement for hijacking/sabotaging movement for personal gain (shekels)

History is repeating itself....for the 600 millionth time.

I wish the goofballs in the alt right would go away.

I just want a high IQ white society that is responsible enough to allow a functioning civil society and freedom. This obviously means no dindus or hispanics. I'd be fine with a small % of Asians, and obviously Jews have proven themselves to be treacherous but I have no issue with Israel.

Why can't everyone be this reasonable?

Bashing Stormfront make sense you retarded faggot.

Stormfront is full of racist cucked pro feminist old retards.

People trying to co-opt this for their own ends cannot be trusted. This whole thing is basically a media invention. It's useful for telling who the newfags are, though. Like you.

>Stefan Molyneux

I'm not talking about attacking him with lots of fanfare. We just expose his Jewish heritage, his support for Israel, his race-mixing and faggotry.

>And that doesn't count as a newfag invasion?
Userbase turned this way cause of the growing problem of white genocide, etc. Plus newfags back then weren't too bad, this lot are insufferable plebbitfags who have no idea what this is supposed to be.

>they delete threads that are spam.


Found CTR

>Fuck both of those cucks
How about, no.

Stormnigger vs. Jew fag

Battle of the tards

>Bashing Stormfront make sense
>Stormfront is full of racist cucked pro feminist old retards
From where in my post did you get the idea I was promoting stormniggers, user?

Hey nigger, any family members die lately?

Really makes you think...

Don't forget the nigger faggots.

"alt-right" is just a label designed to box in a number of "unacceptable" ideologies that don't even always agree with each other. it's a term made for demonization, no different than calling someone a nazi
see here, it's just a jewish label.

Why h3h3? Why the amazing atheist? They are both liberals, i don't even know the rest of the channels but they are possibly worse.

Huh? Spencer coined the term.

>my world view is the norm
I don't care about milo personally. He's a useful figurehead for when the 'alt-right' is eventually corralled and co-opted.

He's just able to get the word out and make questioning paradigms fun for young people. I'm fine with that. He's gay. Never really cared. Not like he's giving birth to mixed babies in high school.

100% agree.

Cultural libertarianism already has a huge space online. Him trying to associate that mess with the alt-right is entirely manipulative.


Stormfront and skinheads dont like William Luther Pierce.Theres a reason I post here, instead of there, and that I have never posted there.

>>Andrew Anglin, editor of the Daily Stormer, published an article on the website this Tuesday that declares Milo is taking their “brand [and] symbols, and turning them against us for a neocon-Jew conservative agenda. He is rewriting our narrative, while taking everything that we have created” to supposedly use for his own ends.

Holy shit, white supremacists are mad about cultural appropriation. Are these faggots the new SJWs?

>"alt-right" is just a label designed to box in a number of "unacceptable" ideologies that don't even always agree with each other. it's a term made for demonization, no different than calling someone a nazi
OK, in practice alt-right may mean that, but it was there is also a real "alternative right":

>have no idea what this is supposed to be
>Cred Forums should be one person


Under what label would any person Right of Center not be demonized by the Left? Who gives a single fuck?

movement =/= aut-right

He acts a spokesman for it, though, and he defines it and misrepresents us.

Anglin isn't God, m8, I don't accept everything he says as gospel. And even he's been agitating against him slightly recently.

thank God this faggot will get out of the picture, stupid nigger loving heathen

milo has his moments but he's such a kike holy shit. anglin is more right than he is wrong

When will this meme die? They are a minority within a minority within a minority.

>white supremacists
Did CNN bring you here?


The point is that TAA at least complains about SJWs. h3h3 I honestly don't understand, they barely ever talk about SJWs or politics.

Fucking KikeBart is a cancer. It is the forefront of the alt-light. With that fucking gay jew as its mast.

The term alt-right was not just made up by the media, it was coined years ago by Richard Spencer and was adopted by places like The Right Stuff and such.
The media is trying to turn it into a blanket term for anyone who isn't establishment conservative, but the original meaning referred to a movement for white nationalism and creating a white ethnostate.

