Wow thats coming off clean

wow thats coming off clean

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Did anyone alert Rutgers to the criminal behavior of one of their students?

so he just provided evidence of him committing vandalism. Hopefully the person whose car this is gets him expelled.

Should have done that razor sticker thing that the Euros do.

Why do these people feel the need to incriminate themselves?

~ B R U H ~

For praise. Look at the support

>not putting razors or poison ivy or something under your stickers

It's literally nothing you babies.

I yelled KEK at every berner I saw back in the day. This is nothing, he is just virtue signaling.

lol cuck is still filtered?

Kenneth Cop, Executive Director of Public Safety / Chief of Univ. Police - [email protected]

Someone called the police yet? That watch is clearly stolen.

This nigger is gay as fuck.

spammed some of his posts with nigger

It's vandalism through
That's different

>destroying someone's property is nothing
found the coon


There's a grammatical mistake fucktard

Best panel is one of Pepe standing in front of an oven

Not one but two "Sent from my iPhone" lines. Nice.

Wrong continent nigga

The day I take English lessons for a Bongistanian

Heh I had to cut and paste it

It's black. It can't think.


Jesus christ what an uppity full of himself flat out nigger.

I'd knock that dindu out if he ever did that to my car.

Stick one on the outside

Then one on the inside that lines up with the one outside

They peel one off, only to reveal another which they can't remove unless they want to go full chimpout and break into the vehicle

Lol right next to a troll face meme sticker I got mine at Spencer's Gifts ;^)

Remember when Sam Hyde BTFOd Rutgers faggots while wearing a Trump shirt and hat? This nigger would have bowed down just like the ones that night. Kek

>Trump sticker on back windshield
>Nig nog peals sticker off
>Reveals "Kill all Niggers" sticker on inside of windshield
>Hurriedly puts Trump sticker back

A natural heir of the third-world squat

>poison ivy
hmm, this is a good idea. fortunately i have a large patch of the stuff in my back yard.

Bad idea. Nigga would get even more feral and throw a stone into the window.

nigga's got style doe

evreyone tweet this to @Politcsghost to get justice

I bet this turd has a 90 IQ. Black privilege is getting accepted to a University with a 6th grade reading level.

Is he appropriating slav culture?

bro make sure you send pictures with it man and can you save twitter videos in case he deletes it?



You do realize that because of constant media brainwashing a nigger can literally wear a sack of shit on his head and YOU are gonna think it's "stylish"?

What's his style, tell me right now. Wearing ripped pants like a 14 year old girl? Nigger please

FUN FACT: When a nog has one of those large watches decked out in fake gold and diamonds, it is a dead giveaway that they do not know how to read a clock. Those clocks are either completely off or not even on 90% of the time

posting two pictures of screen shots from twitter and facebook

lol I'm going to do this.

can someone post the email to report him to?

It's in the thread

report to

[email protected]

tweet this to ghost

Wearing my Trump shirt with my buttons on Election Day to school. Wish me luck

There are multiple contact methods listed here

It's good to also comment in public places like their twitter and facebook, that way they'll have to address it.

he's reposting all tweets he perceives to be racist. i don't understand. he straight up vandalized someone; who fucking cares if people insult him?


Can anyone make out what type of car that could possibly be? Might be useful for them to look back at footage.

>that shitty Michael Kors watch


Here's his.

>Fuck He Thought This Was
What did he mean by this?

>Google supports Trump
wtf I hate Trump now

this. do this.


from rutger's web

>he missed the joke
Google is the new slang for Nigger, that's the niggers car

Good. That's a more serious charge he can face.

this is a brilliant idea dude

>reporting a vandalism

Setting traps is a felony

well fuck me. how would you prevent it and in the likely case of reality -- you get your trump sticker torn off and no one does anything about it even with video evidence?

>a sticker on your car is a trap

It's not a trap though.

You're not luring anyone there.
If they illegaly remove your property why should you not be able to defend it?

Think of it as having a though dog.

