"I had sex with eight lads on girls’ holiday and caught an STI"

> DEAR DEIDRE I had sex with eight lads on girls’ holiday and caught an STI… and now I’m terrified I’ve given it to my boyfriend
>Explain you had no idea you were infected when you had sex with him on your return.

What do we do about this? What's the final solution to degeneracy?

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end her

Fucking Heresy.

Once we kill der bagel, we kill der basketball. Once we kill der basketball, we kill kebab. Once we kill kebab, we kill libcucks. Once we kill libcucks, we kill all White women without a hymen.

I think it's disgusting that she cheated on her boyfriend, not once, but eight times.
It would be difficult to resist strangling her.

>What's the final solution to degeneracy?
Vote Hillary and pray to Kek that a US-Russia war will happen

Gurl powah!

How long is a vacation? A week? One a day? With a second guy on the last day of her trip.

Why would you kill all of our wives you retard. I'd kill you first.


What happened to going to the beach and playing in the water? Do these people just have sex vacations or something? The fuck? This is disgusting.

This is totally normal and acceptable behavior

The Eucharist

>Implying the slag would even be worth the effort to strangle

Agony Aunt is right.

I don't even know what kind of punishment a disloyal sack of shit like that deserves.
Worst of all, being like that is the norm nowadays. The world has turned gray.

if you don't start with the libcucks, you can't kill all the others they protect

Liberalism has killed off any semblance of a traditional loving marriage.

The paradigm has shifted. It is now up to you to choose how to deal with this. Either use prostitutes and sluts your whole life, marry with the intention of getting cucked and divorced (because it will happen), or jack off to porn for 5 hours a day like I do.

>letting your gf go on a "girls holiday"
He got what he deserved.
That said, women were a mistake.

That's what women do when they go on vacation. Always be wary of women who claim that they like to "travel."

Just cuck my shit up senpai

Daily reminder that culture isn't decaying, it's just changing - naturally! It's inevitable! You don't want to be on the wrong side of history, do you goyi- er, I mean, guys.

More like confession followed by the last rites.

Stupid bitch

>mfw a girl says she likes to travel

Faglord normies get what they deserved
All well and good that you complain about this but you cant hold a double standard and its men engaging in it is what has led to it becoming normalised behavior.
Saving yourself for marriage or wizardry is the answer, my friends.

Or, you know, live together with the woman you love and don't marry, so you don't get shit if shit hits the fan.

It's not that fucking hard.

>Cred Forums thinks this tabloid stuff is real.
No one writes in to these, I thought it was a fact?

This is you

>girls' holiday

drop out of society and watch the world burn

I completely agree user

God im so thankful the girl im with isnt a fucking whore.

This is why I treat most women like shit. They are shit.

same girl?

Libcucks won't actually lift a finger, it's the bagels (which he put first) that would send out the orders

This. "Girls Holiday" is where you draw the line. They'd never let a bf go on guy's holiday.

Even if it's not real, that means the jew is trying to pollute our media with adulterous filth to convince young girls that cheating isn't as disgusting as it.

>the internet has been out for only about 20 years, even less of that to normies on social media
>this isn't even shocking anymore

Imagine this being the AVERAGE story in places like CNN Opinion in about 10 more years.

I used to write one and can confirm. I wrote 127 columns. I never received a single real letter despite the email address for questions being published in every one. The magazine had a circulation of 10,000.

2bh there is a difference between having a couple of boyfriends that didn't work out before you marry, and slobbing on 8 knobs in a week as happened here.

>sex with eight lads
>my boyfriend

And some say there's no reason to hit a woman.

If it was my girl, i would beat her. no joke
worst thing is her parents come to shit on me, but i would just say all the slutty things she did to fuck them mentaly

Jesus Christ and my mum wonders why I have started to avoid girls

>Hand rubbing intensifies

end beta males enabling this

why would you risk getting arrested over some whore?

just drop it and leave

You fucking cuck. Catholic girls are just as degenerate as the average population except the Eucharist and Confession helps them allay their guilt and feel self-righteous and entitled.

t. former devout Catholic

My gf gave me herpes. She got it when she was vacationing by herself. I was home. But we were on the rocks so I can understand why she cheated. Now I think the herpes brought us closer together. It's like she left her mark on me. I'm hers.

Cut her throat is the only decent answer

>what's the final solutionto degeneracy?

The answer is in your question.

You can sue someone in America if they knowingly gave you an STD/STI and force them to pay for your medical treatments.

