What can we do to lower the age of consent in Western countries?

What can we do to lower the age of consent in Western countries?

We're living in a world where girls get into puberty much sooner than 100 years ago. Objectively, a 13 year old is definitely not a kid anymore. There's no rational reason why sexual intercourse with them should be forbidden. The whole rule is purely emotional, propagated by old jealous women. It's part of the feminist agenda.

Also why the arbitrary age limit of 14, 16 or 18? It's just a number without any real meaning.

Let's just keep it simple: consent is reached as soon as puberty is reached. That's just how nature intended it to work.

Why is there no real international movement for modern AoC laws?

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A 13 year old is a kid muhammed. You have to go back.

not an argument

Fucking kys.

A 13 year old is stupid and easily taken advantage off. Consent is about mental maturity, not physical/sexual maturity. I won't say that women are ever fully mature, but at least wait until their amygdala is fullgrown and they have the capacity to think ahead like an adult and consider the results of actions better than a 15 year old.

thanks for your insightful response

A degenerate attitude like that is the reason you Weimar cucks were going down the shitter.

kill yourself immediately you filthy paedophile.

We're talking about sex, not rocket science. Something even down syndrome retards can do. You don't need a fully developed brain to enjoy sex.

And you present the problem with liberalism and feminism once again.

Create the problem with women's sexual liberation. Provide even more degenerate solution.



Now go fuck yourself and die you stupid faggot shitfucker gay ass

Go play your islam roleplaying in the desert. The rational reason why you're forbidden to have intercourse with them that it is savage abuse of a kid. Even if she thinks she wants it, the vast majority would later regret it. Even those that wouldn't regret it, still take such a significant decision that they're too young to make and she doesn't want your herpes cock even if she says she does.
You're supposed to protect kids, not fuck them. And the idea that puberty happens earlier is a meme. After all julliet from romeo and julliet was 13.

Tell the liberals its Islamaphobic because the Prophet Muhammad banged an 8 year old and saying that sex with an 8 year old is wrong is tantamount to calling the Prophet Muhammad a pervert.

For you it might well be rocket science, ape. It's juvenile to think sex is only about pleasure. It's also about bonding, attachment, pregnancy and std risks. Be a man of peace and keep your degenerancy to yourself and 18+ whores.

>And the idea that puberty happens earlier is a meme. After all julliet from romeo and julliet was 13.
Doesn't mean she was a fully grown woman, just that it was perfectly normal back then to have sex with a 13yo.

But I guess our modern society does it so much better, we're the pinnacle of morals, right?

Seriously, pervert. Kys.

Consent is for cucks, You want her Rape her

You'll never get this voted in because then we'd have to lower the alky age too the MADD would block probably, ergo not worth thinking about

Thanks, India.

Kill yourself mudslime filth scum subhuman kid fucker

My friend's eight year old sister has to wear a training bra because she's started to develop. She also likes barbie, tinkerbell movies, and dressing up as a princess. Should it be legal to fuck her, Muhammed? You filthy pedophile?

Exactly and that play was about the stupidity of pubescent children.

As well as the stupidity of revenge (outside of lawless herd rearing communities). But I don't expect you to get that either.

Holy fuck I've thought this board was redpilled.

Just go back to posting frog memes and worshipping a rich old orang utan you cucks.

>Afghan diaspora

A considerable amount are so demoralized and morally bankrupt that they wouldn't condemn pedofilia

Brain development and maturation hasn't gotten any faster. Neither has physical development which is essential for child bearing. A woman is not ready to safely bear children until late teens.

>oh no my arguments are destroyed, better claim red pill victory before I run away

Our ancestors who conquered the west were redpilled yet you didn't see them fucking children.

Kill yourself, Abdullah

Nice try Abdula

This will ONLY work when degeneracy is done away with and traditionalism is back and enforced heavily.
A married 13 year old one thing - young and ripe for breeding, her fertile years will not go to waste.

