What do you guys think about Azerbaijan

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Self bump

why do you care ?

You guys got rekt by Armenia twice.

Are a bunch of cry babies.




1.7/10 nation really

It was war that we had no army, Kardashian ass kisser
Still better than apocolostic
Fuck you

Learn english

dont know much about it.

some small ethnic nation next to russia. kardashian looking women. petroleum based economy. almost irrelevant on the world stage, not that its a bad thing.

Other than being aware of its actual existence, I don't.

Good at chess.

Why did you even open this thread..?



You are such a faggot, OP. Kill yourself

That's one of them shit-tier kebab countries right?

Did you want to say Caucasian in the way that science says Caucasoid, because Caucasian means all races with origin in the Caucasus region (all except negroids and mongoloids), Caucasian includes Semites, turkiks, Europeans , etc

That were georgians bro

I thought everyone there left for Russia some time ago

T.russian diaspora

Never heard about it, but my gues sis it's filled with muslims, so i hope you die.

Your president has top-tier twitter bantz

are armenian's honorary aryans for btfoing kebabs?

Didn't know you even existed so you must not matter.

Who's that? Is that a famous person?

what's aleppo?

Radjebov, Mamedyarov and Gashimov are pretty good.
Dafuq Gashimov died in 2014. That's really sad.

literally who

İgnore the, OP. We will deal with him afterwards.

What's a minute, are you trying to create a new meme?

A city in a country where most of your countrymen are from

ruled by the pashyev family

>be armenian
>suck Turkish cocks nationwide
>cry about it for decades
>attack peaceful azeri people not soldiers
>think you won

They unjustly occupy Armenian clay. Nasty, nasty people!

turkroaches fighting eachother, its a blessing

Fuck off roach, you had to keep it secret.

>american education

Yo I heard you have a lot of oil

Karabach to Armenia!

Ho shit, someone will have democracy, the liberation will occur with bullets of peace and bombs of love.

I bet it smells bad there

Really bro?

sick bantz m8 xD

Too many Turks

every country in between the black and Caspian seas is complete shit

Well, this is getting boring.
Time for a curveball.
So, we finally opened a BDSM shop. Thought?

Even Georgia?

That disputed bit full of Armenians should go to Armenia. It isn't as though you'd lose that much.

Rest of it ought to be annexed by Iran since it's already full of Azeris. Of course you may be to a-religious for Iran thanks to Communism IIRC, but who cares, it's a good way to become a part of something more relevant.

Despite adopting a Turkish language, you aren't actually Turks. You're the same people who've always been living there. Not too dissimilar to Turks in Turkey, actually.

Probably this explains it all

Not even reading the thread, so I can give honest opinion.

I don't know anything about your country. I know Georgia is somewhere around you. I think your country is full of Muslims.

Are you Turks? Arabs? Greek? Altaic?

Literally don't know shit.

Go back to being Iranian, why is anyone in Azerbaijan speaking Turkish and not Farsi?

you guys don't have Amazon?


I had a dream involving this country a few weeks ago. It was one of three middle eastern countries involved in ww3 getting serious. Beyond that I don't know anything about it lol.

Azeris are Russians raped by Turks.

Azeris are Iranians speaking Turkish. Azer means "Fire" which is a religious symbol for Zoroastrianism.

Nobody knows why they speak Turkish, it makes absolutely no sense and not even Azeris knows why.

I met a couple Azerbaijanis last Christmas in the Jacksonville area.

Nice guys, a little beta though

As far as the country itself, I think the fact that it's a middle eastern country you never hear about speaks well to its level of civilization.


azers are darker than turks

especially Georgia

stop coming to my country

you too, bomj

Nice trolling guys.

Not trolling you dumb subhuman slav. Azeris are Iranians speaking Turkish

it is only south Azeris , we are caucasians

Хyли двaч нe paбoтaeт?

You can be who you want to be you stupid socialist asshole.

Best country in the world.

Fuck you, tanner.

sikdir amcıqbaş, get pambığını yığ :D

Pure aryan desu~

Gib clay to ngorno karabakh
Also make peace with armenia.

Hold still fucker

Disgusting people. Even worse than Turks.
Filthy, violent, uneducated, barbaric baboons. Extremely islamic.
Deny things like science to the very core.


Also what's Usbekistan like?
I regularly forget it even exists.


>These borders.

