Lads do I need a TV license even when I watch international networks?

I got a letter today that they have been tracking my internet connection and they found that I am watching American TV channels like Fox news, CNN etc..

I thought you only needed TV Licence for national stations.
Any Britbong to confirm?

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No you do not need a tv licence to watch Fox and CNN. You only need one if you watch the BBC. People have gotten the BBC's claims in court thrown out by proving that they only watch ITV for fuck's sake. I know this is the time of year they send letters around to scare all the dumb little students and old people with threats of legal action but I've never heard of them actively lying before.

Is this thread satire?

Sounds like BS
Show us the letter's contents. Prolly you can just bin it, anyway.

You should have your own boston tea party where you burn down the offices of these bureaucratic totalitarians.
>dem trips

The BBC preys on people's ignorance when it comes to paying the licence fee.
Spoiler: "TV detection vans" aren't real and their goons literally have no legal enforcement powers beyond that of a bailiff. If you tell them to fuck off there's nothing they can do unless you have a tv sat in your front room.
Yes it sucks having a state broadcaster. No the UK is not unique in this.

>TV detection vans
That's like Penis Inpection Day...right?


I wish I was making this up.
Check out pic related. Note that the accused did not own a television. Like I said, they get most of their cash from scaring dumb and/or old people into thinking that they have mysterious near-supernatural powers of television detection.

Holy fuck, thats shitty. Private companies can apply for search warrants?

The BBC isn't technically a private company. It's weird, kind of a state broadcaster you can opt out of (by not owning a television & not watching iPlayer).
Most of Europe is in a similar situation, only in their cases the bill is automatically attached to their tax bill and you can't opt out of it because it's a proper state broadcaster.







This is false. Why would you say false things with such confidence?

The BBC doesn't do any searching.






I was talking about capita buisness services ltd.


wtf srsly?

You live in a 1984 police state shithole, of course you do.


Just don't pay.

I've not had a license the entire time of living in my own places, and the letters just get binned.

I got a visit once and a card was left but I am at work 7-5 every day anyway.

Wtf I hate the UK now

It's kinda funny that it says "Abolished" under Finland which is only partially true, it was moved into a tax that everyone making over 20588€ pays (it is a flat sum of 140€ if you care), this is something that has to be paid even if you do not own a TV and so on..


when the popo comes, shoot them some delicious quads.

Pretty sure like others have said it is only if you stream the iplayer you need a licence. There was a change this year to the rules though so ta probably worth looking on that website.

Yeah, shut the fuck up Winston Smith, kek

kodi and vpn. git gud you dumbass

Is this fucking real?

Is this all a big joke guys? I thought tv licenses were a big meme like penis inspections, cinema falcons and Louis CK

1, They can't track your internet connection, only dumb mouth breathers believe that.(the type that watch Jeremy Kyle show.) 2. Let them start a full investigation, if you have an antenna on your roof, remove it. I get a similar letter every year. They don't like the fact that I would rather pay for netflix. Phone them and remind them that you don't watch any UK live tv, including any streamed live UK tv.

It really is embarrassing how they try to scare people into paying. Wouldn't be surprised if they get some 'tv sniffing' dogs next. Load of bollocks.

>but muh TV rights......

trips still checked though

Another false post. Why post on something you don't know about?

>That pic
Delet this

You should rebel against your queen, down with the matriarchy!

they should make the multicultural/diversity add's this aggressive kek, cant say the britbongs don't deserve it
a fitting fruit of an allied victory

>Wallonia: €149.67
French cucked again

>Tracking internet connection
That's fucking terrible bong. Checked


Jesus fuck Britain I'm beginning to see why Orwell wrote 1984

that's risky. What's the catch?






>sectarian language

WTF is that?





basically you can't criticize a sect of a population, such as ISLAMISTS







>common law implied right

Am I reading this right? At common law, the BBC has a presumed right to intrude on your premises unless you specifically tell them they can't?

What the fuck is a tv license I've seen this for years but never asked is this a meme or is it real

We Need an operation D-Day 2 to liberate cuckistan.



Brexit isn't enough.
Arm yourselves.




IIRC, they still need a court order to force your internet provider to disclose details about which site you've been visiting at which time. Not something they'll do for the few pounds they'll make on a TV license.



>>dem trips

Canadian education, everyone!

what the fuck

Wew lad.

Makes me feel free as fuck and I'm not even American.

Here they just try to guilt trip you with ads, they don't overtly threaten you with incarceration.


