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This is just awesome

>The roads will never be colourful again
fucking NORMIES


That's the same fuggin house

>baby boomers degenerates

Stop. it hurts.


boomers reee

The 50's were a time of mass-producing houses
they all had the same lay-out
Spawned the phrase, "cookie cutter."

80's/90's > 50's/60's in every possible way
stop posting trash cars

'member the 50s?

Oh I 'member.

Looks Asbestossy.

That's a rare bird today.

Whoah, you're right. Creepy.

Wasn't really the boomers' fault
The greatest generation didn't know what the effects of consumerism would be

'Member a white America

>I dont remember

Only makes it sexier
I see one very occasionally, and when i do, i'm a safety hazard on the road.


wait fucking what?
Are 70+ year olds browsing Cred Forums?

Why can't we go back to this?

Is he listening to an ipod?

>You guys seeing this shit?


Not a communist or anything, but the degeneration of values in this country was a result of consumerism, and racial inequality
It was inevitable, and unless something catastrophic happens, it will never be the same :(

Been asking that question for ages.

Even the 30s were better for aesthetics and design.

Now our cars are... Plastic and 'aerodynamic'

Nice doggo

Transistor radio.

>Swedes imported American cars out of boredom
>We were behind the wall and stuck with Moskvitches and LADAs

30's really weren't TOO bad
If you weren't a farmer, or blue-collar, it was still a pretty good time
I'm educated, so i'd pick it over 07-17

da j00s

desecration and demoralization

modern art



How much did those houses cost back then, compared to today?

our fat cushion cars are made for ''''safety''' when cars between 1998 and 2010 were pretty much at the perfect spot between cushion safety,mpg and design.

Now cars are fucking fat,slow and they have to do every trick in the book to make it have a somewhat decent mpg.

>30's really weren't TOO bad
ru joking senpai?

>ywn be in a time so prosperous you can buy your wife a new car after she crashes is


I hope you are talking about the 1890s
The problem was materialism
People turned away from God
Grandparents bought a 4 bedroom ranch in 1960 for 30k

dude, that time is right now.

I forget what it's called now that I have to share the information with someone. But the dealership will pay the cost of your car that the insurance won't cover in an accident.


I remembered.

A new down-payment and you have a new car-- starting from square one, of course.

If I had to guess: Same neighborhood

>Little boxes on a hilltop
>There a red one and a yellow one
>There all made out of ticky-tacky
>And they all look just the same

They were not
Stop obsessing about shekels

Look more into it, besides just the dustbowl and all the negatives. That's just kinda how capitalism was back then.

He's making a South Park reference, retard.

You will never drive home from wok half-drunk and roll into your ranch style home in the suburbs.

Fuel economy concerns and pedestrian safety killed extravagant stuff like this

98-10 cars were fucking ugly
Hopefully Trump will deregulate all the bullshit the car industry has to do. Today's designs have potential


>you will never live in an era of landbarge luxury cars

Ah, but today's LADA 4x4 (Niva) is lit AF

Materialism and consumerism go hand in hand.
But yeah, people chose new TV's instead of God.

>they don't have to keep cigarettes locked up because there are no niggers to steal


>You will never live in a monochrome life.

>I hope you are talking about the 1890s

I knkow that feel. I wish I had never masturbated so the world would still be black and white

half drunk? You drink the devils nectar?

That was a beauty, we had 3 Town Cars, an '87, a '94, and an '04 that we still have today. All three were damn fine automobiles.
>pic semi related


>you will never be able to order the mini-bar option with your new car ever again

my uncle still has his grand father's cars, one is a nice american muscle car with only waist belt and another one i forgot the name , but they are built like bricks. Now these days our cars bump on a leaf and it explodes.

or they are both from car ads..


True, Poland is one of the few places better off today than 60 years ago. Pic related

>whitewall tires will never come back into style
Feels bad

>You will never be this alpha and respected as a white male

Kinda sad how America was a fucking futuristic utopia, and the rest of the world was still in ruins
We're so lucky to have the borders we do.
Especially with the wall coming


What was Britain

lol the McMansion neighborhoods were with us since Master Race England touched down.

