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>Trump Rally in Waukesha WI 9/29/16
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>Pence Rally in Leetonia OH 9/28/16
>Trump Rally in Council Bluffs IA 9/28/16
>Trump meets Pol American Cong Chicago IL 9/28/16

>Trump Rally in Melbourne FL 9/27/16
>Trump TH at Miami Dade College FL 9/27/16
>Trump stops at Miami Diner 9/27/16
>First Presidential Debate 9/26/16
>Pence Rally at Milford, NH 9/26/16
>Trump Rally in Roanoke VA 9/24/16

>Trump on F&F 9/27/16
>Trump/Hannity Post debate 9/26/16
>Trump/Bloomberg post debate 9/26/16
>Trump on Full Measure 9/25/16

>The Lion
>Trump Ad: Movement
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First for Trump




Guys.... it's over. Just admit it.

>Pepe is a hate symbol.

>The Taliban endorsed Hillary.

>Trump STILL hasn't disavowed America.


What if Trump had become president in 2000?

Well, we knew trump was going to loose the Muslim vote.

So. Muslim traincrash, y/n?

Reposting from previous thread. .

I made an pre debate analysis with some predictions for the weeks to come (pic related and at the archives at [1]).

NOTE: that blue Florida is from the current RCP no toss ups, not mine. Florida won't blue without major shenanigans. Don't reply with > FL > blue.

About the current polls it suffice to day Trump is at one of the highest points of his whole campaign and the only reason the difference increase if because of

1) some pre debate polls overestimating Trump numbers (see Rasmunssen) that got corrected post debate
2) some pre debate polls overestimating Hillary's support that still didn't fell off the date range.

All in all nothing changed after the debate (as it takes at least 5 days for those events to start reflecting at the polls).

So chill out, my prediction is still the same, we are between Trump +2 and Clinton +2.

Anything out of that range is probably overestimating.


is that Steven Miller?

gonna need someone else to be OP

we may not have gone into Iraq. Probably Afghanistan though.

This general has fucked up my sleep schedule and I love it.

Kek will smite all those who sin by shilling for the Crooked One within the confines of his most holy of shrines.

I was #Withher since she fought for womens rights and cared about all women but it was all an act

Is that Lewandowski?

Besides president shit it would be even bigger as he was running with the Reform Party.

all you had to do was leave the polls alone let him humble himself and come back stronger and better prepared for the next debate. Now we get to enjoy what Germany and France have for the next four years because he's going to double down on that horrible performance

>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to watch trump victories every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to watch trump interviews every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to read trump tweets from @POTUS every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will post in a President Trump General every day
>tfw trump will repair america in your lifetime
>tfw america won't turn into mexico because trump will deport 15 million beaners and the wall will prevent any more from coming in
>tfw the political spectrum will move right, and every future president will be somewhere between a trumpublican and a white nationalist
>tfw guns and other rights will be preserved because trump will appoint at least 3 supreme court justices, tilting the supreme court conservative for your lifetime
>tfw america will rise again, and destroy china and its clique of rootless international power brokers
>tfw america will forever be the most powerful nation on earth, and europe is forcibly uncucked and restored to former glory
>tfw the white race will finally win the war against international jewry and preserve western civilization forever.


Heut ist Mein Tag !!!

we'd be much better off, he'd have rallied the fuck out of the country and the ME wouldn't be in the condition it is now
if we had Trump instead of Bush in 2000 the migrant crisis never would've happened


I'll be out for the next few hours.

People can manage, they are doing good threads all day in the past few days.

Here is a pic if you guys need one for next OP.

feels good man

>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to Cred Forums suicide every day



Sod off, leaf

>still being canadian

Y'all a buncha racists

Keep in mind she only cares about American women, since she doesn't seem to mind supporting and accepting money from all those countries that enslave and kill women.

Post more godlike Trumps!

How is the Cuba thing going to fly when they already attempted to tie Trump to the mafia or lied about him flip-flopping on immigration?

Trump Rally at 3PM ET




> NU




Says the nigger

We know where you are.

>and every future president will be somewhere between a trumpublican and a white nationalist

God I wish that were true.


Fraid I cannot


nice digits



Kek notice me.

I was a shill for hill for a long time, but after seeing her so smug and condescending at the debate I can't vote for her anymore.

I'm sorry CTR... Trump has... my vote....

At first I believed her when she said she'd look out for the poor, but she screwed over Haiti when they were at their lowest. I can't trust her when she makes such empty promises.

You have to go back, Ahmed.

>What did he mean by this?

Thinking the same thing, anyone know?

Daily reminder that shilling without disclosing is a felony.

>boring, low energy shilling.

This is all you can do for your queen?