I'd dump the bitch then sue her

>imlying they wouldn't sue the shit out of you

but with our legal system you may just get away with it

assuming she fucked 8 out of the 10 lads here, and statistically assuming 1 was a homosexual, then imagine being that much of a beta you couldn't even get pity sex from this holiday whore.


t. Justin Trudeau

>there is a difference between slobbing 8 knobs in a week, and 8 knobs in a year
the difference is frequency, not quantity -- that's where people delude themselves: "oh, but i slept with 30 guys over 10 years, not 1 year, so I wasn't being immoral"


That's south america's answer to everything

This is simply wrong. Openly atheist girls are far, far worse. Religious girls aren't exactly pure, but they're better than the rest.

All women are whores, of course.

Especially with another girlfriend along. It is like a dick smoking contest for the purpose of proving to her friends she is the most desirable.

you're retarded
she's not implying she fucked all of them, she's saying she doesn't know which one it is who she fucked.

how slow are you?

>if a nignog fucks your girlfriend and gives you a disease you win!
I've had enough for your shit Trudeau

Stop giving us a bad name you cuckold piece of shit

>Make adultery punishable by death

Hello, Ahmed

That isn't the answer to everything you know

>What do we do about this? What's the final solution to degeneracy?
Christianity, islam or whatever.
I sincerly think this is backlash from nature.
Harems is more natural for primates than monogamy.
Religion forced more fair distribution of women allowing more males to reproduce. Without it thing go for natural order, where few males with acces to wealth and power reproduce and 90% of other males are nothing more than a drones in hierarchial ladder.
Keep in mind that being a male allmost automatically means you are lost in reproduction game since YOU HAVE TO PROVIDE something to make females worth copulating with you.
Allmost all women reproduce and only around 60% of males.

>If your gf cheats and gives you herpes your relationship gets stronger

She fell down some stairs.

do the moral thing and kill yourself

And women become afraid when I express my desire to rape and murder them.

>tfw you read statistics that women orgasm most often when under threat of violence and that they really deserve it for being stupid whore cunts

(just venting)

10/10 troll post. Well cucked.

I think we can all agree that brit tourists are the fucking worst.


instead of matching tattoo's, bracelets, watches or something like that...NOPE matching herpes

fucking leafs

In this case it is.
Adultery being punishable by death should be the norm.


Once isn't really different from 8. Its still cheating, just makes her extra slaggy.

holiday is britcuck speak for vacation

their women are considerably more lost than ours so this doesnt surprise me

lots of british women actually go to africa and shit and bring back aids

im not even joking


Can you sue a partner that cheats on you and brings back an STD?

What the fuck happened to her Torso?

T. Muhammad abdul durka durka


kek, British girls are easy pickings when they come here during the summer. And Czech and German girls too. And French girls.


t. Whore

I know a guy who's girlfriend had sex with 35 guys before him.

She went on a girls holiday and had pictures on her Facebook of her kissing a guy on the cheek.

I think with normies if you remove core social signals of what makes a healthy individual, the void is filled with their own irrationality.


What . . the . . fuck . . .


also very related


This can't be real


Instahalh brother

you should end yourself

jah kva napad gor dol nej gre u tri pizde matrne
ej 8 kurcov pa kao moja punca dej če bi blo treba bi ji pokazu kot dokaz da me je varala ter da je moja reakcija upravičena

Fight the patriarchy sister. DOWN WITH MALE PRIVILEGE!

>Whatever you decide, it is a lesson that staying faithful and using protection make sense.

HOW DARE DEIDRE fill this young woman's head with such fear mongering NONSENSE.

The lesson here is obvious; STIs are minor things; and sex should be encouraged and enjoyed through out a woman's life.

Should her boyfriend dump her; it may in fact open up a WORLD of MEN she can be loved by.... and what a wonderful thing that is for ANY WOMAN.

Hello cuck

Just fuck my civilization up, senpai.

Now realize that in order to save the white race, one of us has to take care of each of them and every other used up cooze or else that's the end of our people.

This is why white men are the biggest race-mixers and why we're all dating Asian women. True story.

Who is to blame for the state of society?


Angles, saints, and nations sing,
Praise be Jesus Christ our king

you know what people like that deserve shit like this
if they don't stand for themselves and take shit, then fuck em

You dont need to be a muslim to not be a cuck

I really hope you're not serious.

Is it even possible to find a girl free of STDs nowadays?

You're very close to accepting the JQ, friend.

Yes, yes I know 90% of white women are outragious sluts. What else is new?

