Go to city centre

>go to city centre
>hot girls from the university everywhere
>hot women in office clothes everywhere
>realise that I went through all of university with no friends or attention from women
>realise I'm 24 and have missed out on all the young people stuff
>feel massively betrayed by society
>decide not to see movie because I'd be giving money to the uber attractive Hollywood people just to see 2018's tv movie

What's the fucking point?

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Stop being autistic or just kill yourself, your choice.

>thinking you're not still young at 24
>missing out on prime time pussy years, instead posts hate frogs on the internet
>not using your age to pick up 20 year olds

Enjoy Arbys

I have friends that fucked girls all these years. And now we're 25 and they're just as miserable as I am because they don't have a stable relationship, they haven't landed a decent girl. All those vaginas they fucked mean absolutely nothing, they don't make them happy. So it's pretty much meaningless shit unless you find a good woman.

I'm back at uni at 27. Its like an all you can eat buffet. You can almost smell the insecurity coming off these kids. There's no competition.

If you don't have it together yet work on yourself and go back. Best decision I ever made.

>Stop being autistic
Autist here, cannot confirm this works

Ask me how I know you voted yes for brexit

Dude just take bullshit night art classes at the local community college and smash the slots there. It's pretty easy.

24 was rough for me too. Consider that you are at the bottom of male attractiveness/maturity and it only gets better from here. Work on yourself - job, physique, independence - in a few years you are going to be stealing the young 20-something girls.

are you kidding me? 24 is PRIME fucking age for fucking 18-23 year olds

Is your friend me?

Redpill me on women my Canadian lad

I'm 26 and starting my second year at Uni now. I'm not ashamed to admit I lost my virginity last year thanks to Uni and I've had a bunch of prime vag in between that. I was dating an 18 year old for a while but I dumped her in summer.

You're absolutely correct in that it's a confidence thing. Every other guy at Uni may be 6+ years younger but they are insecure as shit. They mumble all the time, they're always on their phones and when they do speak they just mention what they've watched on the internet.

Another thing that helped is owning a car and home though. "Hey you need a lift back?" was pretty much guaranteed to get my dick wet.

Talk to them.

Dude, i'm 31.
In university, I had a lot of attention from cuties but I was so awkward and autistic, and shy, I just ran away

>go to the library regularly to study
>hot library worker wears really skinny jeans, has a total thigh gap
>she would do her rounds and every time she came near where I sat, she would bend over for a few minutes.
>she made eye contact often and i never said hi. I spent 8 hours studying a day
>realized she was flirting
>anxiety increased
>1 week from vday
>as I was walking to find a seat, she passes by and mouthed "i love you"
>totally freaked out, never ever said hi.

first year, first week, in tutorial.
>sits by hottest girl in tutorial
>she wears thongs, i sneaked a peek a few times
>stopped attending tutorial because it was too early
>she and I ran into each other at a cafeteria
>she is flirting with me very strongly, said I should come to tutorial more often
>touching me
>all i could do be is be friendly
>after exam, i realized I could have fucked her, never approached her again

I was studying at the later really late (3am) and it was the exam period. I went to a mcdonalds to get some food. Two cute girls from my school was also getting food, one girl was trying to help her friend get laid. This was the second weirdest experience i have ever had.

>be waiting in line
>first girl looks at me, and says to the other girl "he looks cute, how about him?"
>she looks back at me, and giggles
>first girl, "you can go back to my dorm"
>i got scared
>got my food and ran


I have like 15 of these experiences and only slept with one girl. I'm a total beta.

git gud my friend

start working out, getting into a hobby, making friends, maybe find a church to go to. your self-esteem will rise.

24 years old, and if you have car you can fuck all the 18-20 girl easy

church is an opiate for the weak minded, but get a hobby and build yourself. listening to a sjw-lite preacher wont help you.


I thought I was bad.

>i'm in university

>posts this

>calls functional people weak-minded

All sympathy lost.

FriendS. It's a common occurrence.

it doesn't matter how much you gorge yourself on pleasure, it won't make you happy. it just makes you a degenerate. if pleasure is your meaning, acquire hard drugs.

find one non-degenerate virgin woman, marry her and have children. avoid the worthless sluts who allow their bodies to be used by chads.

you haven't missed out on anything worth having. nobody on their deathbed ever thought: i wish i'd spent more of my youth fucking sluts and behaving like an animal

You still have a chance, changes may occur more rapidly than what you think. Just try it out.

