Is Adderall the drug for the white man?

Is Adderall the drug for the white man?

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I've been looking forever for those, I've asked pushers, but they've never heard of it. How do I get them?

It's the drug that jews use to create zogbots who will do everything that they want

goddamn it's been a while since I've had to crush up some of those BBs

Darknet markets
Getting drugs has never been so easy.

they might not be legal where you live. Ask for ritalin, or even better vyvanse.

Or just get straight up speed man, and do "medical" doses

I was on it for a while, all it did was make me nauseous as fuck and give me splitting headaches. It also killed my appetite (or maybe that was the nausea) so I wasn't eating properly and began to suffer from malnutrition. I did have a friend who was on it and it definitely helped her but it did nothing for me whatsoever and the side-effects were detrimental to my quality of life and my ability to preform academically.

It's a drug for specific people and most definitely shouldn't be blanket prescribed to individuals with attention related disorders.

i took vyvanse to study for a final once

i got depressed and have never felt the same since, my brain feels very fogged up

Idk man. Maybe

The very few white people that can compete with the immigrants at high levels in grad school here are all doped out on adderall etc.

I'm not sure if psychiatrics are better than being a heavy smoker/drinker

Try Modafinil. Legal to buy without a prescription, negative side effects of Adderall not present, and you don't build up a tolerance.

It's also what Hillary Clinton is on desu

that is what sucks, you have to force food down even though you don't feel any appetite.

What is worse for me is all the jerking off, i just can't stop. As soon as i finish one load, i start looking for the next moive to have a jerk to, it is madness

go to your local college, find the twitchy kid, befriend him, mooch addies

That shit made me feel like a zombie, I accomplished shit during the day but man I was in autopilot, never using that stuff again

This is legit, I got a script for it from my doc cause I work 24 hour shifts it's legit.

Just tried it for the first time two hours ago. Will be on the lookout for zombie mode.

Modafinil will do in a pinch.

Otherwise you're relegated to the less effective legal nootropic market, which I've had mixed results with.

I wouldn't suggest taking adderall and Ritalin all the time btw.

Too much fucks with your shit.

Normally I'll limit myself to one or two a week. Keeps your tolerance too, which means your limited supply is that more effective.

As far as legal nootropics go, I got the best results from noopept, but it takes a day or two to build up, and you have to stop taking it for a week or so to keep the tolerance low. Haven't tried the Alex Jones stuff.

I hear about this stuff constantly but I haven't seen a single valid study for it

Adderall is for weak faggots. It's such a trashy drug to do.

Eat a big breakfast first, and force yourself to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Food and drink with higher vitamin c can dilute the effects.

If you're going to drink alcohol, don't drink beer, as the foam will fill your shrinking stomach.

Aww. Someone got out scored in their their class and now hates evil adderall.

Is anyone else here taking concerta?

I took 4x dose of noopept, piramiracetam, and choline supp in one day. In a few hours, I started having smallish anxiety bouts. In the evening I got on the subway to meet up with friends for a beer. I went into a full blown panic attack and the woman sitting across from me's face turned into a chinese dragon mask. I just looked away and waited for my stop. Started calming down when I finally sat down with friends

I was prescribed adderall last fall.
The first time I took I felt good. So good that it scared the shit out of me. During that time I wasn't hungry, I was confident and I was way more social than usual. As soon as it wore off I became a wreck. Myself esteem was nonexistant, I felt awful, I wanted to curl up and die. I also wasn't able to sleep (adderall is also used to treat Narcolepsy).

The whole experience is awful and I still have the pills. I use them for days that I need to be awake for, but I want to get rid of them.

Another name for adderall is "amphetamine salt" not sure if this will help.

only thing I don't like about it is that it makes me smoke like fucking chimney when I'm on it.

you learn to ride out the lows over time. Good thing about addy is that it changes your mindset even when you're off of it. I'm much more focused and less neurotic now at all times.


Seriously fuck off you fucking cunt.

I prefer coffee.


I was.

Vyvanse is not for everybody, but overall I think it is the most effective drug in terms of helping with ADHD

I gotta get a new prescription, I've been eating these bad boys and while they get the job done they're fucking expensive


i think vyvanse is the most effective drug in terms of FUCK YOU




not even once.
High functioning whites just take coffee plus low-dose benzos or opiates.

You'll be more talkative, social and outgoing, while feeling happy as fuck.

That kinda sounds like the drug soma from "Brave New World" when I read that

A lot of it is shilling. The Bulletproof Exec guy is responsible for a very good portion of it. Methylphenidate/amphetamine is a much better choice. Modafinil will keep you awake, but clinical studies have been doing showing very minor improvement in cognitive function compared to stimulant drugs. It's also like 5x the cost.

54mg daily. Works very well, but it took me about 2 weeks to adjust to it to where I wouldn't get jittery.

I'm on vyvanse and it got me through high school.
I failed nearly every grade before so.


It's meth so yeah

Only take it if you are prescribed it or you have REAL self control. If you are using it just to get through something difficult, do not even think about using it.

its dextroamphetamine, not methamphetamine.

Wtf is this degenerate shit thread.
Can't you function as a normal human being without drugs you fags?

Burn in hell

>All these babies

Adderall is fucking god-tier. Been taking two pills everyday for five years. I've built up a tolerance in the sense that I would feel off not taking two a day, but since I'm prescribed, it's no problem.

Adderall basically breaks down into two phases: the rush, and the comedown. I'm a lawyer, so that works amazingly. I take it before a trial for the rush when you feel confident and shit, and during the comedown, when you wanna be more focused and alone with your thoughts, it's great for writing your cases/preparing for arguments.

Adderall is only bad if you become a degenerate drug-addict with blows through the prescription within a week. But if you have a modicum of self-control, it literally makes you a better human being.

protip for U.S. bros: Ephedrine (which you can legally buy with a driver's license in the form of Bronkaid) mixed with a strong cup of coffee is very similar to adderall

The white man doesn't need any drugs because he is biologically perfect and the pinnacle of evolution.

>Prescription needed

Not really. You can order it online and nobody gives a care.

EPO and caffeine will turn you into a superhuman

Anybody take Vyvanse here?

Just use meth if you're going to fuck with this shit. Meth is cheaper and has the same effect.