You fucking dumb cunt of a Swedecuck.
Azeris are Turks

Why do most ex-Soviet cities look depressing and shitty but Baku looks really nice?

What are you talking about, Osman?

>iranian culture
>haplogroup matches with iranians
>country name means LAND OF FIRE
>"hurr they are turkish because they speak turkish"

No you cuck, go get raped by Ali now.

I am 102% sure germany is more islamic than us :^)

We have oil.
But it's not the only city in Azerbaijan that looks good.


Does you heard about the right to self-determination?

I honestly have no fucking clue what azerbaijan is known for or even what it looks like.

Are there sand niggers there? Or even just niggers?

Separatist traitors that have broken off from Mother Russia.
Gib back our rightful clay cyки блeaть

Not a country
Turkey vassal
But they give us that dank black syrup mmmm

oil is literally the only reason you guys have more relevance than Tadjikistan or whatever the fuck those shitholes in central-Asia are called.

You guys helped me and my friends in Paris. Thanks for that kardas.

>no latex section
pleb tier friend.
i weep for your sense of style.

Gib back Darband

Haha well memed
Glory to Ichkeria

You are basically answer to question "What it would be if Turkey isn't retarded roach?"

I've met Azeri chick one, back in the highschool, she was nice.

You are as nice state as it could be as a muslim one.

Lookin' foward to this transcaspian project.

Still would favor Armenia over you, sorry m8, history of Poland and Christianiaty obligate me to.

Overall 7/10, would visit.

Are those seriously your borders?


All exclaves and enclaves on Earth should be abolished. All territory, except islands of course, should be together in one big chunk.

Made up country made up nationality.

Lost its original Aryan language to speak a Turkic monstrosity

Bring back old Azeri and Zoroastrianism or something similar, then we'll talk

I visited Baku about a year ago. I thought the people were nice and the food was pretty good in my opinion. I went and saw the Bibi Heybat Mosque which was pretty impressive. Not a bad visit but I would have liked to get out into the countryside and away from the cities.

Kenigsberg is Prussia, ain't?

Also Alaska is sort of exclave.

There is latex, but I don't know why there isn't a latex section...

Would fuck that redhead on your pic.

you know, it is not even 10% of women wearing it. but if you come again, go to north provinces, or north-west. land and historical places are pretty good there

Crypto Turks, rightful Armenian clay

It's located between Europe and Asia. It is in the same region as Armenia and Georgia. It has an autonomous republic as an exclave to the south of it called Nagorno-Karabakh. I can't remember the capital or anything.

I'm a geography nerd.

is it an israeli puppet state?

What does Azeribaijan think of this?

I heard the president started a mini-war when it got leaked, LMAO. Are Azeris just retards like Russians, and will defend their ""stronk leader", no matter how corrupt?

Oh shit I've found a source.
On thumbnail she was nice.

Probably ranks in the top 20 least known about countries in the world

Same thought...

you mislinked
boop see above post

we don't defend him. not even 2% would. but sometimes you have no choice :^|

Is it true that you think all Romanian people are gay?

You're really fucking stupid. Exclave there is called Nakhichevan and it's aren't occupied by armenians.

We actually have some potential thanks to our geographical location , rich resources and secular people.
But all of this is wasted on usless shit

no, we think they are gypsies.

No choice? So it's a cultural thing. Azeris are like slaves, they require a master to guide them. Like Putin and Russia. No matter how corrupt, the people still need a strongman to protect them.

>literally on the caucus mountains

Fucking chink gtfo

>that small area between Armenia and Turkey

for what purpose?

More like fucked up, but pretty much, yeah.
Because there Azerbaijan made a defense treaty with Turkey for Naxçıcan. If its attacked(only Naxçıvan, mainland is not covered by the treaty), Turkey must get involved with the war. And if Turkey joins the war, so must the Armenia's benefactor, Russia. And that's how you get a WW3 scenario...

We saw the same thing in Third Reich. It was a good country btw.

>12% google
>2% skype
>30% beaner

Ya USA so much better

I think he meant Nagorno as an Armenian "exclave" inside Azerbaijan since it is de-facto independent

When will you hang Alliyev and become a democracy?

Also how butthurt was he when his face was shown in ''Borat''?

no choice - as you get arrested for actively opposing him. we are first muslim majority nation to build a democratic country. and will be democratic in future

By the way, why the fuck you let daughters of Aliev to spend billions of azeri money? Also is it true that all people found out about president's death after few months?