But she beat sanders.


woops forgot pic

He's going to lose Florida

Tell us your plans.

>How is the Cuba thing going to fly

I read the article, and it's just more bullcrap from the MSM.

>How is the Cuba thing going to fly
It won't. There is no way they can paint dealing with Cuba in a negative light without hitting Obama (and Hillary, by proxy) a thousand times harder on the same subject.

They are "projecting", as they are in the middle of a rapprochement with the Castros they are trying to preempt Trump from accusing them of that by linking him to the idea of Cuba.

It is a good strategy, don't know if it will work. It is the same with the "Trump foundation" (preempting accusations to Clinton Foundation), Epstein (preempting accusation on Bill Clinton on the same subject).

If you stop and notice there is a pattern there. Everything they accuse Trump of they are already doing it and are trying just to muddle the waters.

Florida dems panic about African American voter enthusiasm

>Lives in England
>Unable to form actual sentences in English

color me shocked

Kek is with you, always


... did she manage that one?

Wtf? I hate Canada now!


For you leaf faggot:
Even King Nigger wasn't born a cuck (although he became one).

Thank you Alberto Barbossa you are truly the greatest ally

>mfw it was also the 33rd reply


OP here, gonna need someone to take over

reminder: Trump rally at 3PM eastern (1 burger, 26 fries)

How many democrats were oversampled this time?

Shouldn't they be worried about Hispanic turnout?


Gals, Clinton is gonna lose Ohio. Is it even a point to shilling here anymore?

I even heard CTR ran out of money. The Clinton campaign is finished.

I liked how the immediate debate polls are all pro-Trump, but the MSM are like "wait a few days for the """"""scientific"""""" polls to come out"

The Democrats have abandoned the working class and Trump is forging a new coalition, one that Republicans ignored for decades.

If Trump gets in, stops illegal immigration and manages to improve the economy even a modest amount we're going to be looking at a one-party state. The Democrats will be a permanent minority. Priebus will go down as some kind of genius and the best Republican chairman in history.


They're just going to keep trying new made up shit in the vain hope that something will stick.

(ACORN fame)

How will Clinton ever recover from insinuating that blacks are subhuman trash that deserve to be lynched?

I thought she only lost to him in a few state?

When do ballot requests for Colorado and Pennsylvania start? I want to see if the data here is good like in Florida and North Carolina.

>Theologians say Globalism is Anti-Christ, Demonic
>Hillary is a Globalist
>Hillary is funded by Globalists


If you're here to CTR, might keep in mind who you're getting in bed with.

You've been blessed, user. Praise Kek.

oh man

>The entire japanese DNA has been absorbed by those tits


Even the Cubans that read the article aren't making a big fuss about it. It's not like he was selling Castro arms.

Has insider user from the Trump campaign made a new thread after the debate yet?

Clinton doesn't even have the stamina to be president.

A really desperate ploy for a state that's already locked up for Trump. Hillary only beat him by 20k votes in the primary (in a closed primary, no less) when Trump had 3 or 4 other competitors still in the race at that point. She was just competing against Bernie

Hillary will be lucky to get 50% of the bernout vote, and Trump has absorbed 90% of Rato, Rubio, and Sleepy Ben voters in Florida.

Kek be praised!

What do Obama and Hillary have to do with it? He broke the law, that's it.

>>The entire japanese DNA has been absorbed by those tits

Figuratively and literally!

Hitomi Tanaka?

Yeah, I agree. We better vote for Trump.

she won't

o'keefe will probably have a barbell accident followed by suicide by three shotgun shots to the back of the head

Anyone else here switched to supporting Clinton after she BTFO Stumpf in the debates? What a fucking disaster.

Why the FUCK does that Hillary clapping webm look so weird?

She doesn't even have the stamina to stand upright.

BREAKING: Trump advocates literally cutting Florida off from the US mainland. Quoted: "America is long overdue for a circumcision."

twice apparently

Yeah, I'm sure you'd know.


the Clinton campaign was fun while it lasted, but it's time to grow up and vote Trump.

>Has insider user from the Trump campaign made a new thread after the debate yet?
No,because CTR and IM WITH HUR FUHRER are monitoring this frog manufacturing archive

Does anyone remember the Clinton insider saying "everyone comes here for fun" ?
And that we're "non-priority garbage".

>Rinse Penis
>Getting credit for Trump's success

just a couple of posts
pic related, and one more saying that we should expect more zingers/quips/interruptions

Oh shit we better watch out, Hillary surge in Britain imminent!

I hope someone caps this.

Underrated and Keked good sir

>Reverse shilling

WTF i was going to vote for Hillary to NOT start wars with countries. That's it I'm voting for Trump

Can't wait for him to sperg out and bring up Lewinsky, and watch it backfire.