You go in person and beat them up to stop them from doing it.
If they are mid vandalism they are inciting violence so you can respond.

is that Joan from Mad Men?

which one of you did this

The rips in his jeans are from being on his knees sucking all the other BBC

still think enfranchising niggers and women was a good idea?

>being in class and being able to see him do it

lol 2/10 try again

aight homie I think I'm pretty learned in nigger speak, Fuck he thought this was = where did he think he was putting this trump sticker on when we oppose him.

Great now they're not gonna do shit about the vandalism

Nig, nig, nig, nig, nig, nig, nig, nig. Na na na nah na nahhh, niggers!

>Setting traps is a felony

No it isn't you fucking kike.

Yes it is you fucking tard

I actually knew the rhythm this was supposed to go. I laughed

Das rite, white boi, even if you're "facts" were right, they'd be rassis. 100 fo life

lol reminds me of this

yes. Their name is @RutgersU


'Adedokun' is the Nigerian's real first name.


Cite a single law stating it is illegal to store emergency razor blades behind your bumper stickers and I'll explain to you slowly why you're wrong, you niggerloving faggot.

It shows premeditation.
Now kindly fuck off retard

This is going to be the "1000 re tweets and i'll smash this bitch's laptop" situation 2.0

A few dedicated Cred Forumslacks will make phone calls, emails, facebook posts on rutger's page, etc. Nothing will come of it, especially if this nig is actually nigerian. He is untouchable.

The common street nig from the laptop incident got physical with the girl and still got off totally free. The university wouldn't dare punishing their prized african student. They are far too proud of their diversity statistics to expel him.

Premeditation of what? Wanting a good place to store razors?


>Sent from my iPhone.

Sent from my iPhone.

This. Looks like he's wearing faggy ripped capris.

Holy fucking emoji rape

One day niggers will grow.. one day..

>baits trumptards into calling him a nigger
>everyone sees how deplorable they are


Ignore the creep post content and focus on the replies quoted, you can rely on /hr/ to have bizarre celebrity worship threads.

>messing with somebody else's private property is nothing
Hello Ahmed.



Stupid fuck

He put it there himself

The sticker wouldn't come off clean like that

He put it on and took it off for a picture he thought was funny

Nig is a retard but you're a massive faggot

>sticker clearly shows wear and tear
>clear square of adhesive remnants around the edge

Nah, you're a cunt.

>put in stars
>comes out as trees

do you seriously think this nigger will get in trouble for this? cause i don't.

>committing vandalism.
Why stop there?

Theft. Harassment. Hate Crime. Stalking. Verbal threats. Inciting violence. Etc.

Can anyone help me? How do i make twitter accounts easily?

There was a copypasta by some user about making them easily

Plz help

Sent him a text:
>Don't go near me or my wife's son's car ever again

>hurr durr

How do I erase this comic?



Spray fucking weedkiller dummy.

i have the same sticker and the vinyl does come off that easy


That place has always been a festering butthole of leftism

That user is semi right.

While this sticker business would really iffy in court, it is against the law to purposely set traps.

A good lawyer could get you on premeditation, putting razor blades or poison behind a sticker on your car isnt exactly some "woospie!" type thing, also if it went to a jury they would just be against you because I can gurrentee you couldnt come up with a convincing argument as to WHY you had to put razors or whatever there.

he's just exercising his first amendment constitution rights. He's actually doing him a favor, removing his hate speech


now they're going to say the alt-right is RAYCIST what have you DONEEEE


Do you guys remember when the DINDU threatened to destroy a girl's laptop cuz she had a TRUMP sticker on it? He got sent to the office, but nothing major happened.

Not gonna bother finding the post numbers, but: it's not illegal to set traps, it's illegal to lure people into them.

remember when a girl did black face off campus in her room and got expelled :(



can i touch her momma milkers?
I want to feel her titers

>all those video views

Yeah I 'member :(

member Chewbacca?

I hope none of you are going on Twitter calling him a nigger now. That's the most counter-intuitive thing you can do.

