How to defeat CTR

News bulletin everyone. We've received a message from up the pipes and this is the new thing. We've found a way to defeat CTR. From now on, whenever we say anything negative about Hillary on the internet, we need to mark our posts (C) for Classified. When we do this, Hillary won't understand what the post means. That way it won't be targeted by shills and CTR. It will escape detection.

Feel free to discuss this new battle strategy but make sure you mark all your posts (C) for Classified so that the message can't be decrypted. Also let's let everyone know we found a way to defeat the enemy.

bumping for relevance

come on guys, we need to pass this down the line so we don't lose the war.

Don't they have like... Different boards you can roleplay on?

why would I be RPing. This is serious right now

serious business

how the fuck are we going to beat the nignogs if we can't even beat CTR.

dammit CTR stop targeting my thread. You can't see me (C)

>creates a mark to Highlight everyone who visits Cred Forums.

fuck of with your new "Judenstern"

simple fix there buddy. Just get other people on other boards to mark their posts (C) for Classified. This isn't the mark of the beast I'm pretty sure

In Trump world (C) stood for colored and marked the people Trump discriminated against

(C) in the e-mails did not mean classified, it meant confidential.

You need to go back to school and learn to understand reading (c)omprehension.

besides if we mark our posts (C) for classified then Hillary won't know what it means and she'll never figure out if we're from Cred Forums or not.

they won't let me back in school, I'm a molester. (C)

Are you also a nigger (C)? If so, Trump won't rent to you in this building.

Well I wouldn't rent to a nigger either. I mean there's probably like 90% chance there's criminal activity going on in the house and a pretty good chance police will fuck up the property too. So why should Trump ever rent to a nigger in the first place really

we need to get this off the ground guys before CTR hears about it (C)

inb4 (c) is added to the ADL hate symbol list. (c)

(C//NF) The c stands for confidential, not classified. Also, the portion marking goes at the beginning of the paragraph, not the end. You'll have to title your page with the overal classification of the document. Don't forget to add your dissemination controls

t. USAF Intel analyst


why are Trumpkins so cringeworthy?

CTR you're adorable.

(C) all right thanks for the tips. I was wondering why this shit wasn't working.

and yeah I fucked up, I remember (C) is for Confidential once someone said something but I guess I wasn't paying very close attention. Not like anyone would be confused about what I meant tho

>Bumping for crippling autism

(C) I'm not CTR bitch. You're CTR. Actually I'm just some dude who has the common good in mind, who wants to get a trendy thing off the ground so plebs see it and start asking questions when they wonder what it means. It's memes that will win this war, every magician knows that


Also, the documents in her emails were at the secret and top secret levels.
I think you're a CTR shill by pushing the meme that it was only Confidential level shit she used.
(C) is basic bitch stuff thats on CNN anyways, or sometimes PPI.
There was special access program info in her email.

(C) that's fine man, basic bitch or not. Fact is I don't even bother following this stuff very closely because I already know the thing is totally fucked no matter what, I don't need any more information. My only interest in these passing events is seeing which things people are picking up on so I can track the global awakening process in real time. Details are for peasants. Everyone knows the peasants are stupid and simple. Whether Hill dog was into some top secret shit or not, I think there's value in throwing the (C) in their face and just making the bitch look like a joke. Destroy destroy destroy, that's the plan. Gotta start from the bottom up. Cheerio

(C) Come on guys, we found a way to disable their forcefields. Now's the time to attack

>use (((C))) goy
Fuck off JIDF

JIDF wishes he was this cool. Don't make me Samson Option your ass

(C) bump for Moloch

Won't she just have huma go through and remove them?