Degenerate faggot

I was thinking of going back on them, but I will need to find a new doctor to reassign the prescription. Otherwise I've been improving my focus and sleep patterns by dropping my sugar intake drastically and getting nasal surgery so I could breathe through my nose (had nasal polyps that caused sleep apnea and breathing issues).

Same here bro, literally changed the course of my life.

Took it, yeah. Started out with a prescription for 30 mg and was eventually upped to a total of 50 mg over the course of about a year. My grades and focus definitely improved for about 3-4 hours after taking it, but I would always wind up with a crash period that lasted for the remainder of the day. Generally I'm a pretty happy person, but those Vyvanse crashes would make me reeeeally depressed. I would be incapable of having fun, had troubled eating, studying, massively reduced sex drive... I couldn't even play video games and enjoy myself. The juxtaposition of extreme highs followed by crushing lows has made me apprehensive to continue taking it on a regular basis.

Also: after discontinuing my doses of Vyvanse I've noticed that I need to sleep between ten and twelve hours a night to feel rested. This has started to worry me because I've been off of the medication for nearly a month and I still feel lethargic constantly and require a tremendous amount of sleep maintain mental acuity throughout the day.

Try vyvanse, it last longer throughout the day and at least for me the comedown isn't as exacerbated. You can also try coffee or go for a run when it wears off.

Literally go to doctor say I can't pay attention think I have add
>fail test on purpose
>get addy for like fucking $6 a month
>easily sell one for six bucks
>use for important things never more than 48 straight take 36 tolerance breaks and sell off what you don't use

I've been taking it for years

Is there anyway I can 'experiment' with it?

I know right, I've had this and it's no different to a low dose of meth, top kek at the guy who said it made him confident and happy until it wore off, that's exactly how meth makes you feel bro, but because it's from a doctor it's alright.

It's crazy they give this stuff to kids, ive heard the 'oh but it works different on people with adhd' meme which is such bullshit, they're getting high hust like everyone else which makes focusing on schoolwork rewarding, just like cleaning your house or taking apart a vcr at 3am is while you're off your head.

>not a stimulant

yes, the drug of degenerate white men. At least I don't like it. Just smoke weed lmao

This is a shitty slide thread... which you bumped.

>6¢ for Addi
Shift Google that stuff goes for 20 a pill here


If you're too autistic to go to a psychai and pretend to be an adhd fuck then you can't handle it.

>doc I just try to study but after only a few minutes, a few seconds I start doing something else
>sometimes I have an uncontrolled train of thought
>I can't sit still without feeling anxious and stress

shit's so easy

Haha finally

Side effects include medical school

>A lot of it is shilling. The Bulletproof Exec guy is responsible for a very good portion of it. Methylphenidate/amphetamine is a much better choice. Modafinil will keep you awake, but clinical studies have been doing showing very minor improvement in cognitive function compared to stimulant drugs. It's also like 5x the cost.
Do you have any links etc.?

Reading about modafinil on Reddit makes me want to order a pile of them


Maybe don't do as much, or its not reacting well with your system.

All trial and error tests on yourself should be in small doses.

Regular dose for me is good enough. Focus is noticeable. Everything I'm not focused on is tuned out, like standing in a field during a gentle snow.

tfw 4.0 gpa and have never taken alcohol

bruh, it's called coffee (and i'm in stem)

You could easily be found to be lying with an encephalogram.

I've used it, works alright makes your pee have a sweet-sulfery smell but gave me killer migraines

I have diagnosed ADHD, and I feel as though I'm not in control of my mind without Adderall. With it, it's like my impulses go to sleep and I can to what I want, not what my impulses want.
Perhaps I'm weak willed, but I think the structure of modern life makse it worse. So much of life today is so deathly boring, and that makes things hard for me. The medicine helps me tolerate and maneuver through it.

Congratulations on your white penis.

I can confirm this and benzos

If you want white men to be methed out and not have their dicks work.

Where are you ordering them from? I really want to try moda

Smaller doses make me hard as a rock.

Higher doses feels like shooting pool with a rope.

Same applies to whisky.

Excedrin Migraine works for me.

Meth will do that to you.

They don't care that much, jews are dying to get us all on drugs.

It's just speed, you get that in Denmark right? It'll be in powder or paste form rather than pills

Let me know when you're a senior and you have a 4.0 still. Junior year and under is piss easy.

I can't believe all these retards haven't given you the right answer.

adderall is practically non-existent in europe, what you are looking for is amphetamine paste or powder. I don't know what you call it in denmark in Ireland it's called speed. It is very similar to adderrall, some prefer it.

speed paste vs Rx amphetamines

Can you attest?

My brother has a prescription to adderall.

It's helpful sparingly when you need to get shit done but will turn you into a zombie for days.

>not a single westballz post
come on lads

You can buy 30mgs for like $3 a pill, every kid has a prescription for that shit nowadays

You should probably see a doctor about that.

I've never done Rx ones, it's the same chemical though so it should be very similar. I think there's two different isomers of amphetamine which can make a difference

I have tried addy and paste. but not much to really compare. When I took addy I took a lot and was buzzing my tits off. Same sensations though.

You can't test for a made up disease.

When I did chemical engineering I had a good GPA till fucking junior trio and senior trio. That shit was brutal.

speed=amphetamine=the active ingredient in adderall

Is this something you can get legally or is it a street drug?

>not using XR

street drug.

Both every college campus has even more aderall than weed. If you hoard the stuff come finals week you're rich.

I have been on it for nearly 5 years now and I am starting to scale back. At first I thought it was a godsend, I stopped losing all my shit all the time, I had mounds of energy, I could concentrate and retain info better than ever, it was great. I could live with the side effects then, but now they are a burden and not worth it anymore.

It basically makes me autistic, I get so focused on things and nothing else matters. I feel like a robot in social situations and I tend to get super smarmy and sarcastic when on it, like I have no empathy. It kills my sex drive, like I don't get horny at all while on it and have to really force myself to get hard and cumming is even harder. It raises my blood pressure a ton and my heart rate goes into the 190s when I exercise. Its hard to go to sleep at a decent time unless I really wear myself out, so I have to take melatonin which makes me want to sleep for like 12 hours, but I can't so I wake up after 6-7 groggy as hell until the next adderall kicks in.