I supported her before the debate, but she spent so much of the time attacking Trump. We don't need such a hostile person in charge of the nuclear codes. I'm #WithHim

Then let's see the DoJ press charges.

He didn't so shit. Bloomberg already covered this.

Humpty Drumpfty the cheeto benito is winning now because American progressives like yourself have completely failed to understand what people care about. You shill and believe your own fake polls that will ensure low progressive turnout. You're failures, the last 50% of the left that hasnt realized people hate the mass media and their dirty lies.

I used to #shill4hill, but after that debate, it's all over.

Might as well #takeitintherump4trump...

This is a partial version of a previous video posted here before I believe, but this specific version was posted on Trump's YT account.

You seem like someone who would privvy into this link. This guy's results look dire for Trump, but it is updated and managed by a faculty member at my alma matter.

Holy crap is the extension acting wonky for me.

This story and the mafia story is more crap that they'll use to distract him at the debates. If only they were doing the same with Hillary.

guys I used to be #WithHer... she's the first female presidential candidate for a major party after all...

but then I compared the names of the candidates...

donald trump... and hillary clinton...

you can't make fun of trump's name... "drumpf" and "stumpf" is the best you can come up with...

but hillary can mocked as hitlary, killary, hillbilly, illary, and was recently mispelled as hilary...

I can't vote for a candidate makes me say "hi lary" ... it's over for her...

g-guess I'm all aboard the #TrumpTrain...

>What do Obama and Hillary have to do with it?

If this kind of smear counted Obama past with cannabis and cocaine would have prevented him from becoming president. Same thing with Bill and "I didn't inhale". Both broke the law, it didn't matter.

> He broke the law, that's it.
It doesn't seem that the FBI prosecuted him for that. Unlike Hillary they didn't even investigate anything related.

This is all at the wake of Obama nominating an ambassador to Cuba for the first time in 50 years, that's gonna cost the dems the cuban vote in Florida.

This is why they are pressing with this story.

Old news

It's fucking nothing.

I'm not the same person. There are several people with Norwegian flag.

>what is id

Fellow Drumpf supporter here. Anyone else feel betrayed? First he sells us out to the blacks, now he makes fun of the fact that I'm 400 lbs. What am I supposed to do? I think I'm ready for the first female president.

I used to be on the Hillary Hearse, but after her debate performance I am now on the Trump Train. Many such people on reddit are too

What did Trump have to did with anything during Comey's hearing? Clinton broke the law. That's it.

Incoming perjury charges


everything is fine on my end

But Drupf is an epic meme! John Oliver told me so!

>Trump leads with Independents, moderates, and Republicans
>polls still have Hillary slightly ahead

They're bitching about a golf venture he had? Wew.

pros: cute snek
cons: image for ants


I was with her too but even MSM is calling him President Trump. so im voting for him

Very cool. Thank you.

>You seem like someone who would privvy into this lin
Not clicking it. Can you make it an

>Hitomi Tanaka?

Should USA keep acting like world police?

I think that one would just be projection by the Jews.

>So chill out, my prediction is still the same, we are between Trump +2 and Clinton +2
Tell me mate, then how can Trump win? After all we all know that (((they))) will rig the election so Trump has to win in a landslide

>now he makes fun of the fact that I'm 400 lbs.
Are you the famous hacker known as Cred Forums who leaked the DNC emails?

me too

people don't realize Hillary is secretly a neo-con is doing an expose on David Brock right now


Trump has the easiest job as a president
All he has to do is enforce the law and make new non-shitty deals and impose a few taxes

>get rid of 11-30 million illegals
suddenly,we have 11 million new jobs with higher wages,really makes you think !
suddenly,the US is no longer bleeding money sent by illegals/H1B visas
>make a wall,make police stronger,
wew lads,suddenly,less drugs,no more cartels and mafia,no more killings,raping and drug addicts,they will have to go to rehab
>cancel shitty deals,re-negociate
wew lads,suddenly economy bump
>impose tarrifs on products from non-us companies
wew lads,suddenly FORD and BOEING ,etc have to go back or get bent
>delet obamacare and let insurance companies compete nation wide instead of state wide
wew lads,capitalism just solved a problem,REALLY MAKES MY BLOOD FLOW
>Obama now assblasted and bitching that congress made a mistake

Whoa wtf I dont want nuclear war with Russia. I was voting Hillary but I think I might consider voting Drumpf or Stein.


All that money was just because she's a good speaker. It wasn't influence peddling, nuh huh.

>Does anyone remember the Clinton insider saying "everyone comes here for fun" ?
>And that we're "non-priority garbage".
obviously not anymore, if ever.

