Things conservatives consider "Rights" are ideas that only require the will of the individual to exercise...

Things conservatives consider "Rights" are ideas that only require the will of the individual to exercise, and can only be taken away by a repressive government.

Things liberals consider "Rights" are things that require a prosperous economy and the power of a benevolent government and can be easily given and taken away.

Conservatives believe education is a right in that the government can not stop you from obtaining an education for yourself.

Liberals believe education is a right in that it is the governments responsibility to pay for and provide the education at taxpayer expense.

Same for healthcare.

An astute observation, user. I recommend that everyone reads r/K selection: The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics by Anonymous Conservative. This book will enlighten your understanding of the Left/Right political spectrum, how it came to be and where it comes from in a biological/scientific sense.

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>we've defunded shools and libraries
>you have the right to go find an education

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you have the right to find a way to pay ridiculous prices at a private school

WTF i hate rights now.

The point is something is not a right if Americans can afford to provide it for their citizens but Nigerians can't.

An individual has the right to seek an education. The government providing the education is a privilege

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oh boy I have the right to spend myself into dept by going to

>itt tech or trump u, which are for-profit scams
>prager u a brainwashing camp

oh wow i'm so free to choose my education

The internet is free. Some of things like engineering and law only require a test to be able to do, not the large amount of college debt. If you think you can do it yourself then just do it. Spend 8 years working and studying instead of going to college.

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>yes i'm a certified engineer
>no i'm self taught

be honest, how much work do you think you'd get with that?

also if another SOPA comes around companies will have the "freedom" to buy up broadband length and make free education nearly inexcessable

Well Trump is aiming to decrease regulation on this kind of stuff, so self taught people could probably get internships or something to get a trail period. I mean it used to work like that, why cant it still. If there is a shortage theres a shortage.

did trump actually say that?

he'd be smart to make freedom of internet a major campaign platform

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He wants to ban porn. Mixed feelings, probably wont happen though so I dont give a fuck.