I am taking it less and less. If I don't have to study or just have an easy class i won't take it, and as long as I get 7-8 hours of sleep I feel fine the next day. I will stay on it until I finish school, but then I am done with it, its not worth it.

Concerta is pretty nice, and I think overall it is safer than Adderall XR, but slightly less effective.

Either way, if you are taking these drugs use the XR version so you're not cycling through highs and lows. This leads to dependence and abuse problems.


Where can you buy it without a prescription?

Tried it, I have really severe auras though and nothing touches them once they start. Imagine 25-50% of your visual field being taken up by static

This or just get some balls. No one will kill you if you attempt to be talkative

I cant realise criticise but i think ideally we should be able to function without drugs running through our veins. To answer your question, no drugs is the white man's drug.

Drugs take you outside yourself and increase the risk of sailing through life in a numb autopilot mode.

In my experience, successful people arent usually doped up.

I'm a senior in chemical engineering right now and my shit is getting fucked up. Too many people in the degree and they need to fail some of us.

Sounds like you're taking way too much. We're you given a recommended dosage and have you stuck to it?

t. Person who is curious about taking it again after I was prescribed it at 18.

Athletes take PEDs at elite levels.

Students take stimulants at elite levels.

Artists take hallucinogens at elite levels.

Public speakers and live performers take benzos.

Sometimes you need to break the rules to get ahead my good goy.

IDK, but it sure is fun

This is a tolerance+dose issue

Quit for 3 months, then take small doses 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off

>Modafinil will do in a pinch.

In the US it's prescription only. But you can buy Adrafinil legally online. Basically the same thing but takes longer to kick in and is harder on your liver. (It would seem absurd for the less effective/more dangerous form to be legal until you realize that the FDA schedules drugs based on kickbacks from pharma.)

Don't abuse it, and be careful who you buy from. (Reddit has a useful FAQ on nootropic vendors.)

>As far as legal nootropics go, I got the best results from noopept, but it takes a day or two to build up, and you have to stop taking it for a week or so to keep the tolerance low. Haven't tried the Alex Jones stuff.

Phenylpiracetam is the shit. All the others, including noopept, are meh IMHO. Unfortunately phenylpiracetam builds tolerance in days, and is only effective again with a break.

> I went into a full blown panic attack and the woman sitting across from me's face turned into a chinese dragon mask.

You didn't have legit, pure noopept, piramiracetam, and/or choline. Every time I read an experience like yours I shiver thinking about what might have been in the pills or powder.

I know Cred Forums hates reddit, but their nootropic faq will point you to legit vendors with testing by outside labs. Don't risk your life...or risk bringing the FDA ban hammer down on the whole buying from some piece of shit and landing in a hospital. Do your research.


>In my experience, successful people arent usually doped up.

What alternate timeline did you visit from?

At the top they are all using something.

In my opinion normal (pure!) speed is better than the shit like modafinil/concerta/adderal.
If you have basic chemical experience you can wash it to get a pure material of amphetamine which is way more cheaper than any prescription and a lot stronger.
5-10 €/g here in Germany.
But of course you ned a good self controlling on that!

You're a fucking idiot if you take adderall white or not

I think the ADL is raiding Cred Forums or something because there are too many people responding to this thread

>tfw had a 2.3 GPA sophomore year and had to pull nearly perfect grades to end up with a 3.5GPA on graduation.

I probably couldve studied 2x less if I wasn't a retarded Freshman/Sophomore faggot. At least I had fun though and developed as a person that time. But holy fuck it was impossible to land an internship.

(((Sigismund Schlomo Freud)))
Merchant drugs. A literal "opiate to control the masses"

The Skinner was a real psychologist that cared about actual emotions and solving their real world problems.

Freud just wanted to block emotions with drugs and not solve the root causes of distress in life. Customer are customer indefinitely.

The Nazis torched his books for a reason.


Kek... That's exactly what I did until I got a prescription myself

>take adderal or any amphetamine
>Dick shrivels up like its hibernating for the winter
>Alittle worried while I'm going along with my buisness
>Goes back to its normal size after 24 or so hours.

Anyone else know this feel?

Bro if I take any stimulants like addy, concerta, vyvanse, etc and I make the mistake of jerking off my boner is massive and I end up jerking off for hours

>All these amerifats taking pills

Hold the phone, can adderall and all the other ADD/ADHD be the cause of the rise of autism?

any stimulant does that to me. it absolutely sucks. If I want to fuck, i gotta steer clear of stimulants.

Autism has been under diagnosed for years.

ADD has been over diagnosed for years.

Correlation =\= Causation

Yup, sex is awful on stims, except low doses of blow.

Were the Nazis faggots? I mean they were the ones who invented for soldiers great stuff don't need to eat sleep and being able to focus intensly

Also most of these works for quick results, learn to delay your gratification and you'll have better results long term.

People say Piractam doesn't work and quit after a week of use.

Take about 150mg in your coffee mixed with choline in the morning, routine for a month straight, and you'll see noticeable changes to your mood and focus.

The Concerta, Addy ect. comedown is brutal and turns you into a zombie. Also its expensive as shit to maintain.

Stay away from xanax and sleeping pills if you can, and only use amphetamines when it matters, you're still growing and you need to build your ambitions.

Back in my degeneracy days, my friends and I would crush up IR addy, snort it, and go downtown to poop on whores. Good times.

You may have sleep apnea

Nu-pol is filled with degenerates. Just a couple years ago everyone would've been telling OP to leave for being a degenerate druggie.

once you get it up it's no problem. I've been able to get it up on high doses of meth. Cumming is fucking AMAZING on speed, and there's zero refractory period. Makes me want to go out and buy some shit for a 12 hour fap session right now

that app sucks

1. its not a stim
2. you can order it legally in india and have it shipped

I wouldn't take meth pills if I were u

Anyone else know, if prescribed for a month, but you stop seeing the doc, and use sparingly, what happens in terms of a future drug test? Even if it was prescribed I imagine that script is not good months later.


I've got a bag of that stuff along with some aniractam. Anyone know how much a 200 lbs man should take for some creative focus?

Adderal is lame, I got prescribed them "genuinely" took a bunch, felt no different. never took em again.

I definitely wouldn't advise taking them everyday. but in terms of having a drug of choice to endulge upon every once a while they are good. Instead of being fucked up you feel energetic and talkative. Had some really good times chatting shit with friends and strangers alike under it's influence.