Why would he bring up Lewinsky? There's a couple dozen other Bill Clinton rape victims he could bring up.

>I used to be on the Hillary Hearse

I am stealing that.


No, Hitomi Smith.

Clinton seems less enthusiastic lately. The primaries were fun and I loved watching all her rallies with you gals, but I think I'm gonna vote Trump.

Part of putting on the big girl pants.

damn, why is all this so slow?
the BRICS will collapse before charging Hillary with anything

sucks but it's going to happen

the Republican party was in absolute despair after 2012, if it keeps the senate and Trump gets in then it will have been quite the turnaround.

Priebus has done a good job though cracking the whip now that Trump is doing better in the polls.

>Director Comey plans to launch the investigation in early December

luckily Iran doesn't have nukes

and Obummer broke a cease fire to kill 62+ syrian soldiers without apologizing

Wew, lad. It's almost like that's all you cucks have.

Hell no. Maybe this Saudi lawsuit bill will open up the possibility of other countries suing us so we quit doing it.

Remember to dislike:

Just speaking fees.

No influence peddling, nuh huh


Florida is full of Jews, so it's just pandering

>people still hoping Hillary actually faces

face it no one cares. even with leaked proof no one can be bothered

Hey man, we will have 8 years to fight for it under President Trump.

Don't let the leftists dilute your head with their word salad! Dismiss them and shiggy diggy them. They will try to demoralize you and dilute your ability to reason, essentially putting you on the level of a lefist. Like Trump says: Never, never, never give up.

The only reason I'd see Trump bringing up Lewinsky is as bait if he had a counter zinger planned.

I guess she could bring up Trump rape victims then

yea.. she's done

>Tell me mate, then how can Trump win? After all we all know that (((they))) will rig the election so Trump has to win in a landslide

For starters, by winning Pennsylvania.

Unlike Trump (that has a path to 270 without PA by taking CO and NV, as the current map is almost showing) Hillary has absolutely no path to victory without OH, FL (that are going for Trump for sure) and PA.

Take PA and it's game over. MI would be a nice touch to provide the strong mandate Trump will need but PA suffices and it *will* go red as long as

> red PA turnout is high (and it seems to be)
> black turnout is low on Philly

pic related

what a weasel

His job is monumental.

>Clean up the mess Obama and Hillary have caused in the middle east, including but not limited to destroying ISIS, we also have to worry about Turkey and Saudi Arabia

>Obtaining energy independence

>Building a wall/securing the border

>Uncucking academia and the press

>Hammering out brand new bi lateral trade deals

>Come to terms with Russia

>Clean up the corrupt in the Federal government, IRS, FBI, DoJ, DoS, DoEd, DoEn, EPA, the FED

>Rework our entire intelligence apparatus which is now compromised as fuck thanks to Hillary

The last two being the biggest and hardest jobs

It's a pretty big workload.

wtf I had no idea she was a neo-con

I knew she was a globalist and that disqualified her vote though...

thank goodness I'm voting for Trump

hello drumpf supporter! i also feel betrayed! yesterday he said he on polish american congress he loves poles. but I crashed onto utility pole on my way home today when i browsed Cred Forums. wtf I hate drumfp now!!! i am now #hilldoge xd

He better win.

Or else, we are gonna wake up to the Clinton witch every single goddamn day to receiver yet another important message on blacks rights, gender issues, immigration policies and which are going to sink you into the black ocean like Europe is currently doing. If she wins, she'll win the next one too. This is the last election. Trump has to win, it's that simple. I don't care, this man can rape a child and brag about it and my support would be the same. We have to grant him our energy; we have slacked lately. We can influence this shit, just look at the nervous media. They are trying to understand us, why we do what we do, because they can see that what is happening on this master board is truly productive, but they are missing the pieces. I say we because Trump could stary the, quite ironically, revolutionary wave of nationalist leaderships around the world, triggering the worst regressive move for the left in its entire lifetime, it's termination as a cult ideology based on contradicting logic and the decline of traditional values, which may return and hopefully form harmony in the world again. We can all feel where the world is headed. It's coming closer everyday. I do dare say that, despite of whatever sick wishes of a nuclear holocaust this board may appear to have, pol is truly a board of the purest peace there is.

Praise Kek

>Did someone mention rape?

It's cute you think he'd actually accomplish anything

The American People will remember who was actually responsible for the reforms.

That's not what he said, he'd attack Iran if they fired on us.

Plus Iran doesn't have nukes, if we can hammer out an agreement with Russia where they won't defend Iran, we can do whatever the fuck we want to them.

>A-Arizona will go blue
>H-Hispanic turnout

I fucking hope this is true.