I posted these on Cred Forums hahah. I got one more letter after these which was even more threatening but chose to ignore it after advice given here. I haven't heard from them again ... yet.

OK this one HAS to be ironic.

The others are just terrifying


the police are weak and a small militia can disrupt their operation of censorship

hell they're not even armed themselves.

I think we should go a step beyond sending guns, we got trained gun users that are itching for a fight. I would love to see an happening where we lead through london with nothing more than a Cred Forums thread to direct attention.

>self defense
>rape alarm
What the fuck.

It's just a Government shakedown of retards that get scared of letters OP. I haven't paid it since the first place I lived after I moved out of my parents house over 10 years ago.

irony will get you 5 years if you are caught on the metro

That's so Orwellian. Don't they know their people are armed with spoons?

Please stop Britain. It hurts to see you do this to yourself.

That's some nice digits

Was this letter from a legit source? Did they say why they were tracking yyour net use?

Fucking nut case bongs.

Wait what? You have to have a 'license' to watch certain channels over there?


>a dirty knife probably thrown away for a clean knife

it's a weapon, chaps. time for tea and to pray for allah now.

what the fuck is this shit
why do you let this happen

Incremental authoritarian policies that nobody challenged and just meekly accepted. We serve as a reminder to never give an inch because in a few years they will be at your gates.

not anymore

oh yeah
also (((TESCO)))

What the fuck?

I thought the knife ban in bongistan was just one big meme.
Are you for real England?
Did an actual police officer get a housesearch warrant on some guy, went into their home and confiscated all their kitchen knifes?
I mean like what the fuck

Thats not even Orwellian, thats just absoluteley fucking crazy. Are you not allowed to have knifes in your houses?
Will the police just search random houses and take all your knifes, no matter what kind of knife it is?

Jesus fucking Christ

Anyone contact her to ask her where she gets the balls to threaten people like that?

It's a lazy system that we have had for decades, the BBC does not want to change it because they will lose a ton of funding. I think we have to put up with it for another 6-7 years before the government reviews it again.

It's a joke and people can easily force any case they try to bring to be thrown out of court if the BBC cannot prove there programs are being watched, if you are watching or using BBC services then tbqh you should pay for the cuck license.

Not sure how foreign programs work but im guessing it's considered the same as watching a pirated movie. Cases like that rarely make it to court because of costs.


I don't really understand what a TV license is or anything like that. Sounds foreign and Orwellian to me.

This can't be true.

>tv license
What the fuck? You need a license to watch TV?

And well done. The handle of a spoon can be sharpened into a violent weapon. Prisoners do it all the time.

I can get Cadbury in ShopRite.

I worked in London for several years. Had to show ID to buy plastic cutlery.

The idea is not so bad (who leaves their homes unsecured?) but tweeting one's possessions is asking for gorillas to break in

nah it's real, it's pretty easy to meme on them about it too.

I bet the Muzzies get a free lifetime license.

It's not a "ban" by government. It's because Hershey claimed to have the trademark to "Cadbury," so the company that makes chocolate under the name "Cadbury" can't import it into the US market.

It's like claiming hamburgers are banned because a Mongolian company called Burger King can't open a franchise in the US because we already have a burger barn called Burger King.

It's like a full blown big brother advertisement from Orwell's 1984. The British government is creepy as fuck.

holy shit
bike tires and car stereos are weapons now too

what is that other thing , a bike lock?

A bike lock and a bike tire are weapons in England. >wew lad

thats nothing

Bike locks are offensive weapons, they make it more difficult for underprivileged people to steal your bike (as is their right).

Should have gone to Specsavers

They don't need any sugarcoating eh?

The water in the pot is now bubbling vigorously. They don't need to hide it any longer.

You got bbc'd

What the fucking fuck.

A bike wheel.
A fucking bike wheel is considered a weapon in bongistan.

This cant be real life, can it? Its some sort of horrible simulation created by the jews.

What kind of fucking law states that A FUCKING BIKE WHEEL can be considered a weapon?
Or does the police in england just have unlimited power in their quest to "defeat crime"?

Brits, talk to me. I wanna know, because this puts your country in the same "absolute-insanity" sphere as my own


>cabeça de caralho

Britain is a fucking cesspool now. They're so stuck up their own ass for an empire that's long since died that they're holding onto a sense of authority anyway they know how to. They're literally taking a play out of a fictional novel George Orwell wrote with thought police and the whole, "we're watching you," zeitgeist. Fuck the British government. At least America's government is scared enough of the people to hide it. The British government's been caught with it's dick out in this thread.