This is cringe-worthy click bait.

(((Milo))) is a faggot who is more of nuisance than an obstacle.

Whoever picked him as a leader of "alt-right" to begin with and why?

Hes mad about controlled opposition you idiot, the problem is that hes identifying as alt-right which is a jewish created term to undermine white nationalism.

Not giving the whole spiel, but lets put it this way - "alt right" includes people of all races, and you wont see any "black white nationalists"

>that the alt-right exists
In order for this to be true, the people that supposedly make it up would have to agree to such a connection. Much like referring to "Native Americans" when most this would apply to want nothing to do with the other groups so labeled.

There is no alt-right. There is only the common man who is sick of a world gone mad.

And Milo is a cancerous faggot profiting off of this illusion.

Milo doesn't truly know the difference even thought he may claim he does. The problem is people are quick to label themselves as certain things where they may be leaving certain things out, or it could be that these ideologies are too imperfect for further classification.

>They are a minority within a minority within a minority.
A tiny minority of people are actually interested in arguing about political science. Most people want to get on with their lives. What is not a minority, is the growing number of people sick of political correctness.

And anglin was never there at the beginning of it all he's a fucking bandwagonner who trying to change a movement he didn't start

No you implied Stormfront is some radical fringe when in reality they are nothing more than tea party tier Patriotards

The reason DailyStormer is so popular and will pass SF in such a short amount of time is because of how radical Anglin and Zeiger are while SF will wither and die as they try to be relevant.

They've always been SJWs. Nazis are leftists with an ideology that mirrors what regressive leftists want. They deny it too much, however.

>not knowing anything about stormfags

The Daily Stormer, describes itself as a "white supremacist publication", you clueless fucking retard. Did you join the internet yesterday?

Stormfaggots existed long before the alt-right, so they can't be alt-right. They are just traditional far-right extremists.

We, the alt-right, are a new brand of right and won't be discredited by throwing us into one basket with white supremacists and neo-nazis.

>alt-right which is a jewish created term
The white nationalist Spencer was Jewish?

Ten shekels have been deposited into your account

The media really, for that he's not responsible.

However his incessant misrepresentation of the movement as broadly-culturally libertarian is completely dishonest.

I said stormnigger. That covers the entire spectrum. I am not nor will I ever be natsoc.

What is even the alt-right? I mean seriously. A collective of individuals who disagree? With what?

>poop posting
go back to SA, you turbocucked faggot

No one has declared a holy crusade against Milo.

D&C kikes probably have, no one else cares.

>An unrepentent homo who claims to support Western values.
He's apart of the West's biggest threat, bigger than Islam. Not to mention the clip of him admitting to raping children (a common trait from gay people) with Pedophiles in Hollywood.

And now (((they))) are trying to hijack that. This thread is obviously full of people who normally don't post here and they are shilling the alt-right.
They saw an uncontrolled opposition and then their jewish instincts kicked in. They are trying to get a foothold here in order to save their kike asses. This time they won't get away with it.

I partially agree. Stormfront isn't really related with the alt-right, but the original alt-right is still about white nationalism.



What does stormfront and white supremacy have to do with ramzpaul? #notall

nope their are black and mexican alt righters.

alt right is libertarian anti political correctness movement, nothing more

4ch, 8ch, Rebbit, and the real alt-fighters like the TRS and Daily Stormer guys have all turned on him. He's done for. Doesn't matter if he's getting attention or not.

Then you deny the truth.

Fascism, National Socialism are worldviews.

They are rooted in objective truths and applying science to man.
You're either NatSoc or you're wrong.

shill pls

He wasnt a white nationalist if he was okay with a jewish faggot zionist leading his movement.

Define alt right. Make sure to include how its not far right, but its not conservative. Make sure to include how they dont like open borders because of money, and jobs.. and not because of white genocide.