Azeris strong))

Even a nigger's palms can be white, show the back of your hands faggot.

The pic was just something random. All my photos from the trip are on my hard drive. I'm at work on muh mobile

I sniped you in GTA5

>And that's how you get a WW3 scenario...
No way bro, I've heard that shit a lot of times. Nobody cares about russian and pro-russian rebel countries and nobody would start the WW3 because of it. That's what we have bro.

>Revolution when?

>When will you hang Alliyev and become a democracy?
When oilmoney will end

You faggot nigger amerifat they are called "people of za-kavkazye" not caucasians.

pretty sure Turkey was the first in 1923

btw i was in bodrum in 2014 and saw some planes going to baku, seems popular

Maybe that. So in Azerbaijan we have Karabakh and truly occupied territories by Armenia to the west of Nagorno.

You cant even own a knife britbong

But you could use that oil money yourself once you remove Aliyev and ease the transition to democracy.

It will be harder later on.

For the second part, it was an open secret. Everyone in the world new it...
And for the first part, no European could stop Merkel from ruining EU, what makes you expect that we can stop ours from ruining this country?
The key word was "scenario".

eyy chink, go back to cotton fields

They where briefly before that, during the Soviet civil war.

Lenin crushed them though.

Your quarter Jew blood must be boiling now.

>muh democracy

Fucking idiot gypsey

we were 1918. also first secular muslim majority country and first one to give women equal rights including voting rights. all in 1918.


I came to learn about your country trough Eurovision

How does Aliyev stay in power?

Crushing every opposition?
or by bribing the populace and giving them a decent life, economically at least?

Oh shit this nigga is deceiving us...Z

that's because of niggers, and a high density population

but mainly niggers, knife crime is a codeword for nigger crime in the UK.

I just like revolutions.

Bunch of Muslims speaking a dialect of Turkish, have some Jews in there due to the oil and stuff

Reminder, the world motorsport authority considers Baku a part of Europe/

kek I forgot about this

go fuck yourself islamist roach. go ahead and tell us what is your opinion on the progroms of Sumgait and Baku progroms

before oil - both
now - just first one

fucking nigger

It is politically speaking, together with Armenia and Georgia.

There's an Azerbaijani guy on yt that does pretty good geopolitical videos, but I stopped watching when his true colors came out.

Said Europe has to stop being "xenophobic" and let in all the refugees. Fuck that guy. Sucks cuz' his videos otherwise were pretty good.

Cancer borders and cry baby muzzies.

Even worse

You gave up your rights for googles and say that other people are slaves, pure projection.

At least when Azeri government steals from its people the money generally goes to other Azeris, britcucks pay for immigration and anti-brit propaganda

Let me guess, all the oil money goes into his pockets?

Stay safe Azeri bro, the day of the rope will come soon for that region. And they will all hang. was revenge of Kafan events and only some 20 people died. what about khojaly?


I think if the borders aren't straightened out, there's going to be a lot of excuses for war.

I am yet to see a single person here, from young to old, say a single positive thing about refugees... Maybe he was trolling..? I find it hard to believe that such s fag was born here...

What do Azerbaijanis think of Afghans, pashtuns in particular?

Prejudiced against it because of the Petra POVs in the Ender's Shadow series tbqh.

Lol shut up spaghetti nigger, you're democracy uses your taxes to import immigrants

here all my friends:D

Those don't longer exist.

Each side controls the ones in their teritory.

what is your country? are you mudslimes? mongols? wtf are you? What do you speak?

I think his channel is called Caspian Report.

How does it feel to be doubly landlocked?

please buy deodorant cunts, i can smell you from here

Are in Germany is really bad situation with refugees now? I can see only 5-10 arabs in my city for all day.

Stop trying to make 'Googles''s never going to happen.

kinda. thanks. i have a lot of romanian friends on net, i like you :^)
this guy?



Not yet.
"only" 1 million for 80million people
Most of those in refugee shelters in major cities.

search his videos for yourself broham

Muslim country, therefore burn it to the ground.

I love when there is a thread about a ''smaller'' country, or a less known one, and all the world can see
>American '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''education'''''''''''''''''''''''''''
I feel sorry for the few who are sane.

>inb4 americans can't refute my points and will call me gypsy and thus proving my point.