I have never felt any of those things except for being more alert and focused and not by much.

>get ADHD diagnosis at age 6
>put on 4x10mg Ritalin every day from age 6 to 18
>parents say it changed my behavior massively (for the better according to them)
>drop it when I finished HS
>fast forward 7 years
>I feel empty now, with no drive or motivation in general whatsoever, brain feels fucked and I have a somewhat hard time concentrating and forming more elaborate cohesive thoughts
>think maybe I need to try Ritalin again
>go to doc, get Concerta
>gives me a fucking headache
>get Ritalin again
>makes me feel a bit on edge but no significant changes in concentration
>the fuck

>start smoking weed, almost daily now
>when I get high my mind is overwhelmed (in a good way) with complex thoughts and deep realizations (although I don't get more productive or anything)
>brain feels more active in the days after when I am completely sober. I feel more positive and able to think more clearly.
The fuck is going on

I found some of these the other day and took a half of one about an hour ago to test my tolerance.

Are these good to snort? Anyone know if they're time released or anything?

I used to have a Vyvanse script years ago, but other than that I know nothing about amphetamines so any help would be appreciated.

Be careful, weed makes you think your mediocre ideas are great.

take shrooms will heal your brain

those look not time release
snorting them is retarded as fuck
vyvanse gave me anxiety and weird feeling

This lol. My notepad of "revelations" I've gotten high is really cringeworthy. Most of them are something like "just try to be happy in every moment".

Gee thanks high me

i didn't get diagnosed until adult, but there's alot of studies that it really fucks with your brian when it's still developing.

i haven't tried but i've read good things about v vyvanse / dexedrine the latter is much harder to get I believe.

Really? I loved Vyvanse, made work/school fly by and I was focused as fuck the entire day. It also helped with social anxiety. I could talk to anyone and just felt in control of the conversation.

But yeah, snorting them does sound retarded as fuck. Thanks for the feedback user.

Kek, so ture

Rest of the world is not like USA.

I've said I've had problems because I think I have ADD, the first doctor didn't know what it was, she then request a scan but they reject it, then transferred it to another person who no idea how to get it.

The only thing doctors know about in my country when it comes to stuff like that is ADHD but you have to be running around and stuff to get that and it's mostly children that medicine to help it stop.

Have you gotten any? I wanna take adderall man. Final year of uni, wanna go out big

I have some of that ADHD and take Focalin. What does it do to normal people?

only for combat

it's not worth it otherwise.

centainly not for more efficiant wage slavory.

pop 10 - 40 mg before an assult only. too much and it is a loss because your aim is fucked.

it also stops working if you take too much.

/end larp

>Adderall rare side effects: tourette syndrome

top fuking kek

/start cringe

This isnt MA silly

Adrafinil is metabolized into modafinil. Completely legal and OTC. I love it.

Ephedra (primatene/bronkaid) is behind the counter at your local pharmacy. This is my OTC adderall stack.

Yeah, people feed these to their children not realizing that it creates more defects than it cures.

Didnt fix my extension

Anyway, get me adderall pls

Agreed but that's not the point of this thread

Took those for a little bit after being diagnosed with ADD.

On that shit I could work for like 12 hours straight without stopping or getting unfocused, but eating was honestly a problem with it so I stopped taking them.

Weird shit would happen too. Stimulants can really fuck you up after a while. I would just sit there with my eyes wide open while I worked. They make you very apathetic too, you really don't feel emotion as much on those things, just a constant clearheaded feeling and a desire to be productive

children should be fed with dmt

No, I was put on Adderall when I was a kid (2nd grade) and was in the ORIGINAL XR TRIALS, I have been through some crazy experiences such as falling down stairs, becoming anorexic (practically) becoming an insomniac, and by the time I was in college I finally went fully-insane and had to be put on Zyprexa for two weeks before my Liver would stop having audible conversations with my Lungs and sometimes Kidneys.

I only take it once in a while now...

Diet, sleep schedule, and a meditation practice will feel a lot better than an adderal addiction, m9

Yep. Doesn't give you as much of a "high" feeling as Adderal but it definitely wires you up

try adderall imo much better than vyvanse or concerta

but yeah i got those feelings on adderall but vyvanse gave me + anxiety for some reason

The white man's drug is LSD

You turn into a hippy if you are too much of a pussy to handle it

>tfw ADD since 3

My folks put something similar on me called stratera and I'm actually off it right now. So far I feel fine, and I feel I can concentrate just fine, or I need to learn to do it.

Of course the only reason I'm getting off is because the FAA won't give anyone a medical certificate who is currently taking them, and I want to work in ATC.

I took a big dose of adderall once and ended up sucking a strangers dick.

It wasn't ideal.

Modafinil is better.

People consume a substance they got in a shady online market? That sounds pretty fucking clever

about once a month I take about 7 of em and stick a huge dildo up my ass to the exact rhythm of whatever porn I'm watching. I do this for upwards of 20 hours and make sure to cum only at the end when he cums in the girl. I'm gay now because of this.

That's odd. When I was on it I couldn't focus at all, it also felt like I wasn't in control of my actions. People thought someone else replaced me.

It's like $80 for a bottle here in FL

any long term effects? dont fuck your brain

Miten sait?


Nah it's normal, no homo

>makes your heart hurt and causes jitteriness

I only drop DMT desu

lying cunt


Was he at least hot?

No, Cymbalta is.

>Maintains high spirits if you have them
>Kills urge to fap like a degenerate
>Promotes social behavior
>Mixes well with alcohol
>If you're a self-hating faggot you'll probably kys

You can't really get adderall in DK unless you order it online.
However Ritalin is good enough, not that difficult to get. Might be easier around unis, i got a friend who faked a prescription so it isn't that difficult to get.

Also do you prefer light doses or high doses at a time.
Do you snort or just take it as a pill.

This. You guys do realize that breathing exercise are basically physiological hacks. They can treat anxiety depression, meaning they can create the effects of uppers and downers. Way to fall for the pharmaceutical Jew almost every user ITT

You cant buy it without prescription. It gives you the shits if you have a big meal before taking it. Works like a charm. I love it

No, that's modafinil. Literally makes you smarter and removes the need for sleep without any side effect.

modup dot net
modafinilcat dot com

Nice dancing Nazi alt right hate symbol meme

cutting out sugar and processed food will do pretty much the same as addy

>not using adderall to make powerful arguments on Cred Forums

so much this.
and dmt too.