A 13 year old being passed around like candy is another. Degenerate and damaging to her understanding of relationships, she will be manipulated and ruined before she even reaches 18.

Remember, while the happiness of women is not a prerequisite to a functioning nation, their wellbeing is.

Blew your cover too early CTR.

The pedo meme wont stick here, even if its the new approach thats being used.

>it was okay back then so it's okay now
shit argument


Grow up man.

The age of consent is not even an issue that you need to be worrying about.

You would not be able to bang those girls even if it were legal.

reported you filthy rapist

>Our ancestors who conquered the west were redpilled yet you didn't see them fucking children.
How can you be so sure?

Just leave, reddit. Pedos have always been hear and arguing.

And in these times they were far happier regardless.

Sluts are the unhappiest people I know.

>Objectively, a 13 year old is definitely not a kid anymore.

Yeah you're so right there's absolutely nothing subjective about that statement.

Kill yourself kiddie diddler

>What can we do to lower the age of consent in Western countries?
I have an idea: go kill yourself pedo scum.

perfectly fine with this as long as you are married first and never divorce

Because our countries were developed by people with traditional family values. A redpilled american would certainly agree.

All degenerative nations either have or will fail.

>wanting to fuck 13 year olds

Do you know how much you would fuck that little girl up in the head? Their bodies might ripen earlier, but their brains sure don't.

That kid would be wrecked, just so you could get your rocks off with a kid because she was already starting to grow boobs.

"Kill yourself" isn't a legitimate argument. Let's look up Rind et al, the only study of sexual relationships between adults and children that factored in the possibility of consent, and found that many relationships, if there was consent, didn't cause harm. Saying children can't consent and therefore all sex with them is harmful is irrational, you have to explain why that's the case. Base things on evidence and reason, not emotions. That's called being redpilled.

Trump is going to change all that and FIGHT those DEGENERATE FEMINISTS.

The only resident pedo here is freedom fighter. And he got btfod so many times that its embarassing at this point.

This topic has been doscussed many times. Pedo shits want lower AoC to quickly fuck a young girl and thats it. No other rights for kids to help them become productive members of society and to become adults faster. Just. Fuck.

Friendly reminder that opposition to having sex with teenagers IS a social justice construct, that there is no way that women getting on in years would be interested in promoting the legality of men leaving them for more youthful creatures, and that society suffers when women cannot be bred young and fertile.

Please continue shilling for the left Cred Forums. I'm sure they would LOVE to agree that youth is totally not beauty.

That was too harsh; it really was. That kind of talk should be outlawed.

ki ki ki

muslims will do it for you hans.

>he thinks it's just a meme



Our ancestors knew this fact very well, long before the (((feminist))) movement ruined our patriarchal civilizations.

Women need to be put back in their place before society collapses entirely.

>mammals evolved to get pregnant before they're ready to get pregnant
is this really how desperate we've become?

>Also why the arbitrary age limit of 14, 16 or 18? It's just a number without any real meaning.
To make sure.

14 is a good age. It is virtually certain that at that age, the girl is sexually developed. Whether she understands what sex is, is another matter, but in 99% of the cases she does. In the 1% exceptions, German law includes an exploitation of mental retardation paragraph in the criminal code.

>That kid would be wrecked, just so you could get your rocks off
This is what pedos get off to. That's why there's nothing wrong with the age of consent in the US, 18, unlike the degenerate age of 14 in my country. I've heard so many stories of pedos here. Don't get any ideas, fuckers.

>What can we do to lower the age of consent in Western countries?

Achmed fuck off.

Why so obviously show your newness? There are many resident pedos. I've never seen ff get "btfo" but I have seen every single logical fallacy thrown at him over and over as if calling someone names invalidates arguments.

>No other rights for kids to help them become productive members of society and to become adults faster.
Because the topics are AoC? Heightened AoC is feminist in origin, and the pedo hysteria is damaging to children because it makes all potential adult male role models automatically suspicious.

16 is fine as an age of consent. young than that is creepy as shit (looking at you deutchland)

Is that Ivanka?
That's definitely Ivanka!

