Clinton Leading in Key Swing States

Following the debate, Clinton is ahead in North Carolina, Florida, And Colorado.

We're beyond the point of pretending Trump won the debate. Maybe he did for us, but the the undecided cucks didn't feel the same way.
Trump CAN NOT win without NC and FL.

What is the best course of action we can take to prevent another slip up in the second day debate? Is there any way we can influence Trump to make him Prepare better?

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No idea it's in his hands now

Astroturfing shills gtfo

Sign up for his email. He sends out emails asking for input on the second debate.

>PPP (D)
These polls are so trash RCP hasn't added them to their average.

NC will go to trump. Yes, i can see the future.

Come the fuck on.
We're trying to help Trump get elected. This isn't even criticism. We're here
Just saying he can't really afford to blow all 3 debates.


Ignore these threads guys. It's obviously a skype sitting behind the keyboard trying to figure out our next move. Go back to Israel faggot-- better yet, go back to the oven.

Trump's not taking NC.

Screencap this, mark my words.

I'm listening to Rush Limbaugh and he literally just said "Trump has to do better in the best devate". Is Rush a Clinton shill?

The point of this thread is to ask what we can do to ensure Trump does better next time.

trump will be lucky to win a single state outside the bible belt.

> Clinton leading in Florida

These are real votes, already cast, not your (((polls)))


> Clinton leads in Florida


im sure you have links to all these polls that say this

Just donated to Hillary, trump is DONE!

Trump up in Colorado.

Up in NC as well

Barely leading in Florida

Looks like your record needs correcting OP, she's not leading. I even used the polls you usually post, isn't that your favorite site?
Cool story though, kid.

This is just a way to ask for money


can't believe people want this awful cunt to be president.

Can't believe people want an uneducated, inexperienced retarded 4th grader as president.

Stop looking at fucking (((polls))) and look at the actual early votes that have come in.

Historically early voting favors democrats by 2-4 points and the republican candidate has to play catch up to tighten up the score on Election Day.

Trump is literally blowing her the fuck out in Florida, because not only are there 7% more republican votes in compared to dem, but independents also favor trump.

This state is all but a lock, barring him having a literal stroke onstage.

Please demean anyone spreading the meme of this being a battleground he is losing.

>Not taking NC


assuming you are smarter than an uneducated, inexperienced retarded 4th grader, why arent you a billionaire?

maybe cause Daddy didnt give him an 8 figure head start

daddy gave him 30,000 for an arts degree and he turned it into a job at mcdonalds nice

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