If Trump dosen't win we will never see another Republican president will we

If Trump dosen't win we will never see another Republican president will we.

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you'll never see another Republican president even if he wins

yeah but it gets worse hillary get's to select all the new supreme justice judges.

Fuck Trump and fuck all white people

Very doubtful, When Hillary imports a ton of migrants and gives them voting rights. Do you think they will be voting for Republicans? Also I can promise you that they will send them all to swing states.

Serves you right for backing a living meme instead of someone like El Rato

Everyone who works for CTR will die a violent death after Nov 8th.

Praise KEK.

Yep. After 4 years of Shillary, the country will be flooded with shitskins to the point where a conservative will never win again.


Yep. If Hillary wins, I guarantee you all the newfriends from the Middle East she'll import will be strategically placed in Florida and Texas. It'll effectively be a one-party system.

They will rule that guns have to go away won't they

Out of all this nonsense, THIS is what I fear the most. Obama is already doing this.

If Trump doesn't win you'll see another Republican president four years from now. Stop buying into the permanent majority meme.

8 more years of Obama/Hillary would mean the complete dissolution of the border and the consolidation of the north american union.

all of our standards of living will be homogenized and then the next phase would be global governance after that

hillary would institute re-education camps as well

By then it is to late liberal democrats will control the supreme court for an entire generation.

>Hillary wins
>open borders
>millions of spics flood the south
>all red states either become blue or battleground states
>poverty explodes through the roof, republicans somehow get blamed and vilified
>communism comes to America with all the South Americans leaving their failed communist countries claiming "real communism has never been tried"
>America becomes an one-party state until its eventual collapse in 50 years

Maybe you will. I mean, after your whole country will turn into ruin or after country-wise riots that will turn US into shithole, when new government will start to emerge.

Leaves stick together like shit on toilet paper, I see.

Yes, they will rule against your gun rights.
This election has a lot riding on it.
>gun rights
>white america
>conservative voting power
This election determines the fate of America.

With that in mind, you'd think Trump could fucking prepare for a debate.

That's great Tyrone, how about you buy a gun and go kill a white person? I bet you don't have the balls.

Actually you will never see another president of a United States of America as it is known today

Under about 6 years of Hillary the US will have gone over its debt point of no return and will dissolve like the Soviet Union did

Hillary is your Yeltsin/Gorbachev

>Dems take the White House
>Dems take the Supreme Court
>Dems take the Senate
>Dems take the House
>Dems take Governorships

depends on how bad things get with the refugees. If we get what Germany and France have then odds are we may never get another democrat in the white house

>God emperor for life trump
>after he dies based Barron becomes emperor

Who the fuck needs an elected faggot who will fuck up the country anyways?

Found the nigger

Texas stop taking the bait

>congress passes national "hate-speech" laws; all opinions right of centre-left gradually become illegal, Supreme Court doesn't overrule at all
>guns are banned; Supreme Court doesn't overrule
>Republican party banned, protests ensue, Hillary declares martial law, Constitution is suspended, dissidents are locked up in prison camps
>far-leftists take over, socialism is now law
>America no longer exists; Canada, America and Mexico have joined to become the North American Socialist Soviet Union
>they join forces with the European Union, the Eurasian Economic Union, socialist Asian states like China and Vietnam to conquer the world and make it all socialist
>the state never withers away like communists hope; the supreme government, now having no viable opposition becomes fascist and rules over everyone and everything with a mighty fist forever


One with a name "zurra hall" or some shit like that.

we won't need another Republican president because we're gonna coup the ZOG if Trump doesn't win.


I like to believe this is your last election ever
Allahu akbar

I'm more concerned about the surpreme court going very far left

Trump already won, Clinton is just going through her death rattle.

It would be the first time in america where the "vote for me for gibs" demographic would be rapidly rising.

This couldn't lead to anything good.

Because he'll be crowned God Emperor.

That all assumes those states will be "unaware" of why they're turning blue.

quad confirm no balls