Please don't be another idiot getting our hopes up. She can't keep getting away with her shit.

>mfw Obongo was so useless in working with Congress that a bunch of them voted to override to spite him

This Cuna thing is such bullshit. It's such a specific narrow interpretation of the law, how paying a firm to discuss potential business deals if the law changed is so,e massive flaunting of the law is beyond me

No, plenty of people care.

But the executive branch are the only ones who can procecute.

The DOJ and FBI bow to Obama and Clinton.

That is the problem.

If Trump is elected justice may still be served.

I've noticed that, their entire campaign strategy has been
>No, you are

they have no chance if they are that desperate.

Trump has never been the subject of a criminal investigation.

>suddenly,we have 11 million new jobs with higher wages,really makes you think !

If anyone has some time they should sit down and listen to this guy talk about Trump, he's Mexico's former secretary of foreign affairs. Among other things he says that it is quite possible for Trump to build and wall and deport several million illegal immigrants.

The whole thing is long but the good bits are around 35 minutes:

Those are all things which don't require any Congressional input I listed.

Except for trade deals, that is. The rest can be done through the Executive branch.

not an argument

>the subscription cancellations came every 10 minutes

top kek

>posts based Nigel
>tells people to give up hope

fuck you

>"Iran, when they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats and they make gestures at our people that they shouldn't be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water," the GOP presidential candidate said at a campaign rally in Pensacola, Florida.

Wew, lad. I suppose he didn't call global warming a Chinese hoax too? Or that vaccines cause autism? You shills are adorable.

>donors ditched republicans cuz of trump
>your party get hijacked by special interest
>see them using your party to siphon off votes from trump
>even rigged the polls for you
>dishonest media uplift your party
>cuck the lobbyists
>act dumb all the time

Tell me, why do we make fun of Gary Johnson again?


I think Hillary is really serious about trying to start WW3 im going to vote for trump to save the world

Liberal journalists and kike globalists playing Chinese whispers with each other does not constitute an actual story. Why do you want to die in a nuclear explosion so badly?

>Overrides Congress with Executive Orders on a regular basis
>butthurt that they finally got tired of it


*smacks lips*

I have to admit I'm a little worried.

I've supported Trump since day 1, and even though I'm a Britfag and can't do much I try to show libs the error of their ways to at least NOT vote for Hillary.

But recently it seems I see a lot of "Trump is finished, the debate was really bad! Clinton obviously won!" from people who are supposedly Trump supporters.

Are they just CTR faggots or are people that easily swayed?

I want Trump to win so much. The anal annihilation of cucks will keep me sustained for a decade.

Reminder that people who reply to bait and shills are worse than the bait and shills themselves

says the shill

Literally all they can do is deflect. It's pathetic.

I was planning on voting for Hillary with my entire family this election!

But something terrible happened... she lost the first debates...

I saw it with my own eyes... Lester Holt had to save her and cover her ass...

and Trump is right on trade anyway. Who the hell is going to vote for a 30 year politician who has done nothing?

I am now #WithHim because he's #WithUs.

How could Trump in the race? It seems all the media are finally going full berzerk on him and i'm afraid there will be a lot more shenanigans for the 40 remaining days as well as massive voter fraud. How could he possibly win?

>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to watch hillary victories every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to watch hillary interviews every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will wake up to read hillary tweets from @POTUS every day
>tfw in 6 weeks you will post in a President Clinton General every day
>tfw hillary will destroy america in your lifetime
>tfw america will turn into mexico because hillary will import 150 million beaners and won't build a wall to prevent any more from coming in
>tfw the political spectrum will move left, and every future president will be somewhere between a marxist and a stalinist
>tfw guns and other rights will be abolished because hillary will appoint at least 3 supreme court justices, tilting the supreme court hard left for your lifetime
>tfw america will fall, and be destroyed by china and its clique of rootless international power brokers
>tfw america will NEVER EVER be the most powerful nation on earth, and europe is forcibly cucked and never restored to former glory
>tfw the white race will finally lose the war against international jewry and destroy western civilization forever.

Kek gave you zeros because that's equal to your worth as a human.

>10 posts by this ID
shill harder faggot

they're just here to cripple our morale and you're giving into it

It's okay, you can be wrong every now and then. No need to backpedal and meme.


The context of that statement was talking about if they were firing on us, not just making gestures. Of course, the press likes to leave all context out.

>Wew, lad. I suppose he didn't call global warming a Chinese hoax too?
Oh no, he did. He didn't call CLIMATE CHANGE a hoax, which is what Hillary said in the debate. Two very distinct concept.s

Gary is actually doing a fine job slurping up HRC supporters. I was scared he was a mid-Trump candidate, but he's really being more of a mid-HRC candidate, just like how Jill is Bernie on bath salts.