She did him a favor. He had probably thought about marrying the slag.

>he doesn't know about common law standing
in some places of the world, if you live with a women for about 4 years you bacome legally married

Unfaithful can't, hope she gets a flesh eating virus and dies a slow horrible death.

just stop

>being a rentcuck your whole life

Better question.

Can a partner that cheats on you, brings back an STD, and discloses none of this before sleeping with you be charged with rape?

It's hello Slovenia here and i agree with him
Maybe not death, but severe beatings would suffice
We would start, beat a good ammount of bitches then the rest would follow cause women have shit for brains and follow alpha men


Let me guess she gave some dear rabbi advise about how she shouldn't blame herself and how tis the boyfriends fault for not treating her like a princess

Hello cuck

anglos are subhuman

Good luck with that one.


Why do you hate your mother?

I'm actually starting to lean towards this.

Good one.

I know this is bait but, I don't see how people can be cucked enough to let their girlfriends travel long distances alone, unless it's work related.

>where have all the good men gone?

I just want to be able to marry a girl without the cost being itchy red genitals for the rest of my life.

Not as easy as that in the grand Ole U S of A. Thanks to women we now have common law marriage in case just such a thing happens. He didn't put a ring on you and then left? Don't worry if you were together for a long enough time you still get half his shit!

Either bait, or lowest denominator.


Oh shit my girl talked a bit ago about her friend taking her to Dubai. I hate her friend, she is a party girl while my girlfriend is for the most part pretty smart and red pilled.

What? A Subaru?

That's why you tell her you'll dump her if she goes on a "Girls only holiday" and then leave that decision in her hands.

It would be...interesting...to have the super power to look at a girl and know her full sexual history.

I can agree with this

Im serious. We love each other and I love her daughter. We're happy. That's all that matters. We share meds and I care for her when she's sick. The herpes can really knock a woman out, more so than a man. Very painful.

Why exactly do you want to marry?

Saj slovenke pomoje nimajo dosti partnerjev v življenju. Če pogledam ženske v mojem življenju je povprečje nekje med 3-4. Ampak glede na to kaj se dogaja v klubih (govorim za MB) se številka lahko dvigne tudi do 10

no but in america they can be charged with assault with a deadly weapon and in the case of aids specifically at least manslaughter in they know they have aids/hiv when they had sex with you

if you think that sounds crazy there were to many intentionally spreading aids in the 80s to not take it that far and to many people in prison spit thus spreading hep c to guards

Your gf is going to get fucked by multiple cocks of each race.



My mom's a virgin

>be cuck
>think life couldnt be any worse
>catch STD



Is love not real?

Never fuck women.

slow bro

It's not bait. I just got over an outbreak. I'd post a timestamped pic but it's hard to see now, unless I shaved, but I'm at work so that's not really something I can do. Anyway, I love her. So everything is ok.

You do realize that adultery was punished by death even before Christianity or Islam popped up on the world's stage, right?

Hell, pre-Christian Slavs had fairly neat kind of executions for adultery. If you were a man who cheated on his wife, you would be basically held down by the men of the wife's family while she beat you to death with a club. If you were a woman who cheated on her husband, you would be placed in a large cauldron, full of water, above a fire, and then you'd be boiled alive.

As funny as it is she did say she may have caught it from her boyfriend. However, she also said if she is going to be unfaithful that they should break up.

Women with slut friends are sluts too.

Dump her now

I don't consider a born-again virgin who had every hole filled by a pack of niggers on a mission trip to Africa but won't suck her husband's dick because "it's a sin" an improvement.

Sure it is, women are just not capable of it. They can produce a good recreation of it but they cannot truly love.

My ex used to write lifestyle shit for News International. She'd basically write something completely fictional then hook her friends up with a fee for using their names and Myspace/Facebook pics as interviewees. One guy I know still gets the odd £100 cheque for a story from 8 years ago getting republished.

>I hate her friend, she is a party girl

You know how fucking influential women are on other women?

I remember reading about in Washington State how liberals removed laws off the book from criminalizing sex without disclosing STDs because
>hurr its human nature how can you make it illegal
Well turns out some nigger knowingly infected 8 women with HIV, was arrested and brought to court, warned to stop having sex without disclosure, but released because he didn't break the law. He ends up continuing to infect numerous women with HIV because they can't arrest him. Civil suits pending though.

[spoiler]He's still doing it to this day too[/spoiler]

Remember folks, liberalism is progress!


