What do you do to deserve this?

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not supporting national socialism


dude really sounds like it when he is on his way out lmao

Rival gang member. nothing more, nothing less.

Don't be racist, they're just preserving Aztec traditions.

Mexican "intellectuals "

Steal vapo rub

Not exterminate all Mestizo scum from the Earth when you have the opportunity and resources.

It is weird to me. On the one hand I don't think anyone should see shit like this. On the other hand I think everyone should see this.


>What do you do to deserve this

The only thing that springs to mind is doing something similar to one of someone else's family/loved ones, blind animalistic retribution. That's a stab in the dark because I don't think I would have it in me to do it.


Do you play that pipe world music bro?

Not to mention he looks pretty young.

It is important this be seen widely as there are plenty of people making pronouncements on Mexico, Mexicans, and the various goings-on in that country from a completely uninformed position.

"Oh yes well the drugs cartels are bad, but of course its just a business over there, and anyway they would find normal jobs if there wasnt such poverty, they arent bad people".

Newsflash: They are subhuman. Just like ISIS and all the rest.

>tfw memes are becoming real

why's it so hard to just shoot people?

>, they're just preserving Aztec traditions

This, mestizos are a violent savage group.

That would be too quick, mestizos enjoy torturing people.

Move la coca for another gang

I've been thinking about this shit for days. So fucking disgusting. God damn I hope he died quick

I also find this funny

"oh those aztec savages performing open heart surgery with chainsaws and no anesthetic out in the desert? they're good people! hardworking and industrious!"

Spics gonna spic.
US are fucked, no ocean between Mexico and them

It's to make a point.

Although shit like this just makes Trump's numbers surge, so ironically making a point around this time could trap them and ruin their business model.

Those tourniquetes on his hands, these niggas wanted him alive lol

This kind of reminds me of the horror stories about people who were paralized, but not under full anesthesia while getting operated on.
I guess that having your ribs cracked open and your flesh cut open while being fully aware but unable to move would be equally horrific.

oh this thread again............

Well I'm talking about talking about talking about it
Talking about talking about talking about moving




He didn't, as evident in the video..

I wouldn't wish that fate on my worst enemy. Fuck..

>What do you do to deserve this?

According to the original Mexicano video post, he was an incessant Rei poster and they were putting him out of his misery.

Imagine throwing salt in his face

He obviously didn't die quickly though

You guys better get comfy because it's thread theme time.

Im not going to watch it again. I watched a little bit of it but skipped through.

Does he really have his hands cut off?

I pretty much only watched the first part