If you lump white nationalism in with the "alt-right" - youre falling into the jews hands.

Let me make this real simple for you.

If you lump white natonalism in with the people who dont like open borders for any reason at all besides white genocide and cultural marxism, youre making all those issues seem like Nazi issues.

Dont like open borders? NAZI
Dont like the religion of peace? NAZI

Youre a fucking idiot, a useful idiot.

>not knowing anything about "alt right"

Um, the Daily Stormer uses the term "alt right" to describe themselves and other white nationalist movements. They are mad that Milo co-opted the term. Do you have a reading comprehension issue?

The first time I heard the term "alt-right" was from a white nationalist a couple years ago to self-describe their emerging movement.

Anglin has support from the TRS guys I think? Those are legit alt-righters. Us channers aren't necessarily alt-right, but there is some overlap.

Natsoc is Leftist LARPagan garbage. I'm not Leftist, and I will be Christian unto death.

I don't know where you got that idea, but sadly you are mistaken.
White nationalism is at the core of the true, original alt-right, regardless of what Milo or whoever else says.

bigots and white supremacists are garbage

alt right is libertarian reaction to sjw culture nothing more

t. Milo

>Most of these "refugees" are men not feeling war


>I just think that 230 points added onto someones SAT scores because of their race alone isnt right.


I still don't expect you to understand.

>Spencer coined the term
Lot of ambiguity there m8.

Fuck off kike

>Cred Forums should be one person
Where did I say that? All I've said is that we should get rid of of the newfags and bring down the Zionist charlatan known as Milo.

>shilling this hard for DS

Yeah, I think this is a CTR tactic. You can't be this desperate.

Anyone who calls themselves alt right is a massive faggot.

There is no alt right, there is only right and left. Neocons are just pissed because they aren't considered right wing anymore.

I'm a Christian fascist or did you not read about Mussolini, Franco, Leon Degree, and Cornelius Codreanu?

All open men of the faith that fought for it.

I agree that Odin LARPing is retarded.



remember that the Charleston shooting was an obvious hoax with crisis actors and everything.

>Fuck off kike

>alt right is libertarian

fucking hilarious, good one user.

The daily stormer dun goofd.

Ill take William Luther Pierce over a bunch of skinheads putting their smokes out in jewish baby's eyes any day. You retards are everything the jews have been trying to paint normal white men that want a white family as being.

If you dont want to racemix, youre that nazi with the smoke in the babys eye, and its thanks to skinhead retards like those youl find at stormfront.

You keep listening to the sounds of Anal Cunt, and Ill keep exposing jewish subversion.

thats a different alternative right

no one on pol is really racist, we are libertarian anti political correctness.


It is the jews though. Certainly in America, Britain and Sweden it is. Ever noticed how all these jews have German surnames? Yep, it's the jews in Germany too. There is also a large population of jews in France who lived there through the war. It is these countries who are experiencing both the most damage from globalism, as well as being almost exclusively responsible for it. It's not a coincidence.

>no one on pol is really racist
Wew lad

Hi there Milo!

who gives a shit about any of this besides stormfags?

lurk moar faggot

the racism is memes and satire

>we should get rid of the newfags and bring down the Zionist charlatan known as Milo

Seems like you encourage outright censorship? No wonder people take NatSocs seriously.

Is this her?

Cuz if so shes pretty cool

the alt right eats the alt right

He is a faggot coalburning kike. Literally all that Cred Forums hates. I'm surprised any of you ever liked him.

>posting jewish propaganda
>wondering why you get called a jew

Breitbart is officially cuck tier


More like centre-right. I respect Libertarianism, but holier than thou retards like you need to fuck off. You obviously don't actually know anything about Fascism so here's some relevant literature for you.

>the Daily Stormer,
discontinued viewing the passage precisely at this point

You're alt-lite at best.

I don't know who's trolling on this board any more.

He keeps saying that, and then he keeps defining it.