Your relationship is not going to last unless you tell your girlfriend she is not travelling lost distances without you.

You need to produce a significant enough force to overcome the addictive draw od status signalling that corrupts an unfortunate number of women.

Secondly, you should manipulate your girlfriend into cutting contact with her friend.

If she doesn't agree with any of this then leave her

Lastly, fuck her and get her pregnant.

>a million a year is middle class in new york city

as real as Santa and Armenian genocide

You made me laugh. I like you.

gas chambers

Hopefully it will be nuclear, and global.

Fuck that. Her friend got her a job at a hospital so they started hanging out a little more. My gf has continued to hang out with me almost all the time except for a few times she hung out with her friend, bringing me with a few times. Good news is her friend got fired so my gf isn't around her daily. She meets her friend in a few weeks for a birthday gift her friend got for her but hopping that's the last and she doesn't try to convince my girl to go with her to sandniggerstan. They are old friends and my gf realizes she has a somewhat shitty lifestyle. I just worry about erosion happening.

how do you have sex with 8 different people in the same day?
i have been alive for 27 years and haven't had sex once

FREE replies?!

Absolutely worse. It just means a girl who won't do for you what she did for everyone else.

Somebody has to burn.

t. Jesus

Hello cuck


Hello destroyer of civilizations.

Anglos man.

Just ban the from your country.

But she never associated with her except in school when the friend was a fat butch. My girl hasn't done anything sluttish but I worry she might with this dumb cunt.

That's troof all right.

See Cred Forums, told you.
Sadly, this guy is probably right. It's still kike propaganda.

this is 100% accurate
and thisfucking exterminatus that bitch


Even if they don't start out as sluts or are not sluts by nature, the slutty girls will leverage their perceived "popularity" with men as evidence of her "alpha" status, leading the rest into aping her behaviour.

Thinking sluttiness increases men's respect for you is proof that women don't understand men.

Your mistake is "believing" the Church for the kind of people who make up the "masses" of it, and not being inspired by the exceptionally good people to believe in the claim to non-subjectively superior truth that is the reality of the church.

"Churchianity", as it has been so aptly named, is not "Christianity", and you are right to hate that type of bullshit.

Chuckled, some of the leafs shitposting is brutal

Yeah I have heard how many times things have happened but there are those that don't. Luckily I'm not married or anything but the moment something happens I'm gone.

Is death really the solution?

Why not branding the face, removal of sex organs and a foot?

At least they can be of use in a factory then

If she can't buy new Jimmy Choos every few days she's living in poverty

>posts 10 (ten) fucking guys
>"I have one of their babies"
>is incapable of pointing out whos baby it is exactly
Holy fuck british women are the worst. Complete whore slags.
Island of degeneracy.
Sharia might actually be good for you

*edit, miscounted

I wonder if this is something you could press charges for, since her infidelity caused the boyfriend a lifelong disease.

>What's the final solution to degeneracy?
Convert to Islam and make Europe a racially white Islamic state

At the very least, it sounds like she's not planning on killing the baby

has this been posted before?

There actually is a precedent for charging people with not revealing they have an STD.

You must be kebab

Sometimes I think that Eternal Jew is doing good job raping Europe with shitskins. They at least will teach your whores how to keep your vagina under your panties using Sharia law.

I've convinced her a number of times to stay home and she does, she doesn't want to hang with her hardly at all. I can't support a kid right now, what do?

he dindu nuffin, was a gud boi!

really though, what he didu?

whores man

Of course not. It's not so strange, is it?

>why are some of the women living lavish lifestyles so plain?

probably because they're smarter and more interesting people than you. I hate whores who think their looks entitle them to everything.

this is just depressing. and of course 400 reddit cucks upvote it.
>I made mistakes but gained valuable experience and learned a lot about myself
i fucking hate this meme.

I live in seattle, I guarantee our cucks are worse than anywhere in sweden.

Pagan slavs confirmed for best barbars

RedPill Tiem
and they don't even have to go that far


This is one of the worst shitposts I have ever seen.

10/10 shitposting
Leafs giving Australia a run for its money

Love this one, she's the same type of cunt that once she reaches 35 she will live the rest of her life regretting never marrying the guy. These kind of women deserve to live the rest of their lives in solitude.

The solution is simple

we give women dicks

>getting off is now much easier to do and clean up after
>you can do it discreetly
>it can take five minutes or thirty
>female sexual frustation no longer requires whoring around

At least atheists have a chance of being unpopular/autistic enough to be virgins

She's going to get shat on by some rich arab inbred.

