What was the worst crime/atrocity in human history?

What was the worst crime/atrocity in human history?

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you being born

Islam's existence

religion being created.

women's rights

Tell that to Israel, fedora.


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Richard Montgomery failing to help Benedict Arnold take Montreal, thereby sewing the seed for the birth of Canada.

Not letting us serbs cleans more half of the Islam in europe in 90's.

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The Jews killing Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior



Creation of Cred Forums

Burning the library of Alexandria.

People are expendable and die all the time. The information within that library had irreplaceable value.

Romans killed Jesus




nah he was right

Matthew 27:24-25

"When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. 'I am innocent of this man's blood,' he said. 'It is your responsibility!' All the people answered, 'His blood is on us and on our children!"

The Jews killed Jesus.


The allies allowing the USSR to exist



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Tasmanian holocaust.

Mao's Cultural Revolution

The life of Mohammed

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the US not shipping all of it's slaves back to africa when it had the chance

Someone disagreed with a Feminist on Twitter.

The holocaust. 6 million dead because whites think they are better.

>fairy tales

i believe in God but if Jesus did exist he was just a man

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Jews always get goyim to do their dirty work. It's why they send Americans to fight all their wars.

The Emancipation Proclamation


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Slavery or Holocaust both are very bad and it makes me ashamed to be part of the race behind it

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TV and media are bamboozling you, gommunism was much worse.

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Correct, but he was begotten by God and is the only Man who could live in the flesh and not succumb to sin. That is how he gained victory. and controls Life and Death.

13th admendment

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So Jews?


Hitler was apparently Jewish so also Jews?

Anti-French Revolution of course

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>What was the worst crime/atrocity in human history?

American (((food)))

the use of pineapples as a pizza topping


I give my vote to communism


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>not pol pot, or other communist genocides

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the murder of Hitler

Biting the apple.

>What was the worst crime/atrocity in human history?
Man, there's so many bad ones, it's hard to narrow it down to one.

-chattel slavery in general

-trying to be good goys and fighting the Nazis in WWII, rather than seeing their success and forming our own national socialist countries based around a people rather than borders, and kicking out the international (((financiers))) that are still ruining the world. The Nazis and the Anglosphere should have been allies, not enemies. Yet we fought for the right to degenerate and be degenerated.

-The Roman Catholic Church not allowing the Bible to be translated earlier, so holding onto near total control of Europe during the Dark Ages.

-The Western Roman empire allowing itself to go so corrupt and rotten that it simply fell apart; it's widespread order, philosophy, technological development, and so on not to be seen again in Europe until the Renaissance. I really think that Romans, believing that Rome was the light of civilization, had a responsibility to keep that boat afloat for the whole world. If they hadn't fucked themselves, I think it's reasonable that we could have had the industrial revolution a thousand years earlier, and who knows where we'd be now.

-Mao, Stalin, and Communism in general. It's killed millions of people, failed in every one of its goals, retarded most countries that adhered to it for too long, and the Communist countries that have succeeded have largely gone to Capitalism in most respects anyway. What a waste of life.

No wait, I've decided what I think is the worst -
>Ending eugenics programs
Now I agree that they used to be barbaric, and I don't want to kill retards or force-sterilize people with the wrong view. But we've done a total 180, and now high IQ people with a lot of success have no incentive to have children... and millions of welfare losers and 3rd world immigrants are paid to have huge families all over the West. This is obviously going to have consequences.

Birth control

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The destruction of NS Germany

But if they won I wouldn't be born and I enjoy life

All jokes aside, the Holocaust may well be the second worst thing to ever happen


Most likely neither would I, my grandfather was in the British army. But it would be better for Europe in the long run if they won.

If you weren't born, you wouldn't care that you weren't alive...
And some other configuration of your atoms, some other permutation of your genetic history, along with billions of other people, would be living in a better world.

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You may actually be right.
It didn't kill all the jews and now you can't even try and accuse them because MUH 60 HEXATRILLION !!!

the holocaust. I find it absolutely deplorable stormtards find a way to deny it in their little hugbox



Emancipating the slaves

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Jewish domination of the world.

I'm of jewish decent and it's pretty obvious.

Communism killed around 60 million people. Fuck Stalin and fuck Mao. The gulags were somehow more inhuman than the camps, there was no carrying salt back and forth just pure slavery and death.

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crusades inshallah



or the US genocide of the native Americans

or anything/everything else the US/Israeli government has done to fuck humanity over

>implying we genocided them
not our fault they had shitty immune systems

The Holohoax. :^)

the holocaust, aryans are a race of psychopats

It is truly the greatest atrocity in the history of mankind, because so many naïve goyim fell for it.



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>78 million
Last time I checked, that's demographically impossible.

You fags wouldnt have anything worship if Joseph's wife's son didn't get crucified

>American stomach

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Slaves freed in 1865

Pol Pot killed less than half the number killed in the Holocaust. Also, anyone with a brain can tell that he's not a communist. He wanted to bring Cambodiaback to the Middle Ages. Even Stalin didn't do that.

The creation of Cred Forums


>people paid to have large families


It set all the current shit we have in motion.

Hillary Clinton

>implying there was a holocaust

>tfw moot is rotting for all eternity in a cell in time prison for his crimes against the galaxy

The holocaust.

the colonization of the western hemisphere
native Americans 77 million(that isn't even counting what the Spaniards did in south america and the islands)
and 100 million black slaves died just getting to the Americas and the islands that does not count what was done to them when they got here
all these people talking about the holocaust know fuck all for history those fucking kikes aren't even the real jews
and 6 million did not die in the holocaust
there were the filthy jewish run media has got your minds all fucked with they got you feeling sorry for them but they literally bankrolled the death of hundreds of millions
just think about it they funded the trans Atlantic slave trade and colonized America(Columbus was jewish and did awful shit when he got here)

and you can learn about what he did in detail here



Modern mans overpopulation and rape of the environment


check double for confirm

IIRC the USSR labor camps actually did have work involved. It was just done in terrible living conditions and under strict supervision.