>free speech rankings
KGB car is to azeri anons

Read some japanese manga about them oк something. That should do.


yep, that's it

I think its pretty funny the "Europe Grand Prix" is held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

That's all In know about it. It has Baku, on the coast, where the University of Azerbaijan is, and rich people live there.

i have a lot of georgian friends in my hometown but, please, they all smell like unwashed underpants...


>muh religion

But you ARE a gypsy.

I always wonder.

Can you actually feel those slight improvements?

I fixed your flag.

> murica
> yes

wtf i hate georgians now

And you are Russians.

nu fi bou tigane si nu fi prost si te da de partea musulmanului.armenii sunt crestinii cu care ar trebui sa tii

>implying i read japanese mangas.

Still better than being a gypsy.

Christianity is literally a cuckold religion

A leaf :/

fucking dracula niggers

There's more than one Grand Prix in yurop. Bernie just wants that sweet, sweet oil money.

Faggot sand nigger country that should be nuked and all civilians exterminated.

all kebab countries are shit tier by default leaf

Basically Turks. Turks are fucking scum, Armenian genocide denying faggots, if they all died the world would be a better place. Also, all Muslims deserve death.

>Russians cucks

>cucks Russia

Fuck you fucking idiot. Russia is cancer and it should be removed from this world along with anyone who sucks their cocks.

All who are against Russia are good people.

whats the difference between you and turkey?

>a leaf

Cant wait for winter

You are not Vee by a very remote chance, are you?

Notice: i didn't say a word about christianity.
You're compromised, sweden. You can turn off your proxy now.

Don't attack me Khaladze.

I'm on your side against the eternal Slav.


come to Cred Forumss /turkic/ thread faggot. kotakbaş seni

>amerifat education

no, no idea what you even talk about.

You're right. Much better.

Same reason they run Abu Dahbi

How do the Azerbaijani people living in Iran feel about being under Iranian government, do they want to be apart of Azerbaijan?

suck my and tyrone cock burger

We don't care. We have more serious problems rather than owning a yatch or surfing

Winter is when we are strongest.

sandnigger houw you dare

As I say in my city ther is some arabic refugees and they behave normally. I've even find them interesting and funny when they are trying to ask me somthing on russian in the public places.
But I don't like niggers, they're more like macaque.

And you're a somalian speaking swedish ;)


Leafs go away during winter time


Now that Karimov is dead, when will you hang the remaining communists and become a democracy?

I love it, i love one with jewish symbol in middle :^)

You are a worse version of roachistan. Take a guess what I think of you.

SUNT MUSULMANI BOULE! I au masacrat pe armeni in Baku si Sumgait

No. You can't discuss problems happening in your country. Our journalists are fucking cowards who will say/write only articles ordered by state

Okay.. But how did this fag got so triggered?

Pretty sure you're hardly considered human

>thinks turks=caucasians=arabs

Hows that 2% nigger and 10% Injun DNA treating you?

calm ur tits, it is just because of name confusion

you want him in your country?


Both of you are shitskinned anyway.

Not true, Azerbajian better than Germany


>Armenians ally with Russia

They deserve to be exterminated

No idea. Ignore retards.


>iranian culture
You're more retarded than you seem Ahmed. They practically praise the roach as their ancestor god.

With that logic, you could call aggressive-to-everything savage tribesmen from Africa good if they hated Russia :^)

Didn't Stalin suck up all your oil and leave a desolate landscape behind?

fututi gura matii de tigan

I am a half- jew myself and yeah. thats what your ancestors thought about us. and we won, proving the world we are the true masterrace :)

I never think about Azerbaijan.

Shit bro I'm even afraid to respond to comments like yours. Current temporary president seems to be a hard working guy and I wish there will be improvements

Quarter* Don't bend the facts.

Germans praise Indians as there ancestors


stfu snownigger

skype detected

>Implying it isn't you who are the gypsy.

Don't come back Luigi.

Dont even bother with him.
Azeris are so brainwshed by the state it's truly baffling. Literally soulless zombies. Goebbels would be proud.

Thats just fucking depressing.

Get some EPA out there Azerbaijan!

OK, I understand. Hope things will improve.

Stay safe, their time will come.

Your national 'hero' is an axe-murderer.

So, despite Post-Soviet lack of Islamism, you're still a bunch of violent towelheads deep down like the rest.

ma intorc sa o fut pe mata si plec inapoi

You're a parody of yourself with an inferiority complex and infinite butthurt. Romanians should be slaughtered.