Why are you assuming these homes are actually unlocked?

They won't stop until all our objects are legally required to be made of styrofoam and have no sharp corners. The UK is actually a prototype for the NWOs completely neutered society with no access to weapons and completely complicit and apathetic to government oppression

Oh yes, so oppressed. Worse than north Korea.

It's not long before the British police themselves become armed with guns and the people of Britain will be completely subjugated by her majesty the queef.

We've never had a revolution where the people asserted any authority here like they did in America. Our feudalists just became politicians to pretend we are a democracy. America would have slaughtered these people a few hundred years ago, we let them change forms like shapeshifting Jew chameleons to continue fucking us.

It made even me feel free. At least KGB is subtle. WTF Britain what is wrong with your people.

But memes aside, what is their reasoning?

Everything that could possibly be used to hurt someone else is banned?

I wish you good luck in your coming war

We can literally be arrested for a tweet m8

In other news: Bureaucrats fail to understand the basic concept of encryption. Again.

do you guys like in an Orwellian novel or something?
What the fuck is going on there?

You people really need to start protesting for a written bill of rights. And it's far-fetched, but get rid of the house of lords... wtf, you people literally have a legislative body dedicated to the rich and elite. Start putting up signs saying that freedom of speech is non-negotiable in a free society. That'll probably piss the authorities off there. Who knows.

live like*

my GF (moved out 8 years ago) was telling me you need a license for anything that can technically show a television signal.

Either its that old TV or that laptop connected to the internet (since BBC is online)

also a license for black and white is cheaper than a color license

and i highly doubt it honestly costs them that much, the signal is sent out regardless.

I don't know anyone who uses twatter, do you?

Small island, big government, and media that blow everything up lead to every issue being jumped on by politicians trying to make a name for themselves by banning things and scaring liberal women using the media into backing them.

Not an argument, people should not be arrested by Tweets unless there was a threat of terrorism

You use WIFI ? You deserve everything you get.

People here will never fight until their lives , homes and families are threatened. They are too bluepilled and not interested in freedom of speech at all.

dont forget there are roughly 30CCTV cameras per resident.

those numbers might be lower because of the recent immigrants, so they'll probably be installing more cameras.

orwell was able to avoid detection sitting under a tree in a field

2016 england has CCTV cameras in trees

its already happened

Hate speech provokes terrorism so its just as bad

Fuck Southern, the bunch of useless cunts.

That includes you, Govia Thameslink!

Fuck this. The only reason they made licenses obligatory is because nobody was watching our shit-tier government channels.

sometimes I dont like living in america, but shit like this makes me feel less bad about it

why the fuck do you need a tv liscense anyways

> lol the only people that care are the ones with something to hide

Legislating against any kind of speech is a significant step on the way to an Orwellian dystopia.

Your people are subjects of the great queef.
Just wait until your police are armed and going after thought-criminals. They'll catch people like you with their dick out and a spoon and call it a justified shooting. Just you wait. there really a black and white version..?

To pay for enrichment.

Ironically the BBC kept growing (wow unchecked bureaucracies grow like viruses who would have thought that) and non-state media complained that the BBC were moving into so many fields in media that it was impossible for paid media to compete.

Everyone blamed Rupurt Murdoch for whining about it but the company that actually filed the complaint was the left-wing rag The Guardian.

>rape whistle

Looks like an ad that might be present in Northern Ireland although those are Scottish prisons.

Wasn't there a guy in the UK that didn't have to pay a TV license because he was able to show BBC had foreknowledge on 9/11?

We bongs shall have the Londonistan spoon party where we defy the tyrants in government by dueling with spoons and burning Qurans. Sure none of us will survive as we get suicide bombed and swatted from each side and the coppers go back to the Islamic community centre for tea afterwards.

They want more money obviously.
It's not like a drivers license where you need to learn about driving laws, you don't need to take a course on how to use a fucking TV.
Serbia kinda has a TV license-like thing. They attached it to our electricity bills for some fucking reason, also we could just outright refuse to pay it which was nice (I don't think you can do it anymore).

You think I'm joking, but if it weren't for the United States' influence your country would be a Hell on Earth and the Queen would be Satan. Don't think for a minute that a totalitarian government isn't around the corner for you guys. Europe never was free. America is the center of power for the world because it is free. Europe was once the center of power, but at a much lesser scale than America is today, because it was never truly free. Europe is shit. Enjoy the eyes on all the posters and CCTV cameras that surround you on a daily. fucking. basis.

