Are "friends-with-benefits" or mutually open relationships degenerate? How do they effect society?

Are "friends-with-benefits" or mutually open relationships degenerate? How do they effect society?

It devalues/wastes a woman's most important years for reproduction.


Is it harmful to men?

I was recently propositioned by a beautiful woman to be friends with benefits, but she may also be sleeping with other people. Is this treading into cuck territory?

Wrong board.

how do you even go about asking a girl whether she wants to be a "fuckbuddy"

it's degenerate regardless

>How do they effect society?
Only like 5% of the male population can even get FWBs. It just means that betas have to marry nonwvirgins. Not a big deal.

>he thinks there is such thing as mutually open relationships

it's more of the dumbshit dead end extended adolescence that plagues our society

so yeah absolutely degenerate

read about 'sex and culture' by j.d. unwin.

god that thing looks disgusting

>mutually open relationships
>implying she wouldn't be in various gangbangs and other degenerate shit while you might have sex with one girl maybe
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Stop posting this fat sweaty Chinese woman. I can smell the ramen noodles from here.

They make women miserable and a very small subset of men happy. Also kikes of course.

>tfw Chad

wouldn't being a cuck require you to commit to a women without realizing she has no commitment to you

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Hang all degenerates tbqh family.

what autist made this?

Lies.... I'm a fat fuck and I've had FWB with a girl 6ft+ and DD titties. (normal weight 2 btw)

Stop lying. It's more about being an extrovert and playing a numbers game.

See this

I'm probably slightly above average. It can happen, but you need to be out there. If a man gets one, is it cuck territory?


Banter and good looks go a long way, user

that's because 6ft+ is low value on a woman


The damage is probably more societal. The woman wastes her prime years as a colostomy bag for cum, then panics and settles for someone she doesn't really like. Then she gets pregnant, then divorces the guy, causing him to spiral down. Then you have a single mom raising a future criminal.

>do personality disordersand and paraphilias affect society?

and the answer is:
it depends
if there are a lot of them then yes, society will consider it the norm and it could lead to an increase in those specific traits
whether or not they are beneficial for the survival of mankind is yet to be seen but i have a bad feeling when it comes to cucks and the future

who cares retard

sounds like it conveniently validates the kind of bourgeois society inhabited by people like j.d.unwin

like when someone argues for nihilism, and then says that the ethical ramifications of nihilism are working hard, saving your money, getting married, and otherwise living the standard life of a college professor

For men no, women yes.

you don't

from what i observe in the outside world, chads often get hit on by women when they already have LTRs

and because of female hypergamy, women prefer to be chad's second, third or even fourth bitch than date an average guy

thus harems of "fuckbuddies" are formed

huh; I didn't know that.
Strange... Never bothered me in the slightest except when pumping her doggy-style.

Why tho?

it is fine.

only people who dont like that set up are the people who cant and will never have it.
>female friend
>we both are not seeing anyone at the time
>neither one of us want to be tied down
>fuck every other day
>fuck other women
>dont care what she is doing because im not attached to her
>dont have to buy her shit
>dont have to live with her

it is the best in life.

Why are the slayers and Chads so Feminine?

First time you meet them, if they give it up you can always go back for more.

under fwb arrangements that's strictly your problem, so tough titty if it happens

They're the best. Nothing makes me happier than a good FWB. We all need sexual release, but we don't always have a perfect waifu to do it with. It's wonderful when a woman just agrees to let you fuck her on a regular basis. This is good for physical and mental health. It means you can focus on work and friendships, instead of on wasting time on dating sites. The effect of FWBs is to make people happier and to make society more productive.

Can't wait to see my FWB this evening. She's submissive and likes doing just what I tell her to do. Then she buys me dinner. NSA at all (she's married anyway). This is living the good life, as far as I'm concerned.

well most guys seem to prefer petite girls

tall girls aren't seen as very feminine

why does anyone care about any of the autist comments in this thread

>tfw actually satisfied with being an incel

I was full sure I was genetic trash

I had a friend with benefits system with a girl I met while I was abroad. We couldn't have really started any formal sort of relationship because I was in Europe for only 6 months and I knew that it would be a very long time, if ever, that I might go back to visit. So if I wanted to be with her at all I had to acknowledge that we couldn't commit for very long and she agreed and we went our separate ways.