>he fell for the bipartisan left right false paradigm jew

Found the Jew

And some more

Wow, we archiving breitbart now?

>he fell for the "pol is satire" meme

>The (((alt-right))) eats the alt-right

Everything went better than expected.

LOL so assuming this is even true, that his great grand parents perhaps might have been some part Jewish, I don't see how this invalidates his contributions to the advancement of European peoples. Also just because his parents allege that he is a paranoid schizophrenic does not make it true. It isn't uncommon for liberal freaks to label anyone who disagrees with their worldview a lunatic.

>there are people on Cred Forums RIGHT NOW who don't think a jew would pander to white supremacists and anti-Semites if he thought there was profit to be made

He saw the opportunity and went for it.

>I believe everything that is said on Cred Forums

You have to go back

>lurk moar faggot
Are you a hired Hindu following some kind of algorithm that tells you to spout buzzwords given certain word triggers? Am I talking to an outsourced shitposter?


I'm not a libertardian. Never have been. I'm simply a Right-wing Christian nationalist. Closest thing you could connect me to is probably paleocon.

I lime milo. Its ok if he downplays the Calling out of jews (they call anti-semitism) , but he gives cover

I think its funny and weak the adl lists pepe, but its better to stay in the background and meme from afar

I think they confused h3h3 with MDE

Milo is a big enormous degenerate egofag. But when the 1488'ers come out of the woodwork with all the "kikes" and "kikebots," it's hard not to cringe.

The alt-right is increasingly normie. The old remnant that staunchly insists on co-opting every over the top stereotype of a "racist" constructed by the left is dying off. Being far-right and even very racist isnt the problem, the problem is acting like some 95 IQ ignorant skinhead who can't write a sentence w/o the word "Jew" in it.

Sophistication, people. For the love of God.


Racism as in races are superior/inferior to each other is bullshit on the level of "jewish supremacy" and pic related

Race realism is just facts and racial pride (white pride) is a good thing.

You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. The term "alt right" literally started with white nationalists describing their new emerging movement, Milo and Brietbart then co-copted it after a couple years.

Now clueless faggots like yourself associate the term with Milo. This is what TDS article above is talking about you fucking idiot, read it. They say that they are "the real alt-right". Get it now? Milo doesn't represent the "alt right", he's trying to steal the movement.

How are facts and statistics satirical exactly?

true, i disagree with the man's sins but rather enjoy what he's done for free speech.

Anglin is the same guy that went after Greg Johnson at one point. I don’t really mind the daily stormer, but the guy who runs it seems like he wants to pick fights.

I really only take issue with Milo bringing up some 18 year old girl who's just going through a phase and comparing her to people who have made an indentity out of 3rd position politics like the trad workers party.


>everyone that disagrees with me is a Jew

Keep trying, shill

>“We are going to show his people that the real alt-right exists and that we despise him, that the hoax alt-right he’s created doesn’t exist.”
Good god all this spaghetti. How dumb do you have to be to not only fall for the leftist narrative but to willingly paint yourself in it? Milo was only ever a useful idiot to begin with, who gives a fuck about him? Let him spin stories; the more he does, the more he alienates us and the further he gets away from the truth. At this point he is just a diversion for leftists.


This only gives Milo more legitimacy

The people speaking out against Milo in this article come off as complete nutjob conspiracy theorists.

No it's just the cancer that was excised during Cred Forums harbor. They all ran away with their tails between their legs because they couldn't handle a little bantz, now they're butthurt about Cred Forums being bigger and stronger than ever while cripplechan draws even less users than 7chan.

>oh no, why doesn't the right accept my jewish faggot niggerfucking ass?


>debauchery and ill contempt for a modest society.
>implying that's a bad thing
they don't get to force your view of what's modest onto others and that's exactly as it should be.
Modest "normal" people will recognize and appreciate each other and the rest can do whatever.
The other option is to be like the muslims and restrict everyone based on what they believe to be the right way for society.