You're just an idiot that considers pussy the sole validator of your existence.


For once, i think reddit can help a polack.


24 is still young, fasggot. go out and make something of yourself or kill yourself.

First i was sorry for you but then i saw your flag

I really hope you never find happiness in your life

Learn to read frog
I am now 31, but in university...

This shit still happens to me

me getting my SSRIs from the pharmacist.
>cute asian pharmacist intern from my uni serving me
>give her my prescription
>she tells me their internet is down
>she stares too intently at my crotch
>it's really cold in the store, a/c on blast
>she is wearing a lab coat + blouse and dress pants
>she is flirting, smiling
>me being weird as fuck, acted friendly
>she pulls her shirt out of her pants, exposing her bellybutton
>i am staring
>she notices and keeps holding it
>5 seconds must have passed
>lady behind me was acting impatiently
>tells me i should come back in 5 minutes

I know weakness, and I can smell the fellow weaklings like myself. the church is for cucks.

i don't get laid.


Not being surrounded with illegals and niggers is a tier of happiness you will never experience. I guess I'm doing better than you, fellow user.

Same-ish boat man. Wasted my 16-22 in a relationship with what I thought to be a good woman, even ended up marrying her.

Least I know to never to that again

Then I wasted 22-24.5 being a worthless drug user and just generally dicking around.

I've been clean for two years now and I'm going to school. Problem is the way my record looks it is right next to impossible for me to find a job, let alone one that has hours that don't conflict with classes.

Kinda hard to find a chick when you're broke, no car, no place, etc. Makes me sick to think of all the women I passed up when I was younger and too naive to realize they were hitting on me with my wife right there.

Im not expecting much after having fucked my life up so bad, but it would be nice to think it was even remotely possible for me to get a decent job after school and find a woman that wont run off with my kid and money. The latter seems even less likely then the former.

Dumb aspie. Literally all of the pussy here belongs to your generation

you're still a child you dumb bitch. quit pitying your self like a whiny cunt and do something with your life

t. 29 year old whose life is still 'young'-mode because im not a whiny cunt

if you're single at 24 you're still allowed to do young people stuff. 19 year old girls will even still fuck you. up to like 30

>be confident
>drink a little
>grind up on her on dance floor
>if shes into you she grinds back
>if not you move onto next slut

It's so easy even a retard ((you)) can do it.

we are all weak-minded, pathetic creatures.
with God, you are endowed with a great strength of mind and will.

Get drunk and talk to her

Just be yourelf

fucking hell
whats wrong with you leaf?

>in a club

way to give your self away kissless virgin


Confirmed virgin.

>church is an opiate for the weak minded
Implying being a beta faggot isn't a sign of a weak mind.

24? You're still a kid.

You're only old when you hit 40, or late thirties if you let yourself go.

>Confirmed virgin.
>he doesn't get the meme

You can still go through the party shit if you want, dummy.

All I want is a tradcon gf, idgaf about thots

Idk why anons on pol of all places think they're hot shit because they waste their time on loose chicks

But for real tho, its so hard to find a qt modest gf

>>thinking you're not still young at 24

>tfw 23 and already feel like an old man

Read some nietzche, piety is you being enslaved to an authority that is merely the purveyors of theology. In america they did a doc about clinton early life. Her parents were republicans, but as a kid, the youth minister took them to see martin luther king, and exposed them to basically what led to the shit today. Ministers are not our friends, they are SJW lite.

Dude you ale 24 not 60. You still have a lot of life before you.
You dislike you life? Then change it stóp buying useless shit,stop shitposting, stop spending all day on couch. Save a money and go travel where you wish. Nobody force you to live the way you hate. Sry for shitty English.

Weak minds know other weak minded.


Calm the fuck down and make the most of life.

Not true. You just need to identify which behaviors help you, and which harm you. Then change them.

You have trouble comprehending body language? Observe other people doing it, then copy them.

>as I was walking to find a seat, she passes by and mouthed "i love you"

i don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but i'm pretty sure she mouthed "elephant juice"

>dude I'm 31
Just end it.
Any sex you get is from woman with daddy issues and you look like there dad. That or it's pity sex.
>twf they're laughing behind your back

>agreeing with a virgins advice
>calling a memer a virgin

Confirmed so touchless virgin his mom had a c-section.

You can feel like a woman but if you have a penis you're a man. Same with the fact that you're a fucking child still. Stop LARPing as some weather old man you dry-dicked life neophyte.