>Nagorno Karabakh


>Germcucks accept negro refugees to atone for nazi past
>give them money and sex tips

>call homogeneous countries indoctrinated

Go deal with Merkel first before you get baffled by other countries.

kek, that pastanigger and two diaspora guys getting all mad on the thread :D

>Gypsy immigrant who ran away like a coward
>begging on the streets of Italy
>His mother and sisters whore themselves for 5 Euros

topkek. Just kill yourself.

go suck a muslim dick

>parise indians
Ok Tyrone. Or should I say Rustam?

Another post soviet shithole.

We are your cucks Germany. Just let us live so you'll form a voting block.

>4th EU Reich, when?


Azerbaijan is indoctrinated as fuck. All their history is a complete lie manufactured by the state of history and science deniers. Go back to Azerbaijan faggot.

alright to prove you are not an islamist say Mohammed was a pedophile

Kruats are just projection machines aren't they

Germany is importing millions of Ahmeds and Tyrone while Hans pays the bill.

Most cucked country on earth

Get fucked by a roach or a Russian you subhuman.


Kek. Your desperate denial is so amuzing. Muzzies like you will be first on the day of the rope.

You can't win an argue with a gypsy.

>implying you aren't being fucked by roaches already :^)


>indoctrinated as fuck. All their history is a complete lie manufactured by the state of history and science deniers.

Lol stop projecting Hans, dont you have a Holocaust memorial to go to? Remember to pay your taxes to support those refugees!

Check this autosomal DNA plot.

Nah gypsy. Im German sooner or later they will all yang. Meanwhile you will always be a pathetic little gyspy bossed around by everyone around you.

thanks for the flag

mohammed was a pedophile

>Implying im a muslim

Go back to your cuckshed Sven, Ahmed needs those refugee bucks


This, German boss Don't argue with gypsies, they are retards. Just calm down.

Azeri police has been dispatched to chop your head off for offending the Prophet Ahmed Muhammad

so o aduci si pe mata sa ii dau o muie ca mai are sa imi dea rest la 5 lei de la muia trecuta

>being this buttmad
Clearly you're a retarded Azeri mongrel or just a retard. Learn a little bit about what happens in azerbaijan then talk to me instead of evading my arguments because deep down you know Im right.

and here we are. as every thread on Cred Forums it ends up with some random guys calling one-another niggers :^)

What argument Hans?

>ahmed's this butthurt that he has to defend merkel, who gives him gibs

Hahahah. Oh dear. You dun goofed right here. Cred Forums is 18+. You have to go back

Or romanians fighting each other.

we are more secular than you, slavshit. Azerbaijan is one of least religious countries in world.

I like how we are forced to stand aside but thread is thriving.

It's only bants m8.
>inb4 this is damage control

Based muslim atheists.

>implying snowniggers arent all the same

They're all cucks


Irreligious countries are more civilized.

That Azerbaijan is a revisionist state that changes history to fit its narrative to a point where it's like watching an abstract Islamist cartoon. The fact that they deny science.
>being this retarded

go back to r/the donald

Thats the biggest lie told on Cred Forums today. Congratulations. Nice taquiyaa.

>his only rebuttal is calling me retarded
Stop shitposting, Ahmed.

>maximum damage control

Even on the graph everybody rolls out about what majority muslims believe, only 9% of Azerbaijanis support sharia or think positively of terrorists. And three quarters describe themselves as irreligious. Calm down.

Soviet Union screaming at them about Mohammed being a pedophile has paid off.

>That Azerbaijan is a revisionist state that changes history to fit its narrative to a point where it's like watching an abstract Islamist cartoon. The fact that they deny science.

Like literally all countries that ever existed?

Germany has an extremely (((revised))) history especially when it comes to
>Nazi wuz evil

Before that Germany had the WE WUZ ARYANZ revisionism to cover up there past as snowniggers

>Deny science

Just like Germany and ever other country when it benifits them...

>"Dont worry Hans, these 70 IQ shitskins will be productive members of society just dont be a Nazi!"

>Hans: "O-Okay, please dont c-call me racist"

Wtf? Where do you see mistake/mistakes in what he wrote?

Germany probably has more fundamental muslums than Azerbajan

like i said


There is Georgia somewhere near you. Only good thing I can think of.