More on this pls.

So what happens when you try to buy a TV with cash? Do you have to fill out a form before they let you leave the store????

I can't even imagine that. We don't even need to do that buy long guns here.

Please stop these threads. It hurts.

Found it:

Sounds like something a British government shill would say. kek

I just cant bear the amount of pain they bring me, but i cant look away at the horror. At least we arent north korean i guess.

Yes. People can use a false address or one belonging to a relative. I did.

I suppose North Korea wouldn't be a technocracy though. North Korea isn't a government giving the illusion of freedom. Britain is a country that claims to be free, but gives up all of it's rights in the name of security. Britain is an Orwellian nightmare waiting to happen.

I agree with you.
Been saying it for years.

Its an orwellian nightmare thats already begun.

>gives up all of it's rights in the name of security

What do the British people believe it's protecting them from? Life?

God Bless America! this thread scares the shit out of me and i feel horrible for you over the pond unwashed people.

As soon as your police force starts using guns, the police are going to enforce thought crime laws online. There are going to be reeducation centers, as there already are, but more of them. And they're going to shoot people for any retarded thing they define as a weapon. It will be Hell.

If i lived in the UK i would form a small band with my mates where would hunt down anyone connected with the BBC or TV licensing.

The government is supposedly protecting them from both bodily harm and emotional harm. I just don't get it.

It's token political point scoring by left wing politicians. The majority of people don't know or care about the legislation until they try To buy a spoon and are inconvenienced.

holy shit, this is unreal. lads liberate yourselves ffs

No mate, you need a license to watch TV at all

(Nice quads)
Here is an informational video from the BBC

>try To buy a spoon and are inconvenienced

> try to buy a spoon
> lights immediately cut
> government ninjas break out the windows
> friendly Tesco clerk maces you in the eyes and dropkicks your wife
> charged with sedition against Her Majesty and fomenting an armed rebellion
> penalized with 15 months mandatory re-education and the choice of lobotomy or chemical castration

You need a separate license to watch international channels, and yes, it does require taking a separate test to the regular one. I managed to fail mine because I thought it would be a pushover.

Jesus christ those billboards and posters are fucking creepy as all hell.

I used to think those were photoshopped.

Yes, it costs just under £50 and the exam for getting one is a hell of a lot easier.

The spokes could theoretically be sharpened and used as a weapon.

That video...they aren't fooling anyone anymore with this tv detection bullshit. We all have smartphones and computers now, we know at least a little about how electronics work.

what the fuck is a tv license?

Wait there's an exam? To watch TV?

>TV detection vans
wtf is going on in bongland?

What's in the exam?

episode 5 was on while watching this thread

Well to get a license, yeah. It's pretty easy though and you'd have to be a complete mong to fail the regular one.

Very basic history about broadcasting in the UK and the BBC and some legal stuff (what you can and can't do with your license). The questions are made public in advance and only change every 5 or so years so you can just buy a study guide and memorize them.

That's the stupidest thing i've ever heard of.

Yup but as I said, most people don't really care. I reckon tradition is one of the main reasons why we still have to take the exam. The last 3 governments have all said that they would want to phase it out but it's just hasn't happened yet.


We have a hero


>>people don't really care
>>its fine because govt said they don't like it
>>its fine because people accept it
>>everything is fine
>>take the test pay the exam
>>god save the queen n such

Wtf is a tv licence?

Yes, you need a license if you have any TV capable of viewing a live BBC broadcast. You can just ignore the letter though and if they send anyone around just refuse them entry. They have no authority to enter your property uninvited and unless they can prove you need a license, they can't issue you a fine. just tell them you don't have a TV.

They are allowed to search the premises but are not allowed to force entry. Ergo, if you don't let them in they can't do shit.


no and yes and no

what is a tv liceanse

> wasted quads
> not even politics or political humor accessories

TV licenses are very politically relevant in the UK and have been since Neil Kinnock unexpectedly lost the 1992 general election. Many people put the defeat down to the Labour party's proposed scrapping of TV licenses as they (and the BBC more broadly) were very popular at the time.

>tv license man comes to door
>tell him to fuck off
>he comes back
>gets a properslap
>leaves and never comes back

its not that hard desu


>i pay my cukc license like a good goy

you dont even have to pay and people know not to pay for them here because they're all skint

where do you live iin britian anyway? you seem to love the BBC