Lived in India all my life

>Lived in India all my life
>Never shat on the street
I feel left out some times...what about the other Indians, here?

Anyway, happy mahalaya amavasya...i'll enjoy my long weekened and try to study for a civil engineering test, while shitposting on /r9k/. I hope my pajeet bros are doing fine.

One time I had to poop in the forest on a camping trip. I felt a deep burning shame like I've never felt before.

You've had that feel sooner than I

You're not a true patriot, shame on you!

One time I shat in a lagoon in Polynesia, best day of my life.

You should embrace your culture.

Just stick your butt out the window and shit.

Well, our government is trying to shame our people on using the least I saw that on Cred Forums. So, nothing patriotic about this.

I just heard your government took a shit on Pakistan. Good on you. They're threatening a nuclear strike and all this other nonsense. War is inevitable now.

Maybe we will fight side by side against the Paki horde someday and you can redeem your disgusting poo-in-loo culture with heroic deeds in battle.

I see them sometimes. I have seen some people letting their kids shit in those open sewers by the road. Slum people kids shit outside. Some people in my village do it too. They ate the money gubment gave them to build toilet.
Most infuriating one I saw was in the morning I was sipping tea in nearby restaurant trying to avoid the filthy plastic garbage by the road and gazing across the open space I see this old guy probably out for a jog what it seems like he is letting his lil grand daughter take a shit. He was not even slum guy.

ty, brother.

>took a shit in the forest
>2 platoons just had to march by where I was just then


Don't be shamed into using the loo. If you feel like you need to shit in the streets or bathe in the corpse river then please do what feels good for you.

I rarely see people shit outside but there's poo absolutely everywhere so somebody's doing the shitting

Do you live in a village? I thought everyone there shits in the open. No way we could account for 50% otherwise. Every time I travel in a crowded bus I remind myself that half these guys probably shit in the open...otherwise decent people going on with their lives....Cred Forums has really cucked me in a way.


I believe it's shart in the mart. Gypsies get confused easily.

The trouble is that open defecation is more of a forced situation rather than a part of our culture...I feel disgusted by the idea of it because I come from a privileged family who could afford toilets. A result of this I do not know how it feels to shit on the street.

well, sharting is after all just an accident.

I have never seen anyone defecating in open. Maybe because I live in Himachal Pradesh and open defecation is a problem in central states like Bihar and Chhattisgarh.

Are you guys middle class, btw?

I once shat in the ocean, poor ocean janitor had to come pick it out with a bucket, I still feel guilt for that

what's an ocean janitor? And why did you shit in the ocean?

It depends on the mentality of the peoole. At sometime most villagers transformed and they built toilets but some stayed back some could not afford I guess. Probably there was government programme encouraged them. It was before I was born. Now the government is giving money many more have built even the coolies .but I think some still do because they are accustomed to it or just plebs.

I think he was the general maintenance guy

I had to shit really bad and I thought the ocean water would clean my butthole as well (it didnt) so I thought why not

Indians ITT

Is open defecation still mostly seen as a cultural norm in your country overall or does this really only apply to poor, lower class regions where hygiene isn't valued?

I pictured that in my head... That poor man

went to Bangalore and Chennai didn't see anyone shitting on the streets as well. most likely those are in the really poor areas


Typically found in slums and areas with poverty. Is it a norm? No with above exception. You literally have to go to worst place or very underdeveloped areas to see that kinda stuff.

I still fucking hate that it happens but those people don't have a choice...hope it will change fast.

>because I come from a privileged family who could afford toilets
>afford toilets


Even our fucking homeless use toilets

super power by 2020 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

Some old people think it is superior coz muh nature or some shit. I tried to tell them that it is degenerate and then in scientific angle germs and diseases but they are too delusional.

tfw no indian gf

kys. The only way to live is to live a life of crime on the streets, nigguh.

Seen Bangalore slums happens a lot. I tried to pool in resources and tried to build a toilet for this particular slum. Corporator asked me for bribe to get approval, since land is belonging to government. I said fuck it and gave back the 1.5 lac odd I had collected.

How accurate is this comic?

Not a "cultural norm", at least we're not allowed to talk about it. Thee poorer you are, the more you will tend to shit in the open because you live in a place that lacks sanitation, example a slum.
Note that these people aren't really all that poor and miserable. They have jobs and earn enough to send their kids to school and own phones and a tv. Just that in slums it's difficult to construct a toilet.

I once saw a beggar kid on the side of the road while on my way to uni.

you're a good guy, macha.

Someday I'd like to see what other redpilled Indians are like, in my life I've never seen a smart Indian. Only on the internet.

>be me
>dad gives me a lift to the bus stop on his way to work
>on the way, contemplate about how india can really change for the better someday.
>get out of the car
>almost stepped on human shit

>using Cred Forums makes you smart
hang out with your normalfag friends instead..way better, not kidding.

KEK. This made my day, colonial master...not even kidding.

well, most european countries have an average annual income of about 40-50 times more than us, so.

brit indo here
>life getting boring
>got to go to my friends house party probably bang some punjabi girl or white girl there
>litearlly most of the time im either playing a hentai game, amuse myself on Cred Forums or watchever shit on jewtube


On monday i was coming home, it was like 11PM, really had to shit, no supermarkets or toalets anywhere, so i took a huge shit in the alleyway, im not even ashamed, because i rather shit on the street than shit myself, BUT

Some gypsies saw me shitting, were joking with me, notting mean tho. SO cleaned off myself, told the gypsies to fuck off and walked home.
Anyway, today i walk near that place again. That smell.. The gypsies followed my example and took a shit too, and other gypsies too i think, there is a gypsie ghetto around there. Since then, they all go to shit there
I think i created a designated shitting street

designated hungary