So its fine I guess in limited circumstances, but I think that if its "normal" or regular it could have detrimental effects on your psyche as sex might become trivialized. If sex is trivial than staying with a single person for a long period of time to raise a family becomes infinitely harder as you have the mindset that there is always better sex out there somewhere just waiting for you to have. Sex can be a great release of endorphins, stress, and is a healthy thing to have.

But don't get carried away with it if you want happiness or else the high will wear off. And you'll be stuck trying to find the next best thing and find yourself in worse and worse situations.

tfw normie, tfw i rather let west burn and will vote for leftist who bring immigrants in rather then be slave to chads.

who is this

So all I need to do enter the top 5% of mankind is get a Hitler youth haircut, roid for a few months and shave? Neat.

Better then casual one night stands anyway.

I can guarantee this is bullshit. I'm have decent facial aesthetics, fucked up teeth, and gyno and I've had several FWB. Just don't be an aspie and talk like you have game. It's not that hard.

But when you start think about this "only 5% of males get pussy" you shoot yourself in the foot before you ever start the race, and your destined to drop spaghetti everywhere. Fucking aspies


its made by same people who are posting cuck shits and manlet shits.

>our monkeys

Maybe you guys need to see your doctors about having low test?

I hate this meme. Men don't want to settle down either, what do you want me to do? Settle down with a 35+ year old who is probably going to give me autismo kids???


Yes. Promotes casual sex as harmless.

>not genetic trash

>How do they effect society?
>1 post by this ID
You get nothing.

The reality is that its degenerate, but far more so for the woman than the man.

Forming a family is the basis of civilization. Hard fact of life is, a man can sleep around with lots of girls in his youth, and then settle with absolute loyalty to one woman. The amount of people he has sex with has no impact on his ability to settle with one woman.

Women, on the other hand, damage their own ability to remain loyal to one man when they sleep around with lots of guys.

In order to improve the abysmal family situation in the west, we have to combat against the culture of casual fucking. Unfortunately, we as a society are NEVER going to ask women to control their behavior. Never. So occasionally Cred Forums gets frustrated, because the only other available route is to ask men not to sleep with girls they aren't in a long-term relationship with, even though this is not nearly as harmful for the man as it is for the girl. It's sort of like, instead of telling fatties not to eat so much, you tell the restaurants not to serve them. Seems dumb, and it is. But we just are not going to ask women to control their behavior, so it's our only remaining option.

Unfortunately, this only works if all men agree to do it, otherwise she will just find some other guy desperate for pussy to fuck, easily.

This is actually why I view porn as SOMEWHAT okay. Healthier porn, not the weird demented shit. It lowers the value of pussy, making it more difficult for women to easily find guys to fuck. I hope between a combination of porn and trying to teach men to have higher standards for themselves we can break down the cock carousel that women have the option of riding until their thirties.


anything other than chastity is degenerate.

This girl looks eerily like a girl I knew in middle school. Anyone have name?

Not a bad idea as long as you wear protection and don't get emotionally attached to the scank.

not to mention men can remain fertile until very old age, but women's reproductive peak is at 25

>higher chances of birthing a Chad from a 6ft woman
>somehow this is undesirable

My girlfriend and I have been long distance for 2 years (dating 4.5 years total).
She is into other girls (bi) and just recently had her first lesbian experience with a pole dancer she met on Tinder.
They met at a nearby bar, went back to her place, and ate each other out.
I don't mind at all, it keeps her sexually satisfied and keeps her sex drive high for the times we visit each other every 1-2 months.

proud incel. I fuck other incel ladies. it sucks actually because they are crazy but impossible for me to stop. actually hope one day to fuck a normie chick

this tbqh famalam

hmm good point

but it's still awkward unless you're like 6'5 yourself

>It lowers the value of pussy, making it more difficult for women to easily find guys to fuck.
lmao, no

The guys watching porn never had a chance in the first place. THAT is why they're watching porn.

With Tinder and the other apps, every 5+ girl has an endless supply of 6'2 Chads at her finger tips.