>we fuck goats
Can i have that as a big picture please?

And subtlety and humour.

You'll get better results without becoming a cult.

>alt right is libertarian

how fucking retarded are you?

Shut the fuck up shill he was on renegade tribune trying to encourage autists to kill black people with homemade drones. He's as FBI as it gets, just like Sam Hyde and all your other e-celeb faggots

Milo bends over these sjw's far better than stormfags.

In fact if jews like milo turn against the sjw marxist left and against mass immigration- like milo - there is actually no need for an ethnic concsious white nationalism, because the goals r met

>You have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.

Actually I know exactly what Im talking about, because white nationalism isnt alt right, says the former leader of white nationalism.

Its not even right wing at all. Stop furthering the jewish agenda, Anglin isnt helping anyone.

yeah but more people show up the Milo events than white nationalist events so that disproves the whole
“We are going to show his people that the real alt-right exists and that we despise him, that the hoax alt-right he’s created doesn’t exist.”

Goddamn, I love to watch Cred Forums turn on each other.

The Daily Stormer is 1/100,000 of the alt right at best and we shouldn't judge the movement based on what so few people are responsible for.

You know what other group has their reputation poisoned by a small fraction of radicals? Muslims.

Cred Forums will never recover from this. You fell into a logic trap and your entire worldview has now crumbled. Welcome to our side. #imwithher #banpepe

Far Right: Stormfront
Alt-Right: TRS, Daily Stormer, NPI, 8ch
Alt-Kike: Breitbart, Milo, Rubin
???: Stefan
???: Alex Jones, PJW
Alt-Leaf: Southern, McInnes
???: Pol
NRx: ???



Stop with this e-celeb D&C shit. Clinton wants you to tear yourself apart with this. This is what killed GamerGate.

He tried to game The_donald for shekels and got caught redhanded.

Now he can't even get any viewers on Breitbart.

This. Let Milo have his fun, let daily stormfags try to take him down. I'm indifferent to Milo, he's all about fluffing himself but he begins redpilling normies not to mention the incredible ass pain he creates among the much bigger and more organized left.

I say we leave Milo be. He's not a threat to us or this place.

>the alt right is increasingly normie

You see the people on YouTube who report for Breitbart and Infowars? They actually look like respectable people for fuck's sake. Could you imagine these guys doing this shit for Daily Stormer? Probably not.

But jews are an enormous alien obstacle in keeping the West white, just like marxists, feminists, muslims or niggers. In fact jews are the biggest obstacle of all and in large part responsible for the other obstacles. How are we supposed to talk if we can't name the jew?

I want murdoch murdoch to make an episode about this.

This divisive crap couldn't come at a worse time.

The election is weeks away.
Long-knive each other AFTER Trump wins you masochists.


>this thread

Fuck this, I give up


Milo is not the alt right

He's a libertarian. He's literally just a gay Ron Paul lol

I don't see anything wrong with that. Just a bit of banter from weev.
>If someone promotes WN they must be FBI shills.

>The trouble is that we dont fit many of the customary pigeonholes and that is because the doctrine of the national alliance, the truth for which we stand, is not just a rehash of old familiar ideas, but is really something new to Americans.



He wasn't objectively the leader, no one crowned him "Leader of White Nationalism" but for some 30-40 years, he was the one with the most control. Upon his death, chaos ensued. He was the strongman holding the movement together.

>Duke organized a weekend gathering of "European Nationalists", in the vein of white nationalism, in Kenner, Louisiana. In an attempt to overcome the splintering and division in the white nationalist movement that had followed the death of leader William Pierce in 2002, Duke presented a unity proposal for peace within the movement and a better image amongst outsiders. His proposal was accepted and is now known as the New Orleans Protocol (NOP). It pledges adherents to a pan-European outlook, recognizing national and ethnic allegiance, but stressing the value of all European peoples.

Anything with "right" in it inherently cant be white nationalist.

