Atheists think that the creation of a planet that's perfectly fit for human life was all a big coincidence

>atheists think that the creation of a planet that's perfectly fit for human life was all a big coincidence

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who cares


exactly. this shit is so 2009. move on.

It' not coincidence tht life evolved on the one plnet out of million tht could upport life which humn then evolved to del with

This is like a puddle thinking that the hole he is in fits him so well that it must have been made for him

>atheists don't make up perfect answers to their questions so what they think might seems strange to some dumb people.

>he thinks there's only one universe

American protestants are the niggers of Christianity with their creationist theories being BLM tier

Brilliant analogy, stealing that one.

life is shaped by it's environment over generations

Ah again the last red pill Cred Forums refuses to swallow. Most can not come to terms that their giant fantasy in the sky is made to simply help control and manipulate them. They just have to keep swallowing down that big blue pill and closing their eyes.

>Earth was perfectly built for human life
>Not human life being perfectly built for Earth

yeah it was created by some dude in clouds with superpowers

It's perfect for human life because the planet came first you stupid fuck.

>falling for the 1/10 bait

>he thinks everything was made for him because he's a special little snowflake

>atheists think that the creation
Stopped reading

This is the internet.
Furthermore, this is Cred Forums.
OP could actually be serious. I've spoken to people IRL who made this argument.

Actually if you think about it, everything is a coincidence.

Im pretty sure there are more pressing matters in the world than this

>actually thinking about this shit

YOU are the real fedora here, burger-chan

Give it a rest, nobody cares about your headcanon.

Can't even argue with atheists. They know no logic. Just say it was all an accident and nothing matters as if it is an excuse for them to act as degenerate as they want.




I'm not even an atheist but you're retarded OP.

Given infinite space and infinite time all coincidences are possible.

You got a typo next to your flag

>big coincidence
Religious people displaying their superior intelligence as usual


take that shit to reddit faggot. aint nobody got time fo dis shit

>perfectly fit
>finite resources

This place isn't perfect for human life. There are beasts that kill us, storms and weather that destroy our locations and kill us. There are inhospitable places on this earth that no man could survive in adequately. Early on in our existence just the farming and hunting sometimes wasn't enough and famine broke out. Not to mention the numerous plagues that kill and killed us. Far from perfect desu.

>>atheists think that the creation of a planet that's perfectly fit for human life was all a big coincidence

It's either that or an ancient alien civilization seeded the planet with life. They might not even exist at this point. We might have even came from Mars after a cataclysm changed the planet.
Anything other than an invisible imaginary friend that you can talk to.

Even oxygen is lethal.

Lol, a niger

you do realize that huge chunks of the earth aren't fit for human life right?

>About one septillion planets in the observable universe.
>Christcucks are so egotistic that they think it wasn't inevitable for the conditions to arise on at least one planet or another, even if it was a one in a billion chance.

I'm disappointed in you.


>Atheists think it mere convenience that each planet is a perfectly attuned electromagnet that orbits a massive energy source

Sun is 20% too bright
Planet has 20% too much gravity
Magnetosphere of planet is about 1/3rd of ideal strength
70% of all plantlife on planet is toxic to humans.

You sure we even came from this planet m9?

>atheists think that the creation of a planet that's perfectly fit for human life was all a big coincidence


the only reason animals intelligent enough to think about such things came into existance in the first place is that we require a non-hostile environment. Therefore would've been impossible for us to evolve into humans on venus and wonder why our world is so inhospitable

Now that's a rare proxy

Cute.. puddles think now ? atheist are getting more retarded with each passing day

Your thinking this backwards you fucking retard.

they also think that all those rules the universe abides to 100.0% of the time are pure coincidence


*tips fedora*

Pic rel8: doesn't believe in THE HOLY BIBLE.


>it's an "I Literally Can't Comprehend How Vast the Universe Is And/or The Incomprehensibility of the Numbers of Planets" episode

Got me thinking cap on, lads.

autism in its purest form

>Anons debate pointless, useless shit no one should care about.

Talk about something that has a point instead of this useless bickering about something we will never know anyway.

>life exists on the one planet that could support it surely god made it possible so we could exist because we're God's children and god loves us so much I feel so special


I actually makes perfect sense in the context of a multiverse.

Its not a big coincidence, there are trillions of planets in the galaxy, and it turns out solar systems actually tend to be pretty uniform, and most have a planet with a similar size and distance from the sun as the earth


>not knowing this

>being religious


That's a stupid analogy.

not an argument


>each planet is a perfectly attuned electromagnet that orbits a massive energy source

lmao, "perfectly atturned" to what?

you have no idea what you're even trying to say

It doesn't matter what you think. All we know is based on circumstantial evidence or "faith". In the end, all that matters is, which story do you like the most. Some like the Evolution theory, some like the Adam and Eve story, some like the Divine creator, some like the Flying teapot, some like the Giant spaghetti monster. It's all true.

Christians say that God must exist because something must have created the universe.
When you ask them about what created God they say "God wasn't created for he is God."

But if that is true for God, why wouldn't it be true for the universe in the first place? What justifies God being something that has neither beginning nor end and yet if the same were said about the universe it would be wrong? It's wrong because it doesn't match what's written in your holy book, amirite?


>is it really a coincidence the solar systems are similar

>is it really a coincidence all planets are round

Of course it is if you don't agree with it faget

Came here to post this.

Take your meds.

>christians believe that a cloud daddy in the sky farted everything into existence

It's such a coincidence that you were born as you! Just think, you could have been born as any of the billions of humans who were ever born... Yet you were born as you!

God must be real

>because this one theory can't prove every aspect it must mean it's just as invalid as the other made up options with less evidence


Humans evolved to live on this planet, not the other way around...

You mean big bang?

And that now he's watching you intently to get angry at you if you fap

Dude, I never said any of my theories were invalid. I said they are correct. Can you not Engish Jitte?

The rationale is that this planet has precisely the right conditions for life as we know it

But it's invalidated by the fact that there are trillions of planets in the universe therefore statistically there will be planets with these precise conditions

That is because it is you ignorant theist.

Statistics are a human construct.

>implying that of all the planets in our universe that would be habitable for humans, that this specific one was made for us by an omniscient and omnipotent invisible father that exists out of space and time

Anthtopic principle! I believe in God too but make better arguments.

If the planet was different, we'd have evolved different. It is indeed a coincidence. Far more rational than the talking guy in the sky farting it out in 6 days.

Creationist believe a space ghost farted it out. Also, that there was light before the Sun was created.

this is hell you damn fool