There was no perv between Trump and Ivanka. Trump loves and is proud of all of his kids, and is not afraid to show affection, just like it was back in the old days.

Imagine being a grown-assed man fucking a 13 year old? It would fuck them up for life, unless you planned to marry them and make them your little princess.

You don't bang kids. It will fuck them up for life. Their brains cannot process a 'pump and dump' from a grown up. It will wreck them.

By bringing back old world society values and destroying feminist movement. Raising the age of consent was a artificial way to increase the value of women so older women could get some sucker to marry them.

I'm with you on this.
Dropping AoC RIGHT NOW would be disastrous. Returning to tradition and THEN doing it, now that would be pure and functional.

Fucking hell Ahmed. Didn't even take a year for you to crave that underage cunt.

Fuck off Mahmoud

>A 13 year old is stupid and easily taken advantage off.
Tbqh I have met quite a few 31s that were no way smarter than 13s

to every single one of you faggots saying a 13 year old is a kid and OP is an achmed, you are wrong.


Read the actual medical diagnosis for being a pedophile. It's attraction to age 11 and under.

13 is NOT a child, by any medical standards.
Only feminists say that it is.

Anyway, get back to arguing about this shit, i don't care either way i just wanted to put the actual science and fact down on the table, because i get triggered seeing how feminists have manipulated language to their own end.

>society suffers when women cannot be bred young and fertile

What the fuck are you talking about? Our society functions on going through the education system which normally ends when choice becomes a personal option on what to do after that. Is it coincidental that this occurs around 18 yrs old?

Go join the monkeys in africa you filthy shill.

Why is this important to you?

Just fuck legal girls. Like is an 18 year old or 16 year old not attractive enough?

Fucking germans.....

Daddy issues®™, the frontier addition©.

Also, people have been susceptible to sin since the first two people.

Congratulations, you're a hebephile.

>our society functions
well there's your problem right there. Society DOESN'T function at the gender-relationship level. There is no harmony between the sexes precisely because women are expected to follow the same paths as men.
Women are for monogamous sexual, babies, and homemaking. The older they get before beginning to do these things, the worse they are in all these areas.

Youth is beauty, youth is health, youth is function.

The education system is barely functional. Most women are far better off being married young by an intelligent and well off man.

Post your address and a timestamped photo of your face if this is what you believe.

>criteria for pedophilia extend the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13
good job not reading you're own article retard

who gives a shit what it's called. you only care cause you want to corrupt that tight virgin pussy. you know very well a 13 year old is not an adult and not a woman/man. a 13 year old is an easily impressionable little shit. if they're too young to live on their own, they're too young to suck your dick.

Well, anything under 26 is technically considered a child by feminists

>13 year old is definitely not a kid anymore
And it could be argued that the opposite is true that compared to 100 years ago that people are less mature at the same age. It is both physical and mental maturity that is needed, and so the mean maturity, if equal parts physical and mental, has stayed the same.
Arbitrary - decided by a judge or arbiter rather than by a law or statute.
You say that an age limit is arbitrary while endorsing that 'puberty' is a better indicator. I think that your way is arbitrary, not the current law.
Why would you ask such a question, Ahmed Abdullah?

The (((medical diagnosis))) was quite convincing.

Look it's not just about who you are attracted to, it's also about what's best for the girl and society.

Having sex early tends to fuck with girls attachment ability later. So the earlier user who said that it could work in a traditional society as part of marriage is right, with permission from the parents of course.

The 31 year old atleast has the legal means to get basic income and take care of the child. A 13 year old girl cant even flip burgers to feed her kid. Not saying that it happens either way, but young girls should focus on school and not fucking every old man for candy. It sure would be FUN if we saw births increase for girls below 14 years old, with malnurished underweight babies and new moms who cant even finish high school properly half of the time. And then have their parents feed the kids for 4-5 years because the "mom" can only earn money at a lemonade stand.

