How can someone possibly become so cucked? I thought tumblr was a meme

How can someone possibly become so cucked? I thought tumblr was a meme..

the brainwash is real user. don't try and understand it you will literally go insane. it is meant to deteriorate the mind into slave mentality.

they are just tools to demoralize us, the better question is why do the elites champion this cucked thought process and what do they want to eventually happen

Even under the guise of political activism, a woman's actions are always selfish.

She wants to burn coal and is waiting for a taker

I dont know but damn sure is creepy as fuck

It's called virtue signalling.

Post the comments pls

>it only matters when a white person is doing the killing

What about black on black crime?

I guess it all started when I found my gf of 3 years was cheating on me with some random guy from her campus.
I wasn't hearthbroken as much as I thought I would be, but all my feeling for her were gone. In a split of a second.
However, instead of breaking up with her I decided to stay because I would miss sex too much and so asked her to try some "different" stuff in bed I didnt have the courage to ask before...but since now I didn't care, why the hell not? She cheated on me, if she feels too disgusted we break up.

I'm telling you guys, it turned out I was having the best time with her then, than in our whole boring relationship... but we didn't get to my cuck fetish quite yet.

I noticed this strong, black muscular guy on my college (ffzg) who was from France and is here in Croatia on erasmus. He was at least 2 meters high with wide shoulders and . I felt so beta standing next to him that I knew that he would be perfect for my gf.
I can't even describe how happy I was when both of them accepted a threesome.
As soon as we got to my house. He drove his negro tongue inside her, setting off a shattering moan that was music to my ears. She grabbed his curly hair and pulled him closer. He thrust one finger inside her, crooking it and hitting her in the right spot... and when he finally slowed to look up at her, he saw her blonde hair was a wild tumble, and her face was glowing of pleasure.
As I watched them making out I knew I was just going to be a third wheel but that didn't bother me. I sat down, watched them and jerked of as hardest as I could knowing this... this was the moment I lost my real virginity.

Who gives a damn?

I care about black on white crime.

>Who gives a damn?
>I care about black on white crime.

All crime is a problem.

Man it is really disgusting what is happening and how brainwashed people are.

>he thinks one black person can speak for all blacks and that they are a coherent group
in the 90s we called this racism

not if its coon shooting coons.

communists. they use this shit to rile up the lower class for a revolution. not complicated. union guys, people working at think tanks for the left. those can be considered today's communist areas. these people read Marx and Mao and do genuinely believe their Soros led revolution. it's not a joke. it's real.

Give them all of your money and worldly possessions, and then kill yourself.

Seriously. That's it. That's the only thing that will actually satisfy them. If you're not willing to do that, then don't bother trying.

If I was black, this would make me cringe so hard, my eyes would become diamonds

>another white pretending to give a fuck about niggers
Yeah, it would actually be scary if she really meant any of that and knew any actual black people.

Tell him to kill himself.

Is it really a crime if no people get hurt though?

>How can someone possibly become so cucked?

wtf I hate an-cap memes now

I wish your forefathers would have gotten rekt by ustase


I'm cringing at your inappropriate use of the word "cuck". Calling a female a cuck isn't an insult, it's completely natural for them to be submissive and weak.

Tell her it's not her life so who gives a fuck. Our lives should not be devoted to making strangers lives better. Just be nice to the black people you encounter, it's not like you need to go out and fucking wash their hair and give them all your fucking money. People have overcome much worse conditions than what black people are in right now (Ghettos) tbqhfam

all black people want is money. They aren't complicated.


Liberal faggotry brainwashed too many white people. Its up to us to redpill them user, we have to get them to uncuck and sieg heil


For a second I thought she was gonna write about black on black crime.

I guess she is looking for a comfy position where she can protest without getting involved too much and be back for clubbing with the gurls before the free drinks for women promo ends.

Bah, to hell with first worlders, really.

Media race-baiting generates clicks and viewership.

There's no actual problem compared to the level of black on black crime but the media feeds on the frenzy created by pretending there is.

This triggers me how can you pity the piece of shit that just threatened your life and raped your face

it's either insanity or an incredibly sheltered upbringing.