>I think the alt-right could be divided into several branches.
No shit numb nuts? The "alt-right" is just a blanket term used to attack all types of right wingers that don't subscribe to the conservative mainstream. It's not a single ideology, it doesn't even really exist since it's just a strawman.


They too don't like milo though. The like daily stormer because they see it as pleb propaganda

Literally alt-neocons.

Ah, the Alt-Right.

Already fighting itself, again.

Get the popcorn.


>I think the left and the right wing are the American versions of the left and the right

I don't think you know your political philosophy history.

that is the point they are all jews and shills
they are all promoting jews
milo promotes israel and jews
TDS and alt right promotes trump and trump promotes israel and jews

breitbart promotes milo and jews and israel


>"alt-right" is just a blanket term
No it's not a blanket term. Let's stop trying to re-define a term that the TRS, DS, and NPI guys use.

> Explain that a little further?
There is overlap between aesthetics and social cohesion/control. pop/corporate culture is constantly altering aesthetic norms to induce spending. It is what marketing is all about.
> "This seasons wardrobe", "The must have gadget this Xmas"
The poor escape the precariousness of fluctuating societal norms by creating an in-group via aesthetics. An aesthetic solidarity movement. A clique.

I think this user is saying they are in it for that so they can't easily alter it.

Doesn't Mike Enoch support the official story of 9/11...

why are lefties so intent on fucking Milo up the ass now? (no sexual innuendo intended)

>think they're important
>people stealing their movement isn't a sign of the importance
>Hillary Clinton crying about Nazi frogs isn't a sign

You people

Pic explains the autistkc alt right.
We NatSocs dont want you alt right to take and use our ideology and make it look bad.
The altright can fuck off
And neo-pol can fuck off

This. I'm solidly convinced both sides of this retarded argument are composed of shills and useful idiots. Cred Forums doesn't want the alt-right label, we don't wanna have anything to do with the alt-right and we're only associated with the alt-right by faggot kike media. Everyone contributing to this idiotic discussion is only furthering the Jew agenda. Fuck you all.

The only movement anglin the manlet has is a bowel movement

The Daily Stormer is white people in white countries talking about white things. They WANT whites to have a collective identity and for it to be #allwhitepeople. Muslims, regardless of whether they have links to terrorism or not, are brown people with alien ideology who don't belong in white countries and never will. They are ALL responsible for the problems muslim immigration brings, of which terrorism is one, but beta leftist white claim they aren't. Thankfully the majority of the are at least terrorist sympathisers, so they're really a godsend for nationalists. No muslims, no terrorism. It's that simple. There's absolutely no logical contradiction here.

Relax. Im saying the same thing you are in more detail.

White nationalism is not related to the alt-right although white nationalists may have interests which are the same as the alt-right, but for different reasons.

It IS a blanket term. There is no specific ideology or group of people to it.

>Cred Forums should be one person

You have been rightfully Jewed my friend.

No you fucking retard, Richard Spencer started using the term back in 2010 when he created He is the President of the National Policy Institute (white nationalist think tank) and identitarian.

>get labeled
>start infighting

TRS and Milo are both cancer. Fuck all of you.

TDS= full of homo-enablers and believe in the official story of 9/11
Breitbart= Edgier Neocons (probs full of neo-trotskyists)
Anglin/Weev/Renegay tribune/Angelo John gay= FBI
Trump= owned by jews and connected to Jeffrey Epstein (they can blackmail him to do anything)
Alt-right= legitimate dissent that has been co-opted and mutated into useful idiots

Milo is just a scumbag who is trying to co-opt a youth movement for publicity and doesn't understand our culture or tries to shape it into what he wants it to be.

Daily Stormer is semi-satirical, but still pro-white. The owner is obviously a Cred Forumslack, and it very accurately represents pol culture. Unlike Milo, they never claimed to be the leader of Cred Forums or the alt-right, but they do like the title alt-right, since it is the first step to organizing as an actual political movement to have an identity.