Tell her it's either you or being shat on her face.

>her daughter

well meme'd leaf

Nasty whore. She's just a bitch in heat, more animal than human. Only cares in the world are immediate distractions and the fulfillment of base urges. At least in the old days when a girl was a whore she had the decency to label herself as such and ply her wares... You wouldn't make the mistake of marrying one back then.

It is depressing. But such is life.

>Is death really the solution?


>Why not branding the face, removal of sex organs and a foot?

Because that's pointless.

All you've done is create a burden for society.

Just weed out the degenerates altogether.

These degenerates get what they deserve. May all of them find themselves at the end of a short rope.

> What do we do about this? What's the final solution to degeneracy?
Stop enabling them. What the hell did the fucking cuckold think was going to happen when she went on a vacation alone??

What a strong empowered feminist woman going out and doing what she wants. She should be applauded for her strength. If her boyfriend doesn't like it, he's just a misogynist asshole who she doesn't need anyway.

It worries me greatly when I know they're targeting youth but they're extremely focused on corrupting females.

Shitposting like a champ m8

>yfw you realise God exists

I got herpes as well except I went the opposite route. I spread it to as many girls as I possibly can, including my very recent ex. If she mouths off on fb i'll make a public post saying she has herpes to everyone.

Eh. Seems like a waste when we could go full indentured slavery mode. Guess it's the inner Semite speaking

I plan on doing that, of she actually gets convinced to go along I will tell her how the situation of her going, as in who she is going with and where, isn't right and is wrong to do that when you have a bf. Of she ignores it and goes I can't stay. I trust her sure and there have been occasions where she had reinforced my trust however that is long distance travel with a friend who is basically a slut. That isn't right and I wouldn't do that.

>What do we do about this?

We just need to look to nature and deal with it the same way hedgehogs are having sex.... very, very carefully!

god damn it, stop replying to the obvious leaf bait, jesus christ, summer is over

The final solution is a bomb ass battery claim with damages that are no doubt significant. By asking the question she killed any chance at arguing intent or knowledge to a certainty, and fraudulent consent is invalid in tort law in the circumstances presented. Her boyfriend is going to make out like a bandit

She's a beautiful girl. She's sweet. She's six. Her dad is still around though. It's kind of awkward.

Best I ever did was two a day. That was spring break.

Maybe you shouldn't be such a little bitch.

In Canada it's 1 year of cohabitation.

Any girl who goes on holiday without you is going to fuck everyone she can.

>waahh I'm a whore
what the fuck is this?

Such waste of dubs, Justin...

Lol rekt.


Girls let their bfs go on lad holidays all the time.

Yes send off all the white men to kill other white men then import millions of niggers because of the resulting "demographic shortage of men"

I can believe that and thankfully it hasn't happened and it won't, at least while we are together. I couldn't deal with that, especially if I am being shut out from going. That shit won't fly.

Degeneracy is being put into light more and more these days.

>Woman willingly throws all her future life prospects and potentially fucks her whole life.
>fuck men

Our ancients truly knew what they were doing when they denied women suffrage.



>Week long holiday
>8 guys

So not only was she going home with a different guy each night, she also found a way to probably bang one in the middle of the day in a public restroom or something.

How progressive.

Cred Forums is pathetic.

I know dudes who have done similar shit when they go away to their girlfriends back home.

It's scummy. People are scummy. Deal with it.

Everyone here is just bitter because they are fucking virgin NEETs.

Hey, guess what? Everyone is having sex but you.


I have sex.

Been trying that, the women inevitably leave because marriage and kids are their end goal. I need to find the right woman but so far I haven't.

>"The true worth of a race must be measured by the character of its womanhood." - Mary McLeod Bethune

Women set the standards in a society. Men will only seek to be the person women desire and attain the value that they seek. If women don't place a high value on things like education or morals, then neither will men. With that said, women are ruled by their emotions, more so than logic, so the easiest way to destroy a society(or race) is to corrupt its women.

We have to protect women and even shield them from this deliberate corruption, in order to protect ourselves and our way of life.

This is why we have Inquisitions once in a while

Have you seena single post defending men that commit adultery here? No? Then please let me guide you to the gas chamber.

We don't even have holiday in the United States.

you went into the obvious, overused area.

I'm going to take points off for that.

looks like australia is still the king

Now go back to tumblr.

oh this one is excellent

Fuck it damn them all to hell!

that last post has me firmly convinced this is all bait. right? right????????