The drug for the white man is succes and breading.

Tell me more, you piqued my interest, how has it helped your life?

Yeah, I feel like that too. I've been on it a week.
Yet, I'm still here shitposting instead of studying.

I was diagnosed with ADHD from a young age. Apparently I was given adderall in 2nd grade but my parent's stopped it cuz I didnt like the taste. It went untreated until my sophomore year in college when I was put on vyvanse. Idk why the hell they listened to a goddamn 8 year old but I think those many years of no med didn't do me any favors. Might be in a better place now instead of at a community college with a 2.0.

I'm on concerta now after trying adderall last year.

I think I'm probably just a lazy piece of shit too.

No, Adderall is a good way to fuck up your brain permanently.


tried it in med school and hated it. actually decreased my performance due to being exhausted and not being able to get a good night's sleep for a few days

friend who gave it to me swore by it, worked great for him

never again

>former adderall xr user
>see this thread

no, self denial and bottom bitching is the drug of the white man.

K, tell us leaf. Why did you stop?
Nothing wrong with being more mentally on edge than everybody else

>I don't know how to use responsibly so no one else does either

Hillary is probably taking Adderal in addition to a cocktail of pharmaceuticals including benzos and opioids.

That shit locks your brain up
Makes you think one dimensionally
Sure its hella great for reading and following instructions to the letter but at what fucking cost?
That thing turns you into a mere cog in the machine

Nigga I always took 25mg per day with body weight of 70kg
Doc always told me that im underdosing so she always tried to convince me to up the doses but I never did

Did you ever try stacking with other drugs?

Phenibut + adderall is combination that definitely removes all the negatives of adderall, at least for me.

yes. It turns you into an ubermensch


it degenerates your brain with time and fucks up your dopaminergic system. And has some negative side effects for many...

Just get some legit stuff like N-acetyl Semax, Choline, Moda, and the recovery things like L-DOPA mucuna etc

Nah I'd rather do it without taking drugs to begin with
I dont even take fucking supplements
Fuck drugs

>tfw when so addicted to Adderall that I can hardly function and stay awake on the days that I don't take it

I have crippling depression and anxiety but I use drugs on Friday and Saturday to become social and enjoy life a little bit.

If you can get by well without the stuff then that's a real blessing. going full iron pill mode?

I am enduring thru this life by purity of will

>we should be able to function without drugs running through our veins.
Try getting a job and working 60+ hour weeks.
After the first year, you will beg for medication.
After ten years, you won't be able to live without it.

Bump. Been considering taking adderall this thread has been helpful.

>letting Cred Forums convince you to do drugs

>letting Cred Forums convince you to not do drugs
Do it.

no dude, it's very homo.

Nah it's not that homo if you stay in closet, or start intaking testosterone.

What would be gay is if you tried/managed autofelation.

I've noticed that, once I take it if I drink like a 12 pack to fast I end up just throwing up foam

dude the pills on there tend to be waaay over priced, ur better of just buyin speed paste and a test kit

semax master race reporting in

Vyvanse is the newer, superior amphetamine. It's the benefits of dextroamphetamine, but where your body regulates it's activity through red blood cells, to cleave the amino acid lysine from the dextroamphetamine, making it available to the brain.

It's harder to tweak, but makes it safer, and more modicum in affect.

man i remember as a kid they tried to diagnose me with ADHD but i was so fuckin lazy and passive all the docs ended up just changin it to ADD, they still wanted to get me high though


brake the pills in half and drink alcohol together with it


I keep seeing this pop up. What does it even do that's so great?

Here in India, it can be bought at any medical shop without prescription and it goes by the name Modalert. It's ~$2 for 10 pills.

I take the Modalert100 (there's a 200 also) and it not just keeps me awake but makes me happy and boost confidence too.

I take it early in the morning around 9 am and by 10 pm, its effect starts to wear off. But the amount of energy it provides the whole day, man!!

Also don't take it everyday. I take it on alternate days, but not on the weekends, that way you can prevent building up a tolerance.

It has been 6 months now.

I love this shit but it just makes me google shit for 8 hours straight. time flies by and I dont really get anything done

Lol I am not surprised at all that this thread is going to bump limit.

Speed is the fuel which drives Cred Forums.

No that fucks with your liver or something. My psychiatrist told me that it was pretty bad for your body to mix methylphenidate and alcohol but I don't remember exactly why. Ethylphenidate might be a bit more potent though.




I do this with my prescription vyvanse (completely failed their gayass attention clicking test and tried to make conversation the whole time with the doctor). do all stimulants give poo in loo diarrhea in moderate amounts? I get the most pungent concentrated bile shit that smells abnormally strong to me and my fags who've smelt it

Do the NA Amidate form off of ceretropic. 100% worth the purchase, it's real life cheat codes. Obviously not the shitty """le 100% of your brain""" bullshit but it makes me significantly sharper and has made my memory significantly better. Im going to add prl 8 53 from lyphan in china (came with a legit coa but Im going to find a lab that will test my kilo batch) as it supposedly has incredible effects upon memory.

>No that fucks with your liver or something
So does alcohol by itself, and methylphenidate. Drugs come with a cost bruh

? I'm not going to say a lot of the more wild claims people make about it are valid, but it is an alterness enhancing drug. It's been approved for a number of things and it does basically exactly what you expect it to do, make you less tired and more alert. Every drug in this category tends to boost productivity, because, surprise, people can work harder and/or longer if they don't feel tired.

It's low on the addiction scale and physical harm. I think most of the reported benefits people get would happen if you introduced them to caffeine for the first time and told them it was modafinil (assuming they are familiar with the things people claim it does)

I basically just think of it as strong coffee without all the bullshit anxiety caused by caffeine

anyone here tried Dexamphetamine? Other name i know of is Dexedrine, friend of mine has a private doctor and gets a shed load of it (enough to fund his own extensive habit and sell it)
used to have a major major problem with it, would get speed paste whenever he was out and shit was just not the same, anyone one of you fags know why dex was so different to speed paste?

hydrafinil > adrafinil
be careful with dosing though its 140% as potent as modafinil

yeah im just using regular semax, so the NA Amidate version is that much better? maybe i will but ill prolly use up what i have first

Vyvanse is trash, you should get on adderall ASAP. Vyvanse was originally engineered to be a stimulant that people with psychotic disorders could take without an increase in dopamine exacerbating their positive symptoms. It's not meant for people with plain ol ADD or tweakers.

