Why is he so perfect?

Why is he so perfect?

good one m8

Lol fucking roach



Because he's crashing the labour party with no survivors

more like he's turning it into a socialist party
centre-left and liberal labour was shit.

He is making sure there will be no Labour government until at least 2025!

He's based



hitler was also a vegan

Don't worry, Muhammad, Sadiq will become PM sooner than that.

Strong arms.

Sadiq hates Corbyn.

and he was as imperfect as corbyn

Vegetarian, there's a difference

How would this happen?
He has no power outside of London.

>centre-left and liberal labour was shit.
and to the vast majority of the electorate his super lefty version is equally fucking pleb.

>member of the most unelectable version of labour since the 80s becoming PM
lolno. Only way it happens is if May goes full retard with brexit.

>He has no power outside of London.
>implying he has any power in London

>TFW Corbyn will never be a president of the European Union.

>far-left is pleb

>How would a muslim london mayor become prime minister?

Same way he became london mayor: by the glory of Allah, his prophet, and by bringing in more pakis and pajeets than europeans.

Doesn't even compare. Canadafags will know