But it is, Achmed.
>Islam isn't a bad religion with bad morals and practices
You should do it.
You do need a fully developed brain to make rational and smart choices. Sex isn't simply about arousal or enjoyment. Degenerate.
>But I guess our modern society does it so much better, we're the pinnacle of morals, right?
Not an argument, hypocritical cunt.
>Holy fuck I've thought this board was redpilled.
Also not an argument.
>You don't agree with my pedophilia, you're not redpilled!!!!!

>Just go back to posting frog memes and worshipping a rich old orang utan you cucks.
Why are you mad everyone is proving you wrong, nigger?

You're welcome, sand nigger.

That's why it should only be allowed in marriage. There's nothing wrong with impregnating your young wife and caring for her and her children.

>Lived a long happy life
>had many kids
>No cheating or divorces
Not surprised it upsets a degenerate liek you.

He makes a valid point.

By fighting against natural biology for leftie feel good shit, we are driving down white birth rates.

This applies to teenagers of course, not children. See if you are confused as to the actual definition of words.

Birth rates would be higher if people enjoyed their partners. Do you think men enjoy being forced to marry unfaithful, ruined western women?

Do you think women enjoy being let to do whatever they want and not put in line?

Their biology craves what they need, no matter how much leftie koolaid they drink about how it's a "social construct".

The only social construct here is the social conditioning the left has been doing to convince people that teenagers are children. You may think this has something to do with sex. It's actually FAR MORE INSIDIOUS.

The left wants to claim people are children for longer because they want people weak and reliant like a child. They're trying to condition adults to be like children. So they will go along with their leftie state.

Actually i have a granny fetish.

I'm a sick cunt attracted to 80 year old's and shit. I just wanted to lay down real facts, teenagers are not children and any doctor would agree.

Don't listen to feminists and their word play, look what they did with the word rape. It means nothing now.

Read the above you stupid fucking cunt.

I am not posting this out of any desire i personally have. That is a cop-out because you cannot address my argument rationally.

Read what i posted above, try not to think emotionally and see how the left gains a massive amount of power from this going down.

And fuck off if you think your gender studies class knows better than the scientific community

read this post for the truth on why this is the case

I agree, it should be part of marriage. Don't confuse my post for advocating it needs to be lowered.

I am stating it shits on white birth rates and gives the left power.

Don't fight to lower the age of consent, it will never happen in our lives. Legalize minor erotica first.

>You do need a fully developed brain to make rational and smart choices. Sex isn't simply about arousal or enjoyment.
Why do they get to make choices about everything else besides sex? 13 yr olds are perfectly capable of understanding consequences of sex, why do you think sex ed exists?

Damn right I'm right.
With the one caveat being that, while it would technically be healthier for women to be in a traditional lifestyle, what's best for women is not a consideration in what's best for society.
Nations fall all the time because the men are unhappy, but an unhappy collective of women is a nonissue unless men start tricking themselves into thinking otherwise.

I get it, I was just making a point that I have met some really stupid, airheaded 30-something bitches.
And I have met some really smart, concious and resolute kids.
That does not mean, their intelectual capability should be an excuse.

Neck yourself degenerate pedo filth

>What can we do to lower the age of consent in Western countries?
18 is the right age.

Their minds have not developed, nor has their experience.

>Mammals rape all the time
I'm sure you wouldn't mind being raped

We can think of the consequences for a 13 yo being dumped and prevent it, before she becomes another single mother coalburner

They were both in it for life. He literally took her life into his hands and promised her everything would be ok for life, and followed through.

That's a far cry from a grown man being allowed to fuck a 13 year old. They spent the rest of their lives together.

If you're willing to spend the rest of your life together with her, take care of her, and raise children together, there should not be an age of consent issue.

The issue is you just want to be able to fuck kids. That's a whole different ball game.

>it's another pedo thread

Why can't y'all pedos just admit that you want to go after kids because you are too intimidated by grown women?