>mfw I work making Concerta
>mfw I fill my pockets with tablets full of Methylphenidate
>mfw paid a prostitute in tablets last month
Best job I have had since I worked at Walmart.

Been on addy for almost a year now. Do 10mg IR two times in the morning. Some heart palpitations, fogginess, and hard time sleeping, but overall works well.

Lol tell me what company so I can not buy their crap.

he's not talking about adderal you dumb nigger retard

Yeah use up what you have first. I bought the 300mg NA amidate version. NA amidate is significantly more bioavailable, as for the 300mcg vs 100mcg Ive done both and would go with the 300 if you can afford to put out for it. Do it twice a day in the morning, picks me up more than coffee but takes about an hour to fully set in. Also, sidenote I forgot to include earlier, I haven't had a single migraine since I started semax about 8mo ago, typical migraine regularity was 1x/3wks so I'd say this is pretty conclusive, albeit anecdotal and unscientific. May just be one hell of a placebo

I did dex for a few months.
Didn't work as well as adderall, so I switched.
It's smoother than adderall, doesn't have the kick, and doesn't have the tweaky side effects of adderall.
But it didn't feel as effective. Adderall cuts through the bullshit and makes me work. Dex was too subtle.

This guy knows what's up.

A little qualifier, be careful with adderall, idk about most people but I have found that a very intense and lingering depression is typical of the day or so after taking it, the second and 3rd days being the worst. The 2nd day being the most intense and the 3rd day being on par with the second because I'm waiting for it to pass. Im sure some addy guide can provide a remedy for this but I havent had the time to fully research it. In addition, if I recall correctly adderall is neurotoxic due to it being an amphetamine and somewhat addictive depending upon personality and biochemistry so I guess my point is just be careful and make sure to take care of yourself.

dude regular semax is the shit, honestly though this might sound weird but if i do too much i feel like im stressed its wierd

I'm sure Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing is so much better outside the Adderall market, right? The fact that their biggest manufacturer also happens to be one of their biggest pharmaceutical companies nationally with an FDA rap sheet that includes 'not properly segregating different drug formulations prior to pill pressing' indicates nothing about the quality of their industry in general.

>mfw a low info good goy who doesn't do basic research on goy pills before getting involved with them posts next to me

Yeah I know what you mean, it builds a sort of tension in the mind. I find myself doing things that require me to be engrossed in them so I don't feel as though I'm wasting seconds.

*mcg not mg

I haven't seen any evidence that dextroamphetamine is neurotoxic in and of itself, but the secondary consequences of some of the side effects (sleep deprivation, malnutrition) could certainly harm brain tissue.

I have however read studies demonstrating that Ritalin and other methylphenidate based drugs cause permanent up regulation of the synapse and sometimes deactivate them entirely by fucking with DNA inside the brain cell.

u too glade im not the only one, ive been thinkin about tryin selank after i run out of semax

From what I've read selank is like a less potent and more relaxing version of semax. Id say its prob worth a try. Quick question: I've looked at them but haven't tried any of them as I haven't had the time to research them in depth and don't want to just take them and risk fucking up my hormones, but have you ever used SERMs? If so do you know much about them?

Where does one aquire hydrafinil?

i have no idea what that is? also the reason i want selank is cuz its more of a relaxin drug semax kinda makes me feel amped

Yo fuck that guy, snort that shit if you want.


Nah autism is the only stimulant I need right now, brosonladdy

rico flag sooooo

Janssen-Cilag Manufacturing, LLC
Gurabo, Puerto Rico 00778

I've done LSD multiple times (no more than 300mcg/300ug) and can safely state its the best drug out there in my opinion. 300 is very strong, the coming up was a rough, I had a bit of trouble with it but 50-150 is nice for use during the day and 200-300 is nice if you plan on going on an adventure. The only ones that might be at parity with it are stimulants such as adderall but LSD and adderall are very different.

you can purchase it from ceretropic but its pretty overpriced IMO. If you're willing to take the risk you can buy from alibaba, but make sure you purchase from someone like lyphar (earlier mispelled it as lyphan). You might not be able to buy it right off their website but if you contact them via email over alibaba they might have a batch laying around or something.

How much do they cost?

ive tried them all and vyvanse is the best for me. Concerta is probably the dirtiest and worst feeling one. The best combo there is in my experience is the stim + matcha green tea. you get a shit ton of l theanine and any anxiety I experienced with the vyvanse was super reduced

where can i buy some cheap modafinil senpaitachi

I've been on adder all for a long time(as well as various other adhd drugs)

i first started adder all in 5th grade. my grades picked up but i became a zombie. would just come home from school and lay upside down and stare at the tv. I hated it so i stopped.

started again in college for an extra edge. it has helped me be very successful. wouldn't have got a 176 on the lsat if i didn't use it to help motivate me to study.

but. i hate it. its a true sacrifice. you sacrifice life for accomplishment. it makes me a different person. no sense of humor. completely impatient. listless and insatiable . this includes any dopaminergic activity whether porn, smoking, anger outbursts etc. I hate it and i fear that i will need it once again once i go to law school and even more when i work at a big firm. i worry about my life outside of work when this happens. i don't even feel like seeing girls or anything when i am coming down from it because it hits me so hard and i lose my personality. i hate it anons. it is not addictive but it is so habit forming. it is very hard for me to write an essay without it. be careful anons. do not use it if you don't need to.(i was diagnosed with adhd at 6 years old fwiw)

what r u doing in cambodia user

Vyvanse doesn't make you feel a bit soulless m8? I can tell you that it is the only stimulant which taken in conjunction with a psychedelic has ever led to me having a bad trip. I've been loaded on ritalin and adderall, and neither fucked with the lucy.

Vyvanse+ psychedelics made me hear voices and want to kill myself, which I took as a bad sign.

> implying drug use isn't for niggers.

