Why do people think Trump will use nukes?


I don't fucking get it, Clinton has noted she wants no fly zones in Syria. Our generals have directly stated this will lead to war with Russia. Clinton is making all the allegations that Russia is responsible for the DNC hacks and has stated that a military response to hacking is acceptable. Throughout this election she has been stocking anti-Russian tensions.

Do Democrats literally believe that just because Trump acts like an asshole he will start a nuclear war? Is the anti-war left dead? What happened to all those people who were in the anti-war protests during Bush's term?

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Because people are fucking retarded.

You think Gary Johnson is the only one who doesn't know what Aleppo is?

Because if you don't act like a libshit clearly you want to nuke the world.

Its just a meme spread among retarded leftists who don't know anything.

Remember how he said he was going to "bomb the fuck out of them"

Yeah, ISIS not Assad's fucking troops.

He's running republican and don't you remember what evil warmongering world destroyers the republicans are? Democrats are a party of peace they would never provoke war with russia or syria or Iran.

It's the same reason Donald isn't winning - he lost the mainstream war.

It's a literal social suicide to openly mention that you're in favor for him (thank the $100mil propaganda machine for that), which leads to people automatically aligning with Hillary in every single topic, even something as irrelevant as a president nuking someone when obviously the fucking president doesn't have full authority to do so.

If a poll came out that asked who was the most physically fit to be a president I'd bet my lifesavings that Hillary would win just because of the above

Hillary is more dangerous than Trump because as she said, she has the backing of a lot of important foreign policy and military fags and she's more hawkish.

libshits like to project and virtue signal. this is why they haven't achieved anything of significance since the late 60s

because the nice jewish man on television keeps telling them that

It doesn't matter that the neo-cons (including hillary) and the military industrial complex desperately want a new cold war with Russia to boost "conventional" military spending

Russia is not that important of a trading partner so the kikes have decided they are a good adversary to scare the goyim with and get trillions funneled to moshie's tank factory

I hope once Hillary gets elected and starts raising the stakes with russia, shooting down jets, embargoes, bullying every central eurasian country, threatening land war, etc, that Russia preemptively nukes Washington DC

I think the American public would side with Russia if they vaporized out entire federal government tbth famalam

Just imagine Trump yells "you're fired!" before he starts the nukes

because you keep telling people that he will you fucken skype

if trump doesn't nuke the shit out of the mudlsimes, the spics and the gooks he is a cuck.

whats wrong with nuking the world, cuck?

I'm prepared for this scenario provided they don't use too large of a nuke (I'm like 4 hours from DC). Hope it doesn't come to that. Its bad but Trump has a small chance of turning it around and I'd rather shoot for a small chance than something crazy like that lol.

My brother recently declared he wants to be called by non-gendered pronouns. The world deserves to be nuked.

What I don't get is why doesn't the USA and Europe get all its oil and gas from Russia? Stops funding the goat fuckers in the Middle East while we also work with Russia to glass that shithole. I feel like they are only considered a military threat because we keep up economic sanctions on them thus forcing them to act like the bully the western (((media))) portrays them as. We need a united Europe.

Because celebrity influences in the media keep repeating this stupid claim.

the only people afraid of world war 3 are foreigners and libtards because everyone knows america will win.

95% of people haven't seen the military warning or even know that Obama, media, Samantha power, and Kerry are lying their asses off and using "trustworthy" reports from al Qaeda white helmets and saying they support al nusra etc.

There was some shilling in the major media a while back trying to imply Trump would nuke everyone, for literally no reason other than fear mongering and shillary.

I'm personally 90% sure Hillary will cause a nuclear war because of how the democrats look at Russia and the recent shit that's been going on in Syria, even if "nuclear war" seems to be an oxymoron as its more likely the end of civilization as we know it in less than a week.

Putin is getting uncomfortable.

>Nuclear war
There are no winners in a nuclear war, and Russia is the only nation with a stockpile to wipe out America in it's entirety.

