At what age did you realize that hitler did nothing wrong, Cred Forums?

at what age did you realize that hitler did nothing wrong, Cred Forums?

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I was around 14/15 when I started to admire Hitler.

Hitler did not deliver on any of his promises to Germany.

Hitler basically said they would be a superpower, and Germans were deluded into believing it.

Hitler killed himself in disgrace while Berlin burned all around his bunker.

I've never really disliked him.
Just thought he was kind of a dick at times.
Now i love him.

Hitler did not kill himself.

The nazis are rebuilding in South America currently, in a covert manner.

Hitler was directly responsible for a war that caused the deaths of millions of young brave white men across the world.

Explain to me why you edgelords think he's a savior of the white race again?

Never thought he was wrong

I was in 6th grade when i realized he did nothing wrong

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your preschool indoctrination is showing, user

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Around age nine when I found a TIME LIFE picture book of world war 2. Was fascinated by the nazi symbols and grand style.
Only in high school after learning world war 1, it's aftermath which led to world war 2 did I see the Germans were dicked hard

hitler didnt start the war retard


Relatively recently, couple years ago at most.

He will be reborn; then rise from the ashes in an incredible, awe inspiring act of the Almighty. Rest assured, Hitler's work will be finished and the world will know he was right.

poland invaded itself duh



Honestly I've admired Hitler since I first saw pictures of him, so like 6

He's got great artistic sense
Except when he's painting

march 24 1933...


naw that was a few years ago

Hitler was a filthy leftist statist


Hitler was a gud boi who dindu nuffin right?

He didn't win and Germany was left in ruins, so he must have done something wrong.
He was wrong in how he handled Russia.

Had a feeling at 12. Knew for sure about 17.
>Mfw they were

Yeah he couldn't get the English to wake up and get the US to side with him.


> Hitler was responsible

He wasn't. He send peace agreements to other countries but they declined.

Poland genocided 60.000 ethnic germans in their country. Hitler had to intervene.

Well, it would have to start with the fact that i never bought in the 6 hebrillion. even then, i didn't put too much weight on it as i though wars and deaths were something that has always happened throughout history. Shit got even more ridiculous when i was mocked for not feeling bad when we had our first "documentary" about the Lolocaust. I got even more suspicious of everything when i found out we had our SS division and i wasn't taught that in school. Finally i went full "Hitler did nothing wrong" after i started saying things didn't make sense and nobody could give me any explanation other than "because they did".

That's exactly with me too, user.

At first I didn't know nor cared about Jews. Until I started my American grade school education.

I thought about how much effort it is to kill 6 million through gassing and burning at the start of the end of the war in middle school.

Then I started to question the exaggerated stories of the survivors about the lamps shades made of skin and soap made of fat around high school.

By then, I realized that it's "taboo" to question.

Then I found Cred Forums.

wow ive never seen these before