It's Cred Forums... only idiots here kek...
Look at Cred Forums they will accept your opinion

I've been quite clear that AoC can only be functionally lowered in a traditional society.
I do fully agree we have no business fucking 13yo in a degenerate hookup culture.

Actually, if you are using this argument age of consent needs to be higher.

Look at women and men all over the western world currently.

They are pathetic, weak fucking babies.

The age of consent needs to be HIGHER as there is no mental difference between a 14 year old and a 20 year old woman.

You are unwittingly arguing our side, though. Teen pregnancies are fairly common in modern western societies, and these are the result of young teenager girls being impregnated by other dumb teenagers. Their kids don't end up well. Marrying them off young to responsible adults is a much, much better idea, and I say this as a fag.

Wut? You just posted from a left defense of pedofilia should be legal sub

>Single Moms
>Half your income for the rest of your life when she gets bored
>Third Wave Feminism

Yeah, just admit you are not man enough for an old broad with baggage, a kid or two, and that has had a couple hundred cocks already.

Sheesh. Men these days.

Ok abu

you're going to have a hard time convincing alot of parents to go along with any plan to lower the age of consent even tho they don't mind dressing up their kids as degenerates

nickolodean has been pushing a pretty hard indepedent children motif for years tho

>i wear the big boy pants

I was working in a high school literally earlier today...ffffuuuuuuuuuucccckkkk
Do schools not understand that the uniform with the short skirt and the knee high socks is extremely sexy?

ShitRedditSays is a callout sub. Those posts are not posts made by SRSters, they are made by average redditors and then called out on SRS. The threads are quotes of the wrongspeak they are intending to highlight.
SRS is venomously against the fucking of anyone below the age of 20.

Kek why would you even want to talk to girls under 20 unless you are as well? They're mostly airheads. I suspect girls feel the same once they look back at younger guys.

>By bringing back old world society values and destroying feminist movement.

You don't even know the story behind those two. That or you're just trying to tell half of it being in complete denial.

Also, that type of shit was NOT accepted in the 1930's. This was some hillbilly inbred trash committing this crap and it got tons of scrutiny. I don't think you understand just how isolated and rural the Appalachians were back then. Fuck, still are, but a whole lot more back then.

Anyways, kys you sick depraved degenerate.

Why can't you admit that is a fallacious, silly argument?

Nice try Ahmed.

>if they're too young to live on their own, they're too young to suck your dick.
That's my argument, faggot. If you expect me to write an essay for you to be able to dissect what I meant, well... I don't like to expend that much energy arguing with retards.

I think you're probably right.

you can fuck off

Even if a person has physically matured by the age of 13-14, it certainly doesn't mean that they are mentally matured enough to consent to sex. Especially not with old horndogs who just want some quick and easy pussy from an easily manipulated teen.

>appeal to nature
>still not reading your own article to find out pedophilia includes 13 year olds
>thinking people can address your shit arguments rationally

i can't wait until we wipe your misbegotten kind from the face of the planet

>projecting your perverted thoughts on others
Sounds like your the one who only thinks about sex.

Age of consent doesn't just apply to sex it applies to being able to marry someone of that age as well, legally you can't marry someone like he did because of age of consent and all you think about is sex.

This is why we need old values back where people actually loved each other and didn't just care about sex.

> men dont enjoy marrying unfaithful ruined women

Ofcourse, because the fucking problem is how girls are raised these days and how theyre bombarded from social media to be "liberated". Not because they mizsed a chance to get dicked by a 40 year old supreme gentleman.

It should be fucking illegal to have magazines and tv shows that basically promote sex and promiscuity from an early age, making it seem normal to have 50 boyfriends by 25 and that cheating is a way to spice things up. I shit you not, going thriugh some teen magazines in the west the saying that "maybe you need a one night stand to improve the relationship with your bf" is an actual fucking advice for teens and young female adults. And then people wonder why so many women are whores.

I can understabd the reasoning of wanting to lower the aoc to go around it. Get her while shes fresh. But all it is is an excuse for supreme gentlemen to get a fucking before everyone else, in their eyes atleast.