>winning ww3

nice meme lad

Because the american media is full of sensationalist bullshit.

oh shit, my bad. I meant "I'm personally 90% sure Hillary WOULD cause a nuclear war"

I'm voting trump. I'm not actuating any affirmative behind Hillary and the democrats.

so we just gotta nuke russia first, there, instant winner of world war 3. I bet thats trumps plan anyway.

It's China, Russia, and Iran. You want a bunch of people to die for a fucking old crazy lady so that she can make her and her friends rich? America could probably handle it but it would be fucking insane.

"Bomb and "Nuke" are different terms for a reason you leaf.

Trump should say he will nuke the moon

are you retarded? hillary wants to destroy america, why would she do the one thing that could make us great again?

>being this retarded


Are you under 18 or a female?

Serious question

Russia is not an enemy. They're largely white christians.

There is no "first". Whoever fires gets fired back upon and it would cascade into total destruction of modern civilization. It /cannot/ happen. It just can't, yet Obama's administration is really really really trying to start shit with Russia.

People confuse his ability to talk loud, talk back, and talk brash as anger issues. They are literally retarded.

Anger issues would be Trump throwing shit at people, or cursing like an absolute motherfucker when he didn't get his way.

The media has finally got something that sticks to Trump, and the people buy it because they are absolutely fucking retarded.

Liberals honestly believe that, if they can just convince Putin he's being a big mean doody-head, he will stop, and we will never need nukes or soldiers again.

They literally intend to insult Russia into submission, and when Putin escalates to acts of violence, the only thing they will be able to do is surrender.

Obama has already responded to Russian airstrikes on US troops by pulling our troops out of any place it happens. Hillary not only will not change this policy, she will enforce it.

are you a libtard

serious question

It's odd because Shillary has already said she wants to start open warfare between Russia and China.



Do leftists just ignore this?

>not an enemy

back to tumblr, cuck

Because the media won't focus on Hillary's warmongering past, mostly because the media itself are a bunch of warmongers.

I don't know why it's a good thing that the New York Times and Washington Post favor Hillary. To me, that's a bad sign.

You know why?

It's the same reason you can be a mob of people and attack someone with a Trump hat, and no media attention or criticism will come from it.

Attacking right-wing is seen as tolerance. Attacking a right-wing country like Russia is seen as justified, it's not seen as war it's more like removal of a pest.

The left has gone batshit insane. These people want to kill off the human species. The classic liberals would be so ashamed of being associated with these freaks.

I dont understand your point. if we blow up all of russia how is some computer gonna survive somehow?

Going to Russia, China and Iran is a good idea to you and you're asking if I'm retarded? If you're this dumb I doubt you even follow the civil wars. Why dont you do the world a favor and kys.

>being this cucked

yeah we should just let foreigners live, did your rabbi tell you that?

Drug dealers know turf wars are bad for business. I'm sure even Trump can grasp this concept.

What I am afraid of is someone getting blackmailed to the tune off 33,000 emails, hovering their finger over the button and being made to push it or face the music. Hillary Clinton.

>ally in WWII
>peace agreements
>literally never been closer to world peace in the history of civilization since nuclear threat superpowers came to be
>Democrat party suddenly wants to push the envelope and see how deep the rabbit hole goes, despite pushback from Putin
>hating white christians
>wants to make an enemy out of the only other equally equipped nuclear superpower

>I don't get what was just written out for me

No one can be this fucking stupid. Troll. Ignore.

>please dont nuke the russians I want them to come here and fuck my wife

you are a cuck, faggot.

sorry did I trigger you, libtard? go back to your tumblr safespace where your worship of foreign cock is celebrated.

america could actually win not that the country wouldnt be fucked but we actually have continuity of government and shit the russians dont to the degree we do

You're pretty retarded. Is this your first visit to Cred Forums?