I hope that fag at least rubbed HabaƱero or Ghost pepper juice on the sticker after he put it on his car. Burn libshit faggot.

>Sales associate at Rutgers

What exactly does he sell at a college? Books n shiet?

i 'memeba :(

So is vandalizing someone's property.

Yeeeaah I 'member. Member when there were no niggers in Germany ?

He looks like that faggot on unbreakable kimmy schmidr

Listen to our ally guys. There is nothing wrong with calling him out as an individual and trying to hold him accountable for his actions. Don't let this be spun making the thief the victim after the fact.


This is why I don't want to put my Trump stickers on my car.

When I drive to campus, I'm afraid my car will get keyed/kicked/etc. I don't trust the college youth.

I also don't want to put my Trump signs in my front yard because I know for a fact they will be stolen.


Oh a native nigger

What do you expect?

california too bruh?

I'm in Los Angeles and you legit get dirty looks if people know you support Trump.

a BLM stooge protesting his "under-privilege" by waving his gold watch for all the world to see, while destroying private property and infringing on first amendment rights of other people...
I remember when under-privilege was something real, and civil rights protests had the moral high round...
This generation of useful idiots are just spoiled pathetic malcontents without a clue...

Oklahoma, actually. You'd think it would be safe, considering Oklahoma is one of the most Conservative states in the union, but we do have a sizable hispanic population.

And universities are generally always liberal territory.

question for older user: did the nogs do this when other republican presidents that they despised were in power? or have they become emboldened lately due to king nigger?

I have an idea, how about we get the rating of the school down in their Facebook page. Then bring the video of the dumb Google in the act and all the evidence. I'm sure the school's reputation is more important to then than a dumb self-incriminating boon.

oh noooooo dirty looks oh noooo social pressure. MGTOW faggot.




bring pepper spray and a go-pro

Fucking niggers.....they certainly go out of their way to commit a crime nowadays.

What the fuck. It's not even his car?

I downloaded the video. Where do I send it to get him expelled?

i hate that i graduated from there

is it worth contacting the police directly and bypassing university?

Yeah, titcow wants a piece of the golden god

They are mostly leftist false flaggers & sabatouers that do this kind of thing.
That or 12 year old in between posting about harambe.

I used to be a Democrat, but my during the '04 election, my dad has his Bush bumper sticker stolen from our driveway twice.

At the time, I thought it was the right thing to do, and I even explained to him that if the people who removed the sticker were bad, they would have bashed in his window. They were just protecting the world from Bush.

So yeah, it's been a problem for while.

It's interesting coming to white nationalism from the left.

Just a hint: Virtue signaling is 100% real, but many leftists truly do believe what they're saying (at least on some level).

Even when they say that blacks are at least as intelligent (if not more intelligent) than whites. It's like a parent telling everyone that their child is the smartest chid in the world. On one level, they know it's not true, but on another level, they believe it more strongly than anything else.

What difference does it make? He still submitted a crime and it won't get him off.

No one with a brain ever thought that.

Yes, except that calling him a nigger on social media before the school does anything might give them pretext to do nothing.

We need to wait until he gets away with it.

AIDS probably

Also former leftist here. There has been a total moral un-mooring, which is inevitable when you insist at all times that everyone you hate is Hitler, because Holocaustianity teaches in the Boke of Basterd that absolutely everything is okay so long as it kills one Nazi.

i don't put anything identifying on my car or in front of my home. you can usually tell who your friends are and who the lib retards are anyways just by looking at them (or listening to them).

try San Francisco. it's like crazed albino monkeys out there.

>Charlotte Mitchell, Administrative Services Coordinator
>mitchell AT winants DOT rutgers DOT edu


>literally comment that as a fellow liberal I support opposition through discourse and voting and that doing that kind of stuff is petty

Universal suffrage was a mistake.

Yeah but Googles don't mind going to jail it's like a right of passage/something to gloat about to it's other google kind about.