Wait does the UK not have a No Singles Policy?

Oh I got it. You made an elf pun. You're a virgin.

>24 years old, and if you have car you can fuck all the 18-20 girl easy

100% this. Although I'm 23.

16-17 yos are so easy to get when you have a car you actually start getting fed up of them.

Based Polskibro

>implying religion wasn't the original SJW culture which SJWs knowingly hijacked

25 here, second to last semester. Tons of beautiful chicks at my school. I don't have an issue with talking to them or making them laugh. I just can't kino. The only time I got a girl in my car was with a crazy tumblrista who wanted to tell me off for flirting with her too much. It was weird.... I was thinking of developing a game where I could approach women easily using some design of mine and say "hey, you look pretty stylish, can you give me some input on this?" The subject matter for the design is heart warming and pussy wetting. It's an A+idea, but I haven't done it yet...

Or olivesoup.

I love really really young tho.

>"young people stuff"


>16-17 yos are so easy to get when you have a car you actually start getting fed up of them.

Women hit their peak during the early 20's then hit the wall. Men hit theirs at around 30. You've got 6 years to get your shit together.

You got me. But I've dealt with my autism long time ago.

Oh shit I didn't even realize that. That's a typo. Have you actually never seen the >just be yourself meme?


Game, and shit, you are making it into a shtick and they can sense it. It's like talking to someone and realizing they are in for the sell. Kino is also bs. A lot of this PUA crap is crap

Didn't think to bring my cat but its not needed. Basically just having work 4 years retail in London has seen to it that I don't give a fuck which apparently girls really pick up one.

How the FUCK did you not get laid at uni

I'm black and fucked 9 white girls while there

Been impossible to get the same standard after though, they only want to experiment while at uni but after find us repulsive

You are a wise man, my mate.

Am I the only one on this whole fucking website that can get laid or even just have a pleasant convo with girls?

if you're in college just head to the schools gym; a literal meat market

My autism is fucked. I get women flirting with me and I don't connect it as flirting until after the fact, or if I do, I freak out. It's so annoying.

That's exactly why I wouldn't want to do it, I just thought it'd be a good ice breaker. You've got to touch them for anything to happen, though. Playful touching leads to more playful touching

You shouldn't have been seeking social approval on Cred Forums.

As a 35 year old fuck you. You're the equivalent of a 14 year old thinking they're not a child anymore.

24 is prime time idiot. It's barely down hill at 30

there is more to life than sex you fucking idiot

go invent something

Autism is a brain disorder. You can observe all you want, it's not going to help you if your brain just can't process all the social cues and information fast enough to be useful with it.

Hey isn't that that nazi frog I've heard so much about

What is doing on this post about being a lonely loser?!?

>24 is prime time idiot.

I work 60 hours a week, there is no primetime.

I've tried game, I actually put money into it. I was swindled. Touching doesn't lead to more touching, it leads to closing the interaction, it leads to them making a decision, like: oh this guy is into me, I don't know if I am into him, so let me put it to a end?

The best is to learn how to read interest.

grow some balls faggot

>What's the fucking point?
There is none. We failed. I am just focusing on making money now. There is nothing left in life for me.

You are not missing much by not fucking easy girls. If you want to start a relationship start it by knowing her not fucking her.

A fucking leaf just told you to grow balls op, you're letting Britain down you faggot.

Thanks (((karl marx))) you've done such wonderful things for contemporary society as we can see all around us every day now

Why wouldn't we also believe you have good advice about church?

No. I'm good at women too

I'm going to clue you in on a secret

So many guys think they have "game" when in reality they dont, but they still get laid, get gfs, etc


"90% of life is just showing up" - woody Allen

Just by talking to a girl first, you could literally say almost anything, as long as you initiate first contact, you're in. Or not. Grills are attracted to you or they arent. But you only have a chance if you break the ice. Don't do pua tier shit because that only works on sloots, not qts.

Grills have turbo mode "social anxiety", its not really social anxiety in a lot of cases, but there is a massive aversion to talking to guys first

If a grill talks to you first tho, you should probably run for the hills tho, cause there's a 99% chance shes a clinger or a Sloot or craycray

I know it sucks but its really the only way

Can confirm. I am 29 now and look back to 24 realizing I was a huge faggot, and the social life just keeps getting better.
I am active and successful though unlike you betas, so that's probably why I am able to maintain a social life.