No caps, bad punctuation, pitiful attempt. Would your warmonger queen really be proud of you?

>trump is president
>transgender suicide rate doubles

Trump will start to MAGA on November 9th.

That's James O'Keefee. Definitely reputable. He's an investigative journalist that routinely gets good stuff on undercover video. He also crossed the Texas border as Osama without getting caught

nothing beats Hillary calling blacks niggers and dumb negroes.



>if i talk like them maybe i'll fit in


Say it with me:


Why would the democrats keep being racists to blacks it isn't nice i have to vote for trump so he can unite everyone

Since we have so much CTR ITT, maybe we can finally get some answers on why David Brock paid his former gay lover $850K in "blackmail" money.

What's the word around the water cooler at CTR about that? What was he afraid would be exposed to the IRS and donors?

> "Trump is finished, the debate was really bad! Clinton obviously won!" from people who are supposedly Trump supporters.
>from people who are supposedly Trump supporters.
What makes you think they're Trump supporters?

>mfw their reasoning was that Trump wasn't a real conservative

>Endorse Hillary

I kid you fucking not.


Lel. Angry Drumpfbaby detected. You right-wing manbabies really need to grow up.

wow really going off script today unh?

Nice attempt at appropriating the language of actual Cred Forums users, but you stick out like a sore fucking thumb buddy.

She's got to be shitting her pants waiting for Assange, or Russia, or whoever else tapped into her unsecured server to drop the bomb.

How many people do you figure hacked her? I'm sure over 100. That is going to be circulated before November for sure.


Vote for the God Emperor while listening to a night time video of a swamp filled with frogs.

Allow Kek to bless you and your vote.

I am also worried. I used to be CTR, and I was supposed to rig the post-debate polls, but Cred Forums killed us. Trump's online shock troops are more numerous, and his meme magic is too powerful. I give up...

I-I'm r-ready for...President Trump.

Trust me, we are all true blue Le DRUMPF supporters like myself who are tired of Le Drumpfy Annoying Orange cucking us. To niggers, to working moms, and even to the prime minister of Mexico. After the debate I switched from Le Drumpfy Annoying Orange to Vermin Supreme.

Any other Le Drumpfy Drumpf supporters feel the same way?

Damn, never heard of him. Hoping the Clinton camp doesn't kill him or the tape "mysteriously" goes missing.

It's CTR faggots. They consider us a serious threat, so they're throwing resources at us in a desperate attempt to break our resolve.^tfw

Keep it up, Ivan. And no, he literally never said anything about them firing on us. Only 'offensive gestures'. Guess he really can't handle the bantz.

>electing a Kenyan for president

Absolute wew

God, I hate waiting. I don't care about dramatic reveals, we need to crush her here and now. Same thing with wikileaks, if he really has something that bad on her it doesn't matter when he reveals it.

What part of circle our destroyers don't you understand? Remember the USS Cole? They should be blown out of the water. They're not Russia, they don't have nukes, they need to be put in their place whenever they rattle sabres.

widespread voter fraud is what gave Hillary the primary
otherwise Sanders woulda won

>unironically using the term Drumpf on Cred Forums
Go back to wherever you came from.

i know us CTR got buttblasted so now im a trump supporter

Another question for CTR:

What's up with the sketchy financing that some have characterized as "money laundering?"

What's Brock trying to hide with that?

Trump will win

I really wanted to vote for Hillary...

but then I realized what she was wearing...

a fucking pantsuit? in 2016?

she looks like motherfucking chairman chao ripping off kim-jung-wew in cuck korea

I don't like Trump but maybe we should just vote for him. He'll do a better job than illary.

Not an argument

>couldn't even write anything anyhing original and just ripped off another post
When they send their shills, they're not sending their best. Pathetic.

>accusing Cred Forums users of being paid Russian shills
Just stop. Your shilling is painfully obvious.

TL;DR Faculty member compiles weighted polls near-daily and uses it to assess the Electoral College prediction for November.

He took down Acorn. He is a massive thorn in the side of the shitheads on the left.

Does this guy have any credibility? I want to believe

I'm really starting to like this guy.

Le Drumpfy Drumpf Orangekin are so mad today xD because based Hillary cucked him in debates

The Nazi armbands and white skin are a dead giveaway






plus every time illary speaks all I hear are nails on a chalkboard

who would elect this harpy?

>flipping someone off is now "rattling sabers"
Are you all this thin skinned?


Not an argument.

Cred Forums is like a black hole for them.
the shills that get assigned here are the bottom of the barrel.
Being sent here is like being sent to siberia

Pathetic for them
Hysterical for us

>>Clean up the mess Obama and Hillary have caused in the middle east, including but not limited to destroying ISIS, we also have to worry about Turkey and Saudi Arabia
He is fucked here and won't succeed.
No one could,honestly.