Nice try, shlomo.

maybe you should listen to Vyvanse

i feel u user. if i take it i need a downer to go to sleep and it gets me in this exhaustion cycle where the only thing getting me up in the morning is the adderall

lol wut

Because it gave me all the symptoms that people seek psychiatric care to resolve?

yeah thats what i hear, it turns alot of people into fuckin robots

>I have found the perfect drug
kys my man

It's okay if you do it after puberty. It turns childrens' brains into soup.

its weird cuz they fuckin love to prescribe that shit to children

What's weird about that? Create a bunch of neurochemical state dependents without the capacity for adversarial thinking.


nothin just shows how fuckin dumb parents are

why cant u just go to the doc and be like bro i cant focus give me drugs, like in burger land

You can buy Modafinil and Armodafinil online here. I just ordered some to try out because I really don't want to use Adderall and if this helps I would much rather take it.

----- afinilexpress com -----

>turning yourself into a person you aren't to pursue a career you are not made for
>with a magic pill
that sounds terrifying user. Good luck getting out of this mess.
On the plus side you will meet a lot of fellow druggies in Law.

Some. My school tried to prescribe me and my parents fought it.

If your parents let you get on ADHD medication as a kid you can be fairly sure that they don't actually love you.

just get ritalin
Beware though, doctors have become aware of the fact that people abuse it

were the drugs at

they were like hey son wanna get high, school says winners do drugs, i was like nah ill wait till im older for that shit

thanks senpai. Its not overpriced comparied to what I paid for adrafinil....

Pajeet, will you mail me some, please? $0.20 a pill seems quite decent.

I was the same way.

I had to stop taking all stimulants completely.

What was good about walmart?

There is no drug like a nagging gf though

hook me up darmesh pls

i certainly wouldn't go that far user. i am made for law. i scored in the 99.7th percentile for the law school admission test. and it dosent really change who i am when it comes to work; it merely subratcts extracurricular features

Warning to all adderall users:
You will become aggressive if you take too much, ALWAYS be aware of your mood and emotions, although I became extremely focused it almost destroyed my relationship with my wonderful gf so we both quit (I'm on concerta now); a friend of ours ruined her friendships because she became paranoid and thought everyone was against her (on top of being aggressive), it's easy to think you're being attacked when in reality no one is being aggressive to you at all.

If this happens to you, you NEED to quit. If you don't you will ruin your social life.

Alternatives to Adderall:
Going to replace adderall, I didn't notice any differences.
Slow acting, not as potent.
Slow, as with all SRIs you might become irrate but it balances out slightly; adderall and vyvance are the strongest and also make you the most aggressive, again BE CAREFUL.

The company is in FDA's blacklist because it produces pills at a very low cost. And Americans want their drugs to be sold at a higher price.

I am talking about Modafinil

I have never done this and dont know how to do this :|

Hi folks! Former pharmaceutical science major and ADDer here. I can answer any questions about these drugs you might have. For reference, I've tried:

>Adderall IR and XR
>Dexedrine IR and XR
>Provigil and Nuvigil (NOT an ADD drug)

>I have never done this and dont know how to do this :|

Well, how would you rate modafinil compared to caffeine?

no is more like naive parents trust doctors who do not give a fuck about their children and would feed them meth until they died so long as they got a kickback from drug companies.

Yeah right, I wish Desoxyn was easier to get. I hear it's really fantastic for ADD too.

I was prescribed ADD medications in the past, but chose not to continue taking them after one or two times.

Now I'm considering giving it a try again as my focus and motivation to get things done is really holding back my life. I don't consider myself ADD enough to actually need medication, but most of the time life feels like swimming up stream against my brain.

I just ordered some modafinil and armodafinil to try as an alternative to taking real ADD meds.

Also is it true that ADD meds affect people who actually have ADD differently or is that just a meme?

Is it possible to produce any of the things you listed on your own?


How to get them:
Research symptoms for ADD or ADHD and—without talking about ADD/ADHD or listing the symptoms—try to describe problems close to the symptom list, the doctor will conclude you suffer from either one (ADHD requires you to be hyper and talkative though) and your doctor will put you on some stims/SRI to see if they help you (in the US I just told the doctor I have ADD (I do) and that my meds weren't working and I'd like to try adderall because I've tried everything else and it hasn't helped me any. Norway—and I assume other socialist countries—has certain criteria and regulations that need to be met to gain access to adderall and other stronger stims, some might not give it to you regardless of how you approach the subject. Good luck.

Ex for ADD:
>can't focus with disturbance around me
>bad memory, I can read something but forget it later
>struggle to finish books, reading is hard regardless of where I am
>always moving something, quietly tapping my foot or shifting in my seat
>fall out of conversations easily
>daydream a lot
>hobbies all include very interactive things, can't play slow boardgames, video games as the main source of entertainment because you're constantly doing things, rarely finish long movies and usually watch tv shows because they're short

Corepharma is not blacklisted, they are allowed to sell their shit here all they want. They are on the naughty list because every complaint against a pharmaceutical company that results in an FDA investigation is published freely online.

I only know this because I independently recognized how absolutely shit their adderall is and did some research of my own. Indian adderall is literally the shit that the off-brand pharmacies in the ghetto have to stock because big chain pharmacies won't carry them.

I would have been on India's side as far as their invalidation of drug patents go if it were not for the absolutely shit standards. They go beyond making a drug cheaper by denying companies royalties and enter the 'lets cut manufacturing corners so we can sell this crap for pennies" realm of cheap.

>I just ordered some modafinil and armodafinil to try as an alternative to taking real ADD meds.
where from?

Only for this man.

That's what happened to my ex when she went into law. Enjoy your jew career user

will this help me in csgo?

Buying it secondhand is expensive as fuck.

Much better to see a real doctor and get prescription

First off, modafinil isn't an ADD drug, so don't get your hopes up. US pharma threw tons of money at it trying to get it approved for ADD. It keeps you awake and alert but won't improve your focus aside from keeping fatigue at bay, so if you have focus problems, you'll just be awake and alert but still unable to focus.

ADD meds do affect folks with ADD differently. ADD has a really well studied neurophysiological basis, with the long and short of it being that your frontal cortex (which regulates executive functions e.g. foresight, impulse control, conscious blocking of stimuli, time management, etc.) is underdeveloped and your motor cortex, which is right behind the frontal cortex, grows in place and makes you fidgity and spastic. Stimulants primarily affect the mesolimbic reward pathway, which is the circuit in the brain that helps you put off immediate gratification for long term rewards. If you don't have problems with your MRP to begin with, stimulants will help you in terms of energy and focus, plus form reward habits, but they won't affect your other executive functions. If you don't have ADD, taking Adderall won't help you to find your keys or manage your time better or nothing.

add isnt a thing. You dont need meth for it.