It helps if you're not redpilled, honestly. I'm not even saying being redpilled is necessarily incorrect, but if you're considering the girl as an individual instead of a collection of traits, you're gonna be a lot better at reading her and being natural.
Women want to have sex. Make it easy for them to decide to have sex with you.

Line your pockets with zip lock baggies so your paggetti doesn't spill and get the fuck on with it. You're gonna die one day and in that moment you're going to flash past all the crazy pussy you could have had and die off a second or two prematurely.

It doesn't matter. Rejection is a made up concept. It doesn't even exist.

I dont leave my house very often but I was out of the house all day yesterday and saw 3 black people, it was crazy.

Canada is now a third world shit hole

I'm 31 and i feel fucking great. My life has never been better.

God Bless America, then, though I know we're drowning in our share of cowards.

Change jobs even if it means you will suffer

dude there is always the church. go to church, fake religion and marry a church hotty. Do you have any idea how hot some of the jehovas witness girls are? They can't meet any chads and studs because they go to church with nerds so you will be the total alpha there and can slam some hymens in.

Kurwa bro is wise

>rub muh dick on random women rather than buy a drink and start talking with them
>check flag
>googles in that country?

>hot girls

Fuck off Hansen. If ever there is a dude deep in denial about wanting to reem jailbait its Chris fucking Hansen.

My job pays well and I get tons of overtime so I live like a king on my own. I don't really mind cause i'm not that big into excitement and like to spend my weekends fishing and doing yard work. I only say I feel old because I live like an old man.

Hey that's me right now at uni, how do I speak of anything but what I've watched?

I don't have shit to talk about. Makes me wish I joined some shitty frat or the military section to just have something.

that nigga aged like SHIT

Don't worry user, you were born just in time to witness blood running through the streets.

Women will mean nothing, money will mean nothing, your degree will mean nothing. The only thing that will have meaning is the fight my son.

For being nearly sixty he doesn't look too bad.

>>feel massively betrayed by society
what the fuck did they owe you, it's your fault for not doing anything you fucking autist
why don't you make something of your sad life, hit the gym, get shredded, take care of yourself and talk to girls

how would having a car help me?

Move to the hills friend

30 here. Didn't really do well with women in teens or early 20s. By 24 I was destroying pussy. All you have to do is try. Just don't fall in love with the first one who makes you cum.

But how do I tell a girl I want to fuck her in my car?

Well, at least you guys are straight, add into all previous mixture bisexual, possibly gay tendencies, low self-esteem and demanding studies and your life is misery.

Who is this Yourelf? How does he get the girls?

desu I hope I'll die from old age everytime I go to sleep and I'm just 22.

Are you retarded? Your church was been inflirated. Mormons, all ministries in north america is infected with the virus of SJW progressivism. Maybe on the LGBT issue, they are standing to the right, but everything else:

>we be equal under God
>we be protectors of the Chosen ppl
>we need to go convert africans and save them

All of them seem like a sured thing. I just got scared, or weirded out.

What? I'm bisexual and it makes woman wet as fuck.

Be strong user!

Make money and smoke weed you tremendous faggot


Never give up boyos.
Advice is like this: go to the bloody church or church school and pick up top bride material possible.

it also makes them have aids as fuck

welp, what a triple dubs!

>what are condoms

>implying holy orthodoxy doesn't exist

>what the fuck did they owe you,
How can you say this when living in the most powerful, influential and wealthy nation in the history of this planet ?

Even the orthodox church is infiltrated by kikes.

piety is weakness.

Because true Americanism is all about society owing me nothing. Which, coincidentally, is also the perspective that gets me laid.
No wonder your shitty empire collapsed so fast.

Catholic girls are always the biggest sluts around here.

You fell for the college meme. Education in this society is a distraction. Better start building up your experience.
Self-esteem will come back once you leave your comfort zone.

>atheist talking about kike infiltration
>ATHEIST worried about kikes in anOTHER social movement

>Advice is like this: go to the bloody church or church school and pick up top bride material possible.
No one fucking wants that, we all want a outgoing pixie gf that fixes us and fucks like a pornstar

Well, here if you even hint it most women go away, and the ones that leave are golddiggers or otherwise faulty to an unacceptable level. The gayboys here at least understand you and they are kinda fucked, so it's a mutual misery enjoyment.