The 00s were the real golden age.

Glad I will never experience a nuclear family or be part of anything remotely resembling a decent job.

Glad I will never own a house or have children

It's so much better to be a mindless worker drone, childless and alone welcoming refugees that will take houses and jobs I don't deserve

Sure feels nice to know the US has betrayed itself, killed its last true president and started putting man in girls bathrooms rather than focussing in stupid stuff like space exploration not fucking up foreign policies

Just celebrate diversity, globalism and multicultural new citizens, r-right goys?

> 50s
> 60s
like the 50s but more degenerate
> 70
60s with more technology
> 80s
Height of degeneracy , best era for music though
> 90s
Second best

I think you're about 15 years off ;)
Pic related

So you're saying I should give my hard earned money to god? I don't even think he has a PayPal.

yup. Same applies to 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. Russians really fucked this country up.

> Miesny means butcher shop



Wow look at those cigarettes out in the open. Guess people didn't steal them then.

Because people used to get impaled on those steering wheels.

Do you still consider him alpha since he may have been bi-sexual?

>racial inequality
Fuck off commie.

>back then
>young girl:"Hang him, hang that nigger high daddy!"

>white trash whore:" Tyrone? Tyrone Im pregnant, its yours, baby answer me, its your babby.. tyrone?"

how the mighty has fallen

Neither do I.

The 50's in USA must be one of the best times in history, amazing era.

>he may have been bi-sexual
>Believing the kike propaganda about the alpha white males
Yeah kys, he was bisexual, Hitler was gay

Triggered /out/ist here. God damn this shit pisses me off.

Actualy the commie tower didnt look that bad. Now with all these jewscrapers it looks total shit.

What I dont understand is crime has been going down steadily since the 50's. Why aren't we more trusting people?

I'm only a quarter dutch, but i blame all my cynicism on it.
Stop making me remember the past 50+ years

It's mindlowing how 50s America was so beautiful and based and then the 60s were the biggest degenerate cuks in history.

How quick the marxists can fuck a society is unbelievable.

It's like something out of a dream.

>height of degeneracy
user open the drapes, and look outside
You're living the height
God i hope this is the height

Mom's making pigs-in-a-blanket and french fries tonight!

>Crime is down
>Degeneracy is up

Way to take my fucking words so literally
holy shit

>tfw this isnt the height

Man the 50s looked so comfy, all from the fires of war eh?


It can't be true
How can it get worse?
By Memetic it can't get worse

It's always nice to see California before it became a third-world rathole.

Warsaw was one of the most beautiful cities in Europe until you utterly destroyed in 1944. Then Ruskies came with their shitty idea of commie blocks and literally every building was fucking grey -> and then brown because of dirt. This "skycraper" from 50s (Palace of culture and science, that is brown on the picture from you) used to be white back then. Now the plan is to completely surround it with new buildings.

Because it's an ad for the same car?

But what I like about appearence of cities in communism is that there was not any ad in a sight.
Also military parades were fucking sick.


I mean it looks shit but Atleast better than the modern stuff. Im from the east so i know that only the party buildings looked good and the rest shit.

From the present to:
>the "best" is yet to come

t. boomer scum

the funny part is that Ruskies, after war offered us a gift to choose from:
- metro line
- this building
- a highway

And of course they had to choose the least useful one. Such life in communism era.

Oy vey, all white neighborhoods? Where are the niggers, spics and Muslims? Where is the diversity and multiculturalism? Where are the drugs and gangs? Where are the feminist and sjws? Why are the streets so clean and the white goyim so happy? THESE PICTURES ARE WORST THAN THE SHOAH!!!!

Why is this mans hands twice the size of his head?
Is that like a 50s thing?

>working with his hands

That's right! Be progressive like Germany! It will simply make you happy.


But it was boomers, they've become so loose with credit use that it's crippled countries. They've pushed agendas through their ignorance of past ideals. Luckily, the youth is fighting back again.