T*rks are whoring backstabbing lying manipulative,inept,cunts.
the royalty shitskins don't deserve piss even if they were on fire,fuck them
>>Obtaining energy independence
Nuclear energy is the cleanest,cheapest and the most productive of all
I hope he will turn the public to see its better to have nuclear than hydro or eolian energy that ruins the envinronment,is expensive and low in results
>>Building a wall/securing the border
>>Uncucking academia and the press
not gonna happen in just 4 years,too much leftist/marxist indoctrination
>>Hammering out brand new bi lateral trade deals
good shit,he is gonna roll on it
>>Come to terms with Russia
this is going to be interesting
>>Clean up the corrupt in the Federal government, IRS, FBI, DoJ, DoS, DoEd, DoEn, EPA, the FED
This is the best thing he could do for the country and everyone knows it.
Everyone knows both the Demoshits and Rethuglicans are corrupt as fuck.
But especially the democrats,at least some republicans go balls deep against their own party and government
>>Rework our entire intelligence apparatus which is now compromised as fuck thanks to Hillary
he just needs to know what she or others knew and take it from there on what must be done

The left don't care. There is about 10% undecided. Trump needs to let her attack him and brush it off gently, that will put the last nail the coffin for Clinton - she is on a very short leash; one mistake will cost her the election, Trump's mistakes have already been used up - now she can merely repeat herself, lies upon lies upon lies and he can poke to her whenever he wants; that is, if the moderators are going to do their jobs and not act as a middleman for Shillary.

I don't know man, what's up with the sketchy financing that some have characterized as "self-dealing"?


Your annoying orange candidate is a racist and will not be elected. Hillary will win.


Why are the CTR shills going in overdrive lately? They seem more active then usual?

How do you become a mod on this board, anyway? I'll legitimately permaban all CTR on sight if I become one.

i agree

i hate trump but he secured my vote over illary

everyone of my co-workers agrees and everyone in my family is voting for trump. most are depressed, but it's the only option available.

my dad really loves him though, has the hat and everything.

Look up your rules for you state


Come home to mama

>Filthy Frank
Superior humor 16 year old detected

Lets do it Lads

Oh, poor newspapers, mean Trump supporters won't buy their product now that they shill for Hill.

There isn't enough Zyklon B in the world...

Guys...i just cant do it anymore.

there is not enough on my side so im switching to trumps

i hate being a loser

I hope theu go bankrupt from lack of readers

Death of gatekeeping media when



use PENis

be as gay as possible

>Your annoying orange





>No caps, bad punctuation, pitiful attempt. Would your warmonger queen really be proud of you?
Are you a daft nigger,I'm a trumpkin since he told Jeb Bush that his idea of "more fertile immigrants" rill forever suicide the republican party
I was saying how easy it will be for Trump and how good

kill yourself

You've been calling Trump racist for the last year. How's that line of attack been working?
Kill yourself, shill

FYI, all these new cucks are from SA in case everyone is wondering. Goons are the most cucked loser faggots on the internet

>Using meme arrows outside of malaysian paper mache forums


I used to love Hillary, but I saw how often other Hillary supporters mocked Trump for the color of his skin. It's 2016, and we're still resorting to racism. I can't put up with this. It's time to vote for Donald J. Trump.

>I don't know man, what's up with the sketchy financing that some have characterized as "self-dealing"?

You mean when Brock has The Bonner Group take a 12.5% cut out of the donor funds, every time he repeatedly cycles them between his groups?

That's what people are calling "money laundering" and possibly worse.

Shady, shady guy.

Wouldn't we all agree that no polack, not even a new one, that CTR could never sway him.

Obviously they are increasing man power - their strategies don't work on us.

We have meme immunity.

Stop being racist against people with orange skin, you fucking bigot.

How does he get a nomination
why are the 3rd parties such a fucking joke


Hill shill with the bantz

Circling the destroyers at close range with armed vessels you worthless piece of shit.

They come inside the security zone around the ship, they should be fired upon. Anything else is a massive show of weakness that puts sailors at risk.

>everyone who isn't a Nazi, skinhead Drumpfling is CtR
No. We're called normal people who aren't bigots.


>mad at me because America's corrupt and most Americans are more concerned about their Facebook posts

you lads going to be upset when he loses?

This is what should happen to you

They've also been calling him orange for a year, and it was never not forced

Are you a fucking mongoloid? These boats can be carrying payloads that can sink destroyers. Blow these third-world ragheads out of the water.


