Do we even know what kind of job m00t has at Google?

Do we even know what kind of job m00t has at Google?

he works at youtube and orchestrated the youtube heroes shit

it's like the janitor system Cred Forums uses, he used his genius brain and figured youtube should implement the same shit

huh, i thought he was going to be doing something with google+

official bull prepper

I guarantee j00t is monitoring us right now

>he orchestrated the youtube heroes shit
did he really though? I've seen no evidence of his involvement


It looks to me like he just use his money and shitpost.

Isn't he from jersey?

Official Google bag carrier

all i know about moot is that he has shit taste

He works on Soros's Google Earth project

He will not succeed

Pewdiepie will stop him

turning european people art into we wuz arteests

He's probably a mid level developer with no real responsibility, but a big enough name that he can negotiate a bit of money.

It'd be better to have the founder of the nwo that got away from him on the payroll for possible publicity stunts later.

We are to moot as the monster was to Frankenstein.


His employment there was a gimmick to get the "cool kids" to use Google's social media. He probably does nothing.

Real talk, he is in charge of an incubator program at google. There is a department at google which facilitates the expansion of small businesses / personal projects that were bought by google, or designated by google for expansion. To allow these organizations / teams to flourish in a manner similar to ones not owned by a gigantic corporation, google has set up a team of people to act as the overseers and general point of contact for the small enterprises. So Google™©® won't be directly interacting / driving these companies, they will do so on their own, but the point person that they report to and take funding from will be an official Google employee.

Moot is that employee. He has a team of people who work with him as well. But they basically oversee and manage this small department that monitors the acquisitions google has made so that those acquisitions can "thrive on their own" rather than being drowned in bureaucracy

Note that moot has nothing at all to do with acquisitions. He just oversees the projects which have already been acquired. Why they thought he would be good at this considering he drove both of his startups into the ground is completely beyond me.

People think he is in charge of Google+ because right now a lot of the teams / projects which will rejuvenate Google+ are under his jurisdiction. But again. All he does is oversee these teams. He doesn't even manage them. He's just the point guy the runs between them and Google Inc.

I personally believe his job was given to him in exchange for something. What that is, I don't know. But he doesn't have a lot of responsibility there and he it could've been done by anyone. It doesn't take special knowledge. And again: of all his """""skills""""" running/nurturing new businesses is NOT his forte. But we'll probably never know the true circumstances that led to him ending up there. They might've just wanted him because someone higher up thought he gives them some kind of hipster-cred.

>I personally believe his job was given to him in exchange for something.
Moot has been owned by the jews for a long time. Ever since he opened a paypal so we could donate to Cred Forums, and (((they))) closed it and stole every dollar on the grounds that Cred Forums was too 'problematic' for (((advertisers))).

He is literally a slave.

>Isn't he from jersey?

I seen him in NYC before

little bitch looks homo as fuck

So basically, he wasn't "Given" his job at Google™©®

He was (((placed))) there after being exposed as a shill on Cred Forums after GamerGate. Think (((Debbie Wasserman Schultz))). Exposed for rigging the DNC; 'resigns' and is 'hired' to be Hillary's official campaign head.

so im not the only one who subscribed back after getting sick of him screaming and fake crying for years?
his content is 500% greater

>Do we even know what kind of job m00t has at Google?
Does it matter?

Jewgle, owned by Alphabejew run by kikes, is run by kikes.

the gratuitous (((signalling))) of "stuff" is really distracting, 'user'. We get it. You don't have to piss in your paragraphs.

Damn. I'm not a fag or anything but Pewdiepie is very good looking.

Shut the fuck up, faggot. Your previous post was embarrassing. Get the fuck out or lurk more. Your lack of knowledge is apparent. Moot is a piece of shit and did nothing to contribute to the growth of this site.

Canv.ass is his frankenstein monster, and it sucked ass because moot is a fucking loser.


to be fair the intelligence services are run by nazis

Yes, this certainly seems to be the case. Again, maybe he just got the job from a friend. But it seems too convenient. Also I don't know much about the background of Hiroyuki and his alleged ties to the ex-military guy who now owns but if you start doing some research there certainly does seem to be some sort of shady business going on. I just don't have the time to research it fully because of Real Life Obligations.

But his position at Google certainly seems to be payment for something. Maybe we will never know what.


2ch did warn us after the deal that Hiroyuki was a scam artist who was selling data to advertisers. What that means in all of this is vague, at best.

If you link me to a start point, this NEET can finish your research.

Director of plagiarizing a perfectly good website into an unreliable piece of shit and fail for a decade.

Fucking dead whales with old friends

>a system that enables people to "moderate" for free
>no monetary compensation
>they'd do it for free

Wouldn't surprise me if it was true. It has his cuck fingerprints all over the place.

pic related

>nobody has posted the info on moot's mom
someanon must have it.


Yeah i did as well, I used to watch him when I was a lot younger

He works in social media manipulation. It would be funny if he were the one responsible for JewTube Heroes. Destroying the beast from the inside.

The google story was a cover.. he went on to a career in white nationalist politics

>moot fighting the good fight for White people
Funny joke. You survive rope day.

i knew this kike was involved