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Muh nigga

Not gonna bother to post image, but I'm the farthest to the right and about -8 on Y axis



This test really can't deal with radical centrism.


But yeah this test is shit; it's just the least shit one I've seen yet.


>The "radical" in the term refers to a willingness on the part of most radical centrists to call for fundamental reform of institutions.[3] The "centrism" refers to a belief that genuine solutions require realism and pragmatism, not just idealism and emotion.[4] Thus one radical centrist text defines radical centrism as "idealism without illusions".[5][nb 1]
>Most radical centrists borrow what they see as good ideas from left, right, and wherever else they may be found, often melding them together.

Ah, so you might agree with socialized healthcare but want a completely free market otherwise? Or

>basing your political opinions from an image board

>adopting authoritarian values so you don't feel left out


And my double repeating digits apparently confirm kek endorses me

I'm getting slightly more libertarian while sliding equally as far to the right

What the fuck does this mean?

Yes. The core of it is the complete disregard for the left-right axis. Things that work and are constructive are so, regardless of which side of the line they're found on.



literally a centrist


What are you doing, Huehue?





Nice trips

can you link me to that test please?


Hi shills

fuck off faggot

This is a fucking shitty test with shitty questions.
According to it I'm a Marxist-Leninist even though I'm as Fascist as one can get.

Do this test instead, niggers:

Stop being fucking stupid.


>I'm as Fascist as one can get.

I agree but the only other tests that turned up in the first couple results were worse.

Muh anarchy, muh fuck the sistem, muh un-understood teenager life.
Muh ebil whity, muh everyone can do everything they want, muh economy ignorance


Dats right.


Just did one, good timing OP

The green square can only exist within the human imagination

muhh fascism
muhh government controls my life
muhh debt

I thought Europe liked freedom

Nope. The test doesn't work too well.

Im not fascist but whats the problem if the government controls your life? The more the governament controls, more the nation will grow.

Voting Hillary too, so suck it.
Pennsylvania will be blue.


>being so far from the american political spectrum
>tfw you will never have a president you believe in
I feel sorry for you.

Well people like you are the reason our country sucks, you stupid communist.

That's funny, because your test says that I am a National Socialist, while I'm a Communist


lol, you are far too lazy to vote, don't kid yourself


Stupid, lazy and corrupt people are the reason why our country sucks.
You can deal with monkeys only through force, or else they won't accomplish anything by themselves.

the perfect position

God Tier

Literally Hitler

>accomplish anything

i have nothing to say


You're the typical Brazilian who automatically dismiss the concept of state and government because the Brazilian one is extremely corrupt and flawed.
By showing your high level of ignorance you missed an opportunity to learn here, because I won't give no further explanation to literally illiterate people. Sad.

get your military game up bro


r8 me


I thought I'll be more into right.


Let me put it into perspective, buddy

You think that the problem with the country are the lazy, stupid and corrupt people, so you want to leave the stupidest, laziest, most corrupt people in charge of everything?

Everything our government touches turns into absolute shit, 30% of the budget going straight into politician pockets and massive amounts of bureaucracy.

Did you not learn with Petrobras? Do you commies EVER LEARN SOMETHING?

You motherfucker son of a bitch, I want to kill you so much

black here, how could I do better?

>You're the typical Brazilian

No, you are, you massive faggot, that's why your shit lefty parties win and we never get shit done.


Life of a Brazilian "intellectual". Congratulations on winning every election and ruining the country.


kys scum

Thank you, wish there is more people like you.

Nigger, I'm a Fascist. I believe that only the most capable and nationalist people should hold any power.

I'm not this guy Look at the IDs, pay attention to details, chimp.

You are a retarded delusional faggot who has never left his house. If you'd ever been to a government institution you'd know better than to want more government.

I've worked with various government agencies for 3 years, all they do is watch Netflix and read during work hours, and they can't be fired for it either.

If you want to be an edgy fascist "le chimps need to be controlled!" you can go kill yourself, it'll never work in this country.


You're obviously politically illiterate, you don't even know what Fascism is and what it stands for. Kindly, kill yourself.

I'm a filthy normie commie libtard.

>What Fascism is
One of the thousands of retarded groups in Brazil succesfully turning us into a lefty shithole.

But I'm sure you're much smarter than the others though, right? You only vote for the same lefty parties because it's a convergence of interests.

Your movement in Brazil was cucked by Marxists and will always be. Either grow the balls to support a right-wing dictatorship or don't share stupid opinions.

are you me?

Well shit didn't know i was a commie

Your Political Compass
Economic Left/Right: -5.75
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.41

>getulists became lulists
>peronists became kirchnerists
Shut up you both.

fuck you guys


I'd be ignoring you by now but I confess I'm not mature all the time. Seeing niggers like you sharing misinformation annoys the shit out of me.


>One of the thousands of retarded groups in Brazil succesfully turning us into a lefty shithole
There's no Fascist group in this fucking country. The closest we have is the Integralist Party but it has no influence on anything whatsoever, and it's not Fascist, it's traditionalist. Everything else is irrelevant, there's no organized FASCIST group in this hellhole and I know because I've tirelessly searched them.

>You only vote for the same lefty parties because it's a convergence of interests
WHAT? Who the hell are you talking about?

Fucking clueless nigger, open a fucking book for fuck's sake. Your idea of "right-wing dictatorship" is probably close to Fascism but you can't know since you have no fucking idea of nothing.

This was the last time I wasted my energy typing anything for you. Dumb cunt.

None of them were Fascists in the first place. Fascists are completely against Marxism, if these people submitted to the left it means they didn't have any idea of what they were doing in the first place. They were mass of maneuver and nothing else.

Look, you baboons make the discussions' level on this board go to the fucking bottom. I should be the only monkeyzilian allowed here. And I'm serious. Get the fuck out if you can't keep up. Knowing some Facebook memes of "left" and "right" doesn't mean you're welcome here. Go back to your national imageboards, niggers.

Seems about right

That's pretty much exactly my score.

Sucks, I thought I was more libertarian right than that

National Democratic Socialist
the fuck does that even mean?
Here's the percents
Cosmopolitan - 15% Nationalistic
Secular 29% - Fundamentalist
Visionary 11% - Reactionary
Anarchistic 14% - Authoritarian
Communistic -18% - Capitalistic
Pacifist - 25% Militaristic
Ecological - 18% Anthropocentric