I already said in the thread

afinilexpress (((dot))) com
DuckDose (((dot))) com

armodafinil vs modafinil?

Caffeine just gives an intitial boost. When I was working in a startup, I used to drink 4-5 cups of coffee each day because how inaffective it is to me. Caffeine does not affect my mood.

I got modafinil suggested in a thread in /biz/. I took some time to research about it and after 7-8 months I bought and took my 1st pill. Took it in the evening (bad timing) and completed 3 case studies. And then I realized its worth.

Lastly about the confidence, it made me speak so eloquently that I can tell you if I have some modafinil, I can go up to any stage, in front of large crowd, and speak...(though I have not gotten any chance).

Helped me a lot in the interviews to spit out BS confidently. I am not even 1% exaggerating.

I take it somewhat regularly when I need to get shit done.

It absolutely has an amazing effect on you. Having taken Adderall and Vyvanse on several occasions, this is a very different experience. It's much less the one-task laser focus feeling that amphetamines give you, but rather substantially improves wakefulness, motivation and drive.

You're not a tweaked out crazy person, and you're able to multitask extremely well. Also there's little to no "comedown". It could be the worlds greatest drug if it weren't for the headaches it gives me every so often.

ADD is certainly a 'thing' and amphetamines are pretty much the ideal pharmacological treatment. It's actually pretty miraculous, compared to almost every other psychiatric med, stimulants affect the exact physiological areas of the brain implicated in ADD in a process that's well understood with an incredibly minimal side effect profile. It's very well studied because $$$

Took it for two years. Had to stop because of the issues you described. Took me a couple months to improve. It'll get better, but you'll never fully recover probably. Just drink coffee, get good rest and workout. That drug is the fucking devil tho. Stimulants are meth.

I trust your judgment and will look into it further, thanks great ally

I read armodafinil is way more potent, but you should really try half or 4th pill of 200mg regular modafinil first to find out your sensitivity.

huh i have poor memory and am kinda fidgidy, and i was diagnosed with ADD as a child, maybe i should go get some drugs, though i feel like i function fine besides the memory thing though im using semax currently and it does seem to help

>ADD is certainly a 'thing'
Stopped reading there.

Daily reminder that the doctor who invented the condition known as Attention Deficit Disorder denounced it as a bullshit diagnosis on his deathbed.

Ibuprofin, drink water, make sure you eat, and have a desk fan near you all the time to cool your head.

I have been on mod for 3 years 200mg a day. Lost 80 pounds and now run 5 miles a day. Got a job that put me $15k more than I was making.

Mod is a miracle drug. I know there's no such thing as a biological free lunch but it has drastically transformed my life.

yeah you're true about the quality part. Some drugs are basically just fillers and they dont work at all, like adderall you mentioned.
But it's not poison, just more fillers. (just like consuming starch) with no drug in it. So, maybe not effective, but not at all harmful.

Modafinil100 works perfectly for me for me here. If I ever build a tolerance, I will start Modafinil200.

where do you buy from

One scientist does not make a consensus, my good chum. There's a boatload of peer reviewed research on the topic.

Look into it, it can't hurt. If you don't like the stims you don't have to take them, but for me they were a lifesaver.

it's a good drug if you don't have an addictive personality. just fucking sucks when you gotta sleep for work the next day. did that first time. never again am i gonna take a capsule at 9 pm lmfao

I see, thanks. This stuff is expensive--$1/pill with $50 shipping, holy fuk

if i was going to do it i would probably shoot for something that doesn't require it to build up in my system for it to be effective cuz its not something i would wanna be on all the time just occasionally when i need it. which stims would u recommend?

The thing that gives me pause, is I'm not fidgety hardly at all. But I do have racing thoughts (I would guess I have twice the thoughts in a day as the average person) and my focus and time management is generally terrible.

I'm almost immune to coffee and tea. I can drink lots of it with no adverse effects. I've never been "jittery" from caffeine. The most it does it help me stay awake and give a very mild and short rush of alertness. I can go to sleep after drinking coffee, but I have always taken 30+mins to fall asleep my whole life.

Yeah, take your time, research and find out what's best for you. That's the best way you can fully take advantage of these nootropics, good luck!

The fillers they use are not inert. They feel like piperazine, a common filler for street ecstasy. Its not just that corepharma's adderall has basically no amphetamine in it; it is also full of god know what sort of bath-salts tier binding agents.

Seriously fuck your pharmaceuticals. I used to be a big supporter of India's psuedo-national drug industry and your government's rejection of patent costs until I found out they don't give a shit what is being packaged as medication beyond how cheap it is.

Even the fucking chinese will give you something resembling the product you asked for, even if its the trashiest junk-yard version of that product. India will literally package SHIT and sell it as soma.

Neither of the two most common stimulants really require any buildup to be effective. That said it sounds like you're looking for a short release tablet, like Ritalin or Adderall IR. Avoid Adderall XR obviously, and Concerta lasts literally all day. That said, consider trying a low dose of a long acting stimulant at some point and see how it affects you.

Do you have trouble waking up in the mornings, too? One hypothesized effect of having ADD is that it makes it difficult for your brain to switch between wake and sleep, so it's hard to fall asleep and hard to wake up too. I got that one really bad.

Are there any long term repercussions for low dose use of dex? I've told the psych that I am concerned about it but he doesn't believe there's a problem.

Also, is it true that starting stims as an adult is much less harmful than as a child?


200 mg Modalert

Cheapest I've found online. He's legit, I buy in bulk.

>the man who invented the diagnosis literally repents on his death bed and calls it a willfully broad diagnostic criteria that could be applied to anything
>b-but muh peer review

Peer review isn't going to help if impossibly broad diagnostic parameters are accepted axiomatically.

doesn't look quite legit but I'll check it out, prices seem ok

this desu. had two friends who got into adderall and couldn't handle life without it. now they are brainless fucks that i hang out with just to make them and myself feel better. it's depressing to see your best friends get fucked up on stuff like xan and meth