Whew lads he is actually doing it

Whew lads he is actually doing it

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>Start bidding to get hooked in the gab
>Sue the person for hitting me

oy vey

>implying it's not some camgirl leech who he is paying to perform the publicity stunt

Why not just donate $50k of his own money?

He's matching it

he is, but he's pretending he isn't for attention

>Donate that money to charity as well

What a madman.

>Whew lads he is actually doing it

he's such a hardcore capitalist that he will let people beat him as long as he gets paid

so wait...she gives money to a friend... she gets to punch him. Is that gaming the rules? What were the rules?

>as long as he gets paid

America, my son. READ. For once in your god damn life, READ.

The article says the money went directly from the woman who won, straight to a charity.

PLEASE, start fucking reading.

he needs to get a mate with a high speed camera to record it

Sue isn't bad, it's having violence put on your record that can cast you in to a life of shame

>implying he cant buy one for the lulz

I'd love to see his face if Rhonda Rousey is the lady.
Mma super bad ass, Ronda.
His face (before and after) would be priceless.

Since when is he a Capitalist, retard?

Since his actions demonstrated the spirit of property rights and free enterprise.

>taxing the rich and giving ''free shit'' to the poor is now capitalism

Why don't you kill yourself?
I guess Bernie Sanders is capitalist too.

So is he a right wing socialist? Makes sense lmao

>Implying he isn't gonna enjoy it

this guy is CIA stooge

>implying ronda rousey can punch

But he's on our side

Based Shkreli.

>our "side"
What? Seems newfags don't really understand what's going on here or who they're associating with./


He'll be fine.

This too.

>florida woman

of course

Why didn't they make Sage Northcutt donate 50 grand?


>malnourished SJW bitch tries to slug him in the face
>signs waiver beforehand
>Shkreli pops in mouthguard
>she winds up and swings with all her might
>breaks her hand/wrist/fingers
>shkreli barely flinches
>she begins to scream and cry like a little bitch on national TV
>he turns and smiles at the camera
>"No refunds"

>implying money did not leave someone's hands so he could facilitate a payment to charity

maybe you should take your eyes away from the screen and understand what's happening

You do realize that even the most potent and dangerous female fighter with flawless technique will only wreck you about as hard as an average joe in a street fight, right?

Any guy who puts a fraction of his weight into a punch is still going to generate as much if not more force than any number of monogram-trained sheboons.


Why do you guys care about this attention seeking faggot?


Paige Vanzant, whatever.

A smart man like Trump would just make a bunch of fucking money and then just donate to whatever competent charities he wanted. This face punching business is whack.

Lol. You don't actually follow mma do you? I'd wager 15% of this board could beat rousy.

Martin is are guy.