The mods aren't. They're salon-tier pro pedo. And mods are the only parts that count for socjus groups.

don't bother with these trap loving faggots. kraut or libre is where OP should go.

The best way to gain pedo acceptance is to get the normies in on it. Remind everyone that a 16-year-old girl filming herself masturbating is a victimless crime, yet it's punished severely. Remind women "If you want to film yourself that is your choice, the government shouldn't ruin young girls lives, it's only natural" and remind men "You could totally masturbate to smoking hot 16-year-olds if it was legal".

We will never break the left's "muh consent" or the right's "muh degeneracy", but normal people are reasonable as long as you don't use any words that trigger them.

The issue i raised is there are a lot of men who would do just that.

They want a pure unspoiled woman to actually take care of, but because of the shit that's happened to the west, that won't happen now.

Read my post here I could advocate for it being lowered if we were back in traditional times, in fact it needs to be lowered if we want a return to white birth rates rising.

I am just fucking sick of the word pedophilia being used.

It does not apply. At all.
Teenagers are not children.

If you are posting shit like this moron you are actually helping the left to lower white birth rates, get away with

Did you read what i wrote? I am not even advocating for it to be lowered, i am advocating it gets RAISED.

It needs to be raised in current society, as "adults" are no more than children mentally.

Let me guess, also a fan of trannies?

I mean, it's nature that they fuck off and die, but fuck nature amirite?

Read what i posted you seppo cunt, i want AOC RAISED.


Nah you should kys degenerate, you just want to fuck things and not care about love. You are glad to have todays society where people get divorces and cheat on each other in droves. You are most likely a millenial or generation z.

Based Aussie laying down the facts.

Then why do we give freedom to such individuals?

That's some nice autism going on.

>thinking there are no stages of puberty
>thinking a 12 year old can raise a child
>thinking a 12 year old knows how to act responsible
>thinking a 12 year old can take on adulthood

Increase the age of consent, driving, purchasing alcohol, claiming welfare, and voting to 25.

>solve pretty much all of the problems that plague the modern world

Salon isn't pro-pedo. That article was about accepting pedophiles to be classified as needing therapy and coming out of the closet only if they accept they're damaged people and need the SJWs protection. How is that pro-pedophilia? Please explain your silly opinion to me.

>why do you think sex ed exists?
Sexualization of children and now it exists to pervert and indoctrinate by normalizing degeneracy.

Girls need to focus on their education just as much as boys. I don't understand you muh traditions types. You want your wives to raise and educate your child at home yet you want to deprive your future wife of an education that she can use to teach your future children.

You pedo-traditionalists are retarded.

I was never against SLOWLY loeering the aoc and restoring the old family unit. But pedos here always want it now and to do nothing else BUT lower the aoc. No changes in society. No changes what information young girls are fed. No changes to how marriage, families and sex is viewed. Its always just "well I just want to fuck her". It boils my blood because we already have enough degeneracy, dont need to make it easier for kids to fuck up their life, without first changing their view on what sex and relationships are.

You're not fooling anyone pedo.

>Go to LGBT sub
>Ask if they accept pedophiles for being a sexual minority like them
>Get banned

Nothing has made me hate queers more than being a pedophile.

>implying because they're not children they're adults

we have a word for that aussiefag, its called "adolescence" which was created just for that in-between age. it leaves some gray in between the black and white, pretty nifty word. I say 16, if you can drive, you can fuck. yep that sounds good to me

I could not agree more.

I actually want it raised though, until our society returns to not being degenerate as fuck.

Our adults are mentally retarded. It needs to be raised as a punishment to make them act like fucking adults again, or face being on the sex offender register.

Raise age of consent for just a bit and watch every single western adult shit fucking bricks and stop acting like a degenerate to get it lowered to something reasonable again.

Thanks for actually reading what i posted.

The left gains a huge amount of power from people misconstruing words and more importantly, making adults into children.

They have an actual bias on this topic and it's not anything to do with the sexual shit. They may pretend it's to "keep kids innocent" and use sexuality as a cover, but that's not their real goal.