No wonder Reviewbrah wants to live back then...

my teacher said that working in the 70s on minimum she worked at macys for 7 and hour and had an apparment and a car fuck all of you stupid people stop fucking making people. i hate everyone people hate me because my parents were immigrants legally when their werent any know its fucking overkill fuck all of you when i make 300 a week fuck all of you

I wonder what sex was like back then?
I always imagine like mild STDs and stuff


>tucked in tie
He has to be on the spectrum

>Grandparents bought a 4 bedroom ranch in 1960 for 30k

That's $244,107.77 in 2016 with inflation.

Sex was something after marriage, and very occasional
You were fucking sick if you thought about it lustfully

If that Eirene statue could talk, I wonder what she would tell

Those were the days...



>Muh nostalgia for a period I never lived in

Calm down, we still have racism and milkshakes and you guys wouldn't even have anywhere to ramble about normies and 'muh degeneracy'

Plus cars, especially American cars, were absolute trash in the 50's. Especially all the ones posted in this thread.

Ticky-Tacky is the gayest fucking lyric in any song ever, and I hope she died a horrible death as a direct result of singing that.

Look at his face.


My gr a ndparents bought a ranch home in 1962 for $18k and its now worth $425k



totally da

Original clock was better.


FUCK I miss pontiac.

ah yes
the retard from the 50's forgot white text on a white sky looks like shit

when will the cavemen learn?

ah another revisionist history thread

le good old days

my man. Living the dream

The height of Montreal. It never got better/




the 80's and 90's had a big conservative push. sure there was degeneracy in the 80's, but at the same time there was that big pendulum swing to conservatism due to Reagan.

the 90's were just the 80's without the conservatism, plus the internet. Although I strongly recall a lot of 50's nostalgia in the 90's for some reason, as a kid.

>Implying that statistics like that, that can be lied about now, aren't lied about.

shit, is that the same house?

Well at the very least it's been well maintained, even if it's lost a few of it's defining characteristics



everything that made that great has been removed from it

Technically the early 60's


Britain in the 50's?
You can't seriously be asking this Hans, or is it Abdul?
The 2nd one would make sense after that post

There was literally no need for this post.

Feeding wild animals like that leads to them getting more and more used to humans. The more used to humans they get, the more they'll interact with them and be less afraid of them. Eventually, there will be an incident where someone (usually a child or woman) does something to piss off the bear. Take a picture with a flash, pull its fur, accidentally threaten a cub with a mother around since it's so cute. The bear will either hurt or kill said person. The bear will be put down.

Shit like this happens in Yellowstone and other parks around the country all the time. Especially with bears. Hell, 2 dumbass guys in Yellowstone this Spring picked up a bison calf because they thought it was freezing to death when it was fine. Illegal first off, and once the rangers tried to reintroduce it to the calf's herd, they wouldn't accept it anymore and they had to put it down. The calf was fine all along. Fuck that shit. Let wildlife be WILDlife. Just because you aren't actively hunting or trapping them doesn't mean you still can't indirectly hurt or kill them.


>muh little boxes
>Malvina Milder was born in San Francisco to David and Abagail Milder, Jewish and socialist immigrants

Of fucking course.


>You will never raise a nuclear family in a peaceful white suburb
feels bad man

alright makes sense


honestly, any period of time after the early 1600's has been cucked as fuck.

Sorry meant undiagnosed acromegaly. Looking at hands and shoulders and facial features it seems likely, sorry my english.

you think so? it seems to be very caringly maintained. the owners have even taken the time to decorate it a bit for the season.

better that than the alternative, of becoming a shitty run down nigger house in a bad neighborhood.

or this.

This was an old hospital in my town. it was closed in the 70's because it was outdated, and they left it to rot. A couple of years ago, they demolished it due to structural failure. It practically had no floors left inside.

A regressif will only complain how white it is. BTW some of those views must have been from Canadian side of the river.

Yeah, FDR's policies really did turn America into a fantasy land.


