Based Peter Rosenberg From Hot97 DESTROYS Dumbass Trump Supporter

This is cringe worthy to watch. My man Rosenberg took this retard to school. Like everyone else here he only argument for trump is that he's gonna "Make America Great Again". Completely retarded

I feel scared for the future of this country when half the people think Trump is an actual leader...I pretty sure this caller browses Cred Forums with the whole anti white rhetoric at the


Keep focusing on the hand rubbers as the eternal anglo continues to strike from afar

Fools. All of you dipshits.

oh boy more famous people talking politics i better listen to them

It's better than believing the retards on here who spouse nothing but hate and ignorance


What? This has nothing to do with paranormal stuff... fucking trumptards get BTFO and think everything is fucking kek

what does spouse mean?

if you dont recognize what that is you dont belong here


Sorry I haven't wasted the best years of my life on a neo nazi message board. I'm not hip to all the latest memes, I've been to busy having a social life and practicing PUA

Trump is our last shot at saving western civilization and democracy. This is our one shot to shake up the system and fight against the globalists who have pushed us in to perpetual war. Clinton will bring a mass amount of migrants in to the country who are guaranteed to vote democrat. You are enabling a future one party system with a vote for clinton. Like trump or not, we can not afford to lose this election to clinton. This is not about surface level garbage like identity politics, this goes much deeper.

Yet, here you are. Sure showed us.

the Establishment is telling the truth always... you sound like this


get the gas

>why are you on this website then?
>are you retarded enough to believe Hillary will do a better job than Trump?


I mostly browse Cred Forums. I come here to lose my faith in humanity

Mexishit shilling for hillary


what a tard.

how easy would it be for a canadian to phone this show and call him a filthy kike?

Why is it laughable? What's your argument against it? Don't complain when our only option in future elections is democrat.



really makes you think


You act like I'm worried about only democrats in the future.

That's what I want. The Republican Party needs to be thrown to the trash and we need the democrats to split into two diff party's. The Hillary/Tim kaine dems VS the Bernie/warren dems.

Republicans are useless

>see hot 97.5 jew rosenberg whine
>go to see comments to laugh at illiterate niggers
>see this

I could do this all damn day

> practicing PUA
> can't get pussy without stupid self help books
> doing it FOR FREE on Cred Forums

get the fuck out

What's this last name meme about?


>manlet nigger wannabe
No thx


Now that's laughable. You're a communist too, huh? See you on the other side of the civil war faggot, can't wait to push your teeth in.

Trump supporters like this and the guy and the
guy who got jumped at the BLM protest fucking PISS ME OFF. Fine vote Trump,
but when you clearly can't debate, clearly can't talk, you should just shut up. I could have raped
this BERG on why choosing Trump over Clinton is the better choice.
Literally all he had to say is "why didn't he bother to sue Trump?". Done. Argument over, now move on to Clinton.
I'm honestly getting sick of the stupidity of both side.
>I'm now with her.
>Burn this country down.

As if trumplerina's aren't pathetic enough already, LMAO


You wouldn't betray your country and vote clinton, right? I know some trump supporters are idiots. Trump himself isn't the best, but this is it.

You wouldj't get on the air. They screen callers. So you'd have to only pretend to be retarded. Then you'd have 10-30 seconds before you got booted.

Dont matter what this Jew says. Most of his listeners already have made up their mind, he is just catering too his demographics.