>Trump will never anonymously shitpost with us after winning the seat as the most Alpha living male in the universe.

This place is a racist echo chamber and if anyone calls you out you call us shill and shut us down.

I still question his legitimacy
No way anyone that visible could be a Cred Forumslack this openly and still be alive unless he's doing it for someone

Are you?

Is anyone legitamtely going to an hero?

No, I mean this

Shady, shady guy, that Trump

We want an echo chamber. We will not rest until the entire world is filled with the echos of the agonized death screams of every shill to have ever lived.


Drumpfty cheeto benito keeps winning, I just don't understand how you idiots down there are allowing a racist to wipe the floor with Hilllary. She lost voters in the debate, she only has rigged polls that will make her voters think they won and not come out.

Fucking leftists in America letting Drumpf, for fuck sake, win.

ummmm could you maybe not misgender Hillary, shitlord? misgendering is against the rules of this sub

pic related: me watching clinton rally

This will be your fate when the right wing death squads come for you

>orange is my favorite color
>trump is my favorite candidate

What did lord kek mean by this?

couldn't give a rat's arse mate, doesn't affect me



LITERALLY can't handle the bantz

lmao that looks like something Tromafilms would make

>mudslimes mudsliming mudslimes

It's a pro-Trump thread for Trump fans.

What exactly are you expecting?

How new are you?

>Yank """""banter"""""

Is this real

I understand the logic behind preventing American citizens from suing the Saudi government (so to prevent it from happening to the federal government), but I am kekking that he was finally overridden by Congress. Should have been overridden more times if you ask me.

I'm mad at you for not learning the lessons of Are Nige and being a Debbie Downer

is this guy using meme arrows on tweeter

Then why ask?

Sadly, he was the least embarrassing candidate they could find:

see Bigot-a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.
Sound like a bigot to me

What would stop you from voting Trump?
>Trump guilty of incest
>Trump guilty of fraud
>Trump guilty of insider trading (or self-dealing)
>Trump guilty of pedophila
>Trump guilty of rape
>Trump guilty of murder

So how much Trump koolaid have you drank?

>yfw President Hillary forces Bongistan to remain in the EU or face sanctions

>No, I mean this

That was all debunked literally the day Jeff Bezos's blog published it.

All funds went from Trump's charity to other charities. Even the so called portrait was a portrait sitting offered in a charity auction.

So that was all legit, not some scammy shit like the Clinton Foundation, with its 95% overhead.


Hillary is officially endorsed by Leslie Jones. You don't see DRUMPF getting that type of support from famous actors.

because I'm asking if other people who it does affect you spanner?

All fun and games until they sink an Arleigh Burke class.

Letting the enemy close into your ships where they can blow you up with speedboats is a massive sign of weakness. It tells every two bit shithole America has no balls. The Obama years, everyone.

it is shpaid shills. look when tbey post. it is the working hours of the usa. 9ish am to 7ish pm

really makes you think huh?

bantz are harmless fun
ragheads on suicide runs trying to incite a war is not bantz

But that would have been racist to go against the first nigger president. Also you faggot goons really suck at shilling, go back to your $10 fag hideout

You want a leftist echo chamber. So just get off the internet and attend the nearest college's ideological orgy.

Le Drumpfy Marmalade Man's supporters are brainwashed and will NEVER switch to the side of based Hillary, the Jean de Arc figure of the 21st century.


Page 6. It's been fun lads.

After what he has already done, I would let any of that shit slide. You have a literal meme of presidential perfection stepping up and taking the job, even though he didn't have to.

I got Trump's back no matter what.

do you even know where you are?

Shadilay my brothers

Clinton would still be much worse.

But you don't care?

Sorry, should have linked Breitbart.

>Cred Forums told me it wrong, so it's debunked!

I know right? How can orange small hands Drumpf be whooping Hillary's ass? She's literally going to prison and islamophobe cheeto man is going to wipe the floor with her.

>What would stop me from voting Trump?
If he stopped running, that and only that.

>pepe for ants

He kept vetoing their shit so they waited for the perfect bill to override him over


>mfw Shillary cucks get btfo in november

>no new threads
>this is how the party of lincoln dies

I am not a Yank, I identify as a True Confederate Son of the South despite only have lived in a southern state for 2 years, my pronouns are y'all//y'all/y'all.

>the Jean de Arc figure of the 21st century
Hopefully she'll have the same end

>mfw all of Cred Forums an heros in November

Posting favorite bread


Can't wait



vets for trump!

what game is this?

ultima online

How many Somali dicks will you suck in celebration?

Thanks lad.


Kek, my parents moved to the south before I turned 1 but I was born in California and so am cursed with the same sense of loss and self-loathing of all my kin. 6th and final generation Californian