Not bad for you, but then you just ruined the women's mental capability to ever get attached to a man and raise a family.
definitely degenerate.



Yes. Also I want to fuck my wife's best friend so bad.

Buddy you are lying to yourself if you think that less than 90 percent of men watch porn

The truly damned become addicted to porn, but that doesn't mean it's not very normalized behavior to watch it

And Tinder didn't really change the situation for women that much - every woman has ALWAYS had easy access to guys willing to fuck her. What it did do was make that situation much more visible to men and showed a certain subset of men that they can game the system for easy poon.

Ultimately, it ends up being a positive thing. We in the west really need to let go of our romantic delusions about women. Tinder helps break that down. A lot of (even 'traditional churches') western society idealizes women as more kind, more caring, more loyal, more pure, less sexually deviant than men. This was never the case. Women will crawl through a mile of broken glass to fuck their demon lover, and almost all of their behavior is aimed at concealing this fact. That's how you should view them at all times.

That's what I mean. She hits the wall at 35 and suddenly needs to have a kid, and just wants somebody to knock her up.


The Church knew this and tried to place virtuous ideals for women. That's precisely why they're even bigger sluts today: religion lost its appeal.

>almost all of their behavior is aimed at concealing this fact
Behind the facade of unavailable pureness women put for betas, there is a secret world of dirty degrading lust which they only share with chads.

jessicababyfat on instagram.

Thank me later.

As far as I can see, when it comes to women, religion lost sight of the forest for the trees. Maybe some time in the past, these were virtuous ideals for women to live up to despite their nature. Nowadays, religion just seems to declare that women are INHERENTLY pure, loyal, kind, caring.

Seems like women absolutely hate religion these days

>is casual sex degenerate

Is it degenerate enough for you to reject it if propositioned?

i wanna eat an eggroll out of this sweaty chinos butt real bad

>"Slayers" are more effete looking than Chads

Yes. I've been asked by two married women when I got my first job. Overheard one say, "he never flirts or anything, he's just Mr. Handsome."

Only lasted 3 months because of the crippling depression that reached its peak.

Life is currently fucking bad. Just pure nihilism and degeneracy and hopelessness.

Fuck a whole bunch of married chicks and then die. Sounds great... What a meaningful, spiritual life.

Everything is fucked.

Why we need Islam tbqh

The slayer bit is bullshit.

Nobody expect Cred Forums thinks that le ubermench box jaw men look hot, or the tip top of attractiveness.

Those "slayers" are just slightly better looking chads. And people who look like that usually end up in modeling/sports anyway so I'm not sure I believe this "high IQ" thing either.

Well shit man, maybe you should try improving your own life and not being a degenerate loser

you don't. once you bone once if you guys are cool with eachother, you can always take another dip

No. Sex is fun, and we should be able to enjoy that fun without feeling bad about it. It's in our nature and ingrained deep into our biology to have sex, and in this day and age the typical man and woman will meet a lot of people that they could engage in a sexual relationship with. People couldn't really say that even 150 years ago. But, girls should know what they're giving up by having sex with multiple partners.

tldr we have a large pond to draw water from, so why not drink?

ah the "ugly guy acting cute" playbook. i know this well. feels meh because unattractive, but the certain level of vindication when you manage to still make moves makes it all better.

Islam is as degenerate as it gets

Islam makes it normal for fat old men to fuck multiple young girls and often little boys as well

This. Islam is modern degeneracy taken to the extreme.

Having sex with non-virgins is cuckoldry unless she's only had sex with you and she's your wife.

Look at this absolutely retarded post. The word 'cuckoldry' has now officially lost all meaning.

>kinda between normie and chad because I'm a lazy fucker and I don't work out
>genetically, I'm actually slayer except my face
>still Autistic
We are the master race, fool.

I've got a lot of Chad traits, and I've certainly not had issues with women, but my manletism relegates me to somewhere between normie and incel.

>kill me

>it's in our nature so we should be able to do it

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>incel who isn't celibate
This idiot doesn't even know what incel means.

Animals reproduce without prejudice. This is just making us one step closer to being just like them.