>University tenured professor created this video that challenges the criminalization of misgendering someone or not using genderless pronouns

trans-activists want him to lose his job. this is canada's tim hunt.

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t. trans activist

fucking phone. CRIMINALIZED!

Man this country is such a joke.

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Good lord above that thing is fucking hideous, who's actually gonna go out of their way to fuck that.


leftists are a cancer of western civilization.


you mean was, and is

But I thought we only had two pronouns

1) Buddy
2) Guy

It's trans thing.

Also this man wrote a book about mythology and reality, and moloch and chaos and order and the neurological basis for that. We are a natural force, according to him.

Link it or give the name, I'm curious now.

So what I got is he pissed off one genderqueer and that the gays have no problem with what he said. Why is this news?


Fuck this country has lost its mind.

This shit makes me physically shudder.



Not using the proper pronouns can get you charged for sexual harassment.

I don't know if this is the one he talks a lot about chaos. His theory is that our mythologies is based on structural neurological forms of our brain because all cultures have these sort of figures, and they all place similar roles (like chaos, and order, and the necessity of chaos to emerge before order and light and be brought).

moloch wasn't 'bad', per say. the ancients didn't foolishly believed in gods, but rather believed in the necessity of order. we embody one of these archetypes, chaos, which is incredibly needed in our world. our contrarian activity re-invigorates the rest.

her twitter is @IhateCogsci. She greets new students at the university the prof is employed at. She wants to get him fired, this is news because the prof, by denying the validity of genderless pronouns, is comitting a crime of sexual harassment, a sex offense like groping or loving loli.

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Listening to it now.

This is honestly insane.

You're not my buddy, guy!


I'm not even memeing, it's a man.

holy shit is that what Canadians actually sound like?

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this thing got someone removed from the student union for misgendering it
fuck i hate this school

you femanon?

I think the prime minister of Canada have some issues.
She is clearly mentally ill marxist.

Canadians sound just like Americans.... All Americans......

This is fine.


can canada get any more pathetic?

it seems everyday they're legalising animal sodomy bending over for anyone with a victim complex

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>Not using the proper pronouns can get you charged for sexual harassment.

Fucking kek no way. I refuse to believe that.

Best part is that they consider gender expression and gender identity separate things, so by their own admission you have no way of actually knowing which ones to use.

>As part of an hour-long YouTube lecture on political correctness, University of Toronto professor and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson is objecting to the Trudeau government’s Bill C-16, which proposes to outlaw harassment and discrimination based on gender identity and gender expression under the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code.

Jesus Christ...


daily reminder re: your goddess

>Not using the proper pronouns can get you charged for sexual harassment
Bullshit. There is no fucking way

>can canada get any more pathetic

Yes. This happened today.

stupid cute and heartwarming canadian accents

So a men pretending to be women are crusading a professor out of his job because he said using a wrong pronoun once does not fit the définition of neither "sexual" or "harrassment".
And the gov is on their side.


>is a mentally ill tranny
Yes, it's quite clear why.