Ask a red pilled algerian anything

Ask a red pilled algerian anything

Get out.

Why do you keep making this thread?

When are you going back?

If you're not going back, when are you killing yourself?

If you're not killing yourself, how will you handle being deported back during the right wing uprising coming within the next 5-10 years?


Destroy a mosque and youre fine with staying in europe in my book. Im not all about race-absolutism

Why algerian people always chimp out in France ? I say stealing people, act like chimp, aggress people, throw shit in the street or drive like shit ?

>Destroy a mosque
you will only destroy a building, you cure the symptoms, not the problem
Also it will give them another reason to use the victim card with liberals

>Why algerian people always chimp out in France ?
they took low class citizens in the 60's for big companies to make more profit by paying htem low salaries, then liberals treated them like animals who needed compassion and undersanding so they were not punished by the law
now you have the result
We have a lot of descent people who get their visa refused in algeria

The problem is not the Old one, they are respectful, it's the new generation. They were never treat like shit but they chimping out every time

dude i'm serious we should meet unless u live in the north fuck dat too far from where i live

If you were "red pilled", you'd leave Europe and used the experience and education you gained in France in order to make your homeland better.

Are you trolling or serious?
Please don't be real

Shitposting is Australians and leafs jobs, not ours

literally no one gives a shit who or what you are

now fuck off for the hundredth time you retarded beardo

>Shitposting is Australians and leafs jobs, not ours

Can confirm. Aussies do the good shitposting, Leafs do the bad shitposting.

Who cry "Burger" here ?

Goat pussy or camel ass?

Define red-pilled

>dude i'm serious we should
wh-y ? what for ?


Vast question
Have you seen the movie matrix ?

Well played
I mean what do are some of your beliefs that make you red pilled.

how and when did u emigrate to france and at what age?

Most of the immigrants who go to the West aren't really fundamentalists or anything. The risk is that their children get turned into die hard Islamists by their religion.

The Boston Marathon Bombers were the children of refugees, for example. Their parents weren't all that extreme, but their children got radicalized while being raised in the US.

>Im not all about race-absolutism

We know... That's why the face of the new Swed is black.

>Ask a red pilled algerian anything

Do beurettes do anal?

they were radicalized by immigrants who were radicalized in the first place

>I mean what do are some of your beliefs that make you red pilled.
I would not know where to start

>Do beurettes do anal?
some do


Just state some of your beliefs
Just being aware of Islamic invasion is not red pilled its just stating the obvious

I dont know

Pretty shit AMA to be honest

who is this semen demon

Djamel is that you?


If you're red-pilled then leave Europe. If you don't than you're not any better than other muzzie scum.

How can you be a red pilled algerian if you live in France?

Either convert to christianity or kys.

You are a retarded infidel

He's the same attention whore who makes this thread all the time. Don't reply.

you mad ?


you really believe in an imaginary friend in the sky who created you for no reason and no purpose and exist for no reason and no purpose ?

Get the fuck out.

The world was created by Allah, you retarded

>red pilled Algerian
What kind of red pill?
Are we talking about you're an atheist who hates Islam?
Or are you a Muslim who believes Hitler was a Muslim convert?


and who created allah ? why is he here in the first place ?

>Hitler was a muslim convert
that is israeli propaganda
>Are we talking about you're an atheist who hates Islam
It's actually a bit more than that

Maybe he thinks you're red pilled because you're a Algerian woman.
Am I right?


I knew and algerian once.

I was a jerk to him, I regret it.

Rak jdid hna wa9ila? Walla rak 7abhoum ysebbou eddine bel3ani?

Wait, what's wrong with UAE. I'm Catholic. I lived most of my life there. We had churches, lots of them. We had pork, booze, and everything in between. There's almost nothing wrong with UAE, unless you're a woman who just got raped, or you mock their religion, it's a small prize to pay, really. It was such an amazing place.

khallih yel3ab, ana nakhra 3lal koran

move to saudi arabia and see if you feel the same

>implying monogamy is a white western trait.
half of white families are divorced with stepdads.
they are like niggers with good credit

No I don't, but we need to stick together now more than ever. We don't need Atheist/Pagan/Christian/Catholic war, we need European/Muslim war.