Translation: 16

And that's being nice, it's probably over 20. Everyone knows you double any number a whore admits to

Kek, canada has truly become the king of shitposting.

Step aside, abbos. The real king is here.

Adultery is one of the single most degenerate and vile things I can honestly imagine. If you cheat on your SO, please kill yourself.


Kek, that ending.


>tfw you're not pretty enough to have a 1/8 chance to be given an STi

libcucks don't defend with weapons

When I was in the Army and stationed in Puerto Rico, my buddies and I would head down to the tourist area and hit on the "hen parties" from Great Britain/Ireland. They were easy to identify, 5 white British women acting especially loud and obnoxious. They loved the fact that a group of lads would hit on them, knew all about the island, etc.

4 out of 5 times we would spend the weekend in their beachfront condo, taking them around the island, and fucking their brains out. They were all married, and we didnt ask. I knew they went home to their husbands/boyfriends/families and was cool with it.

I had a good time, they had a good time, everybody won. Those women on those hen parties were looking to fuck.

>What's the final solution to degeneracy?
A noose

I had sex five times with the same person and the sex alone wasn't shit. nigger, i can spit in my hand and jerk off and it'll FEEL better, but it won't do what sex does

it's what the sex does that matters

sex is part of the relationship. sex helps maintain a relationship. when things are hard, you fuck. fucking is very important. fucking will save your marriage. fucking is what guarantees a person two parents who care about them. and if you only fuck one person your whole life, it makes fucking ten times more effective. jesus explicitly endorses fucking.

if you think otherwise you're lower than a dog. you're lower than a rat. your past, my past, everyone's past, is built on prizing a good old fucking. fucking holds our entire society together, fucking built our society. if you make light of fucking you are making light of your creator, provider, and caretaker, the almighty fuck.

i have seen god and he is a giant penis lodged firmly in the crotch on the universe

>You likely caught the infection from one of these men
>there is just a chance you caught it from your boyfriend


>not asking your women to undergo a mandatory STD/STI checkup in hospital before coitus
>any year

Women don't need to set standards when they are married to the state. They don't need any qualifying standards for sex except for physical attraction.

If we can't contain the state, if we can't stop the wealth transfer from working people that we rely upon to start families and continue this civilization then we already checked our one way ticket off the cliff.

It's fucking Uncle Sam that is playing the sugar daddy!

I actually agree with you, but I am not surprised it went like that. "Burden on society" argument is questionable, I suspect more basic human reasons - need for retribution, punishment for tattering honor of the whole family and the community ("what if they raised more of such people?") and definitive, strong deterent in case of future temptations.

I actually would like it if in current, mdoern society, consensual adultery of one of the partners when they're supposedly in happy, working relationship would be punishable by some sort of permanent branding.

pigfat meme machine


kek, he went to my gym once, was a lad

>I was in the Army
Stopped reading there
Every Armyfag on Cred Forums is a complete and total degenerate.

Actually, that's what will happen.
Like christianity ended being a white majority religion in Europe despite bring initially 100% jewish

>i want to go out and have sex with other men, but I'm not worried that he will fuck other women because he watches netflix all day
>oh wait I'm not attractive enough to get laid on this trip but he is, and if I can't have it neither should he!

why do women make everything about themselves?

>I speak 5 languages fluently
Doubt it, permavirgin

>Your mistake is "believing" the Church
I haven't rejected objective truth. In fact it's my love and desire for truth that ultimately led me to reject the Church. How can you separate Christ from the Church? What is the Eucharist if it doesn't change a person and the exceptionally good and decent people are good and decent whether they are Christian or not? The time I've spent on Cred Forums has been more edifying than the time I spent associating with Catholics.

Thats one rough looking 33 year old.

>bar worker


>there are fedoras this retarded

We don't live in 1500 for fuck sake. It's part of the risk of being in a relationship

You have sex with frog puppets, you sick little monkey.

Polygamy is still illegal in Canada but gay marriage is not. Get a gay marriage certificate with a trusted bro and it will insulate you from this bullshit.


herpes isnt that bad. caught it a few years ago. never had a flair up. its really not a big deal if you're not a bitch and you have a proper immune system that can keep it down.

its like. whatever.

The same guys complaining about the whore epidemic are the first to complain about religion and Christianity.

"Hurr durr you don't need an imaginary sky daddy to stop women from being cheating sluts"

A Godless woman is a woman with no moral backbone. Without that she will fall back into the primal instincts a stable society needs to suppress.