Their real goal is to brainwash what would once be a teenager turning into a man...into a child for life, subservient to their liberal state.

A german accusing us of being cucks....

Yeah because that one example applies across the board? Go fuck yourself degenerate fucking pedo and take your Islamic german with you....

off yourself bud

My favorite part about these threads is that these pedos will post anonymously on the internet all day arguing their perverted morals but will NEVER associate themselves with their beliefs irl.

Why don't they put their name and face out there, hold forums at universities, start an organization/PAC and start fighting for what thy believe in?

It's because deep down they know they are wrong. That no matter what they do or say that the rest of civilized society will never submit to their objectively wrong moral system.

Because at the end of the day, they know that they are just trying push themselves on children so that they can fulfill their sex fantasy and get their rocks off.

OP is nowhere to be found. Last post was

Truly he was BTFO

Consent is reached when the father decides so.

Whats with all the pedos these days?

>thinking women can do any of these at any stage in their lives
women are the most responsible teenagers in the house senpai
they will ALWAYS need male guidance

Aoc should be tied to puberty.

So if in aggregate 95% of females finish going through puberty at 16, aoc should be 16.

13 isn't a child, developmentally, and even if they were, children have sexualities, and children have been documented engaging in sex with each other, and sometimes propositioning adults for sexual pleasure throughout human history. Its fundamentally biological, not learned. Habits and fetishes are learned, sexuality isn't.

Sex ed doesn't sexualize adolescents, anyway, society does, but if they're going to be fucking it makes sense for them to know the precautions.


>thinking women mature at all before having children that force them not to be stupid anymore

Most people in general dont mature nowadays mentally until their 20's, especially women brought up in this spoiled cunt princess culture that we have now. These dumb fuck girls are no smarter or mature from the time they're 12 than they are at 25. Guess what? They're only gettin dumber. Your argument is built on lies and old belief systems that are completely abandoned and have no holding in what actually is happening now.

The dancing child as the pedo told us about his wank fantasy might have tipped the assessment m8.

They won't go straight to pedophilia, that's too big a step.

They meed to erode the family even more, so they'll probably try to force Polygamy on us soon. Probably via the muslims, probably citing gay marriage as some sort of civil rights equivalent.

They need to erode the authority of mothers in order to push pedophilia on us.

>Why do you think sex ed exist...

You're a special kind of autist aren't you...

Roman boys weren't considered men or allowed to be in charge of their own life until 25.
Research shows that the brain is not fully developed until 25.

Right now the idea of "age of consent" is based on the idea that children do not have the psychological capacity to really decide whether or not they "want" to have sex.

This is weird because the law already recognizes the ability of children to make decisions, even big ones. For example, in custody hearings, children are often consulted by the judge regarding which parent they prefer living with. That's a lot more life-changing than whether or not they want to touch someone's dick.

There we get the REAL reason that age of consent laws exist, which is that parents, particularly fathers, want to be able to "punish" men for having sex with their daughters. They like the idea that the law itself agrees with them that they're too young to be doing something.

One major change that might influence the future of consent laws will be advances in contraception. Better contraceptives with higher success rates, greater accessibility and education for young people. That will make the "choice" about whether or not you want to consent to sex a lot less complex because you aren't potentially also getting pregnant. Better methods of early abortions will help this too. But society will have to shift away from the idea of "consenting participant in sexual intercourse" to "victim" on the grounds purely of age when there is no other evidence of coercion or predation, no violation of a trust relationship, etc.

As for me, I remember having sex when I was below the age of consent, with my boyfriend at the time, who was quite a bit older than me. I knew what I was doing and what sex was. I don't understand why people think it's too complicated for a teenager to figure out, when teenagers are also learning about like, chemistry, biology, and reading Shakespeare at school.

Being a pedophile is literally the only thing worse than being a racist. I know I'm right, but I also know that the world hates me and would gladly kill me if given the chance.

the word you're looking for is "stigma"

Nobody here will ever associate with any of their beliefs in public, what are you retarded? What do you thinking "hiding your power level" means?

Do you think I go around telling people that kikes are manipulative and niggers have no capacity to grasp the distant future as a concrete abstraction?

If it bleeds it breeds, by the time females reach 18 they are already used up sluts. Maybe make marriage necessary before sex, so one could enjoy a females prime years, but not just use her, that is what sex robots and prostitutes are for. With a young wife of 14 one could have time to make 4-6 white kids, and white population numbers would be restored.

Also women should not be allowed to vote, should go to gender segretaged schools, where they would learn how to be homemakers, and how to raise young children. And women should not be allowed in most parts of the workforce. Women should have the right to refuse sex, but should not have the right to offer themself without marriage, if they do they should be cast out of society, to live the rest of their lives as prostitues, and sterilised so they won't pass their genes, and raise subversive kids.

"We" give LIMITED freedom to these underdeveloped individuals. That is why they can't yet drive a car, vote, smoke tobacco etc. Because they have not yet matured enough to the point where they are responsible enough to do so.

>Not just fucking teens when you're a teen
Really wasn't that hard senpai, ya missed your chance and ain't no going back

you sound like a real red-pilled wizard, based leaf

I say 16

Girls go through puberty well before that and do all kinds of depraved stuff while underage anyway

>Your argument is being destroyed by this board Ahmed, better go to another place that will just blindly accept your position without any reasonable explanation.

And herein lies the problem with the Liberal thought process. I and everyone on here is open to debating any topic if you can reasonably and logically explain your position. But liberals don't do this, because their ideas about a lot of things are fantasy, and once you call them out on it after you have explained you side, they call you a biggot and closed minded. I'm open to discourse about any topic and any subsequent views and opinions on that topic but when all you are spouting is idealistic fantasy talk that has no semblance of reality then fuck off.

Why do anything about AoC when you can just start punishing girls who have sex before reaching this age? Let's see how many rapes and "rapes" will happen after that.

Nah, sex ed is bad for kids...but mr shekelberg's media is A-OK!

Modern society is fucked.

I hand out this poster I printed up outside MTR stations, while wearing a MAGA hat.

How about base things on evidence instead of elaborate fantasies that everyone you disagree with wants to destroy civilization?

Him describing his fantasies doesn't make it pro-pedophilia, its a leftist feel-good, describe everything as a mental illness so we can feel oppressed circle jerk, not pro-pedophilia. You realize people are individuals, yes?

I'm talking specifically about pedos, who are certainly not exclusive to Cred Forums. They spout their nonsense all over the Internet.

Because at the end of the day, they know that they are just trying push themselves on children so that they can fulfill their sex fantasy and get their rocks off.

They been constantly at it for decades now. Take a look at NAMBLA for example. They're also keen on using reverse psychology much like what they're doing in this thread. They know damn well fucking an underage is fucked up, but it's what gets their twisted minds off, it's their depraved fetish that has a grip on their entire lives so they live just to eventually 'legally' fuck a child.

Name of this qt? I want to protect her from Ahmed.

Girls used to be fucking amazing at taking care of family matters many years back. It was normal for a girl to take care of everything in the house from early childhood and to play with doll babies and take care of them. In most cases young girls would be the ones responsible for taking care of their younger siblings.

Older women and young girls are all shit at this now. They dont know how to take care of their homes or children in most cases. And people want to add another huge influx of failed moms, that will be even more intellectually retarded, because they will barely keep up with school after giving birth at 13-14 years old.

Again, things should be changed how girls are raised and what information they get. Any magazine and tv show for young teens that give advice on sex positions, promiscuity and cheating should be jailed.

When we raise girls differently and actually teach them to look after their homes and family from a young age, while forgetting about sex liberation, then aoc can be lowered little by little.

go back to the middle east? implying whites are just going to hand over their pre pubescent children to you..

That makes no fucking sense.

If it was legal, it would no longer be taboo.