The French revolution.

England fighting against Hitler.

Holocaust reparations

Thirty years' war. Unspeakable atrocities that go way beyond anything you can imagine.

The Holocaust is a silly joke in comparison.

No wonder it was the last religious war in Europe.

When the British replaced all our potatoes with wooden ones

Didn't it kill about 2/3 of Germany?

Thanks for Correct The Goy

I'm talking about welfare, my friend.
Welfare does not pay the same to a single person as it does to a family (in our country, or anywhere in the West). If you have another kid, your welfare check goes up because the empathetic government doesn't want your kids to starve.
Shaniqua with 5 kids gets more foodstamps and section 8 support than does Janaenae with 2 kids. Muhammed and Fatima in the UK get a bigger house and food allowance for their 6 children than they would have if they came over when they only had 2 kids.

Robert and Jennifer, who both have successful jobs, do not get anyone else's money for having children. It is actually an economic burden for them to have children, since they are making the same amount of money from the same jobs, but now have more expenses.

If you fail at life, there are some financial incentives to have children. If you succeed at life, there is no incentivization from society to have a family.

t. Someone who grew up in the ghetto and saw welfare queens all the time

The creation of humans and free will

Yes, according to Wikipedia most German states lost 40% of the population. It lasted 30 years and famine and disease were rampant.

During the Thirty years' war central Europe was like a modern day Middle East with more casualties, disease and religious persecution.
For 30 years.

It effectively stopped religious warfare in Europe. That was a breaking point in History: Europe started to abandon religion from then on.

Probably the ME will suffer a similar war.
Only a major trauma like that can stop religious conflicts

dropping two nukes on japan

They shouldn't have blitzed us desu lad



The creation of the EU

>The Thirty Years' War produced the largest religious death toll of all time. It began in 1618 when Protestant leaders threw two Catholic emissaries out of a Prague window into a dung heap. War flared between Catholic and Protestant princedoms, drawing in supportive religious armies from Germany, Spain, England, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, France and Italy. Sweden's Protestant soldiers sang Martin Luther's "Ein 'Feste Burg" in battle. Three decades of combat turned central Europe into a wasteland of misery. One estimate states that Germany's population dropped from 18 million to 4 million. In the end nothing was settled, and too few people remained to rebuild cities, plant fields, or conduct education.

This site gives kind of an idea. Doesn't back statements but I was taught in school about this shit, and it pretty much gives an illustration of the war in this paragraph.

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>your daily calorie intake in one drink

I still can't believe this exists.

Electing Pierre Trudeau

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ

this tbqh

I'll second this. VERY many things have come to be as a result.

Another big one was the Hindu Kush, the Hindu genocide perpetrated by Muslims.
Hindus lived as far as Afghanistan before the genocide.

Some say it was the worst atrocity in History, but there are not many sources and those that exist seem biased.


Father Abraham.

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Not letting hitler finish his work

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A race superior to the Arabayans

The 19th amendment desu

the creation of the chanz

The civil rights movement

Womens suffrage.

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>Communist purges
>Killings of Stillicho/Aetius
>Armenian/Greek/Assyrian Genocides
>30 years war
>Rape of Nanking
>Unit 731
>Prison camps (for both sides) during US Civil War
>Khmer Rouge
>Indonesian killings of 1965–66
>Belgian Congo under Leopold
>Siege of Baghdad
>Rwandan Genocide
>Jamestown Massacre (Indian Massacre of 1622
>Bloody Kansas
>Wounded Knee
>My Lai

Probably a bunch of stuff I am missing. Assuming you want actual answers and aren't just memeing you should go post on /his/

Kek. Terrible meme my friend. Terrible overused meme. Serbia is nothing but a shithole full of gypsies and slavniggers

I'm a type 1 diabetic this shit would literally put me in a fucking coma jesus christ.

Austin 3:16

and to clarify on Stillicho/Aetius (since it looks like I am implicating them in atrocities due to the wording) both were competent Generals/Leaders during the decline of the Roman empire who were killed for political reasons. Stillicho's death especially as it would result in widespread anti-goth killings throughout the empire which would eventually lead to Alaric sacking Rome

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Me still being virgin at age of 26

the death of hitler

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the period of the middle-ages where only the only religion that permitted charging interest was judaism

The Lolocaust

Ah, this is actually a good one.
I used to be very for legal egalitarianism and women having the exact same rights, until I saw what happens to civilizations after giving women an equal say in government.

Not just in modern history, but all throughout history - you give women an equal say, and without fail your civilization starts to recede until your empire crumbles. Gender roles start breaking down, which means families start breaking down, which are the backbone of a functional society. And women invariably vote for more government programs and debt en masse. Once the debt-riddled society starts breaking down, they are always the major force pushing for other cultures to subsume them as they cuck their own nations out of existence.

#NotAll of course, but most of them are eternal children and absolute nation wreckers.

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Killing tens of millions of buffalo.

>Me still being virgin at age of 26
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This thread.

>implying the Yankee swine didn't deserve it.

Wirz's only mistake was not using Extermination Through Labor.

When your Austrian cousins invented albania



Allowing women, and non tax paying males to vote.

This has historically been the demise of nearly every society.

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pic related

Those blanket fire bombings during WWII should rank pretty high up there.