I'm not sure you've realized there's an ID attached to your posts and you're literally the only person who doesn't seem to understand what a nuclear weapon is.

trump will be a super saiyan once the button belongs to him

I remember the anti-war left talking about assassination and sabotage when a Republican was in power and then saying nothing when a Democrat dramatically increased drone strikes.

Russian and usa are the only 2 countries in the world that have developed and sophisticated early nuclear warning system.

That means usa or russia will know about nuclear strike in about 5 minutes after launch.

Each one will still have 10 minutes to retaliate.

I understand what a nuke is, and thats exactly why we should use it. Why are you so sympathetic to foreign scum?

so why dont we develop faster missiles? or just go the old jap route and drop em out of planes?

>implying we aren't in WW3 in this very moment
>implying WW3 didn't start with the Gulf War in 1990
>implying conventional warfare still exists

>I understand what a nuke is
>and thats exactly why we should use it
>I understand what a nuke is
nah no you don't.


okay libtard, go brag to all your tumblr friends about how tolerant you are.

I'm fairly certain the average person thinks the president has a big red button next to his desk that he can use at will.

Why dont you go and bet then. There are many betting sites online. :)

>we need a united Europe

Ho, really? Well, that certainly didn't seem so for people who live here and are interested in politics for more than 10 years.

Russia got refused to be accepted in nato in early 00s when putin was still pro - western president (yeah, he was during his first term).

We also got refused to be accepted in the eu even in distant future.

Something like, the country is too large and populous.


20% for Not Sure

Here's your (((plan)))
>fire a nuke at russia
>kill every russian
>win something

I can't tell if you're 12 years old or just a nigger.

>not wanting to win

you're the reason america is no longer great.

trump speaks off the cuff so this means hes probably gonna shoot a bad round of golf and come home and press the red button

CTR is really fucking stupid these days. Also randomnigger you have no idea how a nuclear war works.

Most of Cred Forums only "wants" a genocide because they are pissed about inferior cultures fucking with literally the greatest society in the world. IF it actually happened that would be a disgusting injustice that most of us would not support due to the contradiction in values. Why do we deny the holocaust? it is both factually innacurate and demonizes nationalism even though most deaths were due to typhus and most jews were deported. Possibly the ONLY group spared this "mercy" would be the secular jewish banksters that comprise the globalist elites ruining the education system for all of us.

Mass deportations, fuck yea.
Russians stay in russia, fuck yea.
Massive mutually beneficial trade agreements? Fuck yea
minimizing immigration? fuck yea
Restoring family values and family confidence? Fuck yea

Nuclear war? Fuck no, that is a waste in every regard. Your pathetic warmongering is the same as Hillary and you can go fuck yourself for sucking her cock.

>killing your enemies is the only way to win
Nigger confirmed, wasted comment

Win what?
What's your endgoal here?
What do you think you're going to "win"?
What's the prize? What's the reward?

Please keep talking, it's amusing.

Hubris old people clinging on to the past.

That's literally the reason.

I really, really, really like this post.

NAFTA, Welfare, shitty trade agreements and a forced globalist policy think is why america "isnt great" (despite having a higher average GDP than everywhere else)

What about russia do you hate so much? That they want to be left the fuck alone?

COINTELPRO is wasted on you. Fucking faggot.

Because people have never heard of the Madman Theory.

reminder that the only person in history to use nuclear weapon was a democratic president

An odd inconstancy on Cred Forums

Cred Forums constantly cheers and awaits the great happening, and Hillary is promising to bring the happening to end all happenings. Why exactly isn't Cred Forums supporting Hillary again?

And why haven't Hill Shills picked up on this tactic yet?

Here's a thought. Are you an american? Do you like guns? Russia makes guns. The soviet empire fell. You hate a white capitalist country that sells you guns. Why?

stupidity. they don't understand the systems in place to justify and use nuclear force. their understanding of it is a cartoon where the president wakes up one day and pushes the nuke button.

happening threads are jokes. it's facetious.

Some of us really do wish for "end-of-days" scenarios though.

Trump vs the person who has threatened war against russia within the month

gee I wonder