In b4 somebody posts some tatted up recovering addict "Christian" slut as "proof" that Christian women are no good either.

>It's not the middle ages year

>white people
>taking faith seriously
>not being natural born nihilists who use faith as a social facade

Wait a few decades and the islamic state is soft on everything and people draw muhammad for fun.

philosophy is the only thing that can save the west. faith is ineffective. if there is a god to doubt, someone will doubt it.

and then she died of exposure in the desert.

Thank god she had her looks so she didn't need to worry about food or a roof over her head.

I don't even need a link to know that's the (((Mirror))). Literally the biggest piece of shit "news"paper in Britain.

>fucking british women

should be used as a last resort torture technique to get gitmo detainees to talk


What's so different about this then 1500, lad?

>tfw you've been waiting for some conflict national or global to make your life interesting

Philosophy requires faith, you utter retard.

I feel sorry for straight men.


>its the current year, you have to be willing to risk getting a whore.
At least we used to punish these women. Now they get articles published.

It's Daily Mail. They have to put some shit on top of their red pills.

We all have it, but there's a difference between the STI one and the one you're basically born into and just gets you some random cold blisters.

Anyways, I hate this fucking society trying to justify and normalize herpes and sluts.

Sex vacations are a big thing for women user. This is known.

>caught an STI
>gave it to her boyfriend
what a nice girl
but damn she's fast.

Nice try CTR.

Nobody feels sorry for men.


sounds like a personal problem

lol fuck off you degenerate enabling scum

"Haha down with the church and Christianity!!!"

"Woah why is society becoming so degenerate guys how do we stop it?!!"

Put down the bong and gain some self-awareness you braindead loser.

huh? no. i have junk herpes. mate. cold-sores would bother me way more, that shit is disgusting. genital herpes just isnt a big deal though. super worst case it flairs up once a year and is uncomfortable. my immune system rocks so it never has but even if it did its not a big deal man. its just some blisters for a week or so. whatever.

London :-)


>The same guys complaining about the whore epidemic are the first to complain about religion and Christianity.
>"Hurr durr you don't need an imaginary sky daddy to stop women from being cheating sluts"
>A Godless woman is a woman with no moral backbone. Without that she will fall back into the primal instincts a stable society needs to suppress.
>In b4 somebody posts some tatted up recovering addict "Christian" slut as "proof" that Christian women are no good either.

My employer, which has a vested interest in being PC, brought in some muslims to educate us about Islam.

Gotta be honest, it red-pilled me a little bit.

The situation might be different for Arabs who just want european gibs, but muslims in the U.S. are regularly, not always, but regularly decent stewards of their own kids and neighborhoods.

The kids in the schools do not associate with niggers.

The girls do actually behave and look modest.

Even the dopiest little manlets find a way to get married and have kids.

I understand the appeal.

I personally can't forsake the holy trinity, and I'm already married, but if I had to start over...


Well..I'm just saying...it's not a horrible situation they have going for themselves.


There is no punishment here, but a clear solution. This woman is a drain on the resources and emotions of men around her, and as well she is now a constant risk of disease. The answer is probably death, or at least isolation. I can't see any other way she could repay her debts AND prevent the literal biological harm of her diseases.

Philosophy is a more abstract form of faith that is significantly harder to argue against and easier to believe, especially for normies

It doesn't take a fucking autist with an IQ of 140 to say "god is a stupid idea", and you end up having to use violence to get people to stop saying that. It does take a fucking autist with an IQ of 140 to convincingly argue for or against kantian ethics.

And an even bigger autist with an armored truck to somehow make themselves immune to a nihilistic west where the law is the law and the mightyest law with the most guns.

Christianity has failed to provide a moral and stable society. It belongs in the dustbin of history.

>At this point what difference does it make
At this point what difference does it make
>At this point what difference does it make
At this point what difference does it make

>Deal with it.
No, I'm dont need to deal with whores

In the proper blue and gold. Good call.

>Mfw meeting le supreme gentleman

>A young woman does the same thing any man will do if he isn't a 400 pound, far right pantshitter.

>Predictably, pantshitters scream about it for 300 posts.

Fuck you all. Feminism is going to drag you kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century, whether you like it or not.

