October Surprise

What could it be, lads?
>yfw she calls obongo a nigger repeatedly on video

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That would be hilarious.

I will kek til I die, and I won't be able to vote.

Is this guy reliable?

Apparently he always delivers

It's not delivery it's Digiorno.

Slight kek

I'll take a small kek. Low hanging fruit really.


According to whom? What else has this guy done?

that really is the only thing it could be.

cant be just audio though, has to be hd zoomed in on her face as she screams that obama is a skinny nigger, that biden fucks children and that bill is a borderline faggot that fucks 4 year olds.

maybe even calling chelsea a cunt too for good measure.

Probably patronizing and mildly disdainful comments about black people to donors or her inner circle. In other words, what 90% of white Democrats actually think (or worse) and say in private but otherwise keep to themselves except for gaffs.

W...what's on the video senpai?

You could try looking yourself.

(((Wikipedia))) has this to say about him
>James Edward O'Keefe III (born June 28, 1984) is an American conservative activist. He has produced secretly recorded undercover audio and video encounters, some selectively edited, with figures and workers in academic, governmental and social service organizations, purportedly showing abusive or alleged illegal behavior by representatives of those organizations

probably a reverse of romney's 47% comment

>thank god for the 47% of welfare leeches who will guarantee us our win

All we need is her saying bad shit about black people.

That would be instant ko

She could call them niggers to their face at a rally and as long as they get their gibs they will still vote for her.

Read this

Let's be honest, even if that happened the MSM would say how brave she is for being politically incorrect.

Please dear god let this be true

I'm going to go pray to this frog statue tomorrow to make trump win the election.

maybe her freaking out about how she has the nigger vote and that pos donald isnt allowed to make their lives better.

if she goes full johnson and yells howbshe is supposed to have these stupid welfare niggers for 200 years i dont know what i could do

I hope it isn't this.

"Yeah hillary called all black male youth super predators that one time and now we have video recording of her calling Obama a stupid nigger who only got elected because of even dumber niggers but DRUMPF once called a pageant contestant MISS PIGGY so #ImWithHer"

yeah unless we have her lips moving on hd tape they will blame putin no doubt.



Wait that's not funny--that's exactly what would happen.

Please be real.

If racist enough, could she win NY, IL, maybe even CA?

My prediction is Obama kills Baghdadi, arrests him or US special forces with a handful of Iraqi military take back Mosul (with Obama pretending no US servicemembers were involved). This will be the Obama October surprise 'We got Baghdadi, see vote for us we can handle ISIS".

Assange will dump some major corruption docs on the Clinton Foundation and other emails as an October surprise.

No idea what Trump is going to drop with the GOP, they always have something.

On tape but no video.

Sure, pal, people will believe this for sure.

Are you saying this is a Michelle fields?

Is that pic real? What the hell does it say on the pole it's mounted on?

This meme is retarded. Saying she called all blacks super predators is like saying Donald called all Mexicans rapists.

Not for a Republican anyway

I don't get it. He was 100% fucking right and got raked over the coals for that comment. Why were people so fucking crazy about something that was common knowledge

He says "them" not "the Clintons" or "Hillary. That makes me think he video taped someone in a some campaign office somewhere saying something nasty. Hillary will disavow their statement, chastise them, and her poll numbers will go up for it.

Do you really think blm vote goes trump if this come to be true?

Oh shit

They will simply not vote or vote third-party.

one off

>drumpfkins so desperate they eat every shit is served to them
conspiracy theorist tinfoil fags

It's an old folktale about a mischievous frog that tricks the french and leads to them being caught and locals end up torturing them to death while the frog watched.

its why Jerseymen have a nickname "crapaud".

man, lot of shills in my thread, must be serious :)

Alright anons, it's another episode of how will o'keefe sodoku himself before releasing the tapes?

She will lose the dindus vote. Hillary can't control white males or normal women, onlly nu-males, fat feminists and spoiled Stacy's.

Ohhh nice looks like James are going to accidentally suicide soon.