Oh god, shut the fuck up retard. Look, I hate the hookup culture we have these days, but you fucking neckeard virgins need to stop looking back a hundred years and acting like everyone back then was pure and innocent. People have always had sex. People have always had extramarital sex. It might happen at a higher rate today than it did before but it has always happened.

And the stigma of talking about it only existed in good company. Yes, it was taboo to talk about sex when you were an oil tycoon at the local charity gala. But working-class people shooting the shit would talk about it all the time. People fucked all the time.

Hell, even going back to the Middle Ages, most girls were NOT, I repeat, NOT virgins when they got married. Tons of primary sources prove this.

Poetry from the era often mocks the double standard imposed on women. It talked about how men would be unlikely to pursue things with a "maiden" if she refused to have sex with him, but then they also refused to marry women who weren't virgins.

Sex has always had a stigma to it but it has always been done. People fucked like wild rabbits back then just like today. The only difference being there was usually more than just a one-night stand element to it.

t. historian

Now that is cool.

>Not a single trash on the ground
>Everything is polished
>People not looking shitty

It pains me because we will never have it this good again.

The height was last year.

Things are beginning to revert quickly.

Mainly because of Trump's inspiration and the rise of internet data mining and Cred Forumss influence.

How could he not be on the spectrum.

Fucking look at him.

Are you retarded nigger? European society was on the upswing for centuries after that

Even major cucking events (French Revolution, socialism, degenerate art) didn't subvert European life too heavily. The slow introduction of Marxism in the last 60 years is what's causing all this.

Anytime champ. Just hate to see beautiful wildlife killed because of the irresponsibility/ignorance of humans. Cheers Sven!

That's Ron and Rand Paul


This thread makes me sad.

>ywn come home slightly drunk, have dinner on the table and then play catch with your son

Fuck this life bros.

>Hell, even going back to the Middle Ages, most girls were NOT, I repeat, NOT virgins when they got married. Tons of primary sources prove this.

Where did all of the kids born out of wedlock go?



Yep, everything is a conspiracy

Did the klan have anything towards mexican intellectuals? Or was it just niggers?

The war on drugs was a mistake. All it did was drive more spics north.


I just love all the boomers acting like things like teen pregnancy never existed before now

Nostalgiafags should be forced to read this. Granted, it is dated, but still.

Baby boomers were like 8 years old at that time.

no surprise racism is linked to lower IQs

Too bad being white is pretty much a crime these days.

Where did it all go wrong?

>all the men are wear suits
>all the women are wearing skirts
>no litter
>no graffiti
>concrete isn't caked with old chewing gum
>entire station and train look like they get painted at least once a month

where the hell did we go wrong?

ugly as fuck

That was before google integration.


Civil Rights era and forced integration. There's a study demonstrating that one ounce of diversity in a neighborhood obliterates neighbors trust of each other, regardless if they're the same race. Nobody trusts each other anymore so nobody looks out for anyone but themselves.

>entre campos

>Staten island

You sound like an asshole who's trying to make it sound like you're from somewhere other than a borough of nyc.

>best era for music though

You can't be serious, 80s music SUCK, any genre, any 80s year.

Herhat should say something like "Make Germany Haram Again"

i fuckign hate boomers so goddamn much

>Why is this mans hands twice the size of his head?
That is testosterone my friend, it gives you big hands, big muscles and big balls

They didn't have anything against anybody, they were pro-white. If you fucked with white neighborhoods or tried to go after their women thats when they lynched you. Pretty much anything you hear about the Klan nowadays is just fear mongering liberals making white pride shameful.

>The war on drugs was a mistake. All it did was drive more spics north.
Not really my friend, Mexicans has been jumping the border since 20s. I think global economy is what made more mexicans jump the border, because fruit and vegetable farms moved from Mexico to South America, and Clothing/Tool/Goods factories moved from Mexico to China or Asia.


>Idealizing a period of history
>After 1914

Fuck off, they were great vehicles

Hell yeah

I'm talking about all the spics, not just the beaners.

>liberal millenial animal lover pussy faggot