By the time we're finished, you'll be pulling your little white babydicks to Madam President's feet on your face. Regressive, sex hating, misogynistic Drumpfucks would do the world a lot of favors if they would just come out of the closet and admit they want to be walked on a leash by strong women they pretend to hate.

that is "first wave" islam. It gets worse when its a little unfettered. My city has gotten the shitty ones lately

Not gonna lie I was kinda let down o didn't get mad

>philosophy is easier to believe, especially for normies
you are giving the average normie too much agency m8. religion has been formed the way it is because its easier to teach, most men can comprehend that "God loves you and wants nothing but the best for you so please follow this clear set of rules that keeps your society in order". and yet they would fail to understand the basic relation of how individual selfish actions affect everyone in the long run.

I imagine pharmabro wrote the response.

We're all curious to read the newest philosophical breakthrough.

Is it a newly cooked up version of Marx or is it another rebrand of Nietzsche? Are we going to have Sam Harris' morale society free of faith thanks to science (and totally no euthanasia although that's scientifically legit)?

wtf that dude on the left is standing there so casually. what is even the source of this?


Islam is not bad at all for muslims.
They managed to control some very primitive instincts.

They should not marry their cousins though. It went very bad for them

>fuck you this is the current year and we will be whores if we want to.

Yeah, don't complain when society collapses and future generations will have nothing but contempt for you for pushing for such degenerate behaviors

This is one of the scariest posts I've ever seen in my life. Thanks to globalization more and more females from Europe start behaving like american ones. One day women that are actually worth marrying will all be gone or taken. And this will be the moment that the white civilization collapses. Same shit happened with Rome. Spread of degeneracy, massive immigration of barbarians who do not integrate. Collapse is imminent.

>Strong women

>cheat 8 times
>not much guilt, and it quickly wore off
>I'm only worried because now I have to tell him that I banged EIGHT men who were all strangers.
>I-I-Is there any way that I can lie or not tell him at all? How do I spin this? plz help!

maybe she will lose some weight now


Just compare Iran now to before their peaceful faith took over. Islam is anti-evolutionary and only fueled by frustrated zealots that aren't capable to compete on the open market.

That's literally what has happened to the orient. They couldn't compete with the white men and decided to go back running their little shitshow so that they could score.

You would be grizzled as fuck in 2 days. No hope for the future.

Remember paganism? That worked a hell of a lot better.

>So thor will let me into valhalla?
>no, you go or you don't
>Can I suck up to thor?
>no just be honorable
>Who decides if i'm honorable?
>you just are.
Introducing jesus
>So jesus will let me into heaven?
>yes, my child
>Can I suck up to him?
>yes, and i will reinterpret his scriptures if you want. now you can fuck a horse and just confess and you will be free of sins
>Whatever dad i'm going to confession

White people have proven that they can't have true faith in a parental god

We NEED uncaring forces of nature, or we try and cheat the system like a bunch of jews

We NEED to teach morality on the same level as gravity, but we don't necessarily need to ascribe the doctrine to a particualr philosopher, as that would put him on the level of a prophet and open the ideology open to attack. It has to be reasoned, simply, as a fact of life.

All we can do is take care of ourselves and our family.

Love is real but its just a good bond that lasts for a time. Marriage is an entire next level commitment and likely to last longer. There is a reason people have to work at it.

And it is apparently dead.

You gotta lower your standards breh. It's unreasonable to expect that.

Till death do us part.


i just don't want it to be a one way thing.

its sad that this is actually kinda true.

Your outcome has effectively not brought us further as we were philosophically half a millennia ago then.


>Just compare Iran now to before their peaceful faith took over. Islam is anti-evolutionary and only fueled by frustrated zealots that aren't capable to compete on the open market.
>That's literally what has happened to the orient. They couldn't compete with the white men and decided to go back running their little shitshow so that they could score.

Arguably, that's part of the problem. Iran looked western.

Let that sink in a little bit, and think about the trajectory which the west took.

There's also something particularly goofy about how Ottoman lands got divided, and the whole sacred ground of Arabia.

The muslims who are divorced from that regional bullshit, like Malaysia and Indonesia seem a little more sane.

Stop giving away clicks and views fagit

>the ideology open to attack. It has to be reasoned, simply, as a fact of life.
you are describing a very weak religion, akin to the church of reason created after the french revolution. Dogma exists so that men can hang on to it, always stable and there to serve as a guide. The only reason Christianity is falling out of favor is due to a deliberate erosion by (((modern schools of thought))) that paint it as evil and oppresive.

I personally think that the only way men will learn collectively is with a new dark age, we just have to be ready to prop up as soon as it happens.

what went wrong in this kek

>a few extra clicks on an established site make a difference
shut up nerd

Never EVER date fat chicks. They're the same as the attractive ones, minus the looks. Literally nothing to gain.