>be me
>aged 20 and currently at university
>flatmates are like a second family we are all really close
>have a really active social life
>go out at least 3 times a week
>get plenty of female attention
>pulled a hatrick this freshers just gone
>a different girl each night for 3 nights in a row

You guys just need to display some confidence, i was a right nerdy fucker when i was younger.

Used to play a shit load of Warhammer and used to wear scene style clothes back at school.

>Tfw when big dick and just recently fucked Mt middle school crush after my sisters wedding

We sold you our Empire so you could fucking win the world war

I'm sorry, Poland. We can't all live in the greatest country on Earth.

C'mon you worthless fuck, start getting in shape and go pick up freshmen at the local college. I'm 25 and back in school, fairly fat fuck but i've been /fit/ing out all semester and i tell you what, pulling younger pussy is piss easy even if most of them are average or below. stop being a whiny fucking frogposting autismo

What the fuck. Are you a real life harem anime mc?

Sounds like your fault, cuck.
At least we keep your beta ass in a home, grandpa.

>go to church
>in a 100% atheist country


>girl starts flirting with you
>get anxiety

Are you a fucking feminist?
Get a new car instead of broken used one!


Dude, that is when I started fucking anything an everything that came around me. Start now...

You think a church girl who has never watched porn and has only ever slept with you can't be manipulated into taking D in the ass? Give me a break. They give blowjobs out like candy when dating you because they want to keep you sweet until married to make their parents happy

>autists manage to get some women to flirt with them
>no one ever noticed me
Fuck you all

you can't unless you're a 10/10 6'7 megachad
try a bar in stead


Just find one good one.

This is a good thread. I always felt superior to the rest of you (save the other Ameribro with charm) but now I know I am.
Thanks OP, you limey cuck.

25 here. Have an 18 yo gf. I get too much attention now women are fucking creeps.

>pulled a hatrick this freshers just gone

C'mon britbong, is this English?

know that feel brah. I work out, eat healthy, get outside and tanned, well groomed, dress well with nice fitting clothes, am tall, etc. I get zero attention from women. I sometimes wonder why I bother with trying to "better" myself and don't just sit at home in my sweat pants eating ice cream and playing vidya. It wouldn't make a difference either way.

How's about you maybe strike up a convo yourself, bitch?

Yeah, but they're all vapid whores. Seriously, you aren't missing out on much.

>>as I was walking to find a seat, she passes by and mouthed "i love you"
things that never happened
>>I was so awkward and autistic, and shy
>sits by hottest girl in tutorial
>she is flirting with me very strongly, said I should come to tutorial more often
>touching me
things that also never happened
>be waiting in line
Unless by inline you mean standing at the drive through line, then this is also fake
>first girl looks at me, and says to the other girl "he looks cute, how about him?"
>she looks back at me, and giggles
>first girl, "you can go back to my dorm"
Never happened

nigga I just turned 30 two weeks ago, I date girls that are like 24-25, you're fucking fine. Besides, 20 year olds are fucking morons.

No point when you have nothing to offer to women

Just be confident

grandad tier


I suppose so, especially if all that vain bullshit is why he thinks girls should like him.


this, these stories are like shit out of anime

Procreate for the white race or you're as good as a shitskin

This is Cred Forums, not /r9k/. Fuck off.

Why is this thread here? I thought I was reading /b.

Current gf is Mexican, but my side girl is white and I think I'm gonna marry her so yeah, okay.

You're a guy though.

If you work hard right now you can be fucking all the 20 year olds when you're in your 30s and 40s.

>I think I'm gonna marry her
Is this virtue signaling? Bullshit

That you are now coming into the correct age to aquire any female you want.
Teens want you for being older, 20s want you and even 30s want you.
30 is the magic number btw. Once you hit 30 you have all woman available to you, unless you are fat or super ugly.

The answer here is simple. Only hang out with other autistic people. Only hang out with autistic women. You realize you can read each other's body language. You can get each other's jokes. What if you're just some kind of sub-species? You get along amongst your own kind.

Nah, I like her the most emotionally. We get along very naturally

>>thinking you're not still young at 24
do people really think this? 24 is pretty old, mate.
t. 24 year old

OP here. All this "just talk to people" shit is autistic when you have no social life. But of course the social world is a ruthless free market.

And, I'm not even memeing, I already lift weights and probably life more than almost all of you and it makes zero different when you have a sub Chad face

Thats it
Lets spam hiro to ban leafs


them bitches fine and crazy

I am not an atheist. Also stop fucking defending the untermesnch way of life, you cuck..

You are naive, there are millions chick ready to ride cock and you worry that You won't have some becuase you are 24.

>pic related guy fucked 11 girls in one night, saw him myself as he went into fucking elevator with them. Best thing is, I went to their second concert in my country and like half of those whores were there too, so he scored another 6 again second night, and he is 46 (yes, I know, contrary to you OP, he is pussy magnet)

You could pretend to be a taxi driver and rape women on holly days

Dude, I'm 30 and I still pick up girls in their 20's. Stop being a loser.

>probably life more than
Maybe try not to be a fucking paki lmao

Maybe, tell me more about this anime character. I'm very very fucked with women.

>on subway
>catch girl staring at crotch
>everytime I move my head towards her, she is smiling but I stop half, never really looking at her direction to make eye contact
>goes on for 5 minutes
>red headed ginger, cute, clearly came to my city for hockey world cup.

I wish they never happened. If they never happened, I wouldn't feel so shitty about my inability to say high and talk to them.

I really really wish this was the case.

Respect your elder boards, you cuck.

>mfw 20 years old and feel the same way as OP
reading this thread was a great wake up call.

>autistic but somehow gets hit on by women all the time
>can't handle it and spills spaghetti
This is literally like 90% of harem mcs. I'm assuming you look ordinary and not like a Chad.

you're only 24 ya dingus get over it

>english girls
I was jelly until I remembered

It's Cred Forums not /r9k/ you fucking piece of shit.

You are missing a key step.

You first have to become more aware of yourself, in most cases of social akwardness the subject cannot change because he has become blind to certain things he does. Hence, step one is to learn to observe oneself without judgement and with kindness.

After this is achieved, the brain will naturally offer solutions to problems when it has enough information.

> red head
In that case I'd want to say " you like what you see?"

Same here .

Just got à job where i travel through à lot of huge cities.

All those young women ... fugggg

Also i really need to find an activity that make me a pseudo normie.

I look youngish, cute, . My female friends used to tell me that, but they said I came off gay. Like body language and everything.

Oh did you come out as the perfect pretty boy? That would explain everything actually.

Would you like to feel more dominant?

>perfect pretty boy
I don't know what that means. I wasn't like well dressed or anything. I bought fashionable clothes, but body language. My good friend at the time was certain I was gay, she was 100% certain on it because she said I didn't come off as straight. My first GF said I had to be gay, before we dated.

I really don't know what they mean and they can't be specific.

I don't know.

There's a whole board for you fucking losers, go there.

But you should also go out and do wicked stuff
sometimes instead of just fishing or just yardwork.

You need a wild/peace balance in life or you might get depressed later in life realising you
don't when you die or the fact you only know about one life you get.

>tfw female friends say youre cute but don't fuck you because you never initiate contact

end me

end me now

I really should try to get ripped but gym is just so fuckinn lame

How the fuck do you fix this? I get flirted with all the time and always see qt grills checking me out but i never know how to approach the situation


Do we really need to watch blackpill again ?
It's to late for all of us, no getting jack3d, no go to uni bro, no just be confident, know yourself, stop being autistic, stop trying just do it is going to work. We are behind, we will always be behind, we lost, we just have to deal with the cards that we got and continue our lives and try to get enjoyment of solitude and hobbies

>I don't know what that means.
You know like Justin Bieber. Girls love that shit.

What the fuck do you even say when you sit next to a girl in class?

I also get nervous because I KNOW other guys are listening. Everyone knows what's up.

>talking to women in a club

have you never been to a club or some shit you beta faggot

Good for you, go and live life.

BUT remember, keep a good balance. As long as you have the income to feed yourself and
keep your roof there is room to go wild. Don't be a hippie, they ONLY choose the fun things and are generally completely unproductive.

'You are a faggot... I was working hard on my upper body and got disabled at work two years ago. My arms can barely do pushups but I have worked to rehab them to some extent. I have realized that laziness is a TEST from the UNIVERSE: it says ARE YOU WILLING TO DRIVE YOURSELF TO THE EDGE. Watch Gatorade and Nike commercials and you will see what those jews are capitalizing on. YOU DRIVE YOURSELF; GET MOTIVATED

Also wtf does this have to do with politics?

>>realise I'm 24 and have missed out on all the young people stuff

Young people stuff is for cool peeps